The Winter Stars of Christmas

by TheShadowKnight

First published

Abandoned by her friends, hated by the school, Sunset Shimmer felt that no one believed and cared for her, but luckily she met someone that was also like her.

Thanks to a few posts by a cyberbully on MyStable named Anon-a-Miss, her whole school accuses her of the crimes that she didn’t even commit. Even her best friends believes she’s responsible and instantly abandon her; Sunset Shimmer finds herself alone and heartbroken, believing that there is no one who believes her… who cares for her.

One night, she takes a lonely walk into the streets of town, along the way she passes the Canterlot City Orphanage where she meets a little girl named Snowdrop who, like Sunset, had a rough and unbearable life.

Soon the two form a special bond that will both change their lives, but word of them gets out in CHS, even to Anon-a-Miss. Can Sunset’s and Snowdrop’s newly formed friendship be strong enough against the ones who wish to end it or will both of them go back to where they began... alone.

Chapter 1: The Day of Reckoning

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As the snow fell gently outside of her apartment, Sunset Shimmer slept peacefully in her bed dreaming pleasant dreams. She dreamt herself and her friends hanging out and laughing together at a party were everyone was happy as they can be. Telling stories and traditions, drinking hot coco and eggnog, also giving presents to one another. It was something she didn't want to end. Until.


Sunset groaned as she was awoken and annoyed by the loud noise of an alarm going off in her phone. She reached out towards it, silenced the alarm and checked what was the time and the clock on her phone said that it was 7:00 AM. 'Well better get ready for CHS, it'd be nice to see the girls there after our amazing time at Rarity's house', Sunset thought to herself. She could still remember how much fun she had with the girls at their slumber parties at their houses, not her apartment. It’s not that she doesn't want them over, it's just she doesn't know how to host her own slumber party.

After she got dressed and walked to the front door of the apartment, she grabbed her school bag that was still carrying the journal she uses to contact her friend Princess Twilight Sparkle in Equestria. Sunset sometimes writes in the journal to report to Twilight about what she learned about friendship, even about her friend's slumber parties. When she had everything needed for today, she went out the door and began walking towards CHS.


It was a long walk, but it provided Sunset time to think over how far she's come. At first she was a tyrant who was ruthless and alone, but after that, she became a changed person who sought redemption for her crimes and was desperate for everyone's forgiveness. After the Fall Formal, Sunset worked so hard in order to prove to the whole school that she is trying to become a whole new person. But earning their trust and forgiveness wasn't gonna be easy. Luckily she had five good friends who stood by her side and had her back; Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie. With their help she finally had managed to prove herself to the school and earned their trust back.

And she couldn't even stop feeling happy when she is with the girls. They made her feel loved and supported so much, it made Sunset believe that everything had finally gone her way. Until the day a cyberbully on MyStable mysteriously showed up, so soon after the Battle of the Bands and weeks before winter break, calling itself Anon-a-Miss.

No one knew who he or she is, not even Sunset and her friends too, but they do know one thing, that this Anon-a-Miss did not respect anyone's privacy, cause for some mysterious reason she somehow found out about Applejack's nickname and posted it online for the whole school to see. And then instantly all the students teased AJ and made oinking sounds at her. When Sunset asked her if she was alright, Applejack simply replied to her that she'll be fine and that she can handle a little teasing.

But Sunset and the others knew that this will one day go way to far.

But that didn't stop them from having the sleepover at Rarity's and they had a blast, even Applejack forgot about the online post and the teasing. And also Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy had their little private music concert until Pinkie tried to do a stage dive that ended up breaking a door for the twelfth time! Then later they took selfies while wearing the clothes they found in Rarity's Closet of Shame. Then later that night Sunset wrote to Twilight of how much she felt love and accepted by the girls and also that she felt like she's finally a part of a family.

Sunset Shimmer loved these new memories she's made and was glad that she has earned friends like the girls, she felt like she couldn't want anything in the world but them.

A few minutes later, Sunset has finally reached CHS and as she entered, she began wondering why was everyone staring at her whenever she walked past them. She began to get suspicious, but later cleared the thought from her mind when she spotted her friends in the hallway, "Hey girls!, what's going. . ." Sunset called out to them but when they were in her sight, she saw them glaring at her. "On?" She then finished, but was more confused about what's going on.

All of them looked at her strangely, as if they were upset towards her. Sunset then repeated her question fully but in her head: What's going on?. Sunset didn't know what to do or what to say, she was speechless.

She was hoping for an answer, but instead she received a question:

"Sunset, do you. . ." Applejack responded at first, then later revised to: "Have you lost your phone recently?"

Sunset was confused, why would Applejack ask her if she lost her phone. "Um no?" Sunset replied then later reached into her pockets and pulled out her phone, "It's right here, why?"

Then all of a sudden, Applejack gave Sunset a look that shows she was clearly upset after she gave her answer, then AJ shoved her own phone towards her, and said with a furious tone: "Then you need ta explain this."

Sunset took AJ's phone to see what was she talking about, and there it's shown opened to the Anon-a-Miss' page, and it showed it's latest post that updated two days ago, and to Sunset's surprise, it had the pictures she took from Rarity's sleepover and above them, there was a message: OMG. . . what a bunch of dorks! Hahaha.

