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Bonding with Celestia Part 2

Author's Note:

After this story we are going to do a little bit of a time jump. We are going to do the aftermath of the Friendship Games so I can finally bring her in next chapter. Sci-Twi debuts.

Sunset awoke to someone shaking her shoulder gently. She rolled over and muttered something.

‘Sunset honey, it’s me Aunt Celestia.” Celestia said rubbing Sunset’s shoulder.

“I don’t want to go to school today.” Sunset murmured.

“Sunset it’s Saturday,” Celestia said.

Sunset’s eyes fluttered open and she sat up. It was weird to wake up to Aunt Celestia and not Luna’s soft voice in the morning. But Saturday was her favorite day and she was probably gonna do something cool with her aunt. She couldn’t wait to see what it was.

Celestia was sitting on the bed and watching Sunset wake up. She looked around as she woke up and remembered she was staying with her Aunt Celestia. Celestia found this cute to watch.

“Are you awake yet?” Celestia asked.

“Almost. What did you want to do today, Aunt Celestia?” Sunset asked.

“Whatever you want. I remembered Luna suggested taking you bowling and…” Celestia started.

“Bowling? I have never done that.” Sunset said.

“Well let’s get some breakfast and get dressed. Then we will hit the bowling alley.” Celestia said.

Sunset got out of bed and quickly and quickly grabbed some clothes and headed to the bathroom and after a quick shower she got dressed and came out and put her old clothes in the trash bag she had for her dirty clothes.

Celestia came out of her bedroom wearing blue jeans and a pink sweatshirt, with white tennis shoes. She had a black bag in her hands.

“What’s in the bag Aunt Celestia?” Sunset asked.

“My bowling ball. My parents got me into it. Luna didn’t seem to care for it, I was part of a league for a little while too. Anyway, are you ready to hit the lanes?” Celestia asked.

“I am!!” Sunset said excitedly. She was actually enjoying spending time with her Aunt Celestia. She thought this was going to be a boring weekend but Friday night was great. So far Saturday was looking to be a great day. Sunset was actually enjoying herself.

As they got out to the car Celestia stopped and decided to see how well Sunset would do.

“Sunset did Luna take you to get your learner’s permit yet?” Celestia asked.

“No but mom got me the book so I could study it for my permit.” Sunset replied.

“Well how would you like to back the car out of the driveway? The street here is never busy on the weekend. Once we pull out of the driveway on the street, put the car in park and we will switch positions.” Celestia told her tossing Sunset the keys.

“Really?” Sunset asked,

“Yes really.” Celestia told her.

Sunset dashed over to the driver’s side and slid into the seat she felt powerful.

Celestia slid into the passenger seat and put her seat belt on.

“Now the first thing is to check the mirrors.” Celestia told Sunset.

“Check and I can see myself perfectly in all of them.” Sunset joked. Celestia just looked at Sunset through half lowered lids. Sunset made sure the mirrors were adjusted.

“Now buckle your seat belt.”Celestia told her.

“O.K.” Sunset said buckling her belt.

“Now when you put the car in reverse, the rear-view camera should come on.”

Sunset turned the car on, and the camera did come on.

“Now put the car in reverse, check your camera and mirrors, then look behind you before you take your food off the break.” Celestia told her.

Sunset did all of that and slowly took her foot off the break. She slowly started to back down the driveway jamming the brake once to get the feeling finally as they came close to the street Celestia stopped her.

“Sunset stop and check both ways before pulling out.” Celestia said quickly. Sunset stopped and saw the road was empty.

“Okay now slowly back onto the road and then hop out and let me take over. Make sure to put it in park.” Celestia instructed and Sunset did just that. Quickly her and Celestia changed places and Sunset buckled herself back in and Celestia readjusted the seats and mirrors. The left for the bowling alley.

“One last thing, Sunset. Don’t tell you mom.” Celestia said smiling,

Sunset just had her first driving lesson. She also realized she had been wrong about something. Her Aunt Celestia was cool!!

After that they headed over to the bowling alley. Celestia rented Sunset a pair of shoes and told her to pick out any ball that was free. Sunset picked up a bowling ball and it being her first time was surprised by the weight.

“It’s heavy as hell.” Sunset said to Celestia.

“You get used to it, after all this is your first time playing.” Celestia told her.

Celestia went over the basics of the game and at first Sunset bowled a few gutter balls until she finally got the hang of it and got used to the weight of the ball. Sunset was amazed by how well Celestia bowled and of course Sunset was nowhere near that close.

Sunset looked up and was shocked when she saw the Apple Family come in with Toe Tapper and another girl she didn’t recognize. Celestia also saw them come in as well.

“You want to go visit your friends for a minute?” Celestia asked.

“Yes, Aunt Celestia if you don’t mind.” Sunset said.

“Go ahead.” Celestia said see Sunset head over to the Apples.

“Hello everybody. ” Sunset said walking over to the Apple family.

“Howdy Sunset, what are ya doing here sugarcube?” Applejack asked Sunset as they hugged hello.

