• Published 6th Nov 2020
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A New Beginning Sunsets Second Chance - Drekoswordhunter

After everything she's done. She believes she deserve all the pain she has . Until her new friends and family show her how wrong she is.

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Chapter 3 The Next Day

On a warm Saturday morning, Luna awakens in a cot at her friends clinic. When she opens her eyes shes the sleeping figure of Sunset Shimmer in the clinics patients bed. She gets up and smiles because the girl looks so peaceful right now. Luna know the girl was alone and knows the hardships she will face when she returns to school on Monday, after all she had similar hardships when she was her age. She wanted to do whatever it takes to help her. She then felt hungry and decided she would head up stairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast for her and Sunset. She grabs her phone and walks out of the room. She goes to the end of the hall where the stairs are and walk up them. When she arrives she is greeted by the her friends who helped Sunset.

" Good morning, Luna, " greeted Potion Nova who was at the table reading a medical journal.

"Morning," Said Luna.

" What would you like to eat, Luna? " asked Chrysalis who was cooking pancakes on the stove.

" Coffee and three pancakes each for me and Sunset. " answered Luna.

"Coffees on the counter, " replied Chrysalis.

Luna sat down at the table after pouring her self a cup of coffee. She pulled out her phone to see a bunch of text messages from her girlfriend, Celestia, and from the girls asking how Sunset was doing. She smiled happily and sent a text to all of them. Celestia text back that she would be by in a little while.

" How is she? " asked Nova looking from her book.

"Still sleeping when I left the room." Luna answered.

"One of us will check her injuries and then she can probably go home," said Nova.

" That's good, but I feel like I should be doing more to help her. "

" You said she was undocumented, right? Have you tried asking Tempest about it? " asked Chrysalis as she laid Luna's plate of pancakes on the table in front of her.

" No. I just found out about all this last night. Plus I don't think she would be able to falsify documents without someone finding out," answered Luna cutting her pancakes.

" What about Discord, I'm sure he would want to help you out again? " asked Nova.

" That might work, but Celestia probably won't like it. "

"She still hasn't forgiven him for what he did to help you and Tempest?" asked Chrysalis as she made the last batch of pancakes for Sunset.

" No , but I'm going to try to convince her to go talk to him about it and hope they can bury the hatchet for Sunset. "

"You really want to help this girl don't you?" asked Nova as she took a sip of her cup of coffee, "Maybe you should think about getting guardianship of her. That would solve most of her problems."

"I have, I just don't know if she'll go for it and it's something I should talk to Tempest and Celestia about first." Luna said as she took a other bite of her food and a sip of her coffee.

"Speaking of Tempest, how are things going between you two lovebirds?" asked Chrysalis.

"Great! I couldnt ask for a better girlfriend." Luna answered happily as she finishes her breakfast.

Luna got up and grabbed the plate of pancakes for Sunset and a cup of coffee. "Well I better head back down and check on Sunset."

" I'll come with you, " said Chrysalis following her out of the kitchen.


Sunset awoke still feeling a little weak. Her head and back still hurt but not as much as it was before. She could feel the bandages wrap around her head and back. She looks around and realizes she was not in her room. She then begins to panic, pulls her legs up to chest and wraps her arms around them. She begins to cry and rocks back and forth on the bed.

What's going on, where am I. Is this some government facility. After all the things I did I wouldn't be surprised if they did. It's what I deserve. thought Sunset

The door opens which causes Sunset to jump. In walks Luna with a plate of pancakes and a cup of coffee. A dark skinned woman walks in behind her. Sunset didn't know her which causes her to panic more. Luna noticed the panicked state Sunset is in and sets the food on the counter next to the bed.

"Sunset it's ok , there's nothing to be afraid of. " Luna said sitting on the bed next to Sunset.

"Where am I?" Sunset asked in a panicked tone.

"Your at my friends private clinic." answered Luna trying to sound reassuring. "I brought you to them last night after I found out about your injuries."

Sunset was quiet in thought for a moment as she tried to remember the events of last night. She remembers putting on Twilight's crown then turning in to that demon. Then Twilight and her friends stop her. She then was clean up the mess she made. She fell down and Luna found out about her injuries caused by her transformation into that demon. Then Luna and the girls took her to Luna car, but after that thing about foggy. She slowly began to calm down. Chrysalis was surprised at how Luna got her to calm down so easy, but remembered Luna had similar experiences in the past.

Once she was sure she was calmed down, Chrysalis introduced herself,"Hello. My name is Chrysalis. My partner Potion Nova and I are the ones who fixed you up at Luna's request."

" You didn't need to do that. I'm not someone worth saving, plus I don't have the money to pay you," said Sunset.

"Now Sunset don't put yourself down like that and you don't need to worry about the money," said Luna.

" Whatever, " said Sunset unconvinced.

"Now I brought you some breakfast and the doctors are going to check your injuries one more time before you can go home." Luna said as she got up and left the room to give Sunset some space to let Chrysalis do her job.

Once Luna walks out of the room, Chrysalis walk over to the counter on the far side of the room to get her stethoscope and thermometer and began to check Sunset's temperture, pulse, and injuries.

"You know," Chrysalis said as she worked " You may find it hard to believe, but there are some people who care about you. Luna, Celestia, and even that young very fashionable girl where really worried about you. "

"Luna even stay with you all night." Chrysalis said pointing to the near by cot.

