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Happy New Year

Author's Note:

It took some time but I got this done. As always read and please review I need vindication from strangers on the internet.

Sunset went out with Luna early the next day and got a few noise makers, snacks and she picked up a pack of sparklers.

“Now Sunset only use these outside. Got it?” Luna told her.

“Yes mom.” Sunset sighed. Luna rolled her eyes. Sunset maybe from another world, but still had the attitude of a teenager sometimes.

“I mean it.” Luna said.

“Mom I get it.” Sunset replied.

A second later Luna smiled. Sunset noticed her mom looking very happy all of sudden. This confused her.

“Mom why are you so happy?” Sunset asked.

“Sunset it’s nice to see you doing normal teenage things for a change. I know I have said that before, but when you do normal things like having a party on New Year’s Eve it makes me feel good.” Luna explained.

“Mom you say that all the time. I guess here in about 4-5 months I have become a normal teen. I have a mom, two aunts, and a bunch of close friends. It is great when Equestrian magic isn’t messing it up. I hope tonight is just a normal New Year’s Eve.” Sunset said.

“Well let's get home and set up for the party, so we can make it one. What time are your guests arriving tonight?” Luna asked.

“They should start coming around seven tonight.” Sunset said.

'Well let’s get this stuff home then.” Luna said and she and Sunset headed for checkout.

* * *

Luckily for Luna, Celestia came over early to help set up. Chrysalis said she would be over once Potion Nova got off work, which was around seven so she would arrive around eight.

In the living room Sunset had been busy setting up all day. She put snacks out and even opened up the DVD closet and moved her PS 5 out to the living room too. It was gonna be cramped but it was worth it for all of her friends to hear that she was going to forgive them.

“I will tell them straight out. Guys I want to say I forgive you. Let’s put it behind us and have a Happy New Year and I want to invite you to my sweet sixteen party in about three weeks. Ok Sunset you got this.” Sunset thought.

“Wow you got everything all set for tonight don’t you hun?” Asked Celestia walking into the living room.

“Yeah Aunt Celestia I am all set it’s almost seven. Man am I nervous.” Sunset taking a deep breath.

“Why it’s a party, what is there to be nervous about?” Celestia asked.

“Well when everyone gets here I want to tell them I forgive them and then let’s have a Happy New Year. Then invite them to my sweet sixteen party.” Sunset said.

“Correct me if I am wrong. But I thought you didn’t want a sweet sixteen party.” Celestia said.

“I guess I am supposed to have one right?” Sunset asked.

“Sunset, a birthday party is not an obligation. If you don’t want one don’t have one.” Celestia said.

“I don’t know what to do.” Sunset said.

“If you want a quiet evening at home we can do that. The best thing we can do is maybe have Luna take you out for dinner. Chrys and I will come too if you want.’ Celestia said.

“That sounds great.” Sunset said smiling.

“It’s great to see you smile.” Celestia said, hoping the plan hadn't been blown.

Just at that moment the doorbell rang. Sunset looked over at the clock 6:59 it read. She took a deep breath and said to herself “O.K. here we go.” Sunset went to open the door.

* * *

Five minutes earlier…

Trixie thanked her parents and grabbed her sleeping bag and pillow. She started walking towards the stairs just at the same time Rainbow Dash came to the stairs from another direction.

“Rainbow.” Trixie said.

“Trixie.” Rainbow said.

Both girls avoided eye contact but just stood there awkwardly. After what seemed like an eternity Rainbow spoke up.

“Listen. Trixie about that incident in the locker room a few months ago. I was completely out of line. Grabbing you by the throat and choking you while I threatened to rip you limb from limb…”Rainbow began.

“The humble Trixie accepts your apology, but you were standing up for your friend and Trixie was on the wrong side at that time. So Trixie understands why you are mad. It’s all over.” Trixie replied. She then extended her hand. Rainbow took and shook her hand gratefully.

“Friends?” Trixie asked.

“Friends.” Rainbow said.

