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Apple Bloom's Choice

Author's Note:

Seeing the G5 movie got me inspired to hurry up and finish this chapter. I do not condone what Apple Bloom does in this chapter. If you are going through hard times and depression reach out and talk to someone. You can even talk to me if you want. Sometimes you could use an encouraging word you would be surprised how much that helps.

Luna’s office…

Luna paced back and forth in front of the four girls. A visibly shaken up Apple Bloom, a worried Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, and a seething Trixie. Luna stopped pinched the bridge of her nose and then went and leaned up against her desk face in the four girls.

“Now someone want to tell me what this was all about?” Luna asked rather annoyed.

“No, not really.” Apple Bloom replied.

“I don’t take kindly to smart mouthed little girls, Ms. Apple Bloom!!” Luna shouted.

Apple Bloom stood up and yelled back. “I’m not being smart I’m telling you the truth!! I got what I deserved out there. Then Ms. third rate magician wanna be come flying out there swinging a baseball bat!! I don’t fight her battles, she needs to stay outta mine. Even if my sister tolerates her only because of Sunset Shimmer!!”

“APPLE BLOOM SIT DOWN!!” Luna yelled.

“Only Tolerates me? The Great and Powerful Trixie is friends with all of Sunset’s friends.” Trixie replied.

“Funny you were not at the Apple Christmas party.” Apple Bloom replied.

“ENOUGH ALL OF YOU!!” Luna yelled. Everyone looked right at her.

“I want to know what happened in the hallway. Apple Bloom you go first.” Luna said.

Over the next several minutes the girls told their stories.

Apple Bloom telling them she was baited and defending herself. Diamond Tiara said all she said to Apple Bloom was hello Anon-a-miss and that she went after them and Silver Spoon. Trixie said she saw Apple Bloom was on her hands and knees and I went into the sports equipment locker and got a bat to get those two to back off.

Luna walked around her desk, sat down with her hands together and looked like she was praying. In the end Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were suspended for a week. Trixie was suspended for two weeks. Luna had taken a seat after everyone but Trixie left.

“Two weeks for defending another student that is Bull…”Trixie began in protest

“Hold it right there Miss Lulamoon. You also threatened to squash two students with a baseball bat. If I bring this before the school board you could be expelled. I think you should take my generous offer.

If I do nothing Filthy Rich would start all kinds of problems. He has the money and power to start problems. I plan to get him and his wife Spoiled Rich in here and have a talk with them.” Luna told her leaning forward on her desk,

“But Trixie is best friends with your daughter…”Trixie began in a last ditch effort.

“Miss Lulamoon!!” Luna shot up from her chair and placed her hands on the desk and glared at Trixie. Trixie took a step back. “You don’t use your friendship with my daughter too, try to curry favor from me!! In this matter your friendship with Sunset holds no sway over me!! Good day!!” Luna said, signaling to Trixie that this discussion was over.
Trixie picked up her book bag and walked out of Luna’s office with a huff.
Little did she realize her problems were just starting. Last period of the day was study hall. Trixie sat down in her usual spot in the library. A minute later Sunset sat down across from Trixie in her usual spot. The girls always spent study hall together.

Trixie told Sunset about the incident earlier. Sunset dropped her pen and looked at Trixie through half lowered lids. She couldn’t believe this.

“What?” Trixie asked,

“I thought I was your friend but now I see, you think I’m a bargaining chip.” Sunset said leaning back in her chair.

“No Trixie never thought that.” Trixie replied back.

“Obviously you do, if you think that was gonna get you out of trouble for threatening two girls with a baseball bat, even if they deserved it.” The last part Sunset said real quietly.

“Sunset it’s not like that. Trixie is sorry if you thought that I was trying to hurt you. That was never my intention. “ Trixie said.

Shortly after that the bell rang and Sunset quietly gathered her stuff and left Trixie tried to follow her. She went down the hall a little bit and into Luna’s office. Trixie realized then that she had lost her best friend.

* * *

Trixie went and gathered her books; she did want to talk to Applejack about what Apple Bloom had said. A few minutes later she spotted Applejack talking to Rarity and she tentatively approached.

“Um Applejack?” Trixie said tentatively.

