The Winter Stars of Christmas

by TheShadowKnight

Chapter 3: New Arrival at CHS

In the morning, Sunset Shimmer sits at her kitchen table, while drinking her coffee. She is still trying to solve the mystery of Anon-a-Miss, though it was difficult for her to think when she was exhausted from her walk last night.

But something did come into her thoughts or someone, Snowdrop. Ever since Sunset met her last night, she can still remember what Snowdrop said to her: "I believe you,". Those words echoed through her mind, never to even cease. Somehow she felt warm every time hearing those three exact words. She didn't know why, but she didn't care.

Then later she checked her phone, and it says 7:14 AM, then sooner the warmth inside her turned into anxiety. "Oh no!," she shouted "I'm gonna be late for CH--" then she stopped, after remembering the name of the place she was about to say. Her anxiety increased even more, for she was so distracted for thinking about her meeting with Snowdrop, that she forgot about the place where she was still hated. But she shook the anxiety from her mind and putting on her winter clothes, grabbed her bag and went out the door.

In CHS, the Rainbooms sit at their table in the school cafeteria, watching how everyone was arguing and yelling at each other. For Anon-a-Miss had posted several more secrets and gossip. Sooner but quicker, many friendships were destroyed and several fights broke out in hallways and classrooms. As of now, the school was in complete chaos.

"Ha, now this is my liking!"

Shut up! Discord, get the hell out of my story, you're ruining it for the audience!

"Uhhhh, Fine."


The Rainbooms had a conversation about their opinions of all this, except for Fluttershy, who remained silent throughout it.

"This is crazy!" Rainbow yelled, "Thank's to Anon-a-Miss!--or should I say 'Sunset Shimmer', the school is destroying itself!"

"Indeed." said Pinkie Pie "I tried to cheer up a couple of students, but they ended up fighting each other. It's like nobody’s even wanting to have fun anymore."

"I can't believe Sunset would do this," Rarity replied, still unsure about the situation. “In fact, why would she even do this?!"

"Ah don't know, Rares," Applejack said, who herself was also unsure. "I just don't know."

As the rest of them were continuing to talk, Fluttershy was thinking to herself about the Anon-a-Miss situation also. But she had some doubt in her mind if Sunset was doing this: what was there for her gain? Why would she just throw away the life she was given-- just to get revenge on the entire school. This was confusing, even for her.

Then the group’s conversation, including the rest of the students’ arguments came to an end when Sunset Shimmer enters the cafeteria. They all looked at her direction, keeping their focus on her as she stood where she was. This started to frighten Sunset and no one realized that. Or that no one cares.

While avoiding and keeping her distance from everybody else, Sunset walked over and sat at a nearby table, that was about 30 feet away from her finer friends’ table. As Sunset sat there for a few seconds, she watches how everyone glared at her, even her friends who later went back to their conversation. And especially Gilda and Lightning Dust.

Ever since their secrets were posted online for everyone in the school to see. One of Anon-A-Miss’s posts revealed Gilda kissing a girl student while a second one revealed Lightning’s bad habits which got her kicked off the soccer team. For a long while, they watched Sunset like vultures circling wounded prey, waiting to strike at any moment. And that's what she is right now, alone and vulnerable.

Then seconds later, she later spotted Flash Sentry walking towards her table. She was confused and nervous about it until he got closer and asked: "Do you mind if I join you?"

Sunset didn't know how to respond and instead simply nodded. As Flash sat down across from her and began eating his lunch, the two sat there for who knows how long until Flash broke the silence.

"So uh, how are you doing?" he said.

"I'm fine," Sunset replied. "Why are you sitting with me? shouldn't you be hanging out with your friends."

"Yeeeeaah. . . about that," Flash respond. "After my little scuffle with Dumbbell yesterday, he's got everyone convinced that I'm on your side and my friends stopped hanging out with me afterward. And sometimes he really makes me want to smack that ridiculous smirk of his, off his pathetic face." He whispered his last sentence, with venom in his voices.

Sunset couldn't help but giggle at that last part, Flash then does the same, happy that his statement cheered up Sunset. Later the golden/red haired teen soon remembered something from yesterday of how Flash defended her from Dumbbell. "I just have one question, Flash. . ." Sunset said. "Why did you stood up for me yesterday?"

"Because you're innocent, Sunset," Flash responded. "And I know you would never give up your friends or the new reputation you've tried to build for yourself after the Fall Formal. And when I saw how you were being treated, I couldn't just stand there and watch."

Sunset was yet shocked, but rather touched by Flash's words. The spark that was ignited within her because of Snowdrop, started to become a small flame of love and joy. It’s like the world has sympathy for her and trying to make her life better.

