• Published 6th Nov 2020
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A New Beginning Sunsets Second Chance - Drekoswordhunter

After everything she's done. She believes she deserve all the pain she has . Until her new friends and family show her how wrong she is.

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Chapter 9 Chores

Tempest woke up the next morning at the sound of her alarm. She got and noticed Luna wasn't there. She realized she must of stayed with Sunset all night. She went to Sunset room to try to wake them up. She saw them and thought the two of them looked so cute and peaceful together. Tantabus the ferret had joined them some time during the night. She shook there shoulders to try to wake them up.

"Luna. Sunset. Time to wake up."

They just grunted and moaned at her. Tempest then went down stairs to get a pot of coffee started before she tries again to wake them up. She wasn't sure about Sunset but she knew Luna needed her coffee in the morning. It only took a few minutes to get the coffee maker to start making coffee.
She then went upstairs to try again to wake up those two sleepy heads.


Sunset began to wake up. She opened her eyes and saw she had cuddled up Luna last night like a small child. Her face turned red with embarrassment when she realized that but she was happy. She got up out of bed and saw Tantabus on the bed too. She began to pet her as Tempest walked in.

"So your up. Did you sleep good?" asked Tempest.

"If you don't count the nightmare, than yes," Sunset looking at the still sleeping Luna and smiling.

"I'm glad cause the two of you were so cutie together I had to take a picture of you two," Tempest said showing her phone with the picture on it, "Its going to be my new background."

Sunset felt embarrassed again as she left the room to go to the bathroom. Tempest walked over to the bed to wake up Luna.

"Come on Luna wake up."

This time Luna woke up. She stretched and sat up on the bed before opening her eyes. When she did, she looked around and realized she was in still Sunset's room and that Sunset wasn't in here.

"Morning Tempest. Were is Sunset ?"

"She's in the bathroom."

"Do you think she got any sleep last night?" Luna a little worried.

"You tell me," Tempest said as she showed her the picture on her phone.

Like Sunset, Luna was a little embarrassed. She quickly go up and out of Sunset room before she came back from the bathroom and went to her room to get dressed. Tempest following her out and heading to her own room. Luna stopped at her door before entering.

"Hey Tempest."

"Ya," Said Tempest stopping at her door.

"Umm. Can you send me a copy of that picture?" She asked blushing.

"I already did." Tempest said smiling.


Sunset finished up in the bathroom and returned to her room to get dressed. When she walked in Tantabus began to stir. She follows her to her dresser and hops up on top looking for attention.

Sunset smiles at her and pets her, " Did you sleep good too? "

When she finished petting her, Tantabus walked out of the room. Sunset then started to get dressed. She decided to wear one of her normal outfits and she would look though Luna's old clothes later when she had more time. Once she was done, she grabbed her bag and went down stairs to get some breakfast.

Luna and Tempest were already in the kitchen when Sunset arrived. Luna was drinking a cup of coffee and Tempest was making breakfast. Sunset sat down at the table.

"Good morning," Sunset greeted them.

"It will be once I have my second cup of coffee," said Luna.

" What would like for breakfast Sunset? "asked Tempest.

" What are you making? "

"Eggs and bacon for Luna and myself. But I can make something else for you."

" I'll have two scramble eggs and a slice of toast. "

"Comin right up!" She said as she placed a plate of eggs and bacon in front of Luna .

Luna finished her first cup of coffee and got up to refill her cup. "Do you what some coffee Sunset, or would you like something else to drink?"

"Coffees fine."

Luna pored them both a cup of coffee and walk back to the table.

"Here you go," Luna says hand Sunset her cup.

" Thanks. "

A few minutes later, Tempest gave Sunset her scramble eggs and toast.

"Do you what any jelly for your toast?"

"Strawberry jelly if you have it."

"I think we still have some left," Tempest said walking to the fridge.

Tempest opened the fridge and got a jar of nearly empty strawberry jelly. She grabs a butter knife and hands them both to Sunset before sitting down to eat her own plate of eggs and bacon.

"Do you do all the cooking, Tempest?" asked Sunset while spreading jelly on her toast.

"I have to, if you want to eat something edible."

Luna who had been quietly eating and drinking her cup of coffee, spoke up "Hey! I'm not that bad. I just have trouble making the more complicated stuff."

" Really, I once saw you burn instant noodles, " Tempest said teasingly.

"Your not going to let that go are you?"

" Nope, "Tempest chuckled.

They continued eating breakfast and making conversation. Once they finished, Luna and Sunset grabbed there bags and head for the door.

"Wait before you go...," Tempest said before getting something from the fridge and handed it to Sunset. It was a large plastic container filled with leftover roasted vegetables from last night's dinner, " Here take this with you for lunch. "

"Are you sure?"

"Of course and this way it should be a little easier to avoid the other students."

Sunset was so happy at Tempest's kindness that she suddenly hugged her, which surprised Tempest.

As Sunset let go of Tempest she said, "Thank you," And then left the room.

Luna smile and said, "That was nice of you."

"Well I really like having her here. Especially since she makes you happy and I think she likes being here too."

