• Published 6th Nov 2020
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A New Beginning Sunsets Second Chance - Drekoswordhunter

After everything she's done. She believes she deserve all the pain she has . Until her new friends and family show her how wrong she is.

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Chapter 1 Fall Formal Aftermath

"At last, more power than I could ever imagin." Sunset Shimmer said, placing Twilight's crown on her head.

Suddenly Sunset felt the magic within the crown flow though her as she's enveloped in a pillar of dark light. she feels her skin was burn as it turns red. Then she feel pain coming from her back as a pair of bat wings forcefully sprouted. Her body changed into a form resembling a demon. Her mind then split in two as all her hate, anger, and rage takes on a personality of its on and abandons what was left to the deepest part of her mind.

"HAHAHAHA," Demon Sunset cackled.

The abandoned part of Sunset awakens to find herself in a dark void deep in her mind. She can still feel and see what was happen outside her mind as if she was looking out a window. She watched as her demon self transformed Snips and Snails into her demon minions. The demon use her magic to rip a hole in the front of the the school. She then casts a brainwashing spell on the entire student body, turning them into her obedient slaves. Sunset could not believe what she was seeing.

"Spoiler Alert,"the Demon said hovering over the student body. "I was bluffing when i said I was going to destroy the portal. I don't want to rule this pathetic little high school. I want Equastria."

"What?" said Sunset within her own mind.

"And with my own little teenage army behind me, I'm going to get it"

No thats not what i wanted. I just wanted to show her i could be her equal. i wanted to prove she was wrong about me. I just wanted her love and respect.

"No your not!" Twilight said defiantly.

"Oh please," the Demon said flying over closer to Twilight, "What exactly do you think your going to do to stop me. I have magic and YOU DONT!

" She has us!" Rainbow Dash said as her and her friends run up to stand by Twilight.

"HAHAHAHAHA, gee the gang really is all back together again." the Dmon said as her hands began to glow with magic.

"Now step aside, Twilight has tried to interfere with my plans one to many time," the demons creates a fireball in the palm of her hands that grows bigger as she raises her hands above her head."She needs to be dealt with!"

NOOO! Sunset screamed from within the dark void of her mind, as the fireball is thrown at Twilight. I dont want this, I dont what to be a murderer.

Twilight's friends try to shield her as the fireball hits them. The demon laughs believing she won , but her laughter soon ends when the dust clears. Twilight and her friends are surrounded by a protective purple glow. They look to each other surprised by the purple glow, but happy they survived the attack.

Twilight came to a sudden realization about the magic within her crown as a beam of light from the crown connects to Twilight and her friends.

"The magic contained in my element was able to unite with those who created it." declared Twilight

The beam of light then caused them to transform too. But instead of being to turned into a demon like Sunset, they all got pony ears and tails. Twilght, Rainbow and Fluttershy also got wings.

What is this the power? said Sunset

"Together with the crown they create a power beyond anything you can imagin," Twilight said as the beam of light ended leaving the demon much weaker than before. "but its is a power you dont have the ability to control."

" The crown my be upon you head Sunset Shimmer, But you can not wield it because you do not posses the most powerful magic of all. THE MAGIC OF FRIENDSHIP!


Twilight and her friends joined hands as they floated up into the sky. Together there magic summons a rainbow beam of light that surrounds the demon in a rainbow vortex.

"Here and in Equastria it is the only magic that can truly unite us all." Twilight said as a two more rainbow beams where fired. One hit the brainwashed students undoing the spell. The second turned Snips and Snails back to normal.

I didn't think friendship could be this strong. I guess Celestia was right after all, but its probably to late for me to make friends. Sunset thought as the dark void was enveloped in light.

A few seconds later, she awakens in a crater in front of the school. She is relive to have control of her body again. She feels pain coming from her back and head as she tries to move. She the feels the blood on her back making her shirt stick to her. She also feels dizzy and sore like she hit her head. She looks up and sees Twilight and the entire student body looking down at her from the top of the crater.

