• Published 6th Nov 2020
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A New Beginning Sunsets Second Chance - Drekoswordhunter

After everything she's done. She believes she deserve all the pain she has . Until her new friends and family show her how wrong she is.

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Chapter 11 Sushi and Gaming

*****The day before******

Rainbow dash was surprised to be called to the office during fourth period. She was told go to one of the conference rooms near the teachers lounge. She wondered was this was about. She thought maybe it was because she was so awesome that they needed her to tone it down about twenty percent. When she arrived she was surprised to find principal Celestia, vice principal Luna, coach Ironhead, and her parents Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles sitting around a long rectangle table in the middle of the room.

"Mom? Dad? Coach? Whats going on?" Rainbow Dash asked confused.

"Please have a seat," Celestia said, "How are you doing Rainbow Dash?"

"Ok I guess," Rainbow said as she sitting down at the table.

"Are you sure?" Luna asks.

"Ya. Why do you ask?"

"Because your grades tell a different story." Bow Hothoof said.

"We've been told that you are failing most of your classes sweetie and worried." Windy Whistles said.

"I'm fine. I've just been slacking off a little to much."

" Well you to need to take you studies more seriously." said coach Ironhead, "You do know what happens when you can't keep your grades up. I'll have to kick off the soccer and track teams."

"And you won't able to participate in any school events like the music showcase next month." Luna added

"Please don't! The team needs me!"

"Don't worry were not here today to kick you off the team," Celestia explained, " We are here to offer you a solution. "

"What is it? I'll do anything."

"We're giving you till the end of the month to get grades back up and were assigning another student to tutor you after school."

"You wont be allowed to attend practice till your grades are better but you'll still be play in games," Ironhead explained.

"Who is the tutor going to be?" asked Windy Whistles.

"I have just the student in mind, but I'll have to speak with them first but if all goes well tutoring will start tomorrow."

"Douse that sound fair Rainbow Dash?" asked Luna.

"I guess I don't have much choice." Rainbow said sadly.

"And by the way Rainbow you are grounded until your grades get better." Bow Hothoof.

"Aww man."


"What are you doing here?" asked Rainbow Dash angrily when Sunset walked into the room.

"She's here tutor you or have you already forgotten?" Mrs Williams said from the teachers desk in the back of the room.

"But why her of all people!"

"Because she's one of the smartest students in this school and obviously Celestia trusts her to do it."

" Well I don't trust her she'll probably give me all the wrong answer to make sure I fail. "

"Rainbow, why would I do that. I would never do that to you," Sunset said.

"Ya like you would never turn into a demon and try to take over the school."

Sunset felt the sting in Rainbow's words, "Do you really believe I'd do that?"

"Ya and I don't believe this goody two shoes act of yours ether. You can't fool me!"

"That's enough Rainbow dash!" Mrs. Williams said, "That's not the issue here!"

"It is the issue! She's the reason my and I were broken up for the last two and half years! She's the reason why Fluttershy and I aren't still together!"

Sunset realized what Rainbow was saying but she still had to confirm her fears, " Wait. Rainbow are you saying you two were dating? "

"Ya And it's all your fault."

"I'm sorry i-i didn't know."

"Ya right." Rainbow picks up her bag, "Tell principal Celestia to get a better tutor. I'm out of here!" Rainbow says as she shoves Sunset out of the way, on her way out of the room.

"Rainbow get back here!" Mrs. Williams yelled at Rainbow.

"Let her go." Sunset said sitting down at the nearest desk.

Sunset could still feel the hate in Rainbow words even after she was gone. She tried her hardest not to cry.

"Well I better let principal Celestia what happened." Mrs. Williams said as she picks up the phone on the desk to call the principal.

"Wait!" Sunset called out before mrs. Williams could dial the phone, "Can you call Vice principal Luna instead and tell her that I need her here. Please?"

"Sure not a problem."

Sunset lad her head in her arms on the desk no longer able to hold the tears back.


Luna was in her office doing some paperwork, when her office phone rings and she answers it.


"Vice principal Luna, this is Mrs Williams."

Oh no Luna thought, "Did something happen?" She asked worryingly.

"Ya and Sunset's pretty upset about it. She asked for you specificity."

"Ok. I'll be there in a few minutes."

Luna quickly left her office and made her way to Sunset. She worried the whole way there. Wondering what Rainbow did to her.

