• Published 6th Nov 2020
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A New Beginning Sunsets Second Chance - Drekoswordhunter

After everything she's done. She believes she deserve all the pain she has . Until her new friends and family show her how wrong she is.

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Chapter 5 Preparations

Sunset found herself alone in a dark empty void. Then a pillar fire erupted a few feet in front of her and from the pillar appeared the Demon from the fall formal. She was laughing with evil intent.

The Demon spoke, "Do you really think you can be forgiven for everything you've done? Do you believe anyone really what's to help you? "

"What do you what?" Sunset said glaring at the demon.

"To show you that know matter you do," The Demon said as she walked closer to Sunset. "No what you say, no matter where you go," The Demon stopped walking when she we she at arm length from Sunset "YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE WHO YOU ARE!

The Demon raised her hands in th air and caused the hole void to be engulfed in flame. The flames were so bright, Sunset had to close eyes. When the flames disappeared, she opened her eyes to find herself back to the night of the fall formal. She saw the crater she found herself in that that night. She could still the wounds on her back from that night. She walked over to the crater expecting to find herself in it, But she was wrong. What she found was the six girls who tried to stop her.

"No. This isn't what happened," Sunset said.

She reached her hand but was horrified by what she saw. Her arm was red and her hand had claws. She checked her other hand and it had changed too. She then checked her back. She was wrong before about still feeling the wounds on her back. It was her wing that she felt.

She had become the Demon again

She could her the Demon speaking to her in her head.

"This is what you are and all you will ever be!

"Nnnnnooooo" Sunset screamed as she suddenly awoke in a hot sweat.

She got out of bed and grabbed her phone and quickly when to the bathroom. She used the light feature on her phone so she could see her reflection in the mirror. She had to check, she had to make sure she hadn't turned back into the Demon. She let out the breath she didn't realize she was holding once she saw there were no changes to her body. She felt like the wings were still there like a phantom pain. Then she returned to bed to try to go back to sleep, but sleep she could not find anymore that night.


Luna go up early that Sunday morning and started cleaning out the spare bedroom that had been used for storage up until now. A lot of what was in there was stuff she did need anymore. She moved what stuff she wanted to keep to her room except some old furniture and old clothes that looked like they might fit Sunset. Everything else she packed into her car and Tempest's van. Anything still useable that Sunset probably couldn't use they took to Goodwill and everything else when to the dump.

Then she when out to get a few things for the room like a new bed and bedsheets. She didn't get much, but if Sunset need anything else she decided she would take her shopping for it later. Luna spent most of the day getting things set up for Sunset and cleaning the room from top to bottom. Once was done she joined Tempest in the living room to relax next to her.

"You know I can't remember the last time I've seen you this excited," Tempest said smiling at Luna.

"I really am. I just hope I'm not coming on too strongly, " Luna said a little worried, " I don't what to make her think I'm force her into this. "

Tempest wraps her arms around her and says "If she's as smart as you say she is, she'll realize this is what's best for her."

" I hope your right, " Luna said as she turned on the tv to watch the weather report.


Sunset spend most of the day Sunday trying to catch up on a week's worth of school work she had avoided doing because she thought she would be back in Equestria by now. It took so long because she didn't get much sleep after the nightmare she had. Which made it harder to focus on her work. When she finished it was time for the sun to go down. She went to the cabinet in the kitchen to get something to eat. When she open the cabinet she noticed she only a few cans left. She knew she barely had any money left. She didn't bother bullying any students for there money last week ether.

"Maybe I should take the vice principals offer. " Sunset thought to herself

She grabbed a can of mixed vegetables and opens it with a hand cranked can opener. She grabbed a plastic spoon still in its wrapper, which she took a bunch of them from school. She sat at the old desk she had been doing her school work on. She ate her can of vegetables while think over the vice principals offer.

"There no way I can survive alone now, unless I continue to being the bully I have been."

"But I don't what to be that person anymore. I want to be better."

She continued think about the offer by comparing the pros and cons of it. But what worried her the most was whether the vice principal would take any time out of her day for her. When she was in the orphanage there were so many misplaced ponies there that she was alone most of the time until the princess took her in as her student. The princess made plenty of time for her in the beginning but after a while she became distant with her. Which drove her to where she is at now.

in the end she still hasn't decided yet but she was leaning towards saying yes. She went to bed after she finished eating. Hoping to get more sleep then she did the night before.


Sunset awoke Monday morning to the sound of rain outside.

"Damn it, after everything that's happened the last few days I forgot to check the weather."

Sunset hated riding her bike in the rain. Normally when it rained she would just call in sick or get Flash to give her a ride. Neither of those choices are available this time since Flash broke up with hIm. And if she doesn't show up at school she's sure the vice principal would probably come looking for her. She thought about calling the vice principal for a ride but she wasn't ready to talk to her yet. Not until she had made a decision.

She got up and got dressed. She decided to skip breakfast since she didn't have much food left. She got her stuff together and went out the door. As she is about to get on her bike she hears someone coming up the driveway. When she saw the car coming up the driveway she recognized it as the vice principals car. When the vice principal finished pulling up into the driveway she rolled down her window and called out to Sunset.

"Hey do you need a ride?" the vice principal asked.

Sunset didn't bother questioning her intentions. She was just happy to not have to ride her bike in the rain. She quickly got in the car before she got any wetter.

"Thanks." said Sunset gratefully.

" Your welcome, " Luna said "And I'm sorry."

Sunset looked at Luna confused "For what?"

" For just show up here like this without asking or telling you first. "

" That's ok. " said Sunset happily "Honestly I was happy when I saw you pull up."

Luna blushes happily as they left Sunsets home.

As they got into town Luna asked "Hey it's still early would you like to stop and get something to eat? My treat."

Sunset wanted to say no but the grumbling of her stomach changed her mind.

"Sure. I would like that. "

They stopped at a coffee shop near the school. They went inside and sat at a small two person table.

They both got a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin.

"How are you feeling?" Asked Luna.

" A lot better now thou my back still hurts depending on the way I move. "

After few minutes of drinking and eating Sunset asked, "Can I ask you a question?"

"You just did, " Luna said jokingly, " but sure what do you what to know? "

"Why did decided to come and get me?"

"I was worried that you might try to ride your bike to school in the rain. I didn't want to see you get sick. I also thought you might skip school to avoid going out in the rain too . Which could get you in more trouble since your supposed to report to my sister's office today. "

Sunset thought about Luna answered for a moment. When the princess took her in it was all because of her magical ability but her vice principal seems to really care about who she is and not what she can do. She was happy that someone cares about her in that way.

"Thanks for caring about me," said Sunset with a smile on her face for the first time in a long time.

They finished there coffee and muffins and went to school.