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Sunset Shimmer is my crush!!


This story is a sequel to The Trial Continues

Sunset has been through so much with The Fall Formal, The Battle of the Bands, and Anon-A-Miss. Now this story will take Sunset through more adventures. She will find love, as well as make new friendships.

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The final installment of the trials trilogy. I foresee great things from you, keep it up!:twilightsmile:

I'm looking forward to seeing your take on The Friendship Games, Camp Everfree, the memory stone adventure and the other adventures Sunset will experience.

Thanks Skyblazer9 glad to see you back. Arlynn the Dragon it's gonna take a few chapters to really get this story going so hang in there.

Your mission, Apple Bloom, is to get all the Rainbooms, The Crusaders and Trixie to come to the party some of you will probably spend the night. Mom had ok’d it, now I had an ok Christmas, I would like to have a better New Year’s Eve.” Sunset informed her.

Sounds like quite a lot to try and complete in a short amount of time imo.

“That’s what I deserve then.” Apple Bloom replied. “Stop talking like that.” Sunset shot back. Apple Bloom just stood there eyes wide in shock. She was surprised to hear Sunset say that.

Punishment or not, no one deserves to be outside in freezing temperatures.

Sunset shut off her phone and held it close to her chest and smiled. She was happy that her conversation had been a success. Now to tell her friends that she forgave them she was hoping an invite would help.

A good step down the long road of process.

A few minutes later Pinkie Pie called and said she would come too. Fluttershy texted and said she would come too, as did Rainbow Dash, but the bad news was she couldn’t get Scootaloo off her grounding for the party.

At least she's making some process. :twilightsmile:

“Mom, you are the best!!” Sunset exclaimed, giving Luna a huge hug that almost knocked Luna off the bed. Realizing what Sunset had almost done, Luna gave her a nasty look. Sunset cringed a little bit. Then both of them burst into a laughing fit.

Only a matter of time before things will be the way they were prior to the anonamiss incident.

Good work so far, but you're missing some commas.

Oh dear I can already foresee very bad things happening if Gilda ever does return to Canterlot City.

Great chapter by the way. :)

Could you tell me where so I can plug them in.

“Yes mom.” Sunset sighed. Luna rolled her eyes. Sunset maybe from another world, but still had the attitude of a teenager sometimes.

I mean she is technically an adult in equestria.

“Mom you say that all the time. I guess here in about 4-5 months I have become a normal teen. I have a mom, two aunts, and a bunch of close friends. It is great when Equestrian magic isn’t messing it up. I hope tonight is just a normal New Year’s Eve.” Sunset said.

Don't jinx it if I were you.

The two girls headed upstairs chatting about the sleepover. Trixie said her first sleepover and she wasn’t sure what to do. Rainbow told her just relax and go with the flow.

Good to see those two are getting along now. :twilightsmile:

“We are gonna get her therapy after the holidays are over.” Applejack said, patting Sunset’s shoulder.

That's good to know. It always help. Myself included since i have for many years now.

“You’re right darling, I’m not big on video games but go ahead load up the PS 5. I mean it.” Rarity said.

Never thought I'd hear that from rarity.

“Darling there is someone out there for you. They just haven’t found you yet. You can’t hurry love, you just have to be patient.” Rarity said.

She's right, that's what I'm doing and I've been waiting patiently since the last girl I had eyes on for back in 2015. It'll be worth it once you find your special someone 😉

“I enjoy my little apartment, the beauty of your country and thank you for your hospitality. This Place is nice but it is still a prison. I wish to return to Canterlot." She said.

Oh boy, here we go again.

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Princess Celestia called them over to the microphone. All three girls got up and walked over to the microphone. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo stood there.

I didn't know the princess made it to the assembly :trollestia:
Joking aside, you might want to change that to Principal.

I see that and changed it thanks for the heads up.

“It’s time girls.” Celestia said. The Crusaders dutifully got up and followed Celestia single file out of the office; a police officer brought up the rear also as protection for the Crusaders.

For a second I was gonna ask why but it makes sense when you think back to what happened.

