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Bonding with Celestia Part 1

Author's Note:

I was going to make this one big chapter but decided to split it up. So I hope you like it this is going to lead up to big decision for the story.

The next morning Sunset awoke to a buzzing sound, a real annoying one. She looked around and realized it was her phone. Turning it on she had a text message from Celestia.

“Why is Aunt Celestia texting me? She congratulated me and Luna last night.” Sunset thought.

Sunset hit the message icon and read the message.


I would like to ask if I could take you for the weekend. We can leave school together Friday afternoon and I will drop you off to Luna Sunday. You could also stay here Sunday and I can take you to school on Monday, after all I have to go there too.

Aunt Celestia

Sunset sat there in bed for a second looking at the message. Sunset was gonna rush in and talk to her mom about this. Then thought she should check the time. It was 6:50 a.m. She knew Luna was not gonna be up for a little bit.

Sunset then threw the covers off of her bed and got up, but to use the bathroom instead of waking her mom. After finishing up in the bathroom Sunset went to look in on her mom.

Luna was laying on the bed, arms and legs, and covers everywhere snoring away. Sunset remembered the first night she stayed with Luna. That night Luna asked her if she snored. Ironically, Luna didn’t snore that night, but Sunset slept better that night than she had in a long time. Especially since there was a thunderstorm raging outside.

Sunset decided to stop daydreaming and went back in her room and went back to bed.

“Maybe spending a weekend with Aunt Celestia won’t be so bad. She did make the effort. The least I can do is at least try it out.” Sunset thought.

Sunset fell back asleep. When Luna did finally get up, Sunset was already awake and having her breakfast eating oatmeal. Sunset, unable to contain her excitement, showed Luna her text message the second she walked in the kitchen.

“Well Sunset you would go there for the weekend Friday to Monday morning? Are you up for that? Celestia, unlike you and I, is an early riser.” Luna informed and asked her.

“Yes, I am and I’m sure she can’t get me up for school any better than you can.” Sunset said.

“I’ll have to give your aunt the marbles.'' Luna said smilingly evilly. She put a bowl of frozen marbles in the freezer one time. Sunset wouldn’t get up, so Luna poured frozen marbles into the bed next to Sunset. She got up quickly that morning.

“Don’t you dare.” Sunset warned.

The weekend passed peacefully for the new mom and daughter. All of Sunset’s friends had congratulated her. Apple Cinnamon had even called and congratulated Luna. While Sunset was doing her homework her phone buzzed. She picked it up and it was a message from Trixie. It asked if they could be friends again.

Sunset put the phone down and finished her homework. She needed to talk to someone about this first. She was still on the fence about Trixie. Having heard you can always talk to your family and knowing most kids wouldn't, Sunset decided to actually talk to her mom though.

Luna was in the kitchen on her cell phone and looked up as Sunset came in and sat down next to her. Luna had become able to read Sunset, so she put her phone down and decided to ask.

“What’s troubling my little sun? Hmmm…” Luna asked.

“Mom Trixie texted me about being friends. I don’t know what to do?” Sunset asked.

“Well, you two have had a bumpy road. She got you beat up, and then you went through a hostage situation together, also she did trap you and your friends under the stage during the battle of the bands.

You accused her of being Anon-a-miss, then you think she used her connection with you to curry favor with me. When in reality she was scared of what her mom would do.” Luna explained.

“Her mom didn’t abuse her or anything, don't worry about that. It’s her mom’s approval is something she doesn’t get a lot of. Her mom doesn’t think she can be or want her to be a stage magician. If she knew Trixie was gay, I can only imagine how that would turn out.” Luna explained.

“So even though she was defending Apple Bloom her mom doesn’t approve of it. Not many parents would approve of their kid using a baseball bat. Now what she told Diamond Tiara I approve of.” Sunset said.

“She told Trixie she was stupid for doing that, why didn’t she mind her own business.” Luna said.

“No Trixie did the right thing, just went about it the wrong way. I will talk with her on Monday during study hall.” Sunset said.

“No you won’t she’s still suspended you can text her back if you want than finish your homework, we can watch a movie or two if you like.” Luna told her.