When Luna walked into the room, She found Sunset with head down in her arms on the desk and Mrs. Williams trying to comfort her. When Sunset heard someone walk into the room, she lifts her head up to see who it is. When she sees that its Luna, she immediately gets up and runs to her and hugs her like a small child.

Mrs. Williams sees this and decides to give them some space. "Well I'll give you two some privacy."

"Mrs Williams," Luna calls to her before she leaves, "Do you mind stopping by my sister's office and letting her know what happened?"


"And Mrs. Williams, Thank you."

"No problem," she said walking out of the room.

Luna stayed there holding Sunset for a few minutes before saying, "Sunset let's sit down so you can tell me what happened."

Luna walks Sunset back to the desk she was sitting at and sits in the one next to her. Luna pulls her desk closer to Sunset, so Sunset could lay her head on her shoulder

Luna wraps her arm around Sunset and runs her arm up and down her arm to calm her, "Tell me what happened."

"All I did was walk in the room," Sunset explained, "Just the sight of me angered her. She didn't like the idea of me tutoring her."

"I was worried something like this might happen."

"The girls had told me that Rainbow was holding grudge against me and now I know why."

"Wasn't because you broke up there friendship?"

"Not just that. Apparently Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were dating at the time too."

"Oooh! No wonder she was holding a grudge against you."

"She even thru the fall formal in my face and said she didn't believe I could change before storming out of the room."

"You know she's wrong, right."

"I know but it still hurts to hear it."

It dose, Luna thought to her self as an old memory floods her mind.

What have done Luna! You scratched that poor boy face!

All I did was try to defend myself! Him and his friend--

I don't believe you Luna. This it just another one of you attempts to get attention.

Daddy please, you have to believe me!

Enough Luna your nothing but trouble!


Sunset's voice brought her back to reality. She looks at Sunset and sees the worried look on her face.

"Luna, are you ok? Your crying."

"Yes. I'm fine." Luna said wiping way her tears, "It's was just an bad memory."

She turns to Sunset, "Sunset, I'm going to be straight with you. It's going to be hard to get some people to believe in you. Even when there family. And at time it's going to hurt but all we can do is keep moving forward and we can't let them hold us back. Ok?


"And Sunset, I promise you here and now that I'll always believe in you."

Sunset hugs Luna, " Thanks. "

"Now, why don't we get out of here sweetie."

Sunset and Luna return to the main office to find Celestia waiting for them. She has them follow her to her office and they all take a seat at Celestia desk.

"Sunset, I want to apologize to you." Celestia said frankly.

"For what?"

"For trying to force things with you and Rainbow Dash and not tell you about ahead time. I realized what I did was just like the princess.

"But your nothing like the princess."

Celestia hand balls up into a fist on her desk, " But I am! I had this grandiose plan to help you make up for the things done. But all I did was force you into situations without telling you anything just like how the princess forced you to make friends without explaining why you should. "

A short quiet moment passed before Celestia said, "I'm sorry. I'll find someone else to tutor Rainbow."

Sunset places her hand on Celestia still clenched fist, "That's the thing thou even after all that I still what to tutor her."

"What?" Luna and Celestia said shocked.

"Are you sure she could hurt you again?" asked Celestia.

"I know," Sunset said sincerely, "But you all where so kind enough to give me a second chance that I want to give her one too. I want the chance to show her I've changed and I can't do that if I run away now. Right, Luna.

"Right." said Luna happy that Sunset took her words to heart.

Celestia smiled as she saw the strong bond the two had formed in such a short time. "Ok, then the tutoring sessions will resume tomorrow but Rainbow will still have to be punished for walking out on you. Tomorrow I'll start being more upfront about my plans to help you."

"You don't have to do that. I trust you, Celestia." said Sunset.

"And that's exactly why I want to."

Sunset and Luna said there goodbyes and left Celestia office and walked into Luna office to get her stuff.

Once they were in her office Luna suddenly hugs Sunset, "I'm so proud of you."


"Why don't we go out to night. My treat."

"Sure, but what about Tempest?"

"Don't worry. I'm going to call and see if she wants to join us."

Luna pulls out her phone and calls Tempest. It rings for a moment before Tempest answers.

"Hey babe! What's going on? I was just about to call you."

"Well I decided to take Sunset out tonight and we was wondering if you wanted to join us."

