• Published 24th Feb 2018
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The Winter Stars of Christmas - TheShadowKnight

Abandoned by her friends, hated by the school, Sunset Shimmer felt that no one believed and cared for her, but luckily she met someone that was also like her.

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Chapter 4: The Beginning of an Unbreakable Bond.

It was during free period, as Sunset and Snowdrop sat in the school library and studied together, Sunset read the history books she and Snowdrop pick out, and Snowdrop would listen and gather up the information that Sunset has given her. But overall, the two worked well together and later Sunset asked Snowdrop about her first day at CHS, Snowdrop told her that she was nervous at first about it but later gotten use to it, she started to like her new teacher and her classmates.

But then Snowdrop also told Sunset that during her class period, she was teased and mocked for her blindness, then later she was tripped when she got up from her desk. She didn't exactly know who they were, but she did heard them call her a useless girl. Hearing this caused anger to slowly grow inside Sunset, making her having thoughts like: 'When I find out who they are, they'll be wishing that they were never born! '.

But that didn't ruin their day and then later on continued with their studies, but the they didn't go unnoticed.

Hiding behind the bookshelfves near them, Sunset's former friends watched the two for hours. Applejack's sister Applebloom came to them when free period began and told them about Sunset's strange behavior, then they wanted to find out about it. Now as they're watching this for themselves, they were both creeped out and confused. And they believe that the new student Snowdrop, that Sunset is studying with, could be the reason. They saw how much Sunset and Snowdrop were fond of each other and how much happy they were together. They except Fluttershy believe that Sunset is tricking and taking advantage of the girl just like she did to them. If only they knew.

"What does that kid see in her?" said Rainbow Dash, doing her best to stay quiet.

"Ah don't know Dash," replied Applejack "I can't even tell why would she trust that snake."

"The poor darling must be confused, after all she is new here." Rarity replied also.

"I just hope Sunset doesn't steal her secrets," Pinkie Pie said "Right Fluttershy... uh Fluttershy?"

Fluttershy didn't payed attention to her friends and instead was more focused on Sunset and the new student. She never seen Sunset this happy ever since they left her in the hallway after they confronted her, Fluttershy witnessed how miserable Sunset was after that day, even when she was shoved violently by Dumbbell. But when this new girl attended in CHS, Sunset became less miserable than she was before and the two acted like they had become the best of friends. More than what Sunset was with them. Fluttershy felt weird at first, but now she felt fortunate that this girl made a huge impact on Sunset's life and that what these two felt for each other, was real.

"Hey Fluttershy, you with us?" Fluttershy was then snapped out of her thoughts when Pinkie Pie finally got her attention.

"Sorry Pinkie," Fluttershy said "I was just thinking about something."

The others looked at her in confusion, "What it is, sugarcube" Applejack replied.

"I was just thinking that. . ." Fluttershy stopped for a second, took a deep breath and continued, "That maybe. Maybe Sunset actually cares for this girl, rather than trying steal her secrets."

"WHAT!" they all shouted. The noise they made Sunset hear them and later looked behind the the library bookshelves where they were hiding and responded in a concern tone. "What were you doing spying on us?!".

As the group turned their heads towards her, Rainbow Dash replied "Well Sunset, the better question is what are you doing with the new student?. . . trying to get her secrets too!"

"Her name is Snowdrop, Rainbow." Sunset said "And for the last time, I'm not Anon-a-Miss!, when will you figure it out by now."

"Uh I. . ." Fluttershy tried to speak but was interrupted by Applejack.

"Cut the lying Sunset, we know ya want the girl around ya just for her secrets!"

"That's not true!" Sunset protested "I would never harm Snowdrop!"

"And why would you say that?. . . you hurt us!" Rarity replied, then Sunset began to raise her voice.

"Because Snowdrop is only person that believes I'm not Anon-a-Miss!. . . and she is the only person that has ever made me feel this happy ever since you abandoned me!. . . BECAUSE I LOVE HER! "


They all heard a quiet voice nearby, and when they looked towards to who it is. . . Snowdrop stood behind Sunset hearing the whole conversation without them noticing. "So it is true?," Snowdrop said, "you actually abandon Sunset, without even thinking otherwise."