Sunset quickly texted Trixie back saying they needed to work some stuff out but they were still friends. Trixie asked about getting together next weekend and she replied she had to go with Celestia next weekend but maybe the weekend after that.

For Sunset the week seemed to crawl although she and Celestia never got along; this was her big chance. She was wondering what her aunt had planned.

* * *

“Luna, I don’t have anything planned.” Celestia told Luna. They were in Luna’s office having lunch.

“Let her do her homework, get some dinner, take her down to the basement, most of Moon Lair is left there. Take her bowling, go to a movie, stuff that I am almost sure Sunset has never done. Watch TV with her and leave her a little alone time to play on her phone. Like all teens she loves doing that.” Luna told Celestia.

“Also, you want to know another thing you can do?” Luna asked.

“Yes, what is that?” Celestia asked, really wanting to know.

“Try asking her what she wants to do.” Luna said.

“Oh yeah I guess I could do that.” Celestia said.

“It’s only Wednesday. Don’t stress about this, just relax and go with the flow. I will help pack her bag and drop it off in your car so all she has to do is grab her bookbag and go. You're her aunt, you will do fine” Luna told her.

* * *

But for Celestia Friday came too soon and for Sunset not soon enough. Sunset was getting as much work done as she could in study hall. She had been spending it in Luna’s office as it was lonely spending it in the library without Trixie.

That morning Luna had helped Sunset pack everything for the weekend: Clothes for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. After that Sunset packed her brush, toothbrush and shampoo and toothpaste plus the body wash.

“Now Sunset, are you ok with this?” Luna asked.

“Something tells me, that you’re not. Mom I will be fine, I have no idea what we are going to do. I imagine a dull time, but Celestia deserves to at least try to connect with me like Aunt Chrysalis.” Sunset said.

Luna looked in shock at Sunset. Sunset noticed Luna looking at her.

“What?” Sunset asked.

“Where did that come from? It sounded very grown up and mature. Who are you and what have you done with the real Sunset?” Luna asked jokingly.

“Listening to you, Aunt Chrysalis, and Aunt Celestia I guess.” Sunset said.

Now here it was the last period of the day Sunset had got homework in five subjects, she had done some of it during lunch and now during study hall usually she got two done but with her effort at work she got homework in three subjects done. One assignment was to study for a test so Sunset could review Sunday. So Sunset was happy she was only going to have one written assignment to do.

The bell rang but Sunset didn’t move. Luna saved the file she had been working on and switched the computer off. Sunset liked to just relax but Luna said to start working on her next assignment. Sunset did that as it was going to be a half an hour until Celestia was ready.

“Should I go down to Aunt Celestia’s office now?” Sunset asked,

“I guess it is ok. But stay out of the way until she is ready to leave, got it?” Luna said.

“Ok, bye mom. I love and I’m going to miss you.” Sunset gave a hug to Luna and left the office and headed down the hall to see her aunt. This was going to probably be a boring weekend.

Walking into Celestia’s outer office, Sunset noticed Raven Inkwell was just finishing filing the last of the paperwork, because it was Friday. It took longer to do.

“Principal Celestia is expecting you, just go on in.” Ms. Inkwell said.

“Thank you.” Sunset replied.

Sunset walked into Celestia’s office and Celestia was signing off on a few forms and looked up at who just entered. Then a big smile formed on Celestia’s face.

“Hi Sunset, c’mon in. We can get going in a few minutes. How was your day?’ Celestia asked.

“It was pretty good. I got most of my homework done.” Sunset replied.

“Great that gives us more time to spend together, why don’t you get what you need from your locker, and we will get going.” Celestia said standing up and putting the forms into the file case.

"O.K.” Sunset said.

Celestia followed Sunset to her locker and after Sunset picked up the two books and notebooks she needed. Then followed Celestia out to her car she saw Luna had already left for the day.

Approaching the car both stopped and gasped. Someone had smeared mud all over Celestia’s car. They didn’t smear every inch of it but enough that Celestia’s silver colored car was mostly brown now.

“Aunt Celestia I’m so sorry about this. I’ll wash it when we get home.” Sunset told her.

