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Emotions Run High

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As the Apples left the school, Applejack had her arm around Apple Bloom and Granny Smith led the way to her old car. Usually Applejack would have gone home with Big Mac today, but something told her to stay after school. Looking down at her sister she knew what it was.

Tonight was going to be a tense one in the Apple house. The family was gonna sit down and talk about this when they got home. Apple Bloom felt foolish and embarrassed over what she had done. In reality she didn’t want to kill herself, but she needed help.

Not mental health, although she would see the school guidance counselor the next day. The kind of help Apple Bloom would need would come from the Rainbooms, The Crusaders, and even Trixie. It was the kind of help Sunset needed after the Fall Formal. She needed people to have her back.

While the Apples headed home, Luna and Sunset made their way to the car as well. Both were shaken up by the events on the roof and both just wanted to get home. Luna asked Sunset if she finished her school work, which she said she did. Both headed home for a relaxing evening after what had just happened.
Celestia made sure the school was locked up before heading home,
opening her wall safe and taking out the battle of Gin. Holding the bottle in her hand she decided not to drink it but pour it down the sink and get rid of the bottle-at home.

Celestia walked to the nearest girl bathroom and poured the Gin down the sink then took the bottle back hidden in her pocket. Grabbing her purse and keys she locked her office and left. The events of the day had really affected her deeply but unlike The Apples, or The Crusaders or even her sister Luna, Celestia had no one to go home to. Tonight she didn’t want to be alone.

Luna was going to make some pasta for her and Sunset when the doorbell rang. She was confused as she wasn’t expecting anyone. Sunset switched off the TV in the living room and came out to see who was at the door.

Luna looked through the peephole and saw Celestia standing there. She could almost feel her sister’s emotions and quickly opened the door. Celestia walked in and immediately wrapped Luna in a big hug. Luna, sensing that Celestia was upset, had to find out what happened.

“Sister...Celestia what’s wrong?” Luna said fumbling for words.

“Today really upset me. I didn’t want to go to that big empty house...all alone. I came to see my sister and my niece.” Celestia said motioning for Sunset to come over. “My Family.” She said hugging them both.

Luna and even Sunset gladly returned the hug and after a bunch of hugging. All three broke apart and for a brief second in the world all seemed ok.

“Celestia, we were about to have pasta tonight. Do you want to join us?” Luna asked.

“I would like that very much. Do you want some help?” Celestia asked.

“If you want to help that’s ok..” Luna told her.

“Do you need my help mom?” Sunset asked.

“Just set the table and then go back to whatever you were doing.” Luna said. Sunset was happy that she could get some video game time on her PS5. She quickly set three places for dinner and then headed to her room. She felt pretty good that her Aunt Celestia was joining her for dinner. Maybe she was getting used to her. Maybe going with her for a weekend would not be a bad thing.

As she headed to her room her phone buzzed. Picking up her phone she saw it was a message from Trixie. She decided to go to messages and read the message.


Please read this. Gilda is back in town. I’m not…”

“MOM!!” Sunset cried out after reading the message. Luna, followed closely by Celestia, flew into Sunset’s room. She was white and almost hyperventilating. Luna went and picked up the phone. Both her and Celestia gasped.

* * *

“What? Is it the scars? You want to know how I got them?” Gilda asked.

“You don’t have scars.” Trixie said.

“HAHAHA!! I have them.” Gilda said, exposing her shoulder to Trixie with the scar of the bullet wound from Chrysalis.

Trixie wasn’t sure what to say as she just stood there frozen in fear.

“I see you’re down. Where’s your friends? Oh wait you don’t have any. The great and powerful Trixie is here all alone. I treated you well. I was good to you, until you betrayed me. After all, you told me I failed this city.” Gilda reminded her.

Trixie didn’t budge or move a muscle. Everything Gilda just told her was true. She had friends and she had lost Sunset forever and most likely the other girls too. Gilda was right she was alone.