Sunset was shocked 'How is this possible?!' she thought in her mind.

"WHAT?!?" Sunset shouted, still unsure of how did this happened. "How. . . how did she get our pictures?"

"They're not our pictures, Sunset." Applejack said, while still furious.

"They're yours." said Rainbow Dash

"All those pictures were taken by you." Applejack finished after Rainbow spoke.

Sunset couldn't believe what was happening and how did Anon-a-Miss got her hands on these pictures, and also why would her friends be angry at her. This didn't make any sense.

"Wait, but--" Sunset replied "I. . .I've had my phone all this time! How did she--"

AJ then took her own phone back from Sunset's hand, interrupting what she had to say, and said "Yeah how did she?" then later she lunged forward halfway towards Sunset's face and shouted "How did she know about my nickname? How did she get the pictures from your phone?" Then AJ lifted her arm up, jabbed her finger into Sunset's sternum and continued "It was you all along! You're Anon-a-Miss!"

"We trusted you, Sunset!" Rainbow Dash also shouted "We thought you were our friend!"

After Rainbow, Rarity also spoke up, but in a disappointing tone; "How could you do this? After all we've been through together?"

Sunset couldn't believe what she was hearing, after everything she did for them, they're just gonna assume she's back to her old ways, how could they just turn their backs on her when clearly someone was trying to frame her, but no matter what she tried to say. . . no matter how much she begged, they'd never listen one bit.

"No, wait, you guys--" Sunset tried to explain "I didn't do this! I could never hurt any of you."

"But you did!" Pinkie Pie shouted "You've must've just been pretending to be our friend, when all along you were just after our secrets! You--You secret-stealer!"

After everything they've been through, after she helped them defeat the Sirens, they'd just. . . accuse her of wanting to steal their secrets, that's absurd!

"No! No! I don't know how she got this stuff but it wasn't me," Sunset shouted "I'm not this person!"

Then Fluttershy, the timid and shy one of the group, shouted back at her, with tears like waterfalls in eyes, "No, you're not! You're not the person we thought you were! You're not our friend!"

Sunset was beginning to have tears in her eyes and her voice was cracking, for every word they said, broke her heart, "No I. . . I am. I promise."

This is it, Sunset." Applejack said, "You're not going to take advantage of us any more."

That's when Sunset collapsed on her knees, believing her heart couldn't take much of the pain.

"I'm sorry, but you did this to us." Applejack replied again, "Tell whatever secrets you want. . ."

Couldn't hold the pain in anymore, Sunset Shimmer started crying and didn't had the strength to look at the girls.

". . . but we don't have to listen," as Applejack finished, Sunset could hear her friends. . . her former friends walk away, leaving her to suffer the pain she felt. Sunset couldn't believe the perfect life she was given, had now shattered.

While crying her pain, she spoke silently to whoever was watching over her "P. . . P-Please," Sunset whispered " Please. . . l-let there be someone out there. . . someone who can believe me."

After whispering, she continued crying in the hallway, hoping that someone with a good heart would care to help her.

But there was nothing, no students or no teachers were walking by, nothing but silence.

Chapter 2: The Mysterious Girl (EDITED)

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Two days later, right after her world came to an end, life at CHS began to become cold and dark.

Sunset Shimmer didn't know what to do, no matter how much she tries to get herself together, the pain she felt inside continues to grow instantly. And every time she walks in the hallways, she keeps getting glares and shouts from everyone and she gets false accusations for posting everyone's secrets, and every time they do, she begs them that she wasn't doing this, that she wasn't Anon-a-Miss.

But the responses she got from them were:




. . . and worst of all She-Demon.

Out of pain and the feeling of betrayal, Sunset Shimmer became obsessed of finding out who is Anon-a-Miss. But every lead she had, always came to dead end. But she never gave up. For her obsession of proving herself innocent to everyone including to her friends, kept her going. But Anon-a-Miss was one step ahead, for she had posted so much hurtful gossip around CHS, it caused many students to get aggressive, making them hard to reason with.

Including her former friends.

After they had confronted her with false ideals, the girls had been avoiding Sunset throughout the days at CHS, and the worst part, one time she spotted them in the school cafeteria and waved at them, all she got from them were glares and silent treatment. From before the Fall Formal, she was alone all her life. To the Battle of the Bands, she had the greatest friends ever. Then to this moment she was back to square one, alone once more.

When the last bell rang, Sunset grabbed her bag, exited out of the classroom, and into the hallway. As she made her way towards the front doors of the school, Sunset heard a voice that sounded like a boy, saying "Out of my way, Anon-a-Miss!", and was then later shoved to the ground. As she laid there, she bolted her head up to see Dumbbell, the look on his face looked like he was pleased, then later a crowd formed around them and in that crowd she saw her former friends watching the whole thing "Ha!, that'll teach you a lesson for all the posting you did."Dumbbell said, then someone out the crowd walked right between the two, facing Dumbbell in the eye, was none other than Flash Sentry, Sunset's ex-boyfriend.

"Okay Dumbbell, I think that's enough!" Flash said, with a tone that showed that he wasn't enjoying this.

"Why not Flash!, someone needs to teach this She-Demon a lesson." Dumbbell said, still taking pride of what he did.

