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Sunset Shimmer is my crush!!


R.I.P. To my sister · 12:13am Sep 12th, 2023

My sister died early this morning. It was shocking and so sudden. This is what I feared.

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I am offically retiring from Fimfiction · 2:14am Aug 15th, 2023

I am done with my writing. I will always be a brony and have a love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Equestria Girls, and MLP: A New Generation. I went looking one night for a sad Sunset Shimmer story and found Aftermath of the Formal-even though it was never finished it blew me away and inspired me to write. My writing was short and choppy at first, but it got better.

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I'm going to retire from Fimfiction soon. · 4:03am Jun 13th, 2023

I just finished the Sunset's Trial series I am going to retire from Fimfiction but not completely. I am conflicted about a Sunny Hitch romance and writing about that. I will always remember My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls. I like the New Generation I am going to re-up my Netflix account to get caught up on it. But MLP: FIM and EG will always be my favorites. Thank you all for all of your support. Thank you mostly to Shimmeringsun for Writing Aftermath of the Formal. If

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The final chapter is comming · 2:29am May 31st, 2023

For anyone wondering the final chapter to my story is under development and is coming. It's hard to write this final battle so I will try and wrap it up with my epilogue soon enough. Be patient it is coming.

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Another setback. · 1:08am Jan 30th, 2023

I pulled a muscle in y one hand in it is really swollen. I haven't been able to write much lately. It also really hurts, so I had to wait a few days for my hand to get better. I have to write Spring Breakdown, Forgotten Friendship, and the big two-part season finale. Just have to wait for my hand to get better first. Also sucks I can't use my PlayStation either.

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Update · 1:52am Dec 5th, 2022

My internet company fixed my router and now the internet is back up on my laptop. I have decided to keep writing as so many of you said I should.

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New Phone. · 6:26pm Dec 2nd, 2022

I got my new phone. This is the first website I logged into. People really want me to finish The Trial Continues. If I ever get myself a laptop I will get back to it.

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I'm done · 10:26pm Nov 29th, 2022

My phone has died and so has my laptop. So I think I am done writing and am retiring from fimfiction. Everything something goes wrong it's really wrong. I am crying and having chest pains writing this. So if you want a conclusion to The Trial concludes a nuclear bomb went off and they all died violently ever after.

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Hopefully tomorrow · 3:22am Oct 26th, 2022

Due to hurricane Ian and a really bad cold, my story got delayed. I wad going to finish my latest chaptet tonight, but I was exhausted and have work at 4 a.m. i hope to finish tomorrow.

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The Trial Concludes · 11:46pm Aug 30th, 2022

I have been given a new shift at work. 4 a.m.-1 p.m. Problem is my day starts around 3:30 a.m. and is a hard day for me as I am a night owl. My creative juices on the story don't start flowing until around 9:30 p.m. (my new bedtime). Problem is this new shift zaps my strength. All I want to do is sleep. Which makes it hard to write. I will try to persevere but the future of the Trial Continues is in jeopardy as I am losing interest in it. Please be patient I will try to get more chapters up

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