“Aunt Celestia is teaching me to bowl. I didn’t know you guys bowled?” She asked.

“Well Granny Smith can’t bowl anymore with her hip, but mom and dad bowled occasionally, so ah got mom’s old ball and Big Mac’s got dad’s old ball and him and ah usually have a friendly brother/sister game except Toe Tapper wanted to come.

So, ah suggested to Big Mac to ask that girl he likes. He got the nerve to finally talk to Sugar Belle and here she is. We are doing a couple’s game today. Toe Tapper and ah take on Big Mac and Sugar Belle.” Applejack said.

“Where is Apple Bloom?” Sunset asked.

“She’s over with the other Crusaders at the arcade section.” Applejack said, pointing to a section that had about 8 different arcade machines. Applejack almost regretted saying that immediately. She could see Sunset’s face light up looking over there.

“Sunset ah think ya Aunt is waiting for ya.” Applejack said.

“Oh yeah.” Sunset said remembering Celestia as Sunset headed back, she looked at the Apples being friendly with their dates. She couldn’t help but feel jealous seeing the Apples with their dates.

Celestia had a great game bowling three strikes; Sunset didn’t get any strikes but did manage a spare. Most of the time she would glance a few lanes down at the Apples and their dates. Celestia knew it was distracting her so after one game they left.

“Sunset I could tell you were distracted seeing your friend with a date.” Celestia said.

“Aunt Celestia, all my friends have someone, and I don’t. It depresses me, I wish I could find someone.” Sunset said looking down as she checked in her shoes and left the bowling alley with her aunt.

“Sunset there is someone out there for you. I think you just need to cast your net a little wider and try someone outside of Canterlot High. I know you wrote a term paper or two for students at Crystal Prep, why don’t you try looking there?” Celestia said.

“Aunt Celestia when you see everyone around you in love, your friends, your aunt, your own mom and then you realize you’re all alone it hurts. As for Crystal Prep I don’t remember the name of the one person I did the term paper for the other one was named Lemon Zest and she doesn’t turn me on at all.” Sunset said.

Celestia put her arm around Sunset and gave her a side hug. Sunset was hurting and she knew it. This was a trial she didn’t know how to pass. Well maybe the next thing would make her feel better. Celestia suggested miniature golf.

“Aunt Celestia, it's January and you want to do miniature golf?” Sunset asked.

“It’s an indoor facility, have you ever played miniature golf?” Celestia asked.

Again, Sunset shook her head no and it amazed Celestia how much Sunset had missed out and wondered what Luna did with her. Well, she decided to put that thought aside for the moment.

Celestia explained the rules to Sunset about mini golf. Tapping the ball with the club as you're not playing real golf. The lowest score wins that this course has a 6-stroke minimum. All the basics that were listed on the scorecard

Sunset, never having played, did fairly well against Celestia. At one point she even got a hole-in-one. Which Caused Sunset to raise her fists in the air in celebration.

Sunset noticed Fluttershy was also there playing with Sandalwood. It must have been Fluttershy’s first time playing as he was standing behind her trying to teach her how to putt.

As usual, Sunset felt lonely but decided to ignore it. She continued through the course. Eventually Fluttershy noticed Sunset and waved to her. Sunset waved back. They couldn’t really talk to each other as there were about two other groups between them.

Celestia ended up winning by about 7 strokes and Sunset was ok with losing this time. Celestia suggested heading to the mall and getting some lunch and secretly hoping not to run into anymore of Sunset’s friends on dates with their boyfriends.

On the way to the mall Celestia decided to ask Sunset a question as she hadn’t planned this far ahead.

“Sunset, what do you want to do after lunch?” Celestia asked.

“I’m not sure, maybe walk the length of the mall. Window shop considering I have no money.” Sunset said

“In my day we called that a mall crawl.” Celestia said. Then her and Sunset shared a laugh at how ridiculous that sounded today. Celestia was happy to see Sunset smiling and laughing. It was a complete turnaround from what Sunset had been for the past three years.

“But if you want or need to buy something let me know I have money.” Celestia told her

Arriving at the mall they headed to the food court. Celestia asked Sunset what she wanted and she pointed out one of the restaurants called Nature’s Table. So they headed over there.

Sunset had a salad and juice, while Celestia had a sandwich and a soda. That was when Celestia decided to ask a few questions.

“Sunset this princess in the other world. Why did you have a falling out? Was it something personal?” Celestia asked.

“When I first got there, she was nice to me, for about a year.

I walked with her in the royal gardens in Canterlot, had tea parties, stayed up with me to help me finish assignments or if I was scared to go to sleep, played board games. Once we had a sleepover, I even helped her raise the sun a time or two.

Then she had no more time for me all of a sudden. She told me I would be happy if I made some friends. In reality I was happy when I was in the library and doing magic. She banished me from the library until I made a friend.