Sunset got on her knees, turned her head towards Flash, confused of why would he stand up for her, but then Flash moved one step closer to Dumbbell, pulled his arm up and jabbed his finger into his chest.

"Don't. . . call. . . her. . . that!" Flash said, with his tone more aggressive then before.

"Call her what? She-Demo--ARH! Before Dumbbell could finish, Flash gave him a huge right hook to the face. Wasn't long before the two were at each other's throats, wrestling, punching and bashing at each other.

The crowd around them watched in shock and amazement, even some were recording on their phones. But then Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie got out of the crowd and tried to break them up.

"Both of ya'll need ta end this right now!" Applejack yelled, as she was pulling on Dumbbell.

"Yeah, both of you knock it off!" Rainbow also yelled, as she and Pinkie tugged on Flash.

Then the two stopped fighting, both of them were still staring at each other while breathing heavily in exhaustion, until their attention was turned away by Sunset, who was watching the whole thing, as tears came from her eyes. As Flash reached his hand out to her, she quickly ran towards the main doors and left the building.

"Huh, running away like a loser." Dumbbell mocked, then Flash turned towards him and gave Dumbbell a huge uppercut, causing him to fall to the ground. "Dirtbag." was the only thing Flash said before he exited through the main doors. Then sooner, the students in the crowd followed, leaving the building, even Dumbbell after he recovered from his knockout blow.

Leaving the Rainbooms, the only people in CHS.

"Why I'd never want to see that again." Rarity said "I mean, Flash did have reason to, but he shouldn't have done that."

"I agree." Fluttershy said

"Are you kidding?," Rainbow replied with excitement, for some reason, "I would give him a high-five, Dumbbell was a huge jerk in my days!"

As the moon began to rise in the sky, Sunset Shimmer lies in her bed, at her apartment, thinking about today. She thought over a lot right now, her ex got into fight with another student while standing up for her. Well she doubted if Flash stood up for her or not, he could done it for anyone, well except Dumbbell, he's a jerk. But what most surprised her. Was that her former friends were watching the whole thing, and they didn't even helped one bit.

All this negativity flowed through her mind like a never-ending cycle, she didn't know how ease it, but luckily one thought came to her mind: 'Maybe I should take a midnight stroll, that would help me a lot', so Sunset got out of her bed, put on her winter clothes and left the apartment.

Three hours later

Sunset walked along the streets of Canterlot City, still having the negative thoughts in her mind. She passed through many buildings and houses, but the one place she passed four minutes ago, gave her so much negativity and pain: the Sugarcube Corner Cafe, a place were she usually hang out with the girls and have conversations about how was their day, their successes and all the fun times they had. Those memories caused the pain inside her heart, to grow even more.

Oh how much she wanted them back: the school's trust, her friends, her life. She wanted it all back, in fact she would give anything, just to have it for a single second. But she knew there was no way to get it back. It was all gone.

After a few minutes of walking, she came across a huge building with a sign saying: Canterlot City Orphanage, a place where all the children without parents or families, seek refuge. She manage to avoid the people of this place the day after she arrived into this world. If anyone found out she living alone with no parent or guardian, they will instantly take her in without her saying.

Before she walked away, something caught her eyes. A girl, that was about Applebloom’s age but only 2 years older, sitting on a bench near a lamppost on the sidewalk next to the orphanage.

When Sunset got closer, she can see the girl wearing a headband, a scarf, and a winter coat and boots. But Sunset didn't go unnoticed, "W-Who's there?" the girl spoke, her voice was almost like Fluttershy's, only much more quiet. As the girl turned her head towards her direction, Sunset got worried but soon was confused. The girl was staring at her but she didn’t react, she just kept moving her head towards different directions. When Sunset finally got a good glimpse of the girl's eyes, for she can see them but, there was a blur in them. It would explain why the girl can hear her but couldn’t see her coming. She is blind.

After she spoke, Sunset responded to the girl's question, "Um my name is Sunset Shimmer, sorry for startling you, but what are you doing out here?"

When the girl heard Sunset, she said "I always come out here every night, to do a little stargazing."

"Not that I'm being rude and all, but...", Sunset spoke as she sat down next to the girl, trying not to scare her, but she didn't mind "Can you even see them?"

After Sunset said her opinion, the girl responded "Well no, but I can hear them."

Sunset was then surprised. "Wait! You can actually hear them?" Sunset responded.

"Uh-huh, I can hear them twinkle throughout the entire night." the girl said.

"Wow, you listen better than anyone I know!" Sunset said in a surprising tone.

"Yeah, my mother use to tell me that too." the girl replied, it took awhile for Sunset to process it in her mind, but she had a clear answer, "Oh, I-I'm sorry." Sunset replied, feeling sympathy for the her.

"Its okay," the girl said "From what I've heard, it happens to everyone. So um, Sunset how are you doing?"

"*sigh* Not great," Sunset responded to the girl's question, "The situation I'm dealing with right now is kinda worse for me."

"Well I hope it isn't worse than mine," Snowdrop said. This then left Sunset confused, what is this girl talking about and what situation she is going through that can be more worse than her's. Wanting to know, she asked the girl, "What do you mean, you're situation is more worse?"