“No, you won’t need to do that.” Celestia told her.

“Why not?” Sunset asked.

“You ever go to a car wash with Luna?” Celestia asked.

“No, we go over to Aunt Chrysalis’s place, there are hose outlets there and wash it there. While Aunt Chrys and mom spray each other with the hose.” Sunset explained.

“That sounds like Chrysalis, always carrying on.” Celestia replied.

“What are you going to do then?” Sunset asked.

“Watch and learn. Here hop in.” Celestia said unlocking the door and letting Sunset in on the passenger side.

Celestia started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. Driving about two blocks away, Celestia pulled around the back of this one building. A man came out and with a hose pre-washed the car and quickly washed the front window. Then pointed for her to turn into the tunnel.

Sunset saw a tunnel ahead of them and was a little nervous. Celestia put her car in neutral and sat there and chilled. Sunset immediately became alarmed.

“What are you doing??!! Drive the car!!” She cried.

“Relax, Sunny we are on a conveyor belt, they bring you through the tunnel on auto pilot.” Celestia soothed her. She took Sunset’s hand as they went through the tunnel.

Immediately the car was sprayed down with soap and big scrubbers came on either side of the car startling Sunset. Then big tentacles washed over the car followed by jets of water and a then finally a wind machine at then end of the tunnel.

Sunset, having never been through a car wash, was a little unnerved by the whole thing. Celestia just put her arm around Sunset and gave her a small hug.

“Are you ok there Sunset?” Celestia asked.

“Let’s not do that again.” She spoke.

“The first time is the worst. I promise you.” Celestia reassured her.

After that they headed for Celestia’s home. Sunset noticed they were driving right past downtown with it’s skyscrapers. Sunset was hardly ever over this side of town. She had taken a few trips into the city but only to look around.

“I didn’t know you lived downtown Aunt Celestia.” Sunset said.

“Not actually in the city per se, just outside of it.” Celestia told her as they pulled into a big two-story house.

“Wow this is where you live?” Sunset asked.

“I know it's nice isn’t it. My grandparents bought this land when it was dirt cheap. My parents built the house, so when it was left to me it was already over 90% paid off. My parents' life insurance policies helped cover some of the rest. I had to foot a few payments as well, but it is paid off now.” Celestia told her.

“You live here by yourself?” Sunset asked,

“Well, I have a maid that comes in and cleans up once a week. Also, a lawn service that cuts the grass.” Celestia said realizing how lonely that sounded.

“Well let's head in and I will give you a grand tour.” Celestia said getting out of the car. Sunset followed her in.

Opening the door, Sunset was awestruck seeing a huge staircase about five steps in front of her. Celestia put her purse down on the table there in the hall. And hung her keys by the door.

“C’mon Sunset let me show you around.” Celestia said. Sunset shouldered her bookbag and clothes bag for the weekend and followed Celestia upstairs to a hallway. With a few doors on each side. Celestia showed her around.

“Ok this room here is my personal office. Then across the hall is the library.” Celestia opened the door and in the room were three bookcases full of books and a few other knickknacks and also a few board games on the bottom shelf.

“The room at the end of the hall is the master bedroom, where I sleep. These other two rooms are guest rooms. Take your pick. They are both pretty similar.” Celestia told her.

Sunset looked in both rooms and took the one on her left that was a lil bit bigger.

“Sunset I am going to get changed, why don’t you settle in for a few then we can continue the tour and have dinner. Don’t worry about the food, Luna told me you were a vegetarian.” Celestia said heading down to her room.

Sunset looked around. She had a bed, a dresser, desk and TV on a stand. Opening the drawers on the bottom of the stand. It was empty. Sunset unpacked her clothes into the top drawer.

Then she walked out into the hallway as Celestia came back out of her room dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and slippers on her feet.

“You get settled in?” Celestia asked.

“Yes, Aunt Celestia.” Sunset replied.

“Good lets head downstairs and finish the tour.” Celestia said, leading Sunset down the stairs.

“This is the living room, mom and dad use call it the lounge. Over here is the dining room.” Celestia said.