I tried and I didn’t know how to make friends, I just wanted to know about that damn mirror. One day the Princess told me to look into and asked what I saw. I saw myself as a princess. But when I couldn’t make friends, I broke into the restricted section of the library to research the mirror and got caught. I told the Princess she was a hypocrite because I didn’t see her have any friends.” Sunset said finishing her explanation.

“Wow, let me guess before Luna you never had a mom or a family?” Celestia said.

“Pretty much.” Sunset said.

Celestia reached over and rubbed Sunset’s shoulder. She understood now why Luna loved her. This girl had a horrible childhood when all she wanted was family and friends.

“Come on Sunset let’s do some shopping.” Celestia said, trying to cheer her niece up.

Celestia and Sunset did a “mall crawl” but for Sunset it had been an up and down day. It was up due to learning how to play mini golf and learning to bowl. But seeing her friends happy with their boyfriends was a letdown.

Things at the mall were going great until they got down to the movie theater section at the mall. The mall had just incorporated the movie theater into a new annex. Celestia and Sunset walked by and Sunset saw Rainbow Dash and Rarity outside the theater with Thunderlane and Soarin, their boyfriends.

The girls waved to Sunset to come over.

“Hey girls what’s up?” Sunset asked, walking over.

“Hi darling we are out on a double date to the movies. What brings you up here?” Rarity asked.

“We are gonna check out a new movie that is totally awesome!” Rainbow said excitedly.

“Oh, I just got done having lunch with my aunt. She took me for the weekend.” Sunset motioned to Celestia standing up against the wall across the hall from them.

“That’s cool Sunny. I think it’s awesome.” Rainbow said.

“I totally agree with Rainbow here. We’ll be better off. Ciao darling.” Rarity said heading out with a wave.

“Aunt Celestia, can we head home?” Sunset said, kind of downhearted. Celestia reluctantly agreed.

The ride home was very silent. Sunset just wanted to play on her phone so Celestia let her do just that while she drove home. Celestia saw her niece was kind of depressed. Sunset didn’t even want to talk, all she did was play on her phone.

The one difference from Sunset and her friends was they were all in relationships and she wasn’t. Celestia also realized that the girls didn’t intentionally rub Sunset’s face in it. Probably in Sunset’s eyes they did.

Arriving home Sunset just walked to the front door and waited for Celestia to unlock it. When she did, Sunset just went up to her room. Celestia was troubled by this. She decided to call Luna over.

* * *

When Luna arrived Celestia greeted her with a hug at the door. Celestia told Luna about last night and what happened today. Luna seemed upset by this.

“Sunset never cared about having a boyfriend before, just when all her friends have one. She feels left out. The one person who showed interest in her Sunset said she doesn’t swing that way.” Luna said.

“Who was interested in her?.” Celestia asked, not having known about this.

“Not to be repeated but Trixie Lulamoon.” Luna informed her.

“Trixie!” Celestia exclaimed. Luna shushed her.

“Quiet. Yes she hit on Sunset and then realized Sunset is not gay.” Luna said.

“I think Sunset is bi.” Celestia said.

“O.K. why?” Asked Luna, perplexed.

“Well she said earlier today when we were talking about Crystal Prep she said and I quote: “As for Crystal Prep I don’t remember the name of the one person I did the term paper for the other one was named Lemon Zest and she doesn’t turn me on at all.”

“Well that could be taken a few ways. Apparently there is a student there named Lemon Zest, who is a girl and she didn’t find her attractive or anything else.” Luna replied.

“Call Sunset down here Luna. I want to talk to both of you.” Celestia said.

“Let me go talk to her for a minute, sister.” Luna said

Luna went up the stairs and decided to get Sunset instead of calling her down. She opened the door to find Sunset looking very depressed sitting on the edge of the bed with her phone right next to her. She smiled seeing her mom and ran and hugged her, Luna replied giving her a big hug back.

“My little Sun, Celestia, has something to discuss with us downstairs while don’t you come downstairs to the lounge.” Luna tried sweetly and coaxingly.

“Mom, how did you handle it? You know being alone before I came along.” Sunset asked.

“It wasn’t easy. I spent a lot of time over here and a few nights I would sit at home and cry. I won't deny it.” Luna told her.

“I want my friends to be happy but making them happy, makes me feel sad. I’m sorry Aunt Celestia had to call you over. We should probably head home huh?” Sunset asked.

“Well let’s see what your Aunt Celestia has to say first.” Luna said with a side hug to Sunset.

“O.K.” Sunset said. She rose and followed Luna down the stairs to the lounge. Both Luna and Sunset sat down across from Celestia who took a deep breath and began.

“Sunset I’m sorry about today, I know it’s no fun to be alone and that most people don’t like being alone. I know I don't. I know your mom didn’t like it before you came along.” Celestia said.

“Aunt Celestia I’m sorry about this, it just kinda got rubbed in my face I know not on purpose. Just after a while it gets to you.” Sunset explained.

“Well I live by myself in this big house. No company except once a week when the maid comes and she usually does a few hours of cleaning and not much talking.

So I would like to ask if you two would move in here?” Celestia asked.

Silence filled the room.