Hearing Sunset's question, the girl answered: "Well you see, my condition didn't happen in some freak accident, I am basically born with it.” While the girl was telling her story, Sunset listened to every word the girl was saying. "And no matter how different I was or what many people said, my mother loved me with all her heart," then after the girl said that, her voice began cracking as she continued. "B-but, one night... a fire mysteriously started in our house...a-and my... m-mother got me out as fast she could...b-but... s-she got caught in the f-flames a-and..." couldn't bear it any longer, the girl began to weep.

As she did, Sunset wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into a hug, in order to comfort her, "I-it's okay, I know it's hard for you, so take your time."

As the girl calmed downed, she looked up to Sunset and gave her a weak smile and soon later continued "After the incident... a-and my mother's funeral, I was sent here, to the orphanage, and a women who runs it, Ms. Kind Heart took care of me each day. But the other children treat me like I was different. And they mostly, like all the time, never even wanted to befriend me! They even said that... a-a useless girl like m-me couldn't do anything."

Then the girl began to shed tears once again and still Sunset held the girl in her arms to give her comfort. She still couldn't believe that this sweet, innocent girl would go through all that, even if the world can be cruel, it was still unbelievable.

"Well uhhh... what's your name?" Sunset asked the girl.

"My name is Snowdrop," the girl replied.

"Well Snowdrop, If it helps I think those people who said that about you. Are the one's who are blind." Sunset stated.

"Really?" Snowdrop said, then later Sunset responded. "Yes, I mean you haven't been born with your vision. But you were born with an amazing gift, and if your mother can see that, then you are a very special girl."

Snowdrop was touched by Sunset's words and she believed that Sunset was really a person with a pure and good heart. "Thank's Sunset," Snowdrop said.

"You're welcome," Sunset replied.

"Uh... Sunset" Snowdrop said.

"Yes, Snowdrop." Sunset said.

"What you said earlier about the situation you're dealing with," Snowdrop asked, "How worse was it."

Sunset was taken back by Snowdrop's question, she didn't want to tell Snowdrop about her situation, but after she told Sunset, her story, it wouldn't hurt to share so she answered: "Well, at my school... CHS, some online user called Anon-a-Miss on a website, was posting hurtful gossip and secrets about everyone in school, even my friends!" then Sunset's voice started to crack and tears began to pour from her eyes, "Then t-the whole school turned against me, a-and m-m-my friends abandoned m-me! No matter what I tried! No m-matter how much I tried to prove my innocence!... No one believes me!"

Before Sunset began to cry, she felt the Snowdrop's grasp around her tighten even more. As Sunset looked back at her, Snowdrop said something that she wanted to hear for a long time, "I-I believe you."

Sunset heard the girl's words, and instead of crying in pain, Sunset was shedding tears of joy, "T-Thank you!" was all she could say.

While the two where hugging, a tall women came out doors of the orphanage and called out to them, Sunset couldn't hear what the women said, but the girl next to her, heard it very clearly, "We'll I better go, it was nice talking to you Sunset Shimmer," the girl said, then she took her cane and walked her way to the women.

"See you later then, Snowdrop!" Sunset spoke up as she was waving towards Snowdrop.

As Snowdrop was near the entrance into the building, she turned around and waved back at Sunset, and soon she entered the orphanage. Sunset Shimmer smiled for the first time since after two days, for she was happy that Snowdrop believed her, out of everyone that didn't, she did.

Sunset then got up from the bench, and began her walk back to her apartment, believing that there was one person who actually believed her.

Chapter 3: New Arrival at CHS

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In the morning, Sunset Shimmer sits at her kitchen table, while drinking her coffee. She is still trying to solve the mystery of Anon-a-Miss, though it was difficult for her to think when she was exhausted from her walk last night.

But something did come into her thoughts or someone, Snowdrop. Ever since Sunset met her last night, she can still remember what Snowdrop said to her: "I believe you,". Those words echoed through her mind, never to even cease. Somehow she felt warm every time hearing those three exact words. She didn't know why, but she didn't care.

Then later she checked her phone, and it says 7:14 AM, then sooner the warmth inside her turned into anxiety. "Oh no!," she shouted "I'm gonna be late for CH--" then she stopped, after remembering the name of the place she was about to say. Her anxiety increased even more, for she was so distracted for thinking about her meeting with Snowdrop, that she forgot about the place where she was still hated. But she shook the anxiety from her mind and putting on her winter clothes, grabbed her bag and went out the door.

In CHS, the Rainbooms sit at their table in the school cafeteria, watching how everyone was arguing and yelling at each other. For Anon-a-Miss had posted several more secrets and gossip. Sooner but quicker, many friendships were destroyed and several fights broke out in hallways and classrooms. As of now, the school was in complete chaos.

"Ha, now this is my liking!"

Shut up! Discord, get the hell out of my story, you're ruining it for the audience!

"Uhhhh, Fine."


The Rainbooms had a conversation about their opinions of all this, except for Fluttershy, who remained silent throughout it.

"This is crazy!" Rainbow yelled, "Thank's to Anon-a-Miss!--or should I say 'Sunset Shimmer', the school is destroying itself!"

"Indeed." said Pinkie Pie "I tried to cheer up a couple of students, but they ended up fighting each other. It's like nobody’s even wanting to have fun anymore."

"I can't believe Sunset would do this," Rarity replied, still unsure about the situation. “In fact, why would she even do this?!"

