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Decisions and Regrets

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Jan. 3rd, Canterlot High School, First Period…

Celestia had called an assembly first thing in the morning and a lot of the students and staff figured it had to be about Anon-a-miss.

Rumors flew around the school. Some figured it was Sunset. Only Sunset and her friends, and their families knew the whole truth. Today the culprits would confess to the rest of the school and publicly delete the account for the school to see.

As all the students arrived The Crusaders were kept in Celestia’s office and Sunset stayed with her mom in her office for protection. The Rainbooms knew to head right to the gym upon entering the school. Only Trixie stopped by to offer Sunset a little encouragement before going to the gymnasium.

Finally a few minutes before 8:45 Celestia came out of her office and into the outer office and looked at The Crusaders

“It’s time girls.” Celestia said. The Crusaders dutifully got up and followed Celestia single file out of the office; a police officer brought up the rear also as protection for the Crusaders.

Around this same time Luna got up and tapped Sunset on her arm and Sunset just knew she got up and followed Luna. Another police officer brought up the rear, this time for Sunset’s protection as she was once again the most hated girl in Canterlot High.

The Crusaders waited outside the gymnasium and so did Sunset with Luna and the two police officers. Celestia walked up to the stage that was at the far end of the gymnasium. She had her hands clasped as she stepped up onto the stage and walked over to the podium and adjusted the microphone a little bit and began.

“As you all know starting Tuesday before the Holiday break a popular website among many students here called MyStable had a profile put up on it called Anon-a-miss.

Most of you assumed it was a student here named Sunset Shimmer. Information was made available to me on Friday Dec.23rd on who it really was. It was in fact three students, none of them Miss Shimmer. Officers bring them in.” Celestia said.

By this time Luna had joined her sister on the stage.

Celestia quickly whispered to her sister “Where’s Sunset?”

“She’s in the hall with Shining Armor. He's here to oversee this.” Luna whispered back.

About this time the main doors opened and in walked a police officer, and followed behind was Apple Bloom head hung in shame. Sweetie Belle followed her head and bowed in shame as well. Scootaloo came in next, her head not hung in shame but looked very nervous and her eyes seemed to dart from side to side. Bringing up the rear was the second officer.

A hushed silence fell over the school; they couldn’t believe it these were the girls who sent the school into a frenzy. Many angry whispers were being passed through the crowd. The Crusaders heard each and every one of them.

As they came onto the stage they could feel all the students' eyes boring holes into them. The Crusaders looked down at their sisters in the front row. Applejack just pulled her hat down enough so they couldn’t see her. Rarity looked to the side and Rainbow Dash just put her hand on her forehead to block her view. The Crusaders realized then and there they were on their own.

Principal Celestia called them over to the microphone. All three girls got up and walked over to the microphone. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo stood there.

'Now Students hold your rude comments and shouting out!’ Principal Celestia said. Then she motioned the girls to the microphone and then stepped back.

“I’m Apple Bloom and I’m Anon-a-miss.” Apple Bloom said and then stepped back.

“I’m Sweetie Belle and I’m Anon-a-miss.” Sweetie Belle said and then stepped back to let Scootaloo use the microphone.

“I’m Scootaloo and I’m Anon-a-miss.” Scootoaloo said and also stepped back.

Principal Celestia then walked up to the microphone stand and looked out at the student body. Then she motioned to the two officers and they left the gymnasium and motioned to Sunset to follow them in.

Sunset took in a deep breath. Then with her heart pounding like a hammer hitting an anvil she entered the gymnasium. The one officer led her in with another one bridging up the rear. Sunset hoped she would never get onto the stage. It seemed like she was on the stage almost instantly.

Celestia motioned for Sunset to come up to the mike. Sunset did as her aunt requested and with another deep breath she spoke up.

“I’m Sunset Shimmer and I am NOT Anon-a-miss.” Sunset said. She could tell there were a few doubters in the crowd still but some were on her side.

“I am here today to say I have changed. I’m not the queen bee. Or more appropriately, the queen bitch that I was.” Sunset began.

Principal Celestia moved to grab the microphone but Luna stopped her. Sunset needed to do this.

“I can’t ask that anyone can ever forgive me but there are six young ladies who have forgiven me and I have forgiven them back. There is also a young gentleman who has done the same thing.

I can’t ask that you forgive me, that you like me, or even accept me, but just give me the common courtesy that you would want given to you. Since the Fall Formal when I literally became a monster, I have tried to repent and help people.

Many people thought it would be funny to hurt me. I was stuffed in my locker while the people painted She Demon’s Lair on the outside of it. I had food and trash dumped on me. I was also attacked outside of school and beaten unconscious.

I know what it was like to suffer, as I have done that. I just ask one thing do not torture and abuse the crusaders like I was. They have a long road ahead to gain trust back but they can start by gaining just one person’s forgiveness. It's a start.” Sunset finished.

After that, Celestia and Luna motioned for the girls to get up and go over to Sunset on stage. The Crusaders got up and walked over to Sunset and she took the mic and said “Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo. I forgive all three of you.” Sunset said.

Some thought it was an act but six girls sitting in the front row knew it was the truth. Sunset wanted to move on from Anon-a-miss and look towards the spring. After all that, The Crusaders brought up the profile and Apple Bloom removed the profile from MyStable. It was over. Except it wasn’t not for the crusaders.

* * *

Later that day…

Diamond Tiara and Silver spoon cornered Apple Bloom in the hallway during classes. Apple Bloom took a step back; she knew this would happen.

“Look Silver, if it isn’t Anon-a-miss.” Diamond Tiara sneered.

“Well I wonder if she’ll break this secret too.” Silver Spoon said.