As they came onto the stage they could feel all the students' eyes boring holes into them. The Crusaders looked down at their sisters in the front row. Applejack just pulled her hat down enough so they couldn’t see her. Rarity looked to the side and Rainbow Dash just put her hand on her forehead to block her view. The Crusaders realized then and there they were on their own.

The deserve it for how much trouble they've caused.

I know what it was like to suffer, as I have done that. I just ask one thing do not torture and abuse the crusaders like I was. They have a long road ahead to gain trust back but they can start by gaining just one person’s forgiveness. It's a start.” Sunset finished.

That's good to know and glad she shared with the rest of CHS.

Diamond Tiara and Silver spoon cornered Apple Bloom in the hallway during classes. Apple Bloom took a step back; she knew this would happen.

Well those two are gonna be in trouble later.

Trixie ran across the gym to the supply closet and found the baseball supplies grabbing a bat she ran for the hallway. Telling herself this was risky as hell but she had to stop this.

And is likely gonna be in trouble like diamond and silver.

“Did I make a mistake this morning? I was trying to save my niece and by saving Sunset I have opened Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo to her abuse. It’s gonna be the aftermath of the Fall Formal again. Just not for Sunset this time.

It's not your fault celestia. These things happen whether we like it or not but sometimes I'll end good or bad, depending on what the situation is.

Celestia opened the safe and took out a couple of folders and then in the back a bottle of rum. Opening it she took two swigs out of it. After that she placed it in the wall safe, and then put the folders back in. She put the picture back up and hated herself for being weak like that. Sh ealso knew she should get rid of it too. Still she very rarely ever used that.


After that and her cup of tea. Celestia let herself weep and let some tears fall, for she had opened a can of worms. Now the crusaders were the targets, not her niece. Now all she had done was shift the abuse. “How0 can this possibly get worse?” Celestia thought.

I'm afraid not Celestia.

“I mean Gilda has vanished and she knows that she is not to leave the palace grounds.” His guard said.

Figured she'd escape.

“This is unfortunate. I was hoping not to have to clean up this mess. I will tell the syndicate. We will handle it from here.” They replied.

Hope whoever that is we'll find out sooner than later.

Poor sweet Apple Bloom...and oh no! Gilda, leave Trixie alone!

Luna walked around her desk, sat down with her hands together and looked like she was praying. In the end Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were suspended for a week. Trixie was suspended for two weeks. Luna had taken a seat after everyone but Trixie left.

They deserve it after what happened even if trixie tried to help but what she did was just crazy imo.

Shortly after that the bell rang and Sunset quietly gathered her stuff and left Trixie tried to follow her. She went down the hall a little bit and into Luna’s office. Trixie realized then that she had lost her best friend.

She went too far this time and tbh I don't blame Sunset at all for what just happened with her talk with trixie.

She got to the stairwell and started to run for the roof. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo looked on in horror. APPLE BLOOM WAS GONNA COMMIT SUICIDE!!

Yeah, I think she needs serious help now, like therapy to be precise since that part just now scared the crap out of me!

After a second of hesitation, Apple Bloom took both Sunset and Applejack’s hand. With a pull she was pulled off the ledge and into Applejack’s waiting arms.

That was too close.

“What? Is it the scars? You want to know how I got them?” Gilda asked.

Well Gilda is back, and she of course had to say the line the joker would say.

Ooh, G5 intro, like it

Not mental health, although she would see the school guidance counselor the next day. The kind of help Apple Bloom would need would come from the Rainbooms, The Crusaders, and even Trixie. It was the kind of help Sunset needed after the Fall Formal. She needed people to have her back.

Yep, it'll prove that they want to help her eve after what she and her friends did on mystable.

“HAHAHA!! I have them.” Gilda said, exposing her shoulder to Trixie with the scar of the bullet wound from Chrysalis.

Oh my!

“Now if I know you can be trusted. You can come with me.” Gilda said, extending her hand.

I got a bad feeling about this.

Trixie’s phone pinged down at the docks. That was where Mulder and Scully took off for. Chrysalis just sat back wondering what Trixie was doing down there, if she was there. More importantly what was Gilda doing down there?