Sunset saw a big table enough to seat 8 people and in the corner of the room was some dishes on a three-shelf case behind a glass door, also noticed a cupboard on the far side with a pitcher sitting out on the shelf.

“This is the kitchen. “Celestia said. Sunset noticed plenty of counter space and an island in the middle. A lot more room to prepare food then what she and Luna had in the apartment.

“Down here is what Luna called Moon Lair. It was her room for a while.” Celestia said opening the door and turning the lights on. In the basement were two couches facing each other and a coffee table in the middle of them. Also, a TV up against the wall. In the back part of the basement was a pool table and a dartboard and on the wall a rack with 7 cue ticks and some chalk cubes for them. Sunset also noticed that this part of the basement had hardwood floors.

“Ever play pool Sunset?” Celestia asked.

Sunset just shook her head no.

“Well, I’m going to order us some Chinese, I want you to finish up some of your homework and if you are interested, I’ll teach you how to shoot pool.

“That would be awesome.” Sunset exclaimed.

Celestia got on her phone and ordered from the local Chinese place, getting Sunset the vegetable platter. Sunset went up to her room and did her history assignment. After writing up her review of what they did in class that day. Sunset put her assignment in the folder and relaxed for a few minutes on the bed.

The food arrived soon after and Sunset and Celestia shared dinner in the dining room. Celestia saved some of her food for tomorrow, Sunset ate everything in her platter.

“Wow Sunset you can put it away.” Celestia remarked.

“Hey, it wasn’t until I went to stay with mom that I ever had any good meals. Mom said if I lived with her I would get two meals a day and if I didn’t have money, she would pack me a lunch. The only worry is what if she is sick. I have no way to school, or any lunch.” Sunset said cleaning up her plastic containers

“I will come and get you and give you a few bucks for lunch then.” Celestia said putting her leftovers in the fridge and washing her hands.

The two headed down to the game room. After handing Sunset her pool cue and chalking her personal one, Celestia taught Sunset the basics of pool. That night Sunset played and usually lost Eight-ball, Nine-ball, Rotation, and even Straight Pool. Sunset preferred Eight-Ball and Nine-Ball as they were faster paced.

Before bed they did one more round of Rotation where Sunset made it a close game and Celestia had to not be so relaxed. But in the end Celestia prevailed by a very slim margin. Sunset hung her head in defeat.

“Sunset, don't feel bad it was several games before I won.” Celestia said putting her arm around her.

“I know, it’s just…” Sunset began.

“Sunset let me tell you one thing about anything in life especially games and sports. Sometimes you have to lose, this way when you do win it makes it that much more special. Besides, it was the first time you ever played. ” Celestia said.

“Ok I am getting tired but how do you play darts?” Sunset asked, looking at the dart board.

“Easy, but I would have to dig the darts out. I’m not about to do that at this hour. I have some nice dart sets too.” Celestia said,

“Well I’ll just crash down here on the couch.” Sunset said.

Celestia just looked at Sunset through half-lidded eyes and stood there with her arms crossed knowing full well why Sunset wanted to sleep downstairs.

“O.K. Fine, I was gonna go snooping for the darts.” Sunset said, admitting defeat.

“Come here.” Celestia said with a sigh walking over to the shelf next to the pool cues and reached up on top pulling a plastic case down. She opened it on the pool table and showed Sunset the eight sets she had. Seven of the sets were metal, three in number, and had the flags of countries for the flights on the back of the darts.

“U.S.A., United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, and Brazil.” Is that where they were made?” Asked Sunset alluding to the flags on the back.

“No, just done for design.” Celestia told her.

Sunset also noticed three wooden ones that had what looked like real feathers for the flight. They seemed heavier.

“Those are wooden ones that my parents owned and yes they are heavier. But darts is for another day. It is almost midnight, and we need to get some sleep.” Celestia said, putting her arm around Sunset and leading her out of the basement

After changing into her pajamas and brushing her teeth, Sunset went and looked out of the big window in her room. Looking over downtown and all the lights that were still on, she finally understood the expression about the city that never sleeps. Shortly after that however, Sunset went to sleep while the city nightlife continued on.