"You will never rule in Equateria! any power may have had in this world is gone. Tonight you've shown them whats in your heart."

"I'm sorry!" Sunset cried with tear in hear eyes, "I'm so sorry! I didn't know there was another way."

I didn't think i need friendship to be strong. thought Sunset.

"The magic of friendship doesn't just exist in Equastria." said Twilight "Its everwhere."

Sunset tries to crawl her way out of the crater, fighting thought the pain in the process. She feels is
The pain her punishment for all the things she did in the past and for the abuse of magic in Twilight's crown.

As she got to the edge of the crater Twilight said. "You can seek it out or you can be forever alone . the choice is yours."

"But all I've ever done since coming here is drive everyone apart." Sunset said crying, "I don't know the first thing about friendship."

Twilight grabbed her hand and helped her get out of the crater. Sunset tried her best not let them see the pain shes in.

"I bet they can teach you," Twilight said turning to her friends.


After Twilight got her crown back, the students returned to the dance. While principal Celestia and Twilight returned to her office to talk. Vice principal Luna walks up to Sunset, Snips, and Snails.

"I want you three to move some of this debris out of the way, so no one gets hurt walking in and out of the school till we can't get someone to fix it," ordered Luna.

" Vice principal Luna can you please let them off the hook? " pleaded Sunset "This is all my fault and anything they did was my fault too, because I forced them to. "

Luna saw the look of guilt in her eyes and said "Fine, but all three of you still have to report to the principals office on Monday to receive your punishments."


" I understand that you want to take all the blame for what happened, but regardless of whether you forced them to or not, they still choose to do it. And they must face the consequence of that choice. " explained Luna.

"O-ok," replied Sunset in defeat.

Luna dismisses Snips and Snails, and leaves Sunset to clean up. As she makes her way to Celestias office she thinks to herself. I can't believe Sunset wanted to take on the all blame herself. What did the magic do to her to make her change so much so quickly? Well if she really is trying to change, I'm going to help her any way I can!

After Luna left, Snips and Snails walked up to Sunset as she is cleaning up.

"Hey Sunset," called Snips.

Sunset turns to talk to them and says. "Ya?"

"Are you sure you don't what is to help you or do it for you? asked Snips .

" Yes, I ment what I said. You don't need to pay the price for my mistakes, " answered Sunset.

"Well thanks for standing up to us." said Snips

" Ya! Thanks, " said Snails.

" No problem," said Sunset.

After all it is my fault, and its my price to pay, Sunset thought as she continues to work, fighting through the pain.


Twilight and principal Celestia are talking while Celestia is making tea. Luna arrives as she finishes making tea. While they are drinking tea, Twilight begins to explain everything she knows about Sunset.

"So if Sunset is also from your world, how has she been getting by all this time?" asked Celestia.

" I don't know. You'll have to ask her that, but it couldn't have been easy for her," answered Twilight.

"Then I - I mean we should do what we can to help her," said Luna worryingly.

"I wish I could help more but,"Looking at the clock at the clock, Twilight said " I better go and say my goodbyes, but please look after Sunset for me . "

"We promise." They both said.

After Twilight leaves, Luna tells Celestia about Sunset trying to take all the blame for happened.

" The look in her eyes and how she pleaded with me, makes me believe she really wants to change," said Luna, "I really want to do everything I can to help her."

" And we willl. " said Celestia notice how much she wants to help Sunset , " I'll start by checking Sunsets student records. Since she's from another world her records where probably forged."

" Ok, then I'll go check on Sunset. " said Luna as they both finishes there cups of tea.

They both leave and the room, both worried about Sunsets safety and her well being.


Sunset continued cleaning the debris, while still in pain from her transformation. She felt dizzy and almost tripped over debris multiple times. Her shirt sticking to her back, from all the blood from her back wounds. She was half way done when she spotted Twilight and her friends by the portal saying there goodbyes.

" Sunset," a voice called that startled her causing her to trip over a piece of debris and fall down.

" AAAhhhhh" Sunset cry out as she landed on her back.