"Ah don't know, Rares," Applejack said, who herself was also unsure. "I just don't know."

As the rest of them were continuing to talk, Fluttershy was thinking to herself about the Anon-a-Miss situation also. But she had some doubt in her mind if Sunset was doing this: what was there for her gain? Why would she just throw away the life she was given-- just to get revenge on the entire school. This was confusing, even for her.

Then the group’s conversation, including the rest of the students’ arguments came to an end when Sunset Shimmer enters the cafeteria. They all looked at her direction, keeping their focus on her as she stood where she was. This started to frighten Sunset and no one realized that. Or that no one cares.

While avoiding and keeping her distance from everybody else, Sunset walked over and sat at a nearby table, that was about 30 feet away from her finer friends’ table. As Sunset sat there for a few seconds, she watches how everyone glared at her, even her friends who later went back to their conversation. And especially Gilda and Lightning Dust.

Ever since their secrets were posted online for everyone in the school to see. One of Anon-A-Miss’s posts revealed Gilda kissing a girl student while a second one revealed Lightning’s bad habits which got her kicked off the soccer team. For a long while, they watched Sunset like vultures circling wounded prey, waiting to strike at any moment. And that's what she is right now, alone and vulnerable.

Then seconds later, she later spotted Flash Sentry walking towards her table. She was confused and nervous about it until he got closer and asked: "Do you mind if I join you?"

Sunset didn't know how to respond and instead simply nodded. As Flash sat down across from her and began eating his lunch, the two sat there for who knows how long until Flash broke the silence.

"So uh, how are you doing?" he said.

"I'm fine," Sunset replied. "Why are you sitting with me? shouldn't you be hanging out with your friends."

"Yeeeeaah. . . about that," Flash respond. "After my little scuffle with Dumbbell yesterday, he's got everyone convinced that I'm on your side and my friends stopped hanging out with me afterward. And sometimes he really makes me want to smack that ridiculous smirk of his, off his pathetic face." He whispered his last sentence, with venom in his voices.

Sunset couldn't help but giggle at that last part, Flash then does the same, happy that his statement cheered up Sunset. Later the golden/red haired teen soon remembered something from yesterday of how Flash defended her from Dumbbell. "I just have one question, Flash. . ." Sunset said. "Why did you stood up for me yesterday?"

"Because you're innocent, Sunset," Flash responded. "And I know you would never give up your friends or the new reputation you've tried to build for yourself after the Fall Formal. And when I saw how you were being treated, I couldn't just stand there and watch."

Sunset was yet shocked, but rather touched by Flash's words. The spark that was ignited within her because of Snowdrop, started to become a small flame of love and joy. It’s like the world has sympathy for her and trying to make her life better.

Before she could reply to Flash's response, the head director of CHS: Principle Celestia's voice came on the speaker of the cafeteria. "SUNSET SHIMMER, PLEASE REPORT TO MY OFFICE." As she heard the announcement, Sunset felt a chill in her body and without hesitation, she got out of her seat and began to walk towards the cafeteria doors. After Sunset left, the students within the cafeteria started to whisper to each other and not in a good way.

"Oh, she's in trouble nooooowww!"

"What do you think is gonna be her punishment?"

"I hope she gets expelled from school, it'll do everyone good!"

As the whispering turned into loud conversations, the Rainbooms still sat at their table thinking about what is about to happen. As for Flash Sentry, he felt nothing but worry for Sunset and hopes nothing goes wrong.

As Sunset makes her way towards the principle's office, she tries not to think of what would become of her once she reaches her destination.

When she got in front of the door of the office, she took a deep breath and entered. Inside the room, Principle Celestia sat behind her desk staring at Sunset and beside her was Vice-Principle Luna. "Sunset Shimmer, Thank you for joining us, please have a seat," Celestia said. Sunset then sat down in a chair in front of the two principles while still nervous about not knowing what's about to happen. "Do you know why you are called here for," Celestia asked.

"It's about Anon-a-Miss isn't it. .!" Sunset replied in a frightened tone. "Cause if it is, I've told you before, just like everyone else, that I'm not Anon-a-Miss! What will it take to convince you that I’m innocent in all of this!" Sunset then breathed in more after her statement.

They all stood quietly in the room, not saying a single word. The two principals remained silent after Sunset’s pleads. That is when Celestia was the first to break the silence. "Sunset, we do not believe you're Anon-a-Miss."

Sunset's eyes widened in shock, "Really?, you don't believe it's me?"

The two principles smiled and later nodded. This then causes Sunset to jump out of her chair and pull in the two adults for a hug. "Oh thank you! thank you! thank you!" Sunset shouted.

"Don't thank us Ms. Shimmer." Vice-Principle Luna responded to Sunset's cheerful outburst and then pointed to the left side of the room. "Thank her for convincing us."

Sunset then turned her head to where Luna was pointing at, and the smile on her face grew even more when she saw who it was. Snowdrop. "SNOWDROP!" Sunset shouted again with excitement, she then paced towards to her, kneed down to Snowdrop's level and the two wrapped their arms around each other for one big hug.

Then after few seconds, Sunset then breaks her hug with Snowdrop and still have that smile on her face. "It's so good to see you again, Snowdrop!" Sunset said.