The two girls headed upstairs chatting about the sleepover. Trixie said it was her first sleepover and she wasn’t sure what to do. Rainbow told her just relax and go with the flow.

* * *

“Wow, I never thought I would see this. Rainbow Dash and Trixie chatting away as friends.” Sunset declared as she opened the door.

“We made up and have called a truce.” Rainbow said.

“Rainbow and Trixie have made up.” Trixie declared.

“Even after the locker room incident and shred off at the mall?” Sunset asked, letting them in.

“It’s all in the past, we are hoping to be better friends now.” Rainbow said.

“Glad to hear it. Head into the living room and put your sleeping bags down, Sunset said motioning to the living room.

Rainbow and Trixie picked their spots and unrolled their sleeping bags and laid their pillows down.

The Sunset motioned for them to come outside onto the walkway, both girls did and Sunset handed them sparklers. She lit hers and then Trixie and Rainbow Dash’s sparklers.

“The great and powerful Trixie.” Trixie proclaimed, holding her sparkler high. Rainbow Dash and Sunset were also playing with their sparklers too but the fun was soon over yet as the girls arrived each one got to use a sparkler.

Except Apple Bloom didn’t want to use one and showed up without a sleeping bag offering to sleep on the love seat. Sunset figured someone would take the couch and maybe one of the crusaders would take that.

“Apple Bloom, why do you want the loveseat? It's gonna be cramped.” Sunset told her.

“I know that it’s not gonna be comfortable and that’s what I deserve.” Apple Bloom said walking away to the bathroom. Sunset wanted to say something but wasn’t sure what. That’s when she turned to Applejack.

“Ah know sugarcube, she’s been punishin’ herself since Anon-a-miss.” Applejack said sadly.

“Even after I forgave her?” Sunset asked back.

“Yeah it’s got Granny Smith really worried.” Applejack said.

“We need to talk to mom about it.” Sunset replied.

“We are gonna get her therapy after the holidays are over.” Applejack said, patting Sunset’s shoulder.

Sunset still wasn’t sure about it. Apple Bloom came out of the bathroom in her night shirt and underwear and headed into the living room. Sunset’s face really fell, she knew how Apple Bloom felt. Right after the Fall Formal she felt the same way.

Sunset headed into the living room and said “Okay everyone listen up, this the first time I have ever hosted a party so I’m not sure how it goes, we got plenty of chips, soda, and I see Rainbow and Applejack are ready to use the PS 5. Now who votes on watching a movie?”

Rarity, Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle and Trixie raised their hands.

“Ok video games” Sunset asked.

Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash all raised their hands. Sunset noticed Apple Bloom didn’t vote.

“Well it’s 4-3 for a movie majority rule.” Sunset said.

“Ugh ok but nothing boring. You have any of the Daring Do movies?” Rainbow asked,

“Why don’t we do Shadow Spade?” Asked Rarity.

“Rarity those mysteries are so boring, and it’s always some fashion related stuff that solves the mystery.” Rainbow Dash whined.

“Rarity, Rainbow Dash please don’t fight. I want my first party to be a success.” Sunset said trying to keep the peace.

“You’re right darling, I’m not big on video games but go ahead load up the PS 5. I mean it.” Rarity said.

"Rarity why did you tell them to play video games? Sweetie Belle asked kind of confused. She knew her sister was never into video games.

"I want to make Sunset's party to go well. It's called keeping the peace." Rarity explained.

“What games do you have?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

“Take a look and Aunt Chrysalis got me a squirrel game. Looks kinda simple but I’ll try it. Guys I’m thinking about starting a gaming channel online called Shimmer Code. What do you think?” Sunset asked.

The response from all the girls was overwhelmingly positive. So after getting off to a rocky start, a game of Rise of Tirek, and Tirek’s Revenge, and even trying out Squirrels. Which Fluttershy thought was a cute game. The party was going well.

Sunset was feeling very happy, more than happy. Loved. Friends and family this is what Sunset always wanted. It was a dream come true. Sunset sat down on the couch to reflect on this moment. She did however let a tear fall, it didn't go unnoticed by one of the guests. Trixie saw her friend crying and felt she had better find out what happened.