“You’re right Gilda. I’m alone and I don’t have friends. I had a friend and fucked it up royally. By extension her friends probably don’t want anything to do with me. I was suspended from school for two weeks. Mom’s gonna kill me.” Trixie admitted sadly.

“Now if I know you can be trusted. You can come with me.” Gilda said, extending her hand.

* * *

Sweet Apple Acres…

Applejack, Granny Smith, and Apple Bloom were sitting in the living room of the farmhouse.

“Now Apple Bloom you are seeing the guidance counselor in the morning.” Granny Smith informed her.

“Granny give me a second with Apple Bloom please.” Applejack replied. Granny Smith got up and left the room.

Applejack sat down with Apple Bloom and looked at her.

“Apple Bloom please don’t ever do somethin’ like that again. Why would you think everyone wants you dead?” Applejack said.

“Everywhere ah go people give me dirty looks no one except Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo want anythin’ to do with me, except to come after me.” Apple Bloom whined.

“Can you blame them?” Applejack asked.

“No ah guess not. Ah was the brains of this operation. The Mastermind as ah have been called. Ah am real sorry sis, ah never meant for it to get out of control. Ah guess Ah was real stupid today huh?” Apple Bloom said,

“You can say that again.” Applejack deadpanned.

“Sis Ah don’t know what to do. Ah got into mischief with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo but nothin’ like this. No one has ever had to go through anythin’ like this.” Apple Bloom lamented.

“Actually sugar cube someone else has been through stuff like this before. The girl you caused to have a nervous breakdown.” Applejack told her.

“Sunset?” Apple Bloom asked.

“Who else did you cause to almost have a nervous breakdown?” Applejack said.

“So should I talk to Sunset then?” Apple Bloom asked.

“It couldn’t hurt. She was the first one to forgive you. It might be good to ask her for her help. When you see her at school talk to her. Most mornings, especially now in the winter you can find her in the music room with us before school. Come by and talk to her, she can tell you what you should do.” Applejack explained.

* * *

Luna’s Apartment…

Chrysalis was over at Luna’s with Mulder and Scully getting statements about the text. Also, Shining Armor had been notified at home.

“How did Shining Armor take the news?” Asked Mulder.

“He is not happy and I should be careful not to call so late. Apparently his younger sister goes to bed early.” Chrysalis said opening her laptop.

“Okay can you ping Trixie’s cell phone and see where she is?” Scully asked Chrysalis.

“Yeah one second.” She said typing away. “And here we are.” Chrysalis replied.

Trixie’s phone pinged down at the docks. That was where Mulder and Scully took off for. Chrysalis just sat back wondering what Trixie was doing down there, if she was there. More importantly what was Gilda doing down there?

Celestia was sitting on the couch and was completely beside herself. Her breathing was fast and she felt like she was falling. In her eyes this was all her fault this was her mess.

Luna and Chrysalis noticed that Celestia was a pile of misery. They both cautiously approached her and she looked like a frightened deer. Celestia sat there with her arms wrapped around her waist and just staring off into space looking like she was going to break any second.

“Sister, what's wrong?” Luna asked tentatively.

“This is all my fault. I exposed Anon-a-miss and because of that Apple Bloom got attacked, Trixie tried to help. Trixie was probably wandering around town after she was suspended and ran into Gilda who probably has her held hostage now. I was trying to protect my niece and now all this happened.” Celestia said, her voice cracking.

“Celestia you did what had to be done. None of this is your fault. It was the fault of three snot nose brats who went out of their way to hurt your niece. This was not your fault. If you want to blame someone, blame The Crusaders; it was their idea.” Chrysalis told her.

“Aunt Celestia?” Sunset said slowly walking into the living room. Sunset saw how badly her aunt was hurting and it really killed Sunset inside. Sunset had one idea: she had to see if it was gonna work.

Celestia looked up at Sunset walking over to her. Even though they weren’t close, Sunset decided to let her in on a technique that works for her. She prayed Celestia would go for this too.