“Howdy Trixie what’s up?” Applejack replied,

Trixie decided to give her a run down of the day’s events. Applejack had been told about her sister but didn’t know the rest. Trixie then decided to ask the big question, If everything Apple Bloom said was true.

“Is it true what Apple Bloom said? You only tolerate me only because of Sunset Shimmer!!” Why wasn’t I invited to the Apple Family Christmas party? The Great and Powerful Trixie is friends with all of Sunset’s friends, or so I thought. Applejack, Rarity, you girls really don’t like me?” Trixie asked.

“Trixie, I will be honest here I have no idea why ya didn’t get invited to the Christmas party. That was an honest oversight. Also there was a lot of drama. Plus ah thought you and Sunset weren’t talking then. As for just toleratiin’ ya, no Trixie I may not like somethings you do, but I don’t hate ya. Meet us in the music room tomorrow morning and we'll sort this all out sugar cube.” Applejack told her.

I can’t.” Trixie said.

“Why not darling?” Rarity asked.

“Because Trixie has been suspended for two weeks. Plus Trixie thinks Sunset hates me now.” Trixie said sadly.

“Sugar cube, we need to discuss this.” Applejack said.

“Trixie is not sure if she will be grounded or lose her phone.” Trixie replied back.

“Darling listen, let us talk to Sunset and we’ll get things figured out. Or at least try too.” Rarity said.

“Thanks.” Trixie said walking away sadly. She realized that she had lost her first best friend. Trixie just hung her head and walked out of school.

“The great and powerful Trixie. What a joke.” She thought as she headed towards home or wherever she decided to go.

* * *

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo were busy cleaning the gym after school. Celestia set up a makeshift desk and was finishing up some paperwork. No one else was left in the school besides Luna, Sunset, Raven Inkwell, and Granny Smith waiting for Apple Bloom.

The janitors would arrive soon. Celestia knew her secretary would be leaving soon so she decided to make sure her paperwork got filed. So she stood up, got her papers in order and called The Crusaders over.

“Ok girls you can head home a few minutes early today because I got things to do and I am heading out. So I will release you a few minutes early. Adios!” Celestia said.

The Crusaders quickly put their cleaning gear away and got their stuff from their lockers. Then Apple Bloom called them together.

“Guys we could do it now.” She said.

“Maybe we can try and get through it. Sunset survived after all.” Scootaloo said.

“But Sunset had our sisters, you saw the assembly this morning. We don’t even have them. We are all on our own.” Sweetie Belle replied.

“Apple Bloom I was all on board for original suicide pact we were all gonna jump off the roof together. But maybe we should suffer at the hands of the students instead. Besides I’m awesome, I can make it.” Scootaloo said.
“Ah can’t believe ya two. If you want to be tormented everyday than fine
but, ah refuse too. “ Apple Bloom said. With that she took off running, tears forming in her eyes.

She got to the stairwell and started to run for the roof. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo looked on in horror. APPLE BLOOM WAS GONNA COMMIT SUICIDE!!

“I’m faster I’ll go after her. I think Celestia and Luna are here. I know Granny Smith is!! Get all of them! Now GO!!” Scootaloo said. With that, Scootaloo was gone in a shot and Sweetie Belle headed to the cafeteria.

Sweetie Belle ran to the cafeteria where Granny Smith was waiting for Apple Bloom to get done with detention. Surprisingly Applejack was there too. Sweetie Belle rushed in and almost screamed out “APPLE BLOOM IS GONNA KILL HERSELF BY JUMPING OFF THE ROOF!!”

Applejack jumped up as if on a spring and shot out the door Granny Smith moved as fast as she could too. Sweetie Belle ran to Luna’s office.

She swung open the door and ran into the office. Luna was filing the last of her paperwork and Sunset was doing homework. Both looked up at a visibly shaking Sweetie Belle.

“Sweetie Belle what’s wrong?” Luna asked.
“It’s...It’s APPLEBLOOM she’s gonna kill herself she’s gone up to the roof
to jump I need everyone!!” Sweetie Belle cried. Luna felt like a knife had just been plunged into her heart. Sunset dropped her pen and took off for the roof when Luna grabbed her shoulder.

“Sunset go get your Aunt Celestia, we need her too. I’m going to get Granny Smith.” Luna said.

“Vice Principal I already told her!!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed running for the roof with Luna hot on her heels.

