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Sunset's Sweet Surprise.

Author's Note:

This chapter got delayed slightly due to the sudden passing of my uncle. So family obligations always come first. So anyway I stayed up late to get this done. Please review I want to really know what people think.

The Apple family arrived at school the next day early as usual. Granny Smith headed in to open up the kitchen. Big Mac followed Apple Bloom in the school she had hardly been let out of her sight. Everyone of the Apples watched Apple Bloom like a hawk since yesterday and she feared that after today it was going to get worse.

When Luna pulled into the faculty lot the next morning she saw Celestia’s car was already there in the lot. Sunset grabbed her bag and got out of the passenger side of Luna’s car. She saw Applejack at the statue, during the winter this was weird.

After saying goodbye to Luna she headed over to see why Applejack wanted. She could tell Applejack was still shaken up by Yesterday’s events. Cautiously approaching she asked Applejack “Why are you standing out here in the cold?”

“Sunset, Apple Bloom needs to talk to you this mornin’ in the music room. It’s very important. Ah hope to put yesterday behind us. I think she needs to get help and you are the person to give it.” Applejack tried to explain.

“You want me to give advice?” Sunset questioned heading inside with Applejack following.

“Yes you went through this yourself. Now she needs your help and experiences and just how to deal with it.” Applejack said.

“I’ll try my best.” Sunset said stopping a her locker and grabbing her books
for her first two classes. After stopping by Applejack’s locker so she could grab her books and supplies too, they headed for the music room.

Arriving in the music room, Sunset and Applejack were greeted with Rainbow Dash standing there bouncing a soccer ball on her knees while Fluttershy watched. Scootaloo was also there watching Rainbow Dash with admiration.

“Morning you two.” Rainbow said, stopping the bouncing soccer ball.

“Soccer in the winter?” Sunset asked.

“Well with the cold weather we don’t get to have gym outside so we are doing indoor soccer today the coach is already setting up the gym like a soccer field. I got to be one of the team captains.” Rainbow explained.

“You get to help pick teams or what?” Scootaloo asked,

“Well no, your gonna have to line up and sound off odds and even. There is no way of knowing if I will get you on my team or not.” Rainbow explained.

Around this time Rarity entered with Sweetie Belle followed by Apple Bloom. A second later Pinkie Pie almost bounced into the music room. Then Applejack stood up and said “Everyone listen up, Apple Bloom has something she needs to ask.”

Apple Bloom walked over near the door of the front of the music room and said “Sunset Shimmer, Ah need to ask you for help. How did you deal with everyone hatin’ ya after the fall formal?” She asked.

“Wait shouldn’t we wait for Trixie to get here?” Fluttershy asked.

“Trixie is not coming silly, she’s been suspended for ten days.” Pinkie Pie chirped up from the back.

“Well it’s official, Pinkie Pie knows everything.” Rainbow Dash remarked.

“Guys focus. Apple Bloom is right. Sunset said. With that everyone stopped and focused on Sunset and she took a few deep breaths and began her advice to Apple Bloom.

“Apple Bloom, the night of the Formal I was lost. I had been living in homeless shelters and some rough nights in your clubhouse. I was homeless, I had no friends, so I started to really hate my life but, I also wanted that crown and it consumed me.

After the Fall Formal, these five girls approached me. Your sister being the first one to talk about how to build a wall and I freaked out. The next morning I had calls from Rarity and your sister, and text messages from Rainbow Dash, Fluutershy and Pinkie Pie. Also instead of riding out another thunderstorm in your clubhouse Luna took me in.

“What I did was start to “assemble forces” if you will.” Sunset said making air quotes when she said assemble forces.

“I gathered these five girls as allies. Thanks to Rainbow Dash indirectly I gained an ally in Trixie although we have had our fights. I had my mom and my Aunt Celestia. I also met an awesome badass named Chrysalis who became my aunt too.

Luna was there to dry my tears and these five girls did a lot to protect me. You want my advice? Gather these girls and your family try to always have them around. That’s what I did. I had less to work with than you did, you have us, your crusader friends, and your sister, brother, and grandmother.

Plus if you run into problems, my mom and my Aunt Celestia you can count on them as allies too.” Sunset said with her hand on Apple Bloom’s shoulder.

“Now Apple Bloom where is your locker?” Sunset asked.

Apple Bloom told her where it was. Rainbow Dash then stood and walked over to Apple Bloom. “Scootaloo and I go right by there on our way to gym class c’mon we’ll walk you to your locker.” Rainbow said as she motioned to Apple Bloom to follow her and Scootaloo.