Sunset look at the cot and was surprised at what she was just told. She stay quiet as the doctor finishing check her.

When Chrysalis finished she said " Now eat up. I made those pancakes myself. I hope you enjoyed them. "

Once she walk out of the room, Sunset pick up the plate of pancakes and began to eat them. She thought they tasted really good.


After Luna left Sunset with Chrysalis, she walked back to the front room to find Celestia talking with Potion Nova. She walk up to them to and joined the conversation.

"Hey Tia, when did you get here?" asked Luna.

"A few minutes ago. How's Sunset doing?" asked Celestia.

" Well I just talked her down from a panic attack, " answered Luna.

" Is she alright? " asked a worried Celestia.

" Yes. She's fine, " said Luna, "Its my fault I shouldn't have left her alone before she woke up."

It's was quiet for a few minutes till Chrysalis joined them in the front room.

"Ok, I'm going give her so medicine for her pain and anxiety," said Chrysalis.

"Do you think it will help her? " asked Luna worryingly.

"It should. And you did a good job calming her down from her panic attack."

" You really think so?" asked Luna, "I feel like all I can do is worry about her."

" That's proof you would be a good guardian for her." said Celestia with a soft smile

Luna looks at Celestia surprised "You knew?"

" Luna, I know you pretty well, and Nova and I were talking about it before you came in here. I even talked to Tempest about it already too, " said Celestia proudly, "And I already decided to go talk to Discord about Sunset's papers before I got here. I'm going to go see him after I leave here. "

"Aren't you not still mad at him?" asked Luna.

"Yes I am still mad at him, but I can put my feelings aside to help you and Sunset. That's more important right now. "

"Thank you Tia. " said Luna happily, " Just get him to get Sunset into the system and I'll get Tempest to get the legal copys. "

"No problem."


After Sunset had finished eating, she decided to lay back down till she was time to leave. Luna and Celestia walked in to the room after a little while.

" Sunset, before we leave we want to talk to you, " said Luna.

Sunset turned over and then sat up in the bed to look at them.

"About what? " Sunset asked worryingly.

"What do plan to do after everything that happened? I want know if you going stay here or return to Equestria someday?" Asked Luna.

"We want to know what kind of future you see for yourself. " added Celestia

" I don't know. I hadn't really thought about anything beyond taking Twilight 's crown and even if I wanted to go home it won't be possible for another two and a half years. So I'm stuck here for now," Said Sunset sadly.

" Well your one of the smartest girls I've see come though the halls of our school. I think you could easily be able to get into a good collage and get a good job in the future.If you choose to stay here," said Celestia honestly.

" But to do that I need money, which means I need a job, which I can't get since I don't have any government papers. "

" We can fix that and give you a chance to make a future here if you want to, " said Luna.

"How?" asked Sunset

"An old friend who would be more than willing to help," answered Celestia.

" And I can get guardianship of you in case anything happens to you. Will be there to help," said Luna.

"Why? " asked Sunset in a low tone. Then back in her normal tone said "I'll probably just cause you more trouble. And everyone going to hate me after what I've done.

"Not everyone hates you Sunset. Celestia and I wouldn't be here if we didn't. And I wouldn't have bothered to bring you here to get you fixed up. " Said Luna

"Well you can't protect all the time and all the kids at school hate me for all the things I did. They'll probably all treat me the way I did them. " said Sunset on the edge of crying, "It's just what I deserve! "

" You're wrong about that ." Luna said as she pulled her phone out of her pocket "There are some other people who care and worry about you." She pulls up the message she had with the girls this morning and show them to Sunset.

Sunset begins to the read the messages.

Rarity : How Sunset this morning? Is there anything I can do to help?

Fluttershy : I hope Sunset ok. If she needs someone talk to I can be there for her.

Pinkie Pie : I hope shes feeling better! I want to throw a her welcome back party when she's get out!

Applejack : Ah I hope I'm not intruding, but Ah was just wondering how was Sunsets doing?

Rainbow Dash : Not that I care or anything, but I figured I'd ask how Sunsets doing .

There was even a message from Flash , Celestia, and someone she didn't know as well.

Flash Sentry : Rarity told me what happened. I know things have been rocky between us but still I would like to know how she is doing.

Celestia : Hows Sunset doing? Douse she need anything? I'll be at the clinic in a little while.

Tempest : Hey Luna are you doing ok? Is the girl ok? Is there anything you need me to do to help?

Sunset began to cry. She was surprised and happy by the messages. She didn't think any of them would care care about her at all. Luna puts her phone back in her pocket and wraps Sunset in a hug. This causes her to cry even more.

After a few minutes Sunset pulls out of the hug and looks to her principals and says. " Thank you. I know I don't deserve your kindness or there's, but... I'm happy. I'll take what help I can get. "

" So your ok with me get guardianship of you? " asked Luna

"Yes, and I'm ready to go home."

Luna hugs her again and says " Thank you for giving me a chance. "

Luna and Sunset head for the door. They both thank the doctors on the way out.
Celestia and the doctors watched as they drove out of sight.

"You know those two are a lot alike,p" said Nova.

" Yes. Yes they are, " said Celestia in agreement.