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Month of Monsters · 9:59am October 31st

πŸ•ΈπŸ•· Happy Halloween!πŸ•·πŸ•Έ

Hows everybody doing!? Been a while eh? Well I got some news for you all and hopefully it will put you in that Halloween spirit!

Firstly, one of my 'fang'-tastic Betas Ladrian has decided to retire from working on the fic! Please give them a big thank you and fond farewell as they proof-read their way to bigger and better thing! They did a good three years of work, for free might I add, and I wish them the best!

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Congratulations, you have earned a spot on The List!


Your story, Friendship is Monsters, was considered worthy of spreading around to as large an audience as possible.

Dude thanks! I didn't even know! Thanks for letting me know and for your vote!

Heythere! Been eagerly awaiting more content from you but you've already hit the big leagues it seems! Your story got nominated for the Best of Sunset shimmer 2017 vote. Just wanted you to know im voting for you and i hope this brings you great joy and inspiration!

Discord the archmage, takes Twilight as his pupil.

How close are you to finishing up the chapter

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