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Huge fan of Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. My OC: Inferno Blaze aka The Shadow Knight

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Thanks to a few posts by a cyberbully on MyStable named Anon-a-Miss, her whole school accuses her of the crimes that she didn’t even commit. Even her best friends believes she’s responsible and instantly abandon her; Sunset Shimmer finds herself alone and heartbroken, believing that there is no one who believes her… who cares for her.

One night, she takes a lonely walk into the streets of town, along the way she passes the Canterlot City Orphanage where she meets a little girl named Snowdrop who, like Sunset, had a rough and unbearable life.

Soon the two form a special bond that will both change their lives, but word of them gets out in CHS, even to Anon-a-Miss. Can Sunset’s and Snowdrop’s newly formed friendship be strong enough against the ones who wish to end it or will both of them go back to where they began... alone.

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