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Huge fan of Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. My OC: Inferno Blaze aka The Shadow Knight


12 students from Class 1A are picked to be transferred from UA High in Japan over at Canterlot High in America for three weeks. And upon their arrival, they come face-to-face with the Rainbooms; and befriend the group.

However, the visit takes a turn when new threats arrive at Canterlot High with plans to take down society as a whole.

Now Rainbooms and the hero students must work together to stop them.

Spoiler Warning: Takes place in Season 5 of MHA; though somewhere between episodes 106 & 107.

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Comment posted by zachary12 deleted Feb 24th, 2022

Good start and I am waiting patiently for more.

I love this. But one can consider the weird coloration in the residents of Canterlot City as Quirks by themselves. Most Quirks are at best minor mutations. People with Quirks powerful or versatile enough to be used in Hero Work or cause serious harm is relatively rare. (They still number in the low millions though.)

AWSOME CHAPTER! Cant wait for the next chapter.

Comment posted by TheShadowKnight deleted Feb 24th, 2022

Interesting. I'm gonna save it and read bit by bit

Thanks also it’s my first crossover story so I’m bound to make a few mistakes.

The words could use some polishing, but at least you began the story well. Looking forward to more.

There's an inconsistency in the time: Japan is in +9 time zone, while LA is in -8 or -7, depending on the time of a year, which puts LA 16 or 17 hours behind Japan on the clock. A flight departing from Japan at local time 2PM, arriving in LA after 13 hours, should've arrived at 10 or 11 in the late morning of the same day. Even if one could argue that the time zones might work differently in MHA-verse, there still lies the problem of being dark outside the airport.

Surprised Fluttershy wouldn't care about Koda, who's quirk is very similar to what she does.

Then again, barely anyone recognises Koda, so carry on.

:twilightblush: Yeah, I thought I screwed up the time difference. Probably because time and I don’t have a better understanding of each other.

Thanks for the helpful tip.

"Now Ashido’s determination to bring her new ship to light, and she ain’t gonna stop till she uncovers the truth. Even if it kills her."
Let's hope not

Now that's very interesting. I'm liking this already!

Definitely an interesting premise here. I'm looking forward to seeing some more of this wonderful crossover.

WOOOO, this looks fun! Definitely gonna keep an eye on this one!

We’ll my partner, Israel Yabuki, hasn’t saw much of Season 5 yet; so we’re having this after Season 4.

I would love to look at the manga…. Except I don’t know where to get them… and I don’t know if I can afford them. 🥲

Well, if don’t mind digital apps, you can get the Shonen Jump app(or alternatively sign up on the website), they have all the chapters of the mangas they distribute there for reading.

In order to read them, you just need to sign up, and membership is real cheap too. Only $2 dollars a month.

I’m only saying this because at the current point in MHA’s story it’s currently in it’s final stretch, and I feel knowing that context of future events is important.

Oh yeah, I watched review and updates of them on YouTube. So even if I didn’t read the manga; I’m pretty much caught up with what’s going on.

Well, now, isn't this an interesting start. Could have used a bit more setup on the MHA side of things, though the stated events there do give us a good view into when it would take place, as certain events of the MLA arc must have finished(Is the arc itself over in this crossover, or is that still ongoing?) . Also, creating a connection between two of the 'in charge' characters is a way to further tie in why it would be this town into which they're sent, as All Might's condition is well known by this point, and he might need someone he feels safe with to be comfortable.

I'm going to assume the girls all have their powers, and given the timing, the MHA kids are all going to be 16 or so. Are the CH ladies going to be 16 as well? What about Sunset specifically? Is she still the pony version, or is this a completely human one? What sort of abilities do Prince...Principle Celestia and Luna have? I would assume the HuMane 7 have their normal powers, but can they go farther with them via magic powerups? What is love? And most importantly...who's the ship for this set?(Sorry if any of that was answered, I've been reading in spurts over an hour or so)

You have to be up on the MHA character names in order to follow this first scene.

Timeline appears to be inconsistent with canon because Bakugo failed the provisional license exam (which they refer to) after All Might's muscle form was just gone outright, not merely available only briefly (yet he transforms briefly).

criminal activity in the US? did I hear it right? It's not that particularly bad over there. Also, like, where else would you land? LAX is an international airport Oregon isn't (I am not aware one exist)




Like I said, this is me and Israel’s first crossover story; so there are things we sort of messed up and overlooked. Also Israel hasn’t seen season 5 of MHA and likely hasn’t read the manga. While I have caught up with what’s going on in the MHA universe however, I have to wait until he’s fully caught up so that I can change the setting of what time of events is MHA on.

Also I planned for this to take place around after 11th episode of Season 5; but I need to wait for my partner to watch the rest of the episodes to get caught up.


Do you think Izuku and his friends in Canterot City could go to the other world in Equestria on the other side of the mirror once or twice in the story?

If I had the honor; I’d give you a gold medal 🥇.

KO awesome new story! The UA students of class 1-A have entered the life of the Rainbooms as they will discover something amazing about those girls! I can also imagine Izuku and Sunset being a cool crossover couple! And if Rarity and Applejack will share a guy together, maybe Katsuki or Eijiro. Or Katsuki with Fluttershy as the old saying goes about opposite attracts.

Uh… well, I’m sorry I’m have no intentions of crossover shipping with the MHA and EqG characters. I’m sorry. But also if I do plan on shipping, I’m a IzuOcha fan (Izuku Midoriya x Ochako Uraraka).

Though I can see why you imagine Sunset with Midoriya; I guess I created something out of this? 😂

I'm an IzuOcha and TodoMomo fan. I'm not really a fan of Xover shippings tbh.

P.S. Try imagine Trixie interacting with Bakugou, that will be pretty funny XD

P.S.2. Looking foward for the next chapter.

KO that you did, man. That you did. Maybe you can have Flash and Sunset be back together as a couple.

You could kind of get away with it... just look at the quirk compared to the 3 pony types and match them accordingly.
Making some of their quirk, the magic that could use (if Unicorn)

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