• Published 24th Feb 2018
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The Winter Stars of Christmas - TheShadowKnight

Abandoned by her friends, hated by the school, Sunset Shimmer felt that no one believed and cared for her, but luckily she met someone that was also like her.

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Chapter 2: The Mysterious Girl (EDITED)

Two days later, right after her world came to an end, life at CHS began to become cold and dark.

Sunset Shimmer didn't know what to do, no matter how much she tries to get herself together, the pain she felt inside continues to grow instantly. And every time she walks in the hallways, she keeps getting glares and shouts from everyone and she gets false accusations for posting everyone's secrets, and every time they do, she begs them that she wasn't doing this, that she wasn't Anon-a-Miss.

But the responses she got from them were:




. . . and worst of all She-Demon.

Out of pain and the feeling of betrayal, Sunset Shimmer became obsessed of finding out who is Anon-a-Miss. But every lead she had, always came to dead end. But she never gave up. For her obsession of proving herself innocent to everyone including to her friends, kept her going. But Anon-a-Miss was one step ahead, for she had posted so much hurtful gossip around CHS, it caused many students to get aggressive, making them hard to reason with.

Including her former friends.

After they had confronted her with false ideals, the girls had been avoiding Sunset throughout the days at CHS, and the worst part, one time she spotted them in the school cafeteria and waved at them, all she got from them were glares and silent treatment. From before the Fall Formal, she was alone all her life. To the Battle of the Bands, she had the greatest friends ever. Then to this moment she was back to square one, alone once more.

When the last bell rang, Sunset grabbed her bag, exited out of the classroom, and into the hallway. As she made her way towards the front doors of the school, Sunset heard a voice that sounded like a boy, saying "Out of my way, Anon-a-Miss!", and was then later shoved to the ground. As she laid there, she bolted her head up to see Dumbbell, the look on his face looked like he was pleased, then later a crowd formed around them and in that crowd she saw her former friends watching the whole thing "Ha!, that'll teach you a lesson for all the posting you did."Dumbbell said, then someone out the crowd walked right between the two, facing Dumbbell in the eye, was none other than Flash Sentry, Sunset's ex-boyfriend.

"Okay Dumbbell, I think that's enough!" Flash said, with a tone that showed that he wasn't enjoying this.

"Why not Flash!, someone needs to teach this She-Demon a lesson." Dumbbell said, still taking pride of what he did.

Sunset got on her knees, turned her head towards Flash, confused of why would he stand up for her, but then Flash moved one step closer to Dumbbell, pulled his arm up and jabbed his finger into his chest.

"Don't. . . call. . . her. . . that!" Flash said, with his tone more aggressive then before.

"Call her what? She-Demo--ARH! Before Dumbbell could finish, Flash gave him a huge right hook to the face. Wasn't long before the two were at each other's throats, wrestling, punching and bashing at each other.

The crowd around them watched in shock and amazement, even some were recording on their phones. But then Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie got out of the crowd and tried to break them up.

"Both of ya'll need ta end this right now!" Applejack yelled, as she was pulling on Dumbbell.

"Yeah, both of you knock it off!" Rainbow also yelled, as she and Pinkie tugged on Flash.

Then the two stopped fighting, both of them were still staring at each other while breathing heavily in exhaustion, until their attention was turned away by Sunset, who was watching the whole thing, as tears came from her eyes. As Flash reached his hand out to her, she quickly ran towards the main doors and left the building.

"Huh, running away like a loser." Dumbbell mocked, then Flash turned towards him and gave Dumbbell a huge uppercut, causing him to fall to the ground. "Dirtbag." was the only thing Flash said before he exited through the main doors. Then sooner, the students in the crowd followed, leaving the building, even Dumbbell after he recovered from his knockout blow.

Leaving the Rainbooms, the only people in CHS.

"Why I'd never want to see that again." Rarity said "I mean, Flash did have reason to, but he shouldn't have done that."

"I agree." Fluttershy said

"Are you kidding?," Rainbow replied with excitement, for some reason, "I would give him a high-five, Dumbbell was a huge jerk in my days!"

As the moon began to rise in the sky, Sunset Shimmer lies in her bed, at her apartment, thinking about today. She thought over a lot right now, her ex got into fight with another student while standing up for her. Well she doubted if Flash stood up for her or not, he could done it for anyone, well except Dumbbell, he's a jerk. But what most surprised her. Was that her former friends were watching the whole thing, and they didn't even helped one bit.

All this negativity flowed through her mind like a never-ending cycle, she didn't know how ease it, but luckily one thought came to her mind: 'Maybe I should take a midnight stroll, that would help me a lot', so Sunset got out of her bed, put on her winter clothes and left the apartment.

Three hours later

Sunset walked along the streets of Canterlot City, still having the negative thoughts in her mind. She passed through many buildings and houses, but the one place she passed four minutes ago, gave her so much negativity and pain: the Sugarcube Corner Cafe, a place were she usually hang out with the girls and have conversations about how was their day, their successes and all the fun times they had. Those memories caused the pain inside her heart, to grow even more.

Oh how much she wanted them back: the school's trust, her friends, her life. She wanted it all back, in fact she would give anything, just to have it for a single second. But she knew there was no way to get it back. It was all gone.

After a few minutes of walking, she came across a huge building with a sign saying: Canterlot City Orphanage, a place where all the children without parents or families, seek refuge. She manage to avoid the people of this place the day after she arrived into this world. If anyone found out she living alone with no parent or guardian, they will instantly take her in without her saying.