Wonder why she's at the docks of all places? Must have have to do with Gilda.

“Celestia you did what had to be done. None of this is your fault. It was the fault of three snot nose brats who went out of their way to hurt your niece. This was not your fault. If you want to blame someone, blame The Crusaders; it was their idea.” Chrysalis told her.

Chrystal is right, this wasn't your fault.

“You need to stay right where you are.” A voice came from the darkness. Slowly two men in black suits came into view and in the middle was a grey haired man with a trench coat and a cigarette in his hand.

Well, they're caught now. But it's obvious it won't be easy.

Trixie thought for a minute then replied. “He said Maretime Bay, Bridlewood, and Zephyr Heights.”

Mlp G5 references eh, nice.

Трикси на минуту задумалась, затем ответила: “Он сказал, что Маретим-Бей, Бридлвуд и Зефир-Хайтс”.

And here is a reference to the G5, and the chapter is not bad

“Well it’s official, Pinkie Pie knows everything.” Rainbow Dash remarked.

I wouldn't really say everything.

Their relationship had been a rocky one. But Trixie did help her by going to the dance and just hanging out during study hall. Little did she know what happened with Trixie and Gilda’s encounter earlier that week.

And that she'll find out soon enough.

Sunset looked around as her mom and Chrysalis joined the crowd. There was Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. Also with her mom was Aunt Celestia and Aunt Chrysalis with her girlfriend Potion Nova. Then Sunset’s eyes came to rest on the two biggest surprises: Princess Twilight Sparkle, and Trixie.

Wait trixie showed up, I did not expect that but doubt she'll reveal what happened with Gilda.

“That is a gem from right near Ponyville. It’s very special and I enchanted it. You can look into it and see Equestria any time you want, but not in real time. It's similar to what you call a snow globe in this world. You stare into it and it shows you Equestria. A different place each time.” Twilight explained.

Well that's interesting.

“Now Sunset my gift to you is this.” Luna said handing Sunset a big manilla envelope. Sunset sat there looking at the envelope and then opened it. It was a piece of paper and on the top it said: “CERTIFICATE OF ADOPTION.”

Happy birthday sunset. :twilightsmile:

“Retrace her steps you’ll find out who.” The Cigarette Smoking Man said and finished walking away.

Looks like we got a mystery on our hands.

Nice chapter, good to see Sunset and Celestia interacting

Approaching the car both stopped and gasped. Someone had smeared mud all over Celstia’s car. They didn’t smear every inch of it but enough that Celestia’s silver colored car was mostly brown now.

I have the oddest feeling that was Luna, just to give them something to do or experience together.
Otherwise, those darn kids...

“Well I have a maid that comes in and cleans up once a week. Also a lawn service that cuts the grass.” Celestia said realizing how lonely that sounded.

Well, somebody's well off. Contracted lawn maintenance ain't cheap (and housecleaning on top of that too)

“Yes I am and I’m sure she can’t get me up for school any better than you can.” Sunset said.

lol :rainbowlaugh:

Sunset quickly texted Trixie back saying they needed to work some stuff out but they were still friends. Trixie asked about getting together next weekend and she replied she had to go with Celestia next weekend but maybe the weekend after that.

At least their friendship is slowly being fixed. :fluttershysad:

Approaching the car both stopped and gasped. Someone had smeared mud all over Celstia’s car. They didn’t smear every inch of it but enough that Celestia’s silver colored car was mostly brown now.

Whoever did that I hope they get caught for what they did, especially since it was to principal celestia aka the principal of CHS. :twilightangry2:

“Relax, Sunny we are on a conveyor belt, they bring you through the tunnel on auto pilot.” Celestia soothed her. She took Sunset’s hand as they went through the tunnel.

Not surprised she'd be scared, I mean car washes aren't a thing in equestria. Neither are cars as well.

“Sunset let me tell you one thing about anything in life especially games and sports. Sometimes you have to lose, this way when you do win it makes it that much more special. Besides, it was the first time you ever played. ” Celestia said.

