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The Trial Concludes - Zerocool7785

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First day

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Twilight awoke with a start. It was still dark out and Spike was still asleep on his bed. Twilight had not slept well due to going to a new school today. Sure, Sunset was going to show where the office was and she would probably have some classes with friends, but it was unnerving.

Then there was Sunset Shimmer. That was its own problem. She knew crushing on her was wrong. If she came out to her parents that she liked girls or girls and guys both. She would probably be called names like “faggot” and possibly kicked out. She was scared of what her mom and dad would think or worse say. It was unnerving as well.

She looked at her clock and it read 2:36 A.M. she knew she could sleep a while longer but was she going to be able to? Probably not but she decided to use the bathroom and try to get back to sleep.

As she stepped out of bed, everything went black. Twilight stood there in the void. Then out of the darkness rose Midnight Sparkle. Twilight recoiled in fear.

“Hello Twilight. Why do you look scared? It's me, your true self. You can’t keep pushing your doubts away, keep them buried. It’s hilarious to watch you think you can have a normal life.” Midnight Sparkle said sinisterly.

“No Sunset Shimmer defeated you!!” Twilight cried out.

“HAHAHAHA you and I are one now. You know you can never make friends. You will fail and now YOU have a crush HAHAHAHA!! How do you think your family and friends are going to react to having a faggot for a friend? Your parents, brother and sister-in-law have a faggot for a family member.

“I’m not a faggot, stop using that word!!” Twilight demanded.

“Do you think being called bi is any better? HAHAHAHA. Look at you I got to hide the fact that I can’t make friends and I have to hide the fact that I like Sunset Shimmer. Like you have a chance with her HAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“I’m not Midnight Sparkle, you are!!!” Twilight yelled back.

“Yes, you are. We are forever connected!!!” Midnight Sparkle cackled.

Twilight awoke with a start due to her alarm going off and Spike shaking her.

“Twilight you were moving violently in your sleep are you ok?” Spike asked.

“No Spike. I saw her Midnight Sparkle. She said that my family will leave me when they realize I like girls and that I don’t have a chance with Sunset and that the girls are never going to be my friends.” Twilight lamented.

“Twilight tell them about your nightmare. Tell mom and dad about Sunset and TELL SUNSET!!” Spike exclaimed.

“TELL SUNSET?! ARE YOU CRAZY??!!” Twilight exclaimed. Then realized how loud she was being and decided to be quiet, so her parents didn’t hear her.

“Sunset is not into me, ok? Now I need to get ready for school Spike, the first day at Canterlot High School.” Twilight said getting out of bed and heading into the bathroom.

After her shower she had to decide what to wear. Sure, Canterlot High didn’t have school uniforms, but she still wanted to look nice. Deciding to go for the preppy look she wore her knee highs, along with her purple skirt that had little pink stars on it. Then she chose her blue and white horizontal colored shirt with pink bow tie around her neck. Finally slipping her shoes on she looked good.

After just a dash of perfume, Twilight headed down to get her breakfast. After having her breakfast, she brushed her teeth and walked out to find her brother waiting for her.

“Shining Armor, what are you doing here?” Twilight asked.

“Giving you a ride in on your first day.” He replied opening the side door for his sister.

“That’s nice of you. Why?” Twilight asked suspiciously.

“I Want to make sure you get there safely on your first day.” He replied.

“O.K.” Twilight said grabbing her backpack and getting in the passenger seat. The ride to school was quiet as Twilight was nervous beyond comprehension. Shining Armor noticed this though.

“Do you want me to come with you and find the office?” He asked.

“No way I have a companion that is escorting me to the main headquarters of the learning center.” Twilight said confidently.
“What?” Shining Armor asked.
“A friend of mine is going to take me to the office.” Twilight replied.
“Sunset Shimmer?” Shining Armor asked.
“Yes, one of the girls my big, brave brother rescued from that lunatic and
her gang. Wonder where Gilda is now?” Twilight pondered.

“After she escaped from prison, I don’t know. I heard she was taken into custody by government agents. I don’t know any more than that.” Shining Armor replied as he pulled up to the school.

Twilight immediately noticed Sunset standing by the remains of what was the Canterlot Wondercolt Statue. Her heart sank looking at the rubble on the ground. But her heart fluttered when she saw Sunset standing there. Thanking her brother for the ride, Twilight hopped out and ran over to Sunset.

“Sunset!!” Twilight exclaimed rushing over to meet her. Twilight gave Sunset a hug and it made Susnet feel so great in Twilight’s arms.

“Well, Twilight let me show you around. The first place we need to go is to see my Aunt Celestia and then to see everyone in the music room. Apple Bloom has something she wants to ask us.” Sunset told her as she was heading into the school. She stopped when she noticed Twilight looking at the remains of the Canterlot Wondercolt Statue which was now being cleaned up by a crew of trashmen.

“Don’t worry about that Twilight it wasn’t your fault. Mom said they got the sanitation workers to cut the cost of the removal. Now c’mon we need to get your schedule.” Sunset said.

“The only problem is…it is my fault.” Twilight thought.

Across the street in a van…

Aria watched closely as Sunset, and Twilight headed into the school. Then when they went in she headed into the back of the van. Then she woke Adagio

“They went in, but Twilight’s brother brought her here.” Aria said.

“But mom I don’t want to go to school.” Sonata mumbled from her makeshift bed.

“Forget it Sonata. Aria, we have what we came for. Twilight, definitely transferred to CHS. Let's bring our findings to Cinch.” Adagio said.

“Why don’t you drive? I am exhausted.” Aria whined.