"Wish I could but I'm having some problem with case right now." Tempest explained, "I was getting ready to call and tell you I'll be late coming home. So your own for dinner tonight."

" Too bad. Sunset really what you to join us. "

"How is she? How did the tutoring go?"

"Not great. It's part of the reason I wanted to take her out tonight."

" Well tell Sunset I hope she has good time and I'm sorry I can't join y'all. Love you! "

"Love you too!"

Luna hangs up her phone and puts it back in her pocket.

"So is she coming?" asked Sunset.

"No. She's wrapped up in a case right now. So it will just be us tonight."

"Is there any place in particular you want to go?" Luna said as they exited the office.

"No not really."

Luna thought for a moment before saying, "I know this great sushi restaurant at the mall we can go to."

"Ok. I've never had sushi before."

"I think your going to like it."


They arrived at the mall and Sunset was surprised at the size of the place.

"Wow its so big!"

"Sunset have you never been to the mall before?"

"No. I never bothered going anywhere outside of school or home," Sunset said sadly .

"Well one day, when we have more time I'll have to take you around the different stores and restaurants in the mall."

"I'd like that."

Sunset followed Luna through the mall, looking around at all the store along the way until they got to sushi restaurant. They walked in and was seated at a booth. They looked at there menus until there waitress arrived. She was an older lady wearing a traditional kimono with a flower pattern and apron with a picture of fish on it.

"Hello," the waitress greeted, "I'm Emiko and I'll be your waiter tonight what would you like?"

'I'll have the fatty tuna sushi plate and sweet tea to drink. "

"And how about your daughter?"

Sunset blushed at being called Luna daughter, "I'll have the vegetarian sushi plate and sweet tea to drink as well."

The waitress left with there order and came back a few minutes later with there drinks.

It was quiet for a little bit before Luna said "You know Sunset, if there's anything else you've never done before and you what to try doing it. All you have to do is ask."

"Well I've always wanted to drive a motorcycle."

"Well that can be arranged since will have your papers soon."

"Do you really mean it?" Sunset asked excitingly.

Of course. Tempest and I can teach you."

"You can drive motorcycle?" Sunset asked surprised.

"Tempest taught me how, a few years ago," Luna explained, "But if you want your own motorcycle you'll have to help make payments on it so that means you'll need to get a job." Luna said as the waitress arrived with there food.

"A job huh."

"Well if your look for a job, were always looking for help here" the waitress Emiko offered.

"Thanks for the offer. I'll think about it."

The waitress left and they both began to eat there sushi. They both enjoyed the meal and they left a generous tip.

"So did you enjoy dinner?" Luna asked as they left the restruant.

"Ya. It was really good."

"Well I'm glad you liked it."

Luna and Sunset walk back to the car and went home.


When Sunset and Luna got home Luna told her when she was ready come to her room. She wanted to show her something Sunset got cleaned up and put on her pajamas before going to Luna room. Luna room had a computer, a big flat screen tv, and multiple game systems. There were multiple shelves filled with games and books. There was a couch and a couple of gaming chairs

"Welcome to my gaming room!" announced Luna, "So what do you thing?"

"Not what I was expecting at all." Sunset said shocked, "This must be what Celestia meant."

"About what?"

"That you would keep surprising me every time I learn something new about you."

"Well this is the reason I'm grumpy most mornings I tend to stay up late playing video games online." Luna explained, "So do you want to play?"

" Sure, but I wouldn't know we're to start. "

"I'll will start you off with some easy games for now."

Luna starts her off with some classic Nintendo games like super Mario brothers, donkey kong, Mario kart, super smash bros., and Mario party. After losing for a while Sunset starts to get the hang of things. They were having great time playing games together. Tempest arrives to find them in the middle of a race

"I'm going win!" Sunset said excitingly.

"I don't think so!" Luna says as she gets the blue tortoise shell and uses it on Sunset knock her out long enough for her to win the race.

"Aww man! I was so close."

" Sounds like y'all are having fun in here. "

"Yep." Sunset said ready to start another round.

"She doing pretty good and she's a quick learner."

"Why don't you join us Tempest?" Sunset asked.

"Not tonight. I'm tired so I'm going on to bed. Don't stay up to late."

"Ok." they both said.

They played for few more hours before Luna decided they should call it a night.