"And it's so good to see you again!, Sunset. Or hear you for that matter" Snowdrop replied with a smile on her face. The two soon giggle at Snowdrop’s almost-likely joke.

Sunset Shimmer didn't know what to say next, for she was just too joyful to even think about anything. But she did have one thing on her mind.

"Snowdrop, what are you doing here at CHS?" The teenage girl asked.

Then the principles soon got involved within the conversation. "Miss Snowdrop here is attending our school, Ms. Shimmer," Luna responds to her question. Sunset then turned towards them. Snowdrop is attending her school, is this a dream. But from the look on the principal’s faces, it’s not. "Really!" she replied.

"Really,” Celestia exclaimed. "But she needs someone to help her get to her classes without getting lost, due to her... condition. And since you two look like you already knew each other. We thought that you Sunset Shimmer might volun-" "YES! YES! ABSOLUTELY, YES!" Celestia was then interrupted by the cheerful screens of Sunset before she could say more. After feeling completely embarrassed, Sunset later tries to act cool after that outburst, but it didn’t fool anybody in the room.

"If that's okay with you." She replied.

The two women chuckled at Sunset’s 2nd cheerful outburst. They were glad to see Sunset happy after these past few days. Though this is was something they didn’t expect, but at least she wasn’t depressed anymore.

“Well then it's settled then, you better get to your classes before the bell rings," Luna said while opening the door for Sunset and Snowdrop to exit the room.

As they left the office, Sunset then leads Snowdrop to her first classroom; mathematics with Ms. Cheerilee. Which surprisingly was two classrooms away from Sunset's biology class. As the Snowdrop enters her classroom and introducing herself to her classmates, Sunset then walks towards the doors into her classroom. As she entered the room, Sunset's smile and happy demeanor didn't go unnoticed by her teacher or her classmates.

In fact, it freaked them all out.

As Sunset sat down in her desk, Flash who was sitting in his desk next to her, leaned towards her and whispered: "Uh Sunset, are you alright?" Sunset then turns towards him and respond to his question. "I'm alright Flash. In fact, I'm more than alright." Before class was about to begin, all the students couldn’t hypothesize Sunset's mysteriously joyful behavior, they were all both confused and shocked. More than shocked, they were all terrified.

Chapter 4: The Beginning of an Unbreakable Bond.

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It was during free period, as Sunset and Snowdrop sat in the school library and studied together, Sunset read the history books she and Snowdrop pick out, and Snowdrop would listen and gather up the information that Sunset has given her. But overall, the two worked well together and later Sunset asked Snowdrop about her first day at CHS, Snowdrop told her that she was nervous at first about it but later gotten use to it, she started to like her new teacher and her classmates.

But then Snowdrop also told Sunset that during her class period, she was teased and mocked for her blindness, then later she was tripped when she got up from her desk. She didn't exactly know who they were, but she did heard them call her a useless girl. Hearing this caused anger to slowly grow inside Sunset, making her having thoughts like: 'When I find out who they are, they'll be wishing that they were never born! '.

But that didn't ruin their day and then later on continued with their studies, but the they didn't go unnoticed.

Hiding behind the bookshelfves near them, Sunset's former friends watched the two for hours. Applejack's sister Applebloom came to them when free period began and told them about Sunset's strange behavior, then they wanted to find out about it. Now as they're watching this for themselves, they were both creeped out and confused. And they believe that the new student Snowdrop, that Sunset is studying with, could be the reason. They saw how much Sunset and Snowdrop were fond of each other and how much happy they were together. They except Fluttershy believe that Sunset is tricking and taking advantage of the girl just like she did to them. If only they knew.

"What does that kid see in her?" said Rainbow Dash, doing her best to stay quiet.

"Ah don't know Dash," replied Applejack "I can't even tell why would she trust that snake."

"The poor darling must be confused, after all she is new here." Rarity replied also.

"I just hope Sunset doesn't steal her secrets," Pinkie Pie said "Right Fluttershy... uh Fluttershy?"

Fluttershy didn't payed attention to her friends and instead was more focused on Sunset and the new student. She never seen Sunset this happy ever since they left her in the hallway after they confronted her, Fluttershy witnessed how miserable Sunset was after that day, even when she was shoved violently by Dumbbell. But when this new girl attended in CHS, Sunset became less miserable than she was before and the two acted like they had become the best of friends. More than what Sunset was with them. Fluttershy felt weird at first, but now she felt fortunate that this girl made a huge impact on Sunset's life and that what these two felt for each other, was real.

"Hey Fluttershy, you with us?" Fluttershy was then snapped out of her thoughts when Pinkie Pie finally got her attention.

"Sorry Pinkie," Fluttershy said "I was just thinking about something."

The others looked at her in confusion, "What it is, sugarcube" Applejack replied.

"I was just thinking that. . ." Fluttershy stopped for a second, took a deep breath and continued, "That maybe. Maybe Sunset actually cares for this girl, rather than trying steal her secrets."

"WHAT!" they all shouted. The noise they made Sunset hear them and later looked behind the the library bookshelves where they were hiding and responded in a concern tone. "What were you doing spying on us?!".

As the group turned their heads towards her, Rainbow Dash replied "Well Sunset, the better question is what are you doing with the new student?. . . trying to get her secrets too!"