Yep, it's a reminder that'll help with future experience. :twilightsmile:

“My bowling ball. My parents got me into it. Luna didn’t seem to care for it, I was part of a league for a little while too. Anyway, are you ready to hit the lanes?” Celestia asked.

That's interesting. :applejackunsure:

“I am!!” Sunset said excitedly. She was actually enjoying spending time with her Aunt Celestia. She thought this was going to be a boring weekend but Friday night was great. So far Saturday was looking to be a great day. Sunset was actually enjoying herself.

Seems like the planned worked out. :twilightsmile:

So ah suggested to Big Mac that girl he likes. He got the nerve to finally talk to Sugar Belle and here she is. We are doing a couple’s game today. Toe Tapper and ah take on Big Mac and Sugar Belle.” Applejack said.

Huh, at least that answers my question who it is and not surprised that it's sugar belle tbh. :ajsmug:

“Aunt Celestia, all my friends have someone and I don’t. It depresses me, I wish I could find someone.” Sunset said looking down as she checked in her shoes and left the bowling alley with her aunt.

You will eventually sunset, I know you will. 😇

“Sunset there is someone out there for you. I think you just need to cast your net a little wider and try someone outside of Canterlot High. I know you wrote a term paper or two for students at Crystal Prep, Why don’t you try looking there?” Celestia said.

Huh, a good hint of what the next chapter has in store, I like it!!! :pinkiehappy:

Celestia ended up winning by about 7 strokes and Sunset was ok with losing this time. Celestia suggested heading to the mall and getting some lunch and secretly hoping not to run into anymore of Sunset’s friends on dates with their boyfriends.

Something tells me they likely will.

“In my day we called that a mall crawl.” Celestia said. Then her and Sunset shared a laugh at how ridiculous that sounded today. Celestia was happy to see Sunset smiling and laughing. It was a complete turnaround from what Sunset had been for the past three years.

Huh, never heard that before til now.

Celestia reached over and rubbed Sunset’s shoulder. She understood now why Luna loved her. This girl had a horrible childhood when all she wanted was family and friends.

It's sad alright. :fluttercry:

Things at the mall were going great until they got down to the movie theater section at the mall. The mall had just incorporated the movie theater into a new annex. Celestia and Sunset walked by and Sunset saw Rainbow Dash and Rarity outside the theater with Thunderlane and Soarin, their boyfriends.

Saw it coming a mile away. 😏

So I would like to ask if you two would move in here?” Celestia asked.



So I would like to ask if you two would move in here?” Celestia asked.

While I would say it would defeat the purpose of Luna initially moving out on her own, you can't leave Tia all by her lonesome. The woman needs some long term company (and her family).

“I can get the basement as my bedroom. Right?” Sunset asked hopefully.

That's the first thought that comes to your mind, really sunset. :ajbemused:

“I’m on board just wanted to make sure, just in case Apple Cinnamon wants to spend the night.” Luna said with a sly grin. Luna got up and walked up the stairs to talk to her daughter.

Ok? :rainbowhuh:

“I knew Mom knew Cadence. I just never knew that your brother was Shining Armor. He led the rescue for me and Trixie when Gilda and the Diamond Dogs kidnapped us.” Sunset told Twilight. “Yea he got promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant for that.” Twilight Remarked.

Wow, that's awesome. :pinkiehappy:

About this time Luna walked over to the girls. Well, it’s getting late. I imagine you girls need to get home. At that Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy got their keys out and headed for their keys and Rainbow went with Fluttershy as they lived near each other. Pinkie hitched a ride with Applejack. Luna tossed Sunset the keys as she now had her learner's permit. Then she noticed Twilight get up and start to walk away by herself, Trixie did the same thing.

You mean headed to their cars? Because it says keys.

Sunset then took Twilight’s chin in her hand and brought her face to meet Sunset’s. It was that moment when their eyes met each one of them felt a connection. Both didn’t realize they were staring at each other until Trixie cleared her throat.

A nice hint of a possible future relationship coming for them. :raritystarry:

“The great and powerful Trixie is also a fast texter.” Sunset said with a grin trying not to laugh. Even though Trixie did text her Twilight's number. She didn’t think this was a time for laughing based on how Twilight looked and felt.