The Rainbooms didn't know how to respond to Snowdrop, without trying to put pressure on the girl. Before they could, the school bell rang, bringing an end to the period.

"C'mon Snowdrop," said Sunset who was starting down calm down, "Let's get you to class."

As the two left the library, leaving the five girls all alone, thinking about how difficult this situation was, until the school librarian found them. . . and she wasn't in a good mood, "Shhhhh, be quiet in the library." she said in a stern, but quiet and creepy tone, between her and Sunset's outburst from earlier, she frighten them more. Later the group left the library and headed for their classes.

After the last bell at CHS rang, as all the students left home to get some rest or hang out. . . which no one does now thanks to you know who, Sunset and Snowdrop exited the building after everyone else left. Sunset now usually walks Snowdrop back to the orphanage, that was along the way back to her apartment, Snowdrop appreciated her company. As the two were about to set off, a navy blue Camaro with a similar marking on it's hood, pulled over beside them and then the window of the car began to open revealing Flash Sentry, "Hey you two need a lift?, I can get you both home before dark." He asked them. Sunset smiled at Flash's offer, "Thanks Flash we really appreciate it," she replied, "Oh. . . by the way, Snowdrop this is Flash Sentry. . ." Snowdrop later waved hello to the teen, ". . .and Flash, this is Snowdrop." as she finished, Flash looked at Snowdrop and responded "Snowdrop uh, the girl who cause Sunset the most happiness she's ever felt. . . it's nice meeting you in person." Snowdrop lightly blushed from Flash's response, "T-Thanks" she said.

Then the two got into his car and they drove away from CHS.

As Flash's car stopped at the Canterlot City Orphanage to drop off Snowdrop, she and Sunset waved each other goodbye as the car moved away from the street the orphanage was on. When the car had driven off towards Sunset's apartment, the two teens had a small conversation along the way.

"So Sunset. . ." Flash said, "I can see how much you enjoy her."

"Oh Flash," Sunset replied with a happy tone, "She was the best thing that ever happened in my life!"

"How much?. . ." Flash asked, but didn't finished that last part.

"What?" replied Sunset, confused of what Flash is saying.

"How much does she mean to you, Sunset?," Flash finished "What is she to you?"

Sunset took that question into her head, how much did Snowdrop meant to her? was a big question indeed. She only had one answer, but she didn't how to describe it in a way. "Well. . . to be honest Flash," Sunset responds as she was starting to get emotional, "Snowdrop has become the only person I grew closer to, more than I was with my friends and sometimes I feel happy, sad, and worried for her and sometimes . . . she's like a little sister I've never had before, she felt. . .like my family"

"It sounds great you've found someone who feels like a family figure towards you," Flash replied. "It'll keep your mind off the Anon-a-Miss fiasco going on."

"Thanks Flash." Sunset said.

Then after a long drive, the car pulled over at Sunset's apartment and as her and Flash waved each other goodbye, Sunset entered her apartment, exhausted from the day she had. Though she kinda admit that she did however felt like Snowdrop was a huge change in her life and more. Sunset remembered that when she argued with her former friends. . . she admitted that she loved Snowdrop, and she really meant that. Sunset then got on her pajamas, got into bed and was about to go to sleep until a glowing light caught her eye and it came from her bag. When she reached for it and opens it, she sees the journal she had, glowing and giving off buzzing noise, it meant Princess Twilight has send her a text, as Sunset opens the journal to the page Twilight's message appeared:

Sunset, I got your message from two days ago, sorry I didn't respond to you sooner!. . . Are you alright?!. . . What's going on?!

Then Sunset takes out her pen from her bag and responded to the message:

Dear Princess Twilight,
Don't worry about me, I'm alright, in fact more than I ever was.

Then Sunset finished writing and waited for Twilight to respond, until another message appeared on the page:

Sunset, Are you sure you're alright? You sounded joyful.

Sunset reads the message and again respond:

Oh Twilight, there is so much to tell you. . .