" I'm so sorry Sunset. " Luna said, as she runs over to Sunset. " I didn't mean to startle you. "

Luna tries to help her up and notice how she whines in pain at her touch. Luna looks down to where she landed and sees blood.

" Sunset are you hurt? " asked Luna.

Sunset says nothing.

" Sunset please, I'm worried about you and I want to help you. " pleaded Luna..

Still silence.

" Sunset please answer me. " Luna said raising her voice.

Sunset says in a low voice " Why? "

"What?" Asked Luna.

" Why do you care, after everything I've done?" as Sunset began to cry. " I've cause you nothing but trouble since I got here. "

Luna keeled down in front of her and said "No matter what you did in the past, do in the present, or will do in the future; my sister and I care about all of the students and that includes you. No matter how much you think you don't deserve it, we're here for you. "

Luna than wraps her in a hug being careful not to hurt her more. " Please let me help you"

Douse she really care or is she pitying me? Sunset thought I guess for now it doesn't matter.

" Ok " Sunset said pulling way from Luna to take her jacket off.

After Twilight left the girls made there way back to the school, when they heard the commotion going on between Luna and Sunset. They arrive just in time to see Sunset taking off her jacket. They see her shirt stained in blood and rush over to see what happened. Luna slowly and carefully pulled up her shirt reveling two long gashes between her spine and shoulder blade, one on each side from where her wings where. They were all shocked at what they saw. Fluttershy began to cry, Pinkie Pies usual puffy hair when flat with her worried face, Rarity brought her hand to her mouth as tears began to form in her eyes, Applejack tilted her hat down, and Rainbow Dash hands turned in to fists as she tries not to cry. Luna turns to see the girls glad that they show up when they did.

" How did this happened?" asked a crying Fluttershy.

" I think it's from her transformation, Darling. " said worried Rarity.

"Douse that mean we did this to her? " asked Applejack.

"No, you had on way of knowing this would happen," Said Luna.

Luna then turns back to Sunset and asks "Are you hurt anywhere else?"

"My head hurts and I feel dizzy." Sunset replied.

Luna proceeds to check her head and finds a small gash on he side of her head.

"There's a small gash on your head on your head. The headache and dizziness means you might have a concession," Luna explained," I'm going to have to take you to the hospital to be sure. "

" Please don't take me to a hospital! " cried out Sunset.

" Why not? " said an angry Rainbow Dash

"It's probably because she has no government papers since she's from another world. " said Luna glaring at Rainbow. Then turns to Sunset."I've got some friends that run a private clinic that will be able to help us and they will keep everything on the down low. "

" Ok. " said Sunset.

Luna turns to the other girls. " Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie: please go tell principal Celestia what happened, and tell her I'm taking her to the clinic. If she not in her office check the records room."

As they quickly left Luna said " Applejack and Rainbow Dash carry her to my car, so she doesn't fall down again. "

As they help her up Rarity made sure to grab Sunsets jacket. On the way to her car, Luna pulls out her phone and dials the number for the clinic. It rings for a few seconds before someone answer.

" Hello, Crystal Nova Private Clinic, Nova speaking! " answered Nova.

" Hello Nova, it's Luna. "

"Oh hey Luna, how are you doing?" Asked Nova

" Not good Nova, I have a student who's injured and I can't take her to the hospital because she's technically she an undocumented minor, so I'm bringing her to you. I'll explain everything when I get there," Luna quickly explained.

"Ok, thanks for the heads up . See you soon." Said Nova ending the call

Luna put her phone in her pocket as they arrived at her car in the faculty parking lot. She unlocked the doors and helped get Sunset in the back seat.

As she was about to open the driver side door. "You girls should all go on home for the night. "

"I want to go with you!" said a determined Rarity "That way I can let everyone know she's ok. I don't think I can wait till Monday to found if she ok or not."

Luna wanted to say no, but she could see the determination in her eyes " Ok , get in the back with Sunset and try to keep her awake till we get there. "

Rarity place Sunsets jacket in the front seat before she got in and they quickly left the parking lot, hoping everything will be all alright.