I happen to be as well. :ajsmug:

Yes I ment cars thanks for catching that.

“Well honey, let’s talk to Luna and Sunset they seem to know more about this then any of us.I think we are just going to have to feel our way through this and put the pieces together as we go.” Twilight Velvet replied putting her arm around her daughter’s shoulders.

I don't blame for how she feels, I'd feel the same if I were in here shoes right about now.

“I don’t understand it. Why does this feel so right? Am I developing a crush on nerdy Twilight Sparkle?” Sunset thought before drifting off to sleep herself.

Yes you are sunset. :twilightsmile:

She readjusted herself and laid there for a second, taking in the peace and serenity of the moment. Sunset then came to a stunning realization. She never felt like this about anyone. Sure, she liked guys but there was something about Twilight. Something that made this feel right.

There's nothing to be ashamed about for you having a crush on twilight sunset. It's perfectly normal.

“I was going to study today but I guess I should go out. If you think it’s safe.” Twilight said hesitantly.

Yeah, meeting the rest of the girls is way better than studying. :rainbowdetermined2:

“Good morning the sweet and compassionate Trixie wants to see how you're doing, give me a call please.” The message said.

Should of guessed trixie would send her one. :ajsmug:

“Um ok is that safe?” Twilight asked,

Yes twilight, it's safe.

“I knew these girls named Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, and Minuette and they stopped by and told me that Moon Dancer was having a little get together and wanted to know if I wanted to come. I didn’t go as I was “busy with my studies.” I never heard from her again.” Twilight sadly remarked.

Figured that was what happened. :ajbemused:

“Luna is coming to pick me up. Let me call her and text my friends, while you go grab a quick shower and change, I’ll wait for you. I don’t want to shove this down your throat Twilight, but just meet the girls. If your experiences in school are gonna be like mine, you need to gather allies.” Sunset told her.

Yep. :pinkiehappy:

Sunset quickly sent a group text to her friends. After that she was about to call her mom, when she heard a scream come from Twilight’s bathroom.

I think I might know why she screamed but I'm not gonna jinx it.

Plus this chapter was really good. You sure outdid yourself for sure.


Sometimes we have to excerpt it whether we like it or not, I felt the same when I got my scar. Which I'd explain but it's quite a long story and best to be explained in a private message.

“O.K. I’m coming to get you. Sunset you are really gonna be the one that she leans on. Please be patient with her.” Luna told her.

Yep, it'll be up to you sunset with helping twilight get over this. :fluttershysad:

“Why did Sunset grab my hand and why did it feel right. No Twilight, you're reading too much into this. Plus, you're supposed to like guys not girls.” Twilight thought as she entered the kitchen.

There's not a problem with liking girls twilight. I'm sure your friends and family will understand.

“It’s ok Twilight, it’s Pinkie you get used to that.” Sunset assured her and then they headed to the back table where Trixie was sitting.

Yep, you'll get used to it in no time. 😉

Chrysalis tossed Sunset the spare helmet and then Sunset grabbed Chrysalis around her waist, and they sped off. Thank God Chrysalis was here because Sunset was confused and concerned. Why did she feel like that way about Twilight Sparkle?

Something tells me she's hiding something sunset doesn't know.

That is why I love your reviews. You break my chapters down. Two things why do you think that Chrysalis is hiding something. Also I was surprised that you didn't mention anything about the spa worker calling DCF and that mystery being solved.

I wasn't sure to what to say about thet one.

“Relax kiddo. Monday when you go to school see if you still feel the same way about Twilight if you do. You are most likely bi-sexual and have a first crush awwww.” Chrysalis teased at the end.

And there's nothing to be ashamed about for be bi. :twilightsmile:

‘We have stared into each other’s eyes, and I feel a connection.” Sunset told her.

Yep, it's a sign alright. A sign they do have love for each other. 😊

“No! Not when the crush is on Sunset Shimmer.” Twilight said.