After that the girls split for the day. Apple Bloom after that almost always had one of the other girls with her. She liked the attention but not the reason that she had it. Also by order of the school she had to do a few counseling sessions but she knew she probably needed them. Apple Bloom was happy to be in on a bigger plan though: A surprise party.

* * *

Friday rolled around and Sunset was very hurt by her friends. No one wished her a Happy Birthday, no one even mentioned anything except Luna when she woke her up that morning.

Study Hall had been boring without Trixie. As much as Sunset hated to admit it, she did miss Trixie. Sure Trixie got her beat up, but then saved her and reformed until the Sirens made her knock the Rainbooms out of the competition. Then Sunset had accused Trixie of being Anon-a-miss.

Their relationship had been a rocky one. But Trixie did help her by going to the dance and just hanging out during study hall. Little did she know what happened with Trixie and Gilda’s encounter earlier that week.

Luna’s office…

Luna was on the phone and having a very quiet conversation before the final bell of the day.

“Yes I want her there tonight please. No Sunset doesn’t know, but please, I would like to see her there tonight. Ok my associate named Chrysalis she works with the FBI and her friend Potion Nova will pick her up on the way to setting up the place. It’s totally safe, I give you my word on that. Ok I’ll let Chrysalis know thank you.” Luna said, hanging up the phone.

She sat back in her chair and rubbed her face with her hands. It was hard to argue with people but this one phone call was worth it.

At this time Sunset came into Luna’s office almost in tears. Luna rushed over and put her arms around Sunset and held her. She probably knew what was wrong but decided to ask to see if she was.

“Sunset honey what’s wrong?” Luna asked.

“Not one person except you wished me a Happy Birthday or anything. It’s like everyone just forgot about it. Why? I didn’t want a party but they could have at least wished me a Happy Birthday.” Sunset lamented.

“Listen, screw them tonight we will go over to the Sweet Shop. Just you and me and have some cake and ice cream. How does that grab you?” Luna asked.

“I guess it’s better than nothing.” Sunset feeling down.

Luna quickly filed her paperwork and grabbed her coat and purse. Sunset grabbed her jacket and school bag and followed Luna with her head hung low. Her Sweet 16 had been a bust and to make matters worse. No one other than Luna seemed to care.

When they got home, she waited until Sunset went to take a shower then she put the final part of the plan into effect. She knew where Sunset’s magic journal was kept and she got it out and quickly decided to see if Twilight was available as a last second guest.

Dear Princess Twilight,

This is Luna (Sunset’s adoptive mother) tonight is Sunset’s Sweet 16 party and she thinks everyone has forgotten about her birthday. When in reality it is a surprise party. I know it’s last second but could you make it to our world tonight?


Ironically Luna only had to wait a few minutes for a response.

Hello Luna,

I will head over but I will need someone to help get me to the party considering you didn’t say where it was. I will grab Spike if that is ok. Let me know.

Twilight Sparkle

Luna was overjoyed that Twilight was coming for the party. She quickly penned back her response.


I will call and get you a ride. So grab Spike and c’mon over.


Then Luna picked up her phone and called Celestia who was leaving for the party. She had a guest to pick up. While on the phone Luna quickly put Sunset's book back as she heard the shower turn off.

Sunset went into her room wrapped in a towel and started getting dressed. Luna was glad to see that. She needed to keep up the appearance that everyone forgot.

Luna came in and Sunset was just in her underwear. She was putting her socks on and had jeans laying on the bed. Luna felt so bad so she decided to make Sunset feel a little better by breaking a little bit of her surprise party to Sunset.

“Sunset honey hurry up and get dressed. Your Aunt Chrysalis is gonna meet us there.” Luna told her.

“Well at least someone remembered.” Sunset said sadly as she put her jeans on. After that she put on her t-shirt and grabbed her leather jacket. Getting to the front door, Sunset put her boots on. For her it was just going through the motions. Luna led the way to the car. Sunset got in and out and just sat there.

She couldn’t believe everyone forgot. Then she started getting angry at her so called “friends”. While consumed in her sadness and anger she failed to realize they were at the Sweet Shop and Chrysalis was waiting outside.

“Well there is the birthday girl.” Chrysalis said, giving Sunset a hug.

“Hi Aunt Chrys.” Sunset replied back not feeling happy at all. Luna put her arm around Sunset as Chrys followed behind with a huge grin on her face. This was gonna be something to see. Sunset noticed as they walked through the door the place was dark.

“Is the place closed?” Sunset thought.

Just then Luna flipped the light switch on.

“SURPRISE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNSET!!” Everyone yelled, shocking the hell out of Sunset. They hadn’t forgotten her birthday after all, they had planned a surprise party.