Before she could reply to Flash's response, the head director of CHS: Principle Celestia's voice came on the speaker of the cafeteria. "SUNSET SHIMMER, PLEASE REPORT TO MY OFFICE." As she heard the announcement, Sunset felt a chill in her body and without hesitation, she got out of her seat and began to walk towards the cafeteria doors. After Sunset left, the students within the cafeteria started to whisper to each other and not in a good way.

"Oh, she's in trouble nooooowww!"

"What do you think is gonna be her punishment?"

"I hope she gets expelled from school, it'll do everyone good!"

As the whispering turned into loud conversations, the Rainbooms still sat at their table thinking about what is about to happen. As for Flash Sentry, he felt nothing but worry for Sunset and hopes nothing goes wrong.

As Sunset makes her way towards the principle's office, she tries not to think of what would become of her once she reaches her destination.

When she got in front of the door of the office, she took a deep breath and entered. Inside the room, Principle Celestia sat behind her desk staring at Sunset and beside her was Vice-Principle Luna. "Sunset Shimmer, Thank you for joining us, please have a seat," Celestia said. Sunset then sat down in a chair in front of the two principles while still nervous about not knowing what's about to happen. "Do you know why you are called here for," Celestia asked.

"It's about Anon-a-Miss isn't it. .!" Sunset replied in a frightened tone. "Cause if it is, I've told you before, just like everyone else, that I'm not Anon-a-Miss! What will it take to convince you that I’m innocent in all of this!" Sunset then breathed in more after her statement.

They all stood quietly in the room, not saying a single word. The two principals remained silent after Sunset’s pleads. That is when Celestia was the first to break the silence. "Sunset, we do not believe you're Anon-a-Miss."

Sunset's eyes widened in shock, "Really?, you don't believe it's me?"

The two principles smiled and later nodded. This then causes Sunset to jump out of her chair and pull in the two adults for a hug. "Oh thank you! thank you! thank you!" Sunset shouted.

"Don't thank us Ms. Shimmer." Vice-Principle Luna responded to Sunset's cheerful outburst and then pointed to the left side of the room. "Thank her for convincing us."

Sunset then turned her head to where Luna was pointing at, and the smile on her face grew even more when she saw who it was. Snowdrop. "SNOWDROP!" Sunset shouted again with excitement, she then paced towards to her, kneed down to Snowdrop's level and the two wrapped their arms around each other for one big hug.

Then after few seconds, Sunset then breaks her hug with Snowdrop and still have that smile on her face. "It's so good to see you again, Snowdrop!" Sunset said.

"And it's so good to see you again!, Sunset. Or hear you for that matter" Snowdrop replied with a smile on her face. The two soon giggle at Snowdrop’s almost-likely joke.

Sunset Shimmer didn't know what to say next, for she was just too joyful to even think about anything. But she did have one thing on her mind.

"Snowdrop, what are you doing here at CHS?" The teenage girl asked.

Then the principles soon got involved within the conversation. "Miss Snowdrop here is attending our school, Ms. Shimmer," Luna responds to her question. Sunset then turned towards them. Snowdrop is attending her school, is this a dream. But from the look on the principal’s faces, it’s not. "Really!" she replied.

"Really,” Celestia exclaimed. "But she needs someone to help her get to her classes without getting lost, due to her... condition. And since you two look like you already knew each other. We thought that you Sunset Shimmer might volun-" "YES! YES! ABSOLUTELY, YES!" Celestia was then interrupted by the cheerful screens of Sunset before she could say more. After feeling completely embarrassed, Sunset later tries to act cool after that outburst, but it didn’t fool anybody in the room.

"If that's okay with you." She replied.

The two women chuckled at Sunset’s 2nd cheerful outburst. They were glad to see Sunset happy after these past few days. Though this is was something they didn’t expect, but at least she wasn’t depressed anymore.

“Well then it's settled then, you better get to your classes before the bell rings," Luna said while opening the door for Sunset and Snowdrop to exit the room.

As they left the office, Sunset then leads Snowdrop to her first classroom; mathematics with Ms. Cheerilee. Which surprisingly was two classrooms away from Sunset's biology class. As the Snowdrop enters her classroom and introducing herself to her classmates, Sunset then walks towards the doors into her classroom. As she entered the room, Sunset's smile and happy demeanor didn't go unnoticed by her teacher or her classmates.

In fact, it freaked them all out.

As Sunset sat down in her desk, Flash who was sitting in his desk next to her, leaned towards her and whispered: "Uh Sunset, are you alright?" Sunset then turns towards him and respond to his question. "I'm alright Flash. In fact, I'm more than alright." Before class was about to begin, all the students couldn’t hypothesize Sunset's mysteriously joyful behavior, they were all both confused and shocked. More than shocked, they were all terrified.