Well at least they won't have to worry now about wondering if they'll accept their love for each other. I hope... :fluttershysad:

“She’s right. I am not going to love you any less my little sun. If you bring a guy home, I’m gonna grill him, the same if you bring a girl home.” Luna reassured her.

See sunset, celestia and Luna thunk it's great and that you shouldn't have to worry about it. 😇

Sunset felt great for a second. Then another thought came into her head how was she going to tell her friends. Trixie would be supportive but the others, she didn't know how they would react.

They'll probably be surprised at first but will probably either accept it immediately or will need time to get used to it.

Twilight & Sunset: I can’t tell her. She doesn’t feel the same way about me.

You'll both sure will be surprised once you learn that you both have feelings for each other which isn't a problem at all.

A van pulled up and into Abacus Cinch’s garage. Cinch stood there with her arms crossed watching as the side door opened and out stepped Aria Blaze, Sonata Dusk and Adagio Dazzle. The three of them walked over to Cinch.



“No but I know a way in. As for actually building it. I’m still working on that. If I could find Gilda Griffon, she could help us.” Cinch said.

I hope the girls will be prepared for what is coming their way since they're dealing with several of their worse enemies up to date! 😰

Great update! Really enjoying this story series. :twilightsmile:

[In trance] Must. Have. Fish. Must. Save. School. :pinkiecrazy:

Fish = Dazzlings (as in must stop Dazzlings)
School = C.H.S. :facehoof:

Then there was Sunset Shimmer. That was its own problem. She knew crushing on her was wrong. If she came out to her parents that she liked girls or girls and guys both. She would probably be called names like “faggot” and possibly kicked out. She was scared of what her mom and dad would think or worse say. It was unnerving as well.

I don't doubt your parents would call you that twilight, they still love you no matter what. 😊

“HAHAHAHA you and I are one now. You know you can never make friends. You will fail and now YOU have a crush HAHAHAHA!! How do you think your family and friends are going to react to having a faggot for a friend? Your parents, brother and sister-in-law have a faggot for a family member. HAHAHAHA!!

Don't listen to her twilight, she's just trying to make you feel more ashamed of yourself of what's become of you and that bring bi is nothing to be ashamed about! :fluttershysad:

“TELL SUNSET?! ARE YOU CRAZY??!!” Twilight exclaimed. Then realized how loud she was being and decided to be quiet, so her parents didn’t hear her.

I'm with spike on this one as just hiding this all from your family and friends, it's just gonna make things worse with time. 😥

“After she escaped from prison, I don’t know. I heard she was taken into custody by government agents. I don’t know any more than that.” Shining Armor replied as he pulled up to the school.

You'll be surprised what's she's been up to since she escaped shining armor. 😰

“Forget is Sonata. Aria, we have what we came for. Twilight, definitely transferred to CHS. Let's bring our findings to Cinch.” Adagio said.

I wonder why cinch wanted them to spy on her? Something tells me she has something planned, but what could it be? :unsuresweetie:🤔 Guess only time will tell for that one.

“Darling let's see your schedule as ten girls gathered around Twilight was glad to see she had friends in a lot of her classes. It made her feel safer that way. Then Apple Bloom piped up.

I can see a mistake there. :rainbowderp:

“Apple Bloom I’m ok with a sleepover, but just not on a night it’s going to storm.” Sunset said.

Agreed, I mean something bad might happen when you least expect it.

“I told you I have been a bookworm my whole life. Time to try to be a social butterfly.” Twilight said.

Good for you twilight. :twilightsmile:

“Former Principal Cinch. She resigned her position right after the Friendship Games.” Sunset told him.

Good, she doesn't deserve to be a principal for the way she treated her students, especially twilight! :twilightangry2:

With that, Twilight grabbed her books out of her locker and after a stop at Sunset’s locker the three of them exited the school. Little did they know they were being watched.

Oh boy. 😬

Hey, it was good and entertaining, the further the more interesting.I wonder what Sirens and Synch will do to annoy Rainbums,

I don't know how Fish equals Dazzlings. But I'm not gonna worry about it.

For Apple Bloom the week went by slowly. She really wanted to do this sleepover in the clubhouse for both girls. She was trying to show Twilight that she was definitely her friend. The main reason was to do something nice for Sunset after the Anon-A-Miss incident.