"Her name is Snowdrop, Rainbow." Sunset said "And for the last time, I'm not Anon-a-Miss!, when will you figure it out by now."

"Uh I. . ." Fluttershy tried to speak but was interrupted by Applejack.

"Cut the lying Sunset, we know ya want the girl around ya just for her secrets!"

"That's not true!" Sunset protested "I would never harm Snowdrop!"

"And why would you say that?. . . you hurt us!" Rarity replied, then Sunset began to raise her voice.

"Because Snowdrop is only person that believes I'm not Anon-a-Miss!. . . and she is the only person that has ever made me feel this happy ever since you abandoned me!. . . BECAUSE I LOVE HER! "


They all heard a quiet voice nearby, and when they looked towards to who it is. . . Snowdrop stood behind Sunset hearing the whole conversation without them noticing. "So it is true?," Snowdrop said, "you actually abandon Sunset, without even thinking otherwise."

The Rainbooms didn't know how to respond to Snowdrop, without trying to put pressure on the girl. Before they could, the school bell rang, bringing an end to the period.

"C'mon Snowdrop," said Sunset who was starting down calm down, "Let's get you to class."

As the two left the library, leaving the five girls all alone, thinking about how difficult this situation was, until the school librarian found them. . . and she wasn't in a good mood, "Shhhhh, be quiet in the library." she said in a stern, but quiet and creepy tone, between her and Sunset's outburst from earlier, she frighten them more. Later the group left the library and headed for their classes.

After the last bell at CHS rang, as all the students left home to get some rest or hang out. . . which no one does now thanks to you know who, Sunset and Snowdrop exited the building after everyone else left. Sunset now usually walks Snowdrop back to the orphanage, that was along the way back to her apartment, Snowdrop appreciated her company. As the two were about to set off, a navy blue Camaro with a similar marking on it's hood, pulled over beside them and then the window of the car began to open revealing Flash Sentry, "Hey you two need a lift?, I can get you both home before dark." He asked them. Sunset smiled at Flash's offer, "Thanks Flash we really appreciate it," she replied, "Oh. . . by the way, Snowdrop this is Flash Sentry. . ." Snowdrop later waved hello to the teen, ". . .and Flash, this is Snowdrop." as she finished, Flash looked at Snowdrop and responded "Snowdrop uh, the girl who cause Sunset the most happiness she's ever felt. . . it's nice meeting you in person." Snowdrop lightly blushed from Flash's response, "T-Thanks" she said.

Then the two got into his car and they drove away from CHS.

As Flash's car stopped at the Canterlot City Orphanage to drop off Snowdrop, she and Sunset waved each other goodbye as the car moved away from the street the orphanage was on. When the car had driven off towards Sunset's apartment, the two teens had a small conversation along the way.

"So Sunset. . ." Flash said, "I can see how much you enjoy her."

"Oh Flash," Sunset replied with a happy tone, "She was the best thing that ever happened in my life!"

"How much?. . ." Flash asked, but didn't finished that last part.

"What?" replied Sunset, confused of what Flash is saying.

"How much does she mean to you, Sunset?," Flash finished "What is she to you?"

Sunset took that question into her head, how much did Snowdrop meant to her? was a big question indeed. She only had one answer, but she didn't how to describe it in a way. "Well. . . to be honest Flash," Sunset responds as she was starting to get emotional, "Snowdrop has become the only person I grew closer to, more than I was with my friends and sometimes I feel happy, sad, and worried for her and sometimes . . . she's like a little sister I've never had before, she felt. . .like my family"

"It sounds great you've found someone who feels like a family figure towards you," Flash replied. "It'll keep your mind off the Anon-a-Miss fiasco going on."

"Thanks Flash." Sunset said.

Then after a long drive, the car pulled over at Sunset's apartment and as her and Flash waved each other goodbye, Sunset entered her apartment, exhausted from the day she had. Though she kinda admit that she did however felt like Snowdrop was a huge change in her life and more. Sunset remembered that when she argued with her former friends. . . she admitted that she loved Snowdrop, and she really meant that. Sunset then got on her pajamas, got into bed and was about to go to sleep until a glowing light caught her eye and it came from her bag. When she reached for it and opens it, she sees the journal she had, glowing and giving off buzzing noise, it meant Princess Twilight has send her a text, as Sunset opens the journal to the page Twilight's message appeared:

Sunset, I got your message from two days ago, sorry I didn't respond to you sooner!. . . Are you alright?!. . . What's going on?!

Then Sunset takes out her pen from her bag and responded to the message:

Dear Princess Twilight,
Don't worry about me, I'm alright, in fact more than I ever was.

Then Sunset finished writing and waited for Twilight to respond, until another message appeared on the page:

Sunset, Are you sure you're alright? You sounded joyful.

Sunset reads the message and again respond:

Oh Twilight, there is so much to tell you. . .

Chapter 5: The Return of Kindness

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As she was feeding and cleaning the animals at the Canterlot Animal Shelter, Fluttershy kept on thinking about yesterday at CHS when she and the girls were spying on Sunset Shimmer and Snowdrop hanging out, then were later caught and yelled at by Sunset.

