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Name's Chase Vander Dussen, and I'm a brony and part time author of fanfiction.

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New Story Ideas. · 2:19am Sep 11th, 2017

I was thinking of starting an Equestria on Earth story, kind of similar to ones that I've read. But, I am not particularly inspired right now.:ajbemused: I was also thinking of starting my own interpretation of a USA on Equestria story.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated from my readers!:twilightsmile:

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Hello. I like your story of Optimus Prime in Equestria. My favorite part is that Perceptor blame Hot Rod for the death of Optimus Prime.

Thanks for adding The Trial Continues.

I see. Thanks for your help anyways.


Nope, the live counter doesn't provide that function. :scootangel:

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