“When I have a bad day at school mom would always put in her lap and rock me. She said it helps her too. If you want I could climb in your lap and you could rock me.” Sunset offered.

“What are you talking about?” Celestia asked.

“Mom let’s show her.” Sunset said. Luna sat down on the couch and opened her arms wide. Sunset climbed up into Luna’s lap. Luna as usual held Sunset and rocked her slowly and Sunset started to feel drowsy. Luna’s scent of Lavender always calmed Sunset.

Chrysalis stood there trying not to laugh and Luna noticed this. Chrysalis could have skated on the look Luna gave her. This was Luna and Sunset’s special thing and Luna was sharing it with her two sisters, one blood and the other might as well be blood related with how close they were.

After about two or three minutes Sunset got off Luna’s lap and Sunset looked over at Celestia who opened her arms and Sunset climbed into Celestia's lap and Celestia held her tight and Sunset felt protected like she did in Luna’s lap but noticed Celestia didn’t smell like lavender, she had no scent at all. After a second Celestia started crying again.

“Tia what’s wrong now.” Luna asked as Sunset got off Celestia’s lap.

“I want a daughter or son now. One’s not gonna just fall out the sky for me.” Celestia lamented. All of Sudden Celestia was pulled up by Luna and drawn into a big hug which Sunset also came and joined in the group hug. After a second of hesitation even Chrysalis joined in. Celestia felt loved but knew she was going back to that big empty house eventually, but for right now everything was ok.

Meanwhile on the Canterlot docks…

Gilda was walking through the alleyways of the storage facilities and warehouses. Trixie followed close behind her.

“Gilda, where are we going.” Trixie asked,

“Trying to get Passage out of Canterlot. I can’t stay here long. I need to get somewhere far away. Before the FBI finds out I am here.” Gilda explained.

“Out of Canterlot??!!” Trixie exclaimed.

“Keep your voice down!” Gilda shushed her. “Yes out of Canterlot, why?” She asked annoyed.

“I don’t want to leave Canterlot, my parents, my school, my…”Trixie trailed off.

“Your what friends?” Gilda said with a huge smirk. Walking over to Trixie and placing her hand on Trixie’s shoulder.

“Listen I’m your only friend, I never intended to kill you, I was using you to get Sunset. I’m sorry I never explained this to you. Now we need…” Gilda started when she was interrupted.

“You need to stay right where you are.” A voice came from the darkness. Slowly two men in black suits came into view and in the middle was a grey haired man with a trench coat and a cigarette in his hand.

“The Cigarette Man!” Gilda exclaimed.

He motioned for his two associates to grab Gilda. Which they did. He walked slowly over to Trixie.

“Why don’t you go to your real friends.” The Cigarette Man said to Trixie.

“I don’t have any friends.” Trixie said.

“Miss Lulamoon, let me give you a nickel’s worth of free advice. Good friends are life’s great treasures. Don’t give them up without a fight.” The Cigarette Man told her.

“What are you going to do with Gilda?” Trixie asked.

“We will imprison her in a far away place. This is her last chance. Now we have three options...” He started.

A few minutes later Trixie was spotted heading home, her head still hanging low. Mulder and Scully pulled up and both got out of the car and ran up to her.

“Trixie are you ok?” Scully asked.

“Where is Gilda?” Asked Mulder.

“I’m ok, I just need to get home, mom is gonna be frantic with worry. As for Gilda, he took her.” Trixie said.

“Who took her?” Asked Mulder.

“The cigarette smoking man.” Trixie said.

“DAMN IT!!” Yelled Mulder.

“Mulder relax. C’mon Trixie let’s take you home.” Scully offered,

“Did they say anything about where they were taking her?” Mulder asked Trixie.

“They said something about three locations they could use, but I never heard of any of them.” Trixie explained.

“What were the names do you remember?” Mulder pressed.

Trixie thought for a minute then replied. “He said Maretime Bay, Bridlewood, and Zephyr Heights.”