“Sunset, what's wrong? What are you crying for?” Trixie asked. Everyone stopped and looked at Sunset even Luna and her aunts came out and Trixie came and sat beside her.

“It’s ok Trixie, I just realized I have all my friends and family together tonight in one place. It is everything I have wanted. A home, a family, friends who are as close as sisters.” Sunset said with everyone surrounding her.

“Couldn’t want for anything more could you kid?” Chrysalis asked.

“Maybe a boyfriend would be nice.” Sunset said knowing that after the ball dropped all the girls except Trixie were gonna call and wish their boyfriends a happy new year.

When it came to matters of the heart that was all that bothered Sunset still. Seeing everyone with someone still broke her heart. Especially considering the only person who would date her was sitting next to her and she was not into her.

“Darling there is someone out there for you. They just haven’t found you yet. You can’t hurry love, you just have to be patient.” Rarity said.

“I keep telling myself that too Rarity. Maybe I will meet them one day. If not, I can always grab a few cats and become an old cat lady.” Sunset said.

“Hey guys let’s not go here, I don’t want Sunset depressed at her first New Year’s Eve Party.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Yeah no one wants to be depressed at A PARTY!!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“C’mon Shimmer, you're facing me now.” Rainbow Dash said, putting a game in the PS 5.

With a pat on the back from Trixie, Sunset took a controller and realized it was a fighting game. So Sunset gritted her teeth and took to it. All the adults went back into the kitchen except Chrysalis who was watching Sunset play and smiled. After a second Potion Nova came out and put her arm around Chrysalis.

“Babe what are you doing?” She asked.

“Oh just watching my niece play. She’s taken after her aunt Chrysalis who has been teaching her slowly and has become well…” Chrysalis started.

“A girl gamer.” Potion finished for her.

“Yep.” Chrysalis said,

“Well she’s the student. I got the master here.” Potion said, with her arm still around Chrysalis and led her back into the kitchen. Just as they heard Sunset say “Fatality!”

The rest of the night seemed to go pretty good. Some more video games and even a movie that the girls seemed to agree on. It turned out to be an o.k. night.

About seven minutes before midnight the kitchen cleared out and everyone came out to the living room. The girls were watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

As the minutes started to tick down Celestia brought out four champagne glasses for the adults to toast the new year. After the countdown everyone yelled HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Sunset immediately hugged Luna and wished her a happy new year. All around the living room were girls hugging and wishing each other a happy new year. Celelstia toasted in the new year with Luna, Chrysalis, and Potion Nova.

Sunset walked over to them and asked Luna if she could have a sip.

“Just a sip Sunset.” Luna said to give her the glass.

“O.K. That’s enough.” Luna said, stopping Sunset.

The party continued for about another 2 hours. Around 2 am all the girls began to drop off except the crusaders who fell asleep earlier. Sunset was the last one asleep as she was laying awake in her sleeping bag looking out over a clear sky with no more fireworks going off she finally felt content.

Several Hours earlier in another country across the ocean…

Fireworks exploded over the empire and people celebrated in the streets. Gilda Griffon watched from an upstairs apartment. She turned around and walked through the lavish apartment up to the roof where King Sombra and his family were enjoying a drink of wine as it was customary to do this every year at midnight. Upon seeing Gilda come up on the roof Sombra called to her.

“Griffon come join us for a drink.”

Gilda walked over with no great speed and took a goblet of wine. It was sweet and Gilda had to admit in her exile this was one of the few good things. She had to talk to Sombra about something important.

“King Sombra may have a word with you privately?” GIlda asked.

King Sombra walked over to the railing that lined the roof and looked out over the revelers in the streets and the fireworks going off. Then took a deep breath. “What can I do for you Gilda?” He asked.

“I enjoy my little apartment, the beauty of your country and thank you for your hospitality. This Place is nice but it is still a prison. I wish to return to Canterlot." She said.