Before she walked away, something caught her eyes. A girl, that was about Applebloom’s age but only 2 years older, sitting on a bench near a lamppost on the sidewalk next to the orphanage.

When Sunset got closer, she can see the girl wearing a headband, a scarf, and a winter coat and boots. But Sunset didn't go unnoticed, "W-Who's there?" the girl spoke, her voice was almost like Fluttershy's, only much more quiet. As the girl turned her head towards her direction, Sunset got worried but soon was confused. The girl was staring at her but she didn’t react, she just kept moving her head towards different directions. When Sunset finally got a good glimpse of the girl's eyes, for she can see them but, there was a blur in them. It would explain why the girl can hear her but couldn’t see her coming. She is blind.

After she spoke, Sunset responded to the girl's question, "Um my name is Sunset Shimmer, sorry for startling you, but what are you doing out here?"

When the girl heard Sunset, she said "I always come out here every night, to do a little stargazing."

"Not that I'm being rude and all, but...", Sunset spoke as she sat down next to the girl, trying not to scare her, but she didn't mind "Can you even see them?"

After Sunset said her opinion, the girl responded "Well no, but I can hear them."

Sunset was then surprised. "Wait! You can actually hear them?" Sunset responded.

"Uh-huh, I can hear them twinkle throughout the entire night." the girl said.

"Wow, you listen better than anyone I know!" Sunset said in a surprising tone.

"Yeah, my mother use to tell me that too." the girl replied, it took awhile for Sunset to process it in her mind, but she had a clear answer, "Oh, I-I'm sorry." Sunset replied, feeling sympathy for the her.

"Its okay," the girl said "From what I've heard, it happens to everyone. So um, Sunset how are you doing?"

"*sigh* Not great," Sunset responded to the girl's question, "The situation I'm dealing with right now is kinda worse for me."

"Well I hope it isn't worse than mine," Snowdrop said. This then left Sunset confused, what is this girl talking about and what situation she is going through that can be more worse than her's. Wanting to know, she asked the girl, "What do you mean, you're situation is more worse?"

Hearing Sunset's question, the girl answered: "Well you see, my condition didn't happen in some freak accident, I am basically born with it.” While the girl was telling her story, Sunset listened to every word the girl was saying. "And no matter how different I was or what many people said, my mother loved me with all her heart," then after the girl said that, her voice began cracking as she continued. "B-but, one night... a fire mysteriously started in our house...a-and my... m-mother got me out as fast she could...b-but... s-she got caught in the f-flames a-and..." couldn't bear it any longer, the girl began to weep.

As she did, Sunset wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into a hug, in order to comfort her, "I-it's okay, I know it's hard for you, so take your time."

As the girl calmed downed, she looked up to Sunset and gave her a weak smile and soon later continued "After the incident... a-and my mother's funeral, I was sent here, to the orphanage, and a women who runs it, Ms. Kind Heart took care of me each day. But the other children treat me like I was different. And they mostly, like all the time, never even wanted to befriend me! They even said that... a-a useless girl like m-me couldn't do anything."

Then the girl began to shed tears once again and still Sunset held the girl in her arms to give her comfort. She still couldn't believe that this sweet, innocent girl would go through all that, even if the world can be cruel, it was still unbelievable.

"Well uhhh... what's your name?" Sunset asked the girl.

"My name is Snowdrop," the girl replied.

"Well Snowdrop, If it helps I think those people who said that about you. Are the one's who are blind." Sunset stated.

"Really?" Snowdrop said, then later Sunset responded. "Yes, I mean you haven't been born with your vision. But you were born with an amazing gift, and if your mother can see that, then you are a very special girl."

Snowdrop was touched by Sunset's words and she believed that Sunset was really a person with a pure and good heart. "Thank's Sunset," Snowdrop said.

"You're welcome," Sunset replied.

"Uh... Sunset" Snowdrop said.

"Yes, Snowdrop." Sunset said.

"What you said earlier about the situation you're dealing with," Snowdrop asked, "How worse was it."

Sunset was taken back by Snowdrop's question, she didn't want to tell Snowdrop about her situation, but after she told Sunset, her story, it wouldn't hurt to share so she answered: "Well, at my school... CHS, some online user called Anon-a-Miss on a website, was posting hurtful gossip and secrets about everyone in school, even my friends!" then Sunset's voice started to crack and tears began to pour from her eyes, "Then t-the whole school turned against me, a-and m-m-my friends abandoned m-me! No matter what I tried! No m-matter how much I tried to prove my innocence!... No one believes me!"

Before Sunset began to cry, she felt the Snowdrop's grasp around her tighten even more. As Sunset looked back at her, Snowdrop said something that she wanted to hear for a long time, "I-I believe you."

Sunset heard the girl's words, and instead of crying in pain, Sunset was shedding tears of joy, "T-Thank you!" was all she could say.

While the two where hugging, a tall women came out doors of the orphanage and called out to them, Sunset couldn't hear what the women said, but the girl next to her, heard it very clearly, "We'll I better go, it was nice talking to you Sunset Shimmer," the girl said, then she took her cane and walked her way to the women.

"See you later then, Snowdrop!" Sunset spoke up as she was waving towards Snowdrop.

As Snowdrop was near the entrance into the building, she turned around and waved back at Sunset, and soon she entered the orphanage. Sunset Shimmer smiled for the first time since after two days, for she was happy that Snowdrop believed her, out of everyone that didn't, she did.

Sunset then got up from the bench, and began her walk back to her apartment, believing that there was one person who actually believed her.

Author's Note:

Presenting Snowdrop everyone!

Art done by FerroKiva