Silver stepped to one side and Diamond the other. Apple Bloom knew she was outnumbered. She also knew that her attackers were soft homebodies that a strong farm girl like her could take if she had too.

Diamond Tiara moved first and Apple Bloom quickly countered her with a headlock. But Silver Spoon landed a hard punch to Apple Bloom’s back. Apple Bloom spun around with Diamond Tiara still in a headlock and landed a kick on Silver Spoon’s stomach. She bent over clutching her stomach. About this time Apple Bloom whirled Diamond Tiara around and let her go, her momentum crashing her into the lockers.

Silver Spoon had recovered and jumped on Apple Bloom’s back. Apple Bloom backed up fast and hard into the lockers. Silver Spoon yelled out in pain but didn’t let go. After another slam into the lockers, Silver Spoon's grip lessened slightly. Diamond Tiara by this time got up and looked at Apple Bloom icily.

“You are gonna pay for that you little brat.” Diamond Tiara spat out.

Apple Bloom, still struggling, realized her attackers had her at a disadvantage. Their numbers were superior but little did she know help was on the way.

Just at that time Trixie was on her way back from the bathroom and ducked into the gym to see what was happening. Now seeing Apple Bloom on the losing end. She knew she had to do something. She knew she didn’t have access to a bow and arrow like last time

Trixie ran across the gym to the supply closet and found the baseball supplies grabbing a bat she ran for the hallway. Telling herself this was risky as hell but she had to stop this.

Diamond Tiara had just landed a blow on Apple Bloom at the same time Silver Spoon landed a kick Apple Bloom was on her hands and knees when she realized her attackers had backed up. She looked up to see Trixie with a bat drawn back and ready to swing right at Diamond Tiara.

“Now Trixie…” Diamond Tiara began when Trixie shut her up remembering what Rainbow Dash had said to her. She grabbed Diamond Tiara by the shirt and got right in her face.

“Listen bitch, to me your nothing but dog shit you understand? A lot of things can happen to dog shit. It can be scraped up with a shovel off the ground, it can dry up and blow away in the wind, or it can be stepped on and squashed. So take my advice be careful where the dog shits you.” Trixie said and shoved Diamond Tiara back into Silver Spoon. Trixie then raised the bat again. “You were told to leave these girls alone, got it?”

By this time people had heard the commotion and Ms Harshwhinney came out of the classroom to see what was going on. She entered to see Apple Bloom on her hand and knees and head down. Trixie had the bat drawn back to swing

“Miss Lulamoon what is going on here?” Ms. Harshwhinny asked.

Trixie put the bat down on the ground.

“These two were beating up Apple Bloom. I was trying to stop them and hoping they wouldn’t call my bluff.” Trixie replied. Ms.Harshwhinny sent a student to get both Principal Clelestia and Vice Principal Luna.

A moment later Luna came running down the hall followed a moment later by Principal Celestia. Both of them quickly surveyed the scene. Luna’s heart ached for Apple Bloom. It was just like with Sunset. She knew her heart ache would have to wait but right now she had a situation to deal with.

“All four of you in my office NOW!!!” Luna yelled at the four girls.

Trixie offered her hand to Apple Bloom to help her up. Apple Bloom swatted her hand away. Then picking herself off the ground. She glared at Trixie and said to her “I don’t fight your battles, don’t fight mine.”

With that Apple Bloom started off down the hall towards Luna’s office. After a second, Trixie decided to follow. Celestia went and picked up the bat and put it back in the closet in the gym.

Celestia leaned against the wall. As she rubbed her forehead she had to mentally punch herself.

“Did I make a mistake this morning? I was trying to save my niece and by saving Sunset I have opened Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo to her abuse. It’s gonna be the aftermath of the Fall Formal again. Just not for Sunset this time.

I did make a mistake this morning. I was so preoccupied with if I could ,I didn’t stop to think if I should. What have I done? I’m supposed to be in charge but instead chaos runs the school since the Fall Formal. Magic runs the school since the Fall Formal. Now this time Cyber Crime is running the school. I am a failure as a principal and as a leader.” Celestia thought.

Barely holding it in, Celestia walked down the hall and into her office. Arriving in her outer office She told her secretary Raven Inkwell to hold her calls for the next half hour.

Celestia walked into her office and made some tea,but it wasn’t helping calm her down. She knew she shouldn’t do this. She should have gotten rid of it. With a feeling of disgust in her heart Celestia got up and walked to the back of the office. Removing a picture on the wall to reveal a wall safe.

Celestia opened the safe and took out a couple of folders and then in the back a bottle of rum. Opening it she took two swigs out of it. After that she placed it in the wall safe, and then put the folders back in. She put the picture back up and hated herself for being weak like that. She also knew she should get rid of it too. Still she very rarely ever used that.

After that and her cup of tea. Celestia let herself weep and let some tears fall, for she had opened a can of worms. Now the crusaders were the targets, not her niece. Now all she had done was shift the abuse. “How can this possibly get worse?” Celestia thought.


‘What do you mean she’s gone??!!” King Sombra roared.

“I mean Gilda has vanished and she knows that she is not to leave the palace grounds.” His guard said.

“Check any air or sea port, she can’t leave the country!” King Sombra replied.

“If she leaves some other way?” The guards asked,

“We will check Canterlot city. Go now!!” He commanded. The guard bowed and left quickly.

King Sombra walked into his personal office and reached in the top floor and picked up a black cell phone. He hit one number on it and it was dialed. After a second a voice answered on the other end.

“Yes?” they said.

“Gilda has escaped.” King Sombra said.

“This is unfortunate. I was hoping not to have to clean up this mess. I will tell the syndicate. We will handle it from here.” They replied.