"I hope so." Luna began to leave but then stops "Oh before I forget, we'll probably be a little late coming back today too. Nova wants me to bring Sunset by for a follow up exam."

"Ok, love you"

"Love you, you too " Luna says as she leaves.

Tempest watched as they got in Luna car and left the house. Once they were gone she went back to the kitchen to clean up. Then she got her stuff together to go to her job too.


Luna and Sunset were quiet on the way to school until Sunset spoke up.

"Ummm...thank you for last night," Sunset said blushing and little embarrassed.

"I'm just glad I was able to help," Luna said smiling.

A few minutes passed.

"Do you have a lot of nightmares? " Luna asked worryingly.

" No...but that that was the second one I've had since the fall formal."

"Can I ask what there about?"

"Let's just say my past and the events of the fall formal continue to haunt me," Sunset said sadly.

Luna thought for a moment, trying to find the right words to cheer her up. She spoke up once she did, "Then we'll just have to make new memories that outshine the bad ones."

Sunset was surprised once again by Luna kindness. Sunset smiled and said, "Thank you."

They soon arrived at the school. Luna parked the car and they walk to the main office. At the door to the main office was Fluttershy sitting next to the door. She looked like she was waiting for someone. When Fluttershy saw Sunset, she got up and greeted her.

"Good morning Sunset." She said with a smile.

" Good morning Fluttershy. Are you waiting for someone? "



" Hehe. You silly. "

"Oh," Sunset said surprised.

Luna cleared her throat and said, "Well I'll leave you girls be. Sunset make sure you report to Celestia's office when the bell rings."

Luna left the to girls and entered the main office.

"Soo..why were you waiting for me?" asked Sunset.

"Well... I looked for you at the end of the day yesterday. When I didn't find you, I was a little worried. So I thought I'd get to school early, in hopes of finding you. I wanted to make sure you were still ok after what happened yesterday."

"Thanks I'm doing better now."

"That's good!" Fluttershy said before asking about something else she noticed. "Can I ask you something else?"

"Sure. What do you what to know?"

" Well I noticed vice principal Luna seems to really care about you. The way she was worried about your injuries after the fall formal, the way she rushed to your side yesterday, and it look like you came to school with her or am I read too much into it? "

Sunset wasn't sure if she should tell her or not, but she wanted to. She need to. She decided she was going to tell her every thing and hope Luna wouldn't be to mad about it.

"Well what happened...." Sunset said as she told Fluttershy about everything that happened the last few days. She looked happy when she told her about Luna wanting to get guardianship, sad when she told her about her living conditions, and overjoyed that she moved in with Luna.

" I'm so happy for you Sunset! "

"Thanks but I think we should keep this between us. I don't want anyone to think I'm getting special treatment."

" I understand Sunset. I pinky promise I won't tell anyone." Fluttershy said holding out her pinky finger.

Sunset returned gesture by wrapping her own pinky finger around hers sealing the promise. Then the bell rings as more and more student make there way in to the school.

"Well I better go. I'll see you at lunch," said Fluttershy.

" Ok, see you later . "

Sunset walk into the office with a smile on her face as she headed to principal Celestia office. The principal greeted her when she walked in and she returned her greeting. Celestia then began to tell Sunset about the chores she will have her do today. She told her she would be helping Mrs.Cheerilee in the Library during first period and help Granny Smith in the cafeteria before and after lunch. Celestia then sent her on her way and Sunset quickly made her way to the Library.

Once Sunset got to the library, Mrs. Cheerilee had her putting books away, cleaning tables, and cleaning up dust around the computers. Mrs.Cheerile was keeping a watchful eye on her the whole time. Sunset didn't fault for doing so ether. Any student that came in there, eyed her with suspicion and Sunset tried to not let it bother her. When it was time for her to head to the cafeteria to help Granny Smith, Mrs.Cheerilee thanked Sunset for the help as she left.


Principal Celestia was in her office when her phone rang. She picked up her phone and answered it.

" Hello. "

"Hello Celestia my dear."

"Discord, how are you? I hope you have good news."

" I'm doing good and I do have good news. I finished getting all of Sunsets information into the system. "

"That's great!" Celestia said joyfully, "Luna and Tempest will be so happy to hear it."

"I also found information about this world's Sunset. She lives in Europe, though she is originally from here in Canterlot. She is also about 10 years older than your Sunset."

" Interesting. Well I'll let Sunset know. Thanks again for the help Discord," Celestia said gratefully.

"Anything for you, my dear Celestia," Discord said honesty, " How is she by the way? "

Celestia filled him in on what had happened the last few days.

"It sounds like things are going pretty good right now."

"Let's hope it stays that way. Goodbye Discord."

" Goodbye Celestia. "

Celestia hung up the phone and got up from her desk and went to tell the good news to her sister.


Sunset arrived in the cafeteria to find Granny Smith and Applejack already there waiting for her.

"Hello Mrs.Smith. Hello Applejack," Sunset said greeting them.

"Hello Miss. Shimmer," Said Granny Smith greeting her with a smile.

"So what chores do have for me to do?"