Sunset looked around as her mom and Chrysalis joined the crowd. There was Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. Also with her mom was Aunt Celestia and Aunt Chrysalis with her girlfriend Potion Nova. Then Sunset’s eyes came to rest on the two biggest surprises: Princess Twilight Sparkle, and Trixie.

Sunset was overwhelmed, She started crying which upset everyone. Luna came up to her daughter and put her arm around her.

“Sunny, what's wrong? Why are you crying?” Asked Luna.

“I thought you all forgot about my birthday, I was so depressed thinking everyone forgot. You all got together and this for me. I’m crying because I’m happy.” Sunset said through her tears.

"What? The Great Trixie forget her friends birthday? Never." Trixie declared.

“Well dry those eyes Sunny, it’s a party!!” Pinkie exclaimed. She motioned to the balloons, streamers, and presents.

A huge smile appeared on Sunset’s face which everyone else loved. After that the party started. Sunset noticed a DJ booth set up in the corner and of course there was Vinyl Scratch spinning the tracks. She gave a thumbs up to Sunset as her way of saying happy birthday.”

Sunset mingled with all her friends. Then Twilight walked up to her and hugged her.

“Happy Birthday, Sunset!!” Twilight exclaimed.

“Twilight, how did you get here?” Sunset asked.

“Luna used your book to contact me tonight and Celestia picked me up on the way here, I was kind of a last minute invite from your mom. Oh I forgot I wanted you to have this. Happy Birthday Sunset saw Twilight reach into her backpack

“Twilight, wait until after singing and cake then you can give me your gift.” Sunset informed her.

“SUNNY!! IT’S TIME!!” Pinkie Pie yelled as her and Mrs. Cake wheeled out a big birthday cake. With two candles one was the number one and the other one the number six.

Sunset sat down at the front of the table in the guest of honor seat. Chrysalis put a party hat on her which made Sunset giggle a little bit. Luna lit the candles and even Vinyl came out from behind the booth to join in the singing. As all of her friends, aunts and mom sang “Happy Birthday” to Sunset. Her face turned as red as her hair.

Sunset blew the candles out after the song.

“What did you wish for Darling?” Rarity asked,

“Yes, can you tell us?” Sweetie Belle chimed in.

“I didn’t have to make a wish. It already came true.” Sunset said looking around at everyone. After that everyone beamed at her comment. Sunset got a couple of video games, some clothes, make up and two big gifts.

The first gift was from Twilight.it was a gem stone from Equestria.

“That is a gem from right near Ponyville. It’s very special and I enchanted it. You can look into it and see Equestria any time you want, but not in real time. It's similar to what you call a snow globe in this world. You stare into it and it shows you Equestria. A different place each time.” Twilight explained.

“Twilight this is awesome. If I am ever homesick, but can’t go there this can help.” Sunset said holding the crystal in her hands.

“Now Sunset my gift to you is this.” Luna said handing Sunset a big manilla envelope. Sunset sat there looking at the envelope and then opened it. It was a piece of paper and on the top it said: “CERTIFICATE OF ADOPTION.”

Luna and Sunset were now officially mom and daughter. It had been a bad Friday morning and afternoon, but a great Friday Night.

Later that night...

As the party was over, the now official mother and daughter were helping the Cakes, Trixie, and Pinkie clean up. Chrysalis and Potion Nova were also helping too. Chrysalis saw someone lurking outside the shop. Immediately recognizing them Chrysalis stepped outside to talk to him.

“You can’t even leave us alone on my niece’s birthday?” Chrysalis asked

“Happy Birthday to Sunset. My present to her is we have Gilda in custody.” The Cigarette Smoking Man replied.

“For how long this time? Also where are these places you are considering putting her? Maretime Bay, Bridlewood, Zephyr Heights. I have never heard of them.” Chrysalis replied back.

“That is kind of hard to explain.” He replied.

“Try me.” Chrysalis said.

“I will show you soon enough.” The Cigarette Smoking Man replied.

“I must know something. How did Gilda know to call DCF on Luna and Sunset?” Chrysalis asked.

“Why do you assume I know the answer to that?” He questioned her.

“You told me they were coming.” Chrysalis shot back.

“Yes. But not by Gilda’s doing that was someone else. A concerned citizen. No, not me but someone you would not expect. Good Night special agent Chrysalis. Oh do me a favor and wish your niece a happy 16th birthday.” He said starting to walk away.

“Who called?” Asked Chrysalis again.

“Retrace her steps you’ll find out who.” The Cigarette Smoking Man said and finished walking away.