• Published 21st Aug 2021
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The Trial Concludes - Zerocool7785

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Prologue and plans

Author's Note:

This is it. The conclusion of the saga. This going to cover The Friendship Games, The Legend of Everfree. Then senior year with a few Equestria girls specials (Sunset'sBackstage Pass and Forgotten Friendship just to name a few ). Plus wrap up some mysteries.

Luna’s Apartment Dec. 30th:

“Sunset, please you can’t keep punishing my sister fer somethin’ ah did. Ah was the...what was the word again... mastermind. Sunset, this WAS MY FAULT NOT HERS!!” Apple Bloom cried. Standing in the middle of Luna’s living room while Sunset sat on the couch next to Luna.

Sunset sat motionless and expressionless. Listening to Apple Bloom, Sunset kept an emotionless face but inside she could feel her heart break a little. Apple Bloom was right. Sunset couldn’t punish Applejack for what her sister caused.

“Sunset Granny Smith, wore my behind out with a wooden spoon. That was nothing compared to how sore my arms and legs were from all the extra chores ah have had to do. SUNSET PLEASE!! DON’T PUNISH APPLEJACK BECAUSE OF ME!!” Apple Bloom cried again.

Sunset stood up and walked over to the window and looked out over the back of the apartment complex. The same one that Luna looked out and saw a thunderstorm approaching Sunset’s first night at her home. Tonight it was clear skies and snow covered the ground.

Finally Sunset turned around and stared coldly at Apple Bloom. Then after a short pause she spoke, “Do you know what you did to me, to my life?” Sunset asked coldly.

“Sunset I, can only say I’m sorry so many times.” Apple Bloom replied, her voice breaking.

“WELL SAY IT AGAIN, ANYWAY!!” Sunset yelled at her.

“I’m sorry, so is Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.” Apple Bloom replied.

Sunset stared down at Apple Bloom icily and spoke very seriously “I lost all my friends because of you little bitches. I lost your sister, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, and Trixie because I accused her of being Anon-a-miss. I lost all of them.

Personally, I should tell you to go screw yourself. You know what though I’m not going to go that route. You really want to make it up to me?”

“Yes of course ah do.” Apple Bloom replied.

“Then I’m tasking you with a mission. I had planned two parties one was for tomorrow night on New Years Eve, the other was going to be my Sweet 16 party. Mom is gonna have her sisters Aunt Celestia, and Aunt Chrysalis come over with Chrysalis’s new girlfriend Potion Nova.

No one my age to hang out with so now that Aunt Chrysalis bought me a new game system for my room, and I am gonna sit in there all night and play video games. I would much rather have the Rainbooms and Trixie in there to hang with. Heck, even the Crusaders could come.

Now I could sit out here or in the kitchen while they all watch a movie and TV and snack and watch the ball drop. I’d rather hang with my friends in my room playing video games, and/or watching TV and talk about things that I care about. Have snacks and sodas and just chill, then come out and watch the ball drop with everyone.

Your mission, Apple Bloom, is to get all the Rainbooms, The Crusaders and Trixie to come to the party some of you will probably spend the night. Mom had ok’d it, now I had an ok Christmas, I would like to have a better New Year’s Eve.” Sunset informed her.

“Ah’ll get right on it, but I don’t know Trixie’s number.” Apple Bloom said.

“I will give it to you.” Sunset replied.

“Um Sunset, the call from Trixie should come from you. Apple Bloom, you and your sister can handle the rest.” Luna finally spoke up.

“You know what mom your right.” Sunset replied not looking forward to making that call.

“Apple Bloom, do you have a way home?” Luna asked.

“I can walk it.” Apple Bloom replied.

“It’s going to be getting dark soon. I’ll take you home.” Luna said, standing up.

“No I would rather walk Vice Principal Luna.” Apple Bloom replied,

“But it’s 9 degrees out you’ll freeze.” Luna replied.

“That’s what I deserve then.” Apple Bloom replied.
“Stop talking like that.” Sunset shot back. Apple Bloom just stood there eyes wide
in shock. She was surprised to hear Sunset say that.

“The last thing I want to do is attend your funeral or any of the crusaders. Listen Apple Bloom, I have been where you are. I was talking about dying the night of the Fall Formal ask my mom. I scared her badly, like you are right now. Mom is taking you home and that is final.” Sunset said laying the law down to Apple Bloom.