The last thing Luna wanted to see was a troubled student trying to kill themselves. Hearing that Apple Bloom was trying to commit suicide it hit her hard like a punch to the stomach.

Sunset ran into Principal Celestia’s office and told her everything as she was leaving for the day. Principal Celestia also left for the roof with her niece.

* * *

Apple Bloom had just made it to the roof. One jump she told herself.

“Just one jump and it will all be over, all the pain, the guilt, the torture it would all go away.” Apple Bloom thought as she saw the edge of the roof approaching.

Apple Bloom felt the cold winter wind bite at her as she approached the edge. Just a few more steps that is all that was needed when she was pushed to the ground and sat on.

“Let me go Scootaloo!!” Apple Bloom said, quickly rolling over but not completely out from underneath Scootaloo.

“I’m not letting my best friend kill herself, I refuse to let you do it.” Scootaloo said. Apple Bloom shoved her off and headed for the ledge. When she was stopped again, this time by Applejack and Granny Smith.

“Apple Bloom, get off that ledge!!” Applejack yelled.

Right afterwards Luna had arrived with Celestia, Sunset and Sweetie Belle.

Applejack stepped forward. Apple Bloom fully stepped onto the ledge. Granny Smith grabbed her arm.

“Apple Bloom WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING??!!” Sunset yelled shoving past her mom and even the Apples and Scootaloo.

“EVERYONE HATES ME. Ah am doin’ what I should do.” Apple Bloom replied with tears in her eyes.

“I don’t hate you, The Crusaders don’t hate you, my mom and Aunt Celestia don’t hate you. They hate what you did, but not you. Now get your ass down from there. This is not the way, trust me I have been where you are.” Sunset told her.

“STOP YOUR JUST TRYING TO CONFUSE ME!!” Apple Bloom cried, grabbing her head and dropping to her knees.

“No I am not! I have wanted to kill myself several times. I used to think that death was the only kind of peace I could find. But I did some counseling but more importantly I now have something that I never had. A family, A mom, two aunts, six sisters. Now Apple Bloom You have a grandmother, brother and sister. You don’t want to hurt them do you?

Plus you have two friends here that would do anything for you, they are also like sisters to you. In closing let me ask you this. You think my mom and my Aunt Celestia want this to happen? No they don’t.” Sunset explained to her then extended a hand to Apple Bloom.
Apple Bloom looked down at Sunset’s hand. Still wanting to jump she looked back at Sunset’s hand, conflicted on whether she should take it or not.

Apple Bloom looked back over their faces, all looking at her Applejack hanging on to Granny Smith with a look of fear on both of their faces. Sweetie Belle with tears running down her face, looking like she was gonna lose it. Scootaloo standing next to her with her arm around her also looking upset.

Luna and Celestia were hanging on to each other. Luna was visibly shaking. Celestia wanted to go up and hug Apple Bloom deep down she felt like this was her fault.

"This is my fault. I brought this on her. She's up there because of me. I brought this on her. I did this." Celestia thought.

“Apple Bloom if you do this I will follow you into the afterlife and torment you for eternity.” Applejack said.

“Your parents would not want this.” Granny Smith said.

“How do you know what they would want. I wanted them to see me grow up. I didn’t get that chance either, that’s another reason to jump to see mom and dad. No one cares if I live or die.” Apple Bloom cried.



I know it’s gonna be hard but Apple Bloom. I had thought no one cared about me after the Fall Formal. Five girls approached me that night, Luna also took me in that same night. There is always someone who cares. Take my hand, Apple Bloom, come down here I want you here. Please!!” Sunset pleaded.

Sunset offered up a hand and Applejack stood beside and offered up her hand.

After a second of hesitation, Apple Bloom took both Sunset and Applejack’s hand. With a pull she was pulled off the ledge and into Applejack’s waiting arms.


Sunset went over to Luna. Luna put her arm around Sunset and they left, while Celestia corralled The Crusaders back into the building as Applejack held on to Apple Bloom both crying. After a second Granny Smith joined them in a group hug.


Trixie was walking around town. Thinking about how badly she hurt Sunset when someone stepped out in front of her.

Trixie looked at who blocked her path. Her eyes got wide in disbelief.

“What? Is it the scars? You want to know how I got them?” Gilda asked.