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New Chapter! New Chapter! · 8:56am Dec 31st, 2021

Next chapter of Friendship Is Monsters :Meliorism is out! Special thanks to my betas Blazeblast4 and theoneAJ!

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Yeah, sorry! The chapter is done but my amazing betas got really busy with school work so the editing process is just taking a bit longer. Add to that my job gets ridiculously busy in Dec plus all the holiday stuff and the story's update sorta got put on a back burner. I'll do an update soon! I really want it out this year though!

Hey, Spotty8ee. My name is Shazam 25, I'm one of the people that's waiting for the new chapter of your story. I hate to ask this, but where is it? You said Mid-November and we are in December now. If you need more time, then that's fine. But I know I'm not the only one who's wondering. Can you at least give us an update? Trust me, I love your stories and can't wait to read more, but a little heads up would be nice in cause you can't keep your promises.

Every time i wake up i check Fimfiction to see if you have updated, i love the storys you have made and the universe you have created.

i have personaly read thru them about 3 times now.

i Awaite your updates of your story with baited breath.

Have a nice day.


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