Luna went into the kitchen and grabbed her keys, and purse. Sunset followed her in there. Then took Luna aside.

“Mom you might want to tell Granny Smith about how Apple Bloom is talking. It scares me.” Sunset said under her breath.

“Now you know how I felt. I will let the Apples know. I take it you're not coming with me.” Luna said.

“I would like to have privacy for my talk with Trixie.” Sunset said.

“Say no more my little sun.” Luna said walking out and motioning to Apple Bloom to follow her.

A minute later they both left and Sunset was standing in the kitchen and after a second she said “My little sun?”

* * *

After the third ring Trixie picked up. Sunset took a deep breath.

Sunset: “Trixie Hi.”

Trixie: “Sunset.”

Sunset: “Listen I am sorry about accusing you of being Anon-a-miss. I couldn’t see the truth right in front of me. This time it was my fault and I apologize and want to ask if you want to hang with me tomorrow night.”

Trixie: “The humble and forgiving Trixie accepts your apology. Let me see if I can spend New Year’s Eve with you one sec. (A minute later) Mom and dad are cool with it as they wanted to go out to a party so they can drop me off.”

Sunset: “I didn’t know if you wanted to even talk to me after all this stuff that went down. I do have to ask how did you know it wasn’t me?”

Trixie: “Trixie hears things, it’s getting around that the crusaders were the ones responsible. The observant Trixie doubted it was you.”

Sunset: “Thanks Trixie I mean it. But why didn’t you say something?”

Trixie: “I wasn’t sure what to do. Since you came to High School nothing is easy. I’m not trying to be mean, but Trixie never knows what’s gonna happen next. So Trixie never really knows what to do.”

Sunset: “I never have all the answers either, Trixie. So what time can I expect you tomorrow?”

Trixie: “Tomorrow? I’m on my way now.”

Sunset: “What?”
Trixie: “The awesome Trixie has fooled you. Trixie will be there around seven
tomorrow night.”

Sunset: “Ok Trixie see you then.”

Trixie: “See ya.”

Sunset shut off her phone and held it close to her chest and smiled. She was happy that her conversation had been a success. Now to tell her friends that she forgave them she was hoping an invite would help.

“I hope they know I forgive them. I hope someone other than Trixie comes.” Sunset thought As if on cue Sunset’s phone rang and she saw it was Applejack.

“Sunset Apple Bloom and I would be happy to attend but are you gonna have enough room in the apartment for everyone?” Applejack asked.

“Well I was gonna hold it in my room but now I am gonna see if I can get the living room and see if mom and her friends will hang in the kitchen. I realized it’s gonna get crowded in here.” Sunset replied back.

‘Well is anyone else coming?” Applejack asked,

“Trixie.” Sunset replied.

“Oh okay.” Applejack replied unenthused.

“Hey she is my friend too. So none of that Applejack.” Sunset warned.

“I know but sometimes she seems so arrogant.” Applejack pointed out.

“You just have to get used to her....”Sunset started when her phone beeped. “Applejack I got another call, see you tomorrow night. Come around seven.” Sunset said.

“Hello.” Sunset replied.

“Darling this is Rarity and Sweetie Belle told me about your conversation with Apple Bloom as apparently she was allowed to have her phone for this one occasion and yes Sweetie Belle and I will definitely attend. What time?” Rarity asked.

“Around seven will be good.” Sunset replied.

A few minutes later Pinkie Pie called and said she would come too. Fluttershy texted and said she would come too, as did Rainbow Dash, but the bad news was she couldn’t get Scootaloo off her grounding for the party.

While she was bummed that she couldn’t get them all there she was happy to have some of her friends coming so she had to tell Luna.

“MOM guess what?” Sunset said, running into Luna’s room, startling her awake, as she had dozed off.

“What hun?” Luna said, trying to wake up.

“Almost everyone is coming for my New Year’s Eve Party!!” Sunset exclaimed.

“That’s great and I guess you want to take over the living room too.” Luna said, knowing full well what the answer was.

“Is that ok?” Sunset asked.

“O.k. but everyone sees the ball drop, and I’ll hang with Celestia and Chrysalis and her girlfriend in the kitchen.” Luna told her giving in.

“Mom, you are the best!!” Sunset exclaimed, giving Luna a huge hug that almost knocked Luna off the bed. Realizing what Sunset had almost done, Luna gave her a nasty look. Sunset cringed a little bit. Then both of them burst into a laughing fit.