"Well first your going to clean the tables, then restock the plates and trays, and finally take the trash out. Applejack will be here helping you and to keep an eye on you. I can't watch you and prepare lunch for the students at the same time," Granny Smith explained.

"Ok I understand."

" Well I'll leave you girls to get started. If you need anything I'll be in the kitchen. " she said before heading to the kitchen.

They began cleaning the tables. They started from opposite sides of the room and worked they way to the middle. When they were done cleaning each table, Sunset followed Applejack into back room to get the plates and the trays. As they walked into the room, Applejack explained what they had to do.

"We have to load up the plates and trays on these carts, " Applejack said pointing to the carts, " and take them into the cafeteria . "


As they started load up the carts Sunset asked, "Hey Applejack is it alright if I talk to you while we work?"

" Sure sugercube, what's on your mind?

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry for all the things I've don,e to you. Especially for how I ruined your bake sale last year spreading that rumor that you made them with rotten apples."

" Ya that one did hurt us and if you are sorry about it you should apologize to Granny too. She helped make lot of what we were trying to sell at the bake sale."

"Oh...," Sunset said feeling worst about what she had done, " I...I didn't know. "

Applejack finished loading her cart and said, "Well it's in the past now. So don't worry about it so much."

They finished loading the carts and rolled them into the cafeteria.

They began to unload them when Sunset spoke again, "There's got to be something I can do to make up for it."

Applejack sighed and said, "Well if its bothering you that much, then I have idea that might help."

"What is it? I'll do anything to make it up to you," Sunset pleaded.

"You can help us with the next bake sale were having in a few weeks at the drama clubs Halloween play. You can help me make and sell the bake goods."

"Really that's all?" Sunset questioned.

"That's all."

"Ok it's a deal then and thank you for letting me make it up to you."

"It's no problem." Applejack said as they finished, "Now let's take care of that trash."

They got the trash and took it out side to the dumpster and put fresh trash bags in the trash cans. They then went to the kitchen to see if Granny had anything else for them to do. Granny had them help her take the food into the cafeteria. After they finished that Sunset apologized to Granny for the bake sale and she forgive her. She was also happy that Sunset was will to help out at the next bake sale. Then the bell rings signalling the time for lunch.

"Sunset." Granny said to her, "After what happened yesterday, I'm going to let you eat lunch in the break room. So you don't have to worry about dealing with the other students."

"Thank you Mrs. Smith. But.. Ummm...can Fluttershy come with me. I promised I would eat lunch with her today."

"Sure. She's such a nice girl."

"I'll let her know." Applejack said, "But some of the other girls might what to eat with you too if thats alright."

"As long as Mrs. Smith ok with it."

Granny nodded her head signaling that she was ok with it. Sunset then grabbed her bag and followed her to the break room. It was a small room with a round table in the middle. Sunset sat down and pull out the leftover roasted vegetables that Tempest gave her. A few minutes later Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie Pie entered the break room.

"HI SUNSET!" Pinkie said loudly as she entered the room.

Everyone sat down at the table with Sunset. Fluttershy and Rarity sat on each side of Sunset with Pinkie sitting opposite Sunset.

"Where's Applejack?" Sunset asked worried that she wasn't as forgiven as she thought.

Rarity noticed the worried look on her face, " Don't worry Darling, it not because of you. Applejack decided to stay and keep Rainbow Dash company. She's still holding a grudge against you. "


"Don't worry about her, she's just being stubborn." said Fluttershy told Sunset.

Sunset opened her large container of roasted vegetables.

"Oooo that smells good." said Pinkie Pie.

" Ya they do. It's a lot too. I don't think I'll be able to eat it all. " Sunset thought for a moment before asking, "Would you girls what some?"

" No thank you Darling. What I've got to eat here is enough. " explained Rarity.

" Me too! " said Pinkie


"No thats ok. I'm fine"

"Please Fluttershy, I insist. Especially since you gave me your lunch yesterday," Sunset pleaded.

"Ok. But just a little bit."

Sunset then spooned some of her roasted vegetables on to Fluttershy's plate. Fluttershy ate it, she loved it, and ask for some more. They ate there lunch and talked until the bell rang. The girls said goodbye to Sunset as they left. Sunset return the near empty container of roasted vegetables back in her bag. She ate more of it that she thought she would. Applejack soon returned to tell her that they had dishes to clean. Sunset followed Applejack to were the sinks were and help clean the dishes. Sunset washed them and Applejack dried them.

"Do help out in the cafeteria a lot?" Sunset asked.

" Big Mac and I help a lot of the time. Here and on the the farm."

"It must be hard to work all the time and still go to school."

" it's ok but we can handle it," Applejack stopped drying dishes for a moment "Its been that way since ma and pa passed away," She said sadly.

Sunset try to apologize, "Oh. I'm sorry I didn't mean--"

" It's ok. You didn't know. "

"Well if you need help here or on the farm, I'd like to help if I can."

"Thanks Sunset that means a lot to me. "

The two girl finished cleaning the dishes and the tables. Granny thanks the girls for there help and then they said there goodbyes.

Author's Note:

I had hope to get this chapter up sooner but between work and getting ready for Christmas I didn't have as much time to type up this chapter.
So I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a great new years!