I still kinda agree with what their sisters told them about the idea to begin with. :fluttershysad:

The Crusaders arrived in detention that day. Luckily for them it was Principal Celestia over seeing it. She was laxer than most of the other teachers. She was definitely more relaxed than her sister Luna.

Huh, wasn't expecting her to be there. :applejackunsure:

“How about never, that sounds like a good time.” Twilight said, shouldering her pack and heading out.

Your gonna have to eventually twilight, if you want sunset to know you love her you got to grab the hull by the horns to do so!

She wanted to tell Sunset Shimmer ever since they spent the night on the couch, but Sunset never appeared to have those same feelings for her. Twilight always figured she would end up alone but to like another girl that was totally ludicrous. Ludicrous and also completely true.

Your overthinking it again twilight. :ajbemused:

Sunset went in and unpacked her sleeping bag and pillow that had been rolled up in her bag. She took out her winter hat and coat and put them aside from her bag and laid back on her bag and relaxed. It was going to be a cold night and she was ready.

Just thinking about the cold is reminding me where I'll be this weekend and how cold it'll be there. 😬

Ten minutes later Twilight was warm again, but she wasn’t going to let go. She was holding Sunset, and Sunset was holding her. For Twilight this was a dream come true.

Looks like they're problem has been solved thx to sunset. :twilightsmile:

“This is so nice why can’t she like me too.”

Hopefully you both will find out soon enough. 🤞

Hello from France!! I love your story especially the character of Luna and that of chrysalis too!!!! She is badass!!! I have a little idea for the sequel listen well!!

Luna and Apple Cinnamon grow closer and go further in bed, which will be a big step for Luna given her final reaction to the idea of ​​having s*x. She realizes very quickly that she is pregnant, at first distressed following her past (her boyfriend who leaves her then the terrible miscarriage) she announces it with apple cinnamon, panicked Goes away without giving any news, Luna is inconsolable. Sunset, unable to bear it, will bring apple cinnamon back by the skin of her buttocks like a chrysalis (by dint of hanging out with her. Sunset has been Slightly swayed how to talk to some gender people

Apple cinnamon: it's not my problem.
Sunset: I make it your problem!
Apple cinnamon: in fact you're right 😰😰 no need to get upset have little discussed 😰?
Nothing to do with the old demon but more a stubborn and brutal sunset if necessary 😉 and Luna will be very touched only for her personal happiness sunset has really put aside her disapproval of Their pair!!! I think my idea is brilliant! This is why I expressly created my account in order to share it with you, in addition to expressing to you how much I loved your story, my favorite moment remains the The fugue of sunset and the extreme anguish of Luna!! I loved !!! At the time when I tell you all this it is: 11:10 p.m. (it is in the evening 50 minutes before midnight for the equivalent English time you know the AM and PM And we are for another 50 minutes on Monday, January 31, 2022, hoping to hear from you very soon!
Sincerely, a Frenchwoman delighted with your story!! Thank you the author for all these emotions felt !!!

I can't believe I'm finally about to jump into this. Well, here I go.

Gonna have a lot to say I bet. Better stop me.

“Sunset, please you can’t keep punishing my sister fer somethin’ ah did. Ah was the...what was the word again... mastermind. Sunset, this WAS MY FAULT NOT HERS!!” Apple Bloom cried. Standing in the middle of Luna’s living room while Sunset sat on the couch next to Luna.

Why does she care? She should just smack her sister.

Sunset stared down at Apple Bloom icily and spoke very seriously “I lost all my friends because of you little bitches. I lost your sister, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, and Trixie because I accused her of being Anon-a-miss. I lost all of them.

That's right let the anger out. It's something I WISH I could do.

“That’s what I deserve then.” Apple Bloom replied.

You said it brat.

“Ah know sugarcube, she’s been punishin’ herself since Anon-a-miss.” Applejack said sadly.

Are you hinting at my story, which sucks?

My story, not the general idea that you're hinting at mine.

Not hinting at your story. I promise you.

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