"Alright I think that enough games for tonight," Luna says turning the game system off, "Time for bed."

Luna turns to face Sunset and notice she was still sitting on the couch. Sunset had a worried look on her face, so Luna sits on the couch next to her.

"Is something wrong Sunset?" Luna asked.

"Can I sleep with you tonight. I'm don't what to be alone tonight."

"Why's that?"

"I'm scared." Sunset admitted, "I'm scared she will appear in my dreams again and turn them into nightmares."


"The demon version of me."

"Why do you think that will happen?"

"Cause she already has appeared in my dreams twice now." Sunset explained, "In the nightmare I had after the fall formal and the nightmare I had after what happened in the cafeteria the other day."

"And your worried she'll appear again after what happened with Rainbow."

"Ya." Sunset said sadly, "I'm sorry if that makes me seem childish."

"No thats perfectly fine. You may be a teenager but your still a child at heart. It's ok to be afraid. Even adult get scared at times."

"Have you been afraid? "

"Yes plenty of times when I was younger and I was sacred fair recently too."

"What was it that sacred you?"

"When I saw injuries I was scared you weren't going to make it. I was scared that you were going to reject me when offered to help you. I was scared every time hear something bad has happened to you since the fall formal. "

" I'm sorry to worry you so much. "

Luna hugs Sunset, "You have nothing to apologize for sweetie. I'll always worry about you. Even when your all grow up and out on your own."

Sunset smiled. She was happy to have someone who cared so much.

"Now why don't we go to bed."

Luna and Sunset went to Sunset's room and got into the Sunset's bed. A half hour later, Sunset spoke up.

"Luna, I can't fall asleep."

"Hmm. I know lullaby that my mom use to sing Celestia and I when we're kids. Or are you too grow up for that."

"No. I'd like to hear it.

Luna begans to sing softly. " You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,

You make me happy when skies are grey.

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you,

Please don't take my sunshine away.

The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping,

I dreamt I held you in my arms.

When I awoke, dear, I was mistaken,

So I hung my head, and I cried.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,

You make me happy when skies are grey.

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you,

Please don't take my sunshine away.

I'll always love you and make you happy,

If you will only say the same.

But if you leave me to love another,

You'll regret it all one day.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,

You make me happy when skies are grey.

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you,

Please don't take my sunshine away.

Please don't take my sunshine away. "

Sunset was asleep before Luna finished the lullaby. Luna a fell asleep not long after she finished too.

Luna awoke during the night to Sunset moaning and to her movering around in bed.

Luna held her close and whispered in her ear, "Its ok Sunset. I'm right here."

She repeated it a few before Sunset began to sleep calmly again. Sunset sleep'ed peacefully the rest of the night.


The next day Sunset waited in Celestia office as she called Rainbow Dash to her office to joined them.

"So you ratted me out." Rainbow said when she walked into the office and saw Sunset.

"No she didn't need to. Mrs Williams told me what happened,"Celestia explained, "And I must say I'm very disappointed in you Rainbow dash. I've never known you to treat another student the way to treated Sunset.

"But she-"

"No matter what she's did in the past you still didn't need to treat her the way you did." Celestia said interrupting her, "And your lucky she's still will to tutor you after what you said to her."


" So as punishment for what you did to Sunset and walking out on the agreed upon tutoring, you will be in detention today and tomorrow. " Celestia lectured, "Sunset will be tutoring you during today's detention."

When Celestia finished lecturing Rainbow dash, She sent her and Sunset to detention.

As Sunset and Rainbow dash are walking thought the hall on the way to the detention room, they passed some female students on the way. One of them knock Sunset binders out of her hands and another kicked them across the hall. This cause them to bust open scattering papers all over the floor. The students who did it laughed as they walked away. Sunset got down on the floor to try to get all her papers together. She looked up and saw Rainbow Dash continuing to walk down the hall as if nothing happened.

A few minutes later Sunset was still try to get her stuff together, when someone started to help her. She looks up and is surprised to see that Rainbow Dash came back to help her.

Rainbow Dash realized Sunset was looking at her and said "Look, I'm not helping you because I forgive or as an apology for what I said. Cause it's not. I just don't what get in to any more trouble than I already am. Ok?"

"That's fine," Sunset said thankfully, "Thanks, Rainbow Dash."

They finished picking up Sunsets thangs and preceded down the hall to detention