“Fine give me the damn keys.” Adagio said grabbing them from Aria’s hand. She started up the van and drove off. Adagio was glad too. Vans didn’t usually stay across the street in this area for very long periods. All they needed was to get discovered by the CPD or worse the FBI.

Inside Canterlot High School…

Sunset and Twilight left the office after Principal Celestia gave Twilight her class schedule. Sunset and Twilight only had one class together besides lunch. Study Hall at the end of the day.

“Well, we usually meet in the library and do homework there. Sometimes we just chill.” Sunset told her.

“We?” Asked Twilight.

“Yeah, you have study hall with me of course and Trixie, we sit together at study hall.” Sunset explained opening the doors to the music room.

“TWILIGHT!!” Pinkie exclaimed, rushing and crushing Twilight in a bear hug. After a second Pinkie let go and Twilight took a few deep breaths.

“Pinkie you need to lighten up on your hugs.” Sunset said a little mad.

“Sorry Sunny.” Pinkie said looking kind of down. Pinkie slowly backed away after that.

“No, I’m sorry Pinkie, I just didn’t want to see Twilight get hurt that’s all. I apologize.” Sunset said remorsefully.

“It’s ok I’m not a porcelain doll Sunset I’ll be ok.” Twilight replied.

“Darling let's see your schedule as ten girls gathered around Twilight was glad to see she had friends in a lot of her classes. It made her feel safer that way.

Then Apple Bloom piped up.“Sunny do you and Twilight like camping?” She asked.

“I never really did it before, why?” Asked Sunset.

“Never done it before, Apple Bloom why?” Twilight joined in.

“I was going to have you two join me. I wanted to camp out in my clubhouse on Friday Night.” She said.

“Why this Friday?” asked Sunset.

“Well, it’s gonna be exciting, around 11 we are going to have a strong line of thunderstorms come through, then it’s gonna get really cold. What do you say?” Apple Bloom asked

“I doubt Granny Smith will let you do that Sugarcube, it's too dangerous.” Applejack spoke up.

“But I got Sunset and Twilight with me.” She whined.

“Apple Bloom I’m ok with a sleepover, but just not on a night it’s going to storm.” Sunset said.

“Me too, Apple Bloom, maybe postpone it to Saturday Night. It’s still gonna be cold but not storming. What do you say to Saturday Night?” Twilight asked.

“Wow, Twilight you are planning a social event?” Sunset asked.

“I told you I have been a bookworm my whole life. Time to try to be a social butterfly.” Twilight said.

“Oh, Twilight you should go slowly, don’t overdo it.” Fluttershy added softly.

“Don’t worry Fluttershy, I am gonna go slow.” Twilight said.

“Well, we should probably split for the morning until lunch.” Rainbow said.

“Twilight, what class do you have first?” Asked Sunset.

“History.” She said showing her schedule.

“Well, you're in luck Twilight. Apple Bloom and I have that class first too. Follow us.” Scootaloo said, leading Twilight to her first class.

After that, all the girls split for the morning to their classes. Several of them silently worried about how Twilight would do today.

It turned out Twilight adjusted well. There were some nasty looks from students and whispers, and someone even tried to trip her. Other than that, she was mostly just given dirty looks, but some understood her.

Lyra and Bon Bon were nice to her and helpful in Home Economics. Neither one of them seemed scared of Twilight and more than happy to help her with her cooking.

Then there was her admirer Flash Sentry. He knew that she was not “his Twilight” as she probably wasn’t coming back but he was willing to help Twilight if she needed it. Just wasn't sure how to tell her.

Overall by the time she got to lunch Twilight was already getting the hang of things here at Canterlot High School. She told the girls that she liked the fact that there was no dress code and she wasn’t expected to be a straight-A student; it took a lot of the stress off of her. All in All, Twilight was adjusting well and quickly to her new school.


Flash managed to talk to Sunset for a minute after Study Hall asking how Twilight was doing.

“Flash, she is adjusting quickly, but still socially awkward, but the Rainbooms, Crusaders, and Trixie are helping her adjust.” Sunset told him.

“Well you can count me in on that list. I know it was Principal Cinch that forced her to use that magic.” Flash said.

“Former Principal Cinch. She resigned her position right after the Friendship Games.” Sunset told him.

“That’s good news. Where is Twilight? I would like to tell her personally.” Flash said.

“She’s over there at her locker. I’ll introduce you.” Sunset said leading the way. They walked up and Twilight was busy organizing her locker.

“Hey Twilight, I want you to meet someone.” Sunset said walking over to her. Twilight turned around to come face to face with Flash Sentry.

“Oh, um hi.” Twilight stammered a little embarrassed.

“Hi I’m Flash Sentry. You must be Twilight, nice to meet you. You can count me among your allies. OK.” Flash told her, extending his hand. Twilight shook his hand back,

“Thank you very much Flash.” Twilight said.

“Welcome to Canterlot High.” He said then after stopping for a second, he asked “Sunset, Twilight you girls want a ride home?”

“Just let me tell mom I’m going and that would be great.” Sunset said heading down to Luna’s office.

“Her mom?” Flash asked.

“Yeah, Vice Principal Luna adopted Sunset; didn’t you know?” Twilight asked shyly.

“I thought they were kind of close.” Flash remarked.

A minute later Sunset came up and said, “Yeah mom said it was ok.”

With that, Twilight grabbed her books out of her locker and after a stop at Sunset’s locker the three of them exited the school. Little did they know they were being watched.

“Flash Sentry is how we can get to these girls.” They said,