Even if the rest of the girls or everyone else wouldn't admit, but Fluttershy knew that Sunset cared for Snowdrop, in fact she even heard Sunset say that 'she loved her' when she yelled at them. This caused doubt to increase in her mind till she started to see all the facts she witnessed during when this situation began,. . . If Sunset was really returning to her old ways. . . then wouldn't she not break down after her only friends left her. . . and that she wouldn't hang out with anyone that is dysfunctional and useless like Snowdrop.

Fluttershy knew the Old Sunset Shimmer in the past and knew what she was like, but now she was unsure, for she never saw a single piece of the bully she knew inside the girl that she considered her friend. . . then her thoughts had paused for a second. . . friend. . . that was what the Sunset Shimmer today wanted ever since she was defeated at the Fall Formal. . . then came in other thought. After the Fall Formal, they had promised Twilight, before she returned to Equestria, that they would watch over Sunset and befriend her, who knows what will happen if Twilight found out they went against her word, she would be disappointed in them and would bring Sunset back to Equestria, and that would end Sunset’s friendship with Snowdrop. . . and that's when she realized that if Snowdrop trusted Sunset and Sunset loved Snowdrop. . . that's when the 'Fogs of Unperceptive' had finally cleared from her mind and she had finally realized something, that she and the girls should've had in the very beginning: Sunset was innocent.

Fluttershy then broke down into tears and fell on her knees, regretting everything she and the girls did to Sunset, she felt so much grief and guilt. Then all the animals in the shelter felt bad for her, Fluttershy later stopped crying, "What am I suppose to do now?" she said to herself, that's when a bird flew beside her, giving her a chirping reply and she pretty well understood it, "You know. . . you're right! I need to fix this. . . starting with apologizing to a friend." as she finished, she later put on her winter clothes, waved the animals goodbye, and left the shelter.

As hours passed, Sunset Shimmer lies in her bed thinking over something, she wanted to give something to Snowdrop for everything she did for her, but couldn't think of the right gift. It was frustrating, Snowdrop gave her so much happiness and acceptance, that she couldn't even think of one gift for her. . . oh the irony.

She then got up from her bed and made her way to the kitchen to get herself some coffee, then headed to her living room and later sat on her coach and turned on her TV, hoping it would relax her mind. As four minutes passed, someone knocked on her door, at first she thought she was just imagining things, but when there was knocking on her door again, she was definally sure she wasn't imaging things. "Who would bother me at this hour?" she said to herself, she then got up from her coach, walked towards the door and opened the it. . . reveling the person knocking on it, was one of her ex-friends, Fluttershy.

"Uh, H-Hi S-Sunset." Fluttershy said.

Sunset had a astonishment look on her face until her expression became sour and later bluntly asked "What are you doing here, Fluttershy?"

Even with her winter coat on, Fluttershy looked visibly stressed and shivering from her walk from the animal shelter to here, she was still shuddering from the cold outside and barely spoke because of it, but Fluttershy knew what she came here to do.

"Sunset, I-I know you don't want me here," Fluttershy replied, "But if you can please hear me out, there's something I need to tell you."

Sunset became confused and unsure, but unlike what the girls did to her. . . she decided to give Fluttershy a chance to speak, "Alright. . . but after that you get out of my sight!" She responded.

Fluttershy later took a deep breath and said "I-I don't think you Anon-a-Miss and..." Tears began to welled up in her eyes, "I-I now finally realize your innocent, Sunset. . . after when I saw you with Snowdrop, I later realized how much you cared for her, and when you said you 'loved' her, I knew that you would never harm her. . . or harm everyone, not even the girls and me! . . . I-I'm sorry, Sunset!. . . please forgive me."

As Fluttershy fell on her knees, she began to cry.

Sunset's mind became blank, she couldn't even believe that Fluttershy came all this way to her apartment. . . just to apologize. After two minutes Sunset kneed down to Fluttershy and pulled her into a hug, Fluttershy cried over her shoulder mumbling 'I'm sorry' over and over. As the two hugged for several minutes, Sunset spoked softly to her crying friend, "It's okay Fluttershy. . . I forgive you, in fact I can't blame you. . . I was a horrible person to you back then."

"But you aren't that person anymore," Fluttershy replied through her sobbing, "I just hope we can be friends again."

As the two broke their hug, Sunset looked at Fluttershy with a smile on her face and said "Back at the Fall Formal, you girls gave me a chance when no one could. . . so I'm willing to give that chance in return."

Fluttershy smiled at Sunset's response and wiped away her tears, "Thank you, Sunset" she said.

"No, Fluttershy," Sunset replied "Thank you, for finally believing in me."

Sunset then invited Fluttershy into her apartment and later the two had a small talk over hot coco, then they played video games on the TV and Sunset was shocked when Fluttershy showed her destructive side when they played a monster truck video game. And then Fluttershy asked Sunset about Snowdrop, she told her so much and didn't leave out any details, she told her of how she met Snowdrop at the Canterlot Orphanage and told her about Snowdrop's blindness and incredibly hearing. The conversation went on for minutes and until it was dark outside.

"Wow, Snowdrop sounds like a special little girl." Fluttershy said.

She is, Fluttershy. . . she is indeed." Sunset responded, with a warm smile on her face.

Fluttershy then asked Sunset something she didn't think of when she came over: "Do you think maybe it's okay for me to uhh. . . meet her?"

Sunset started thinking to herself about that question, even though it's too early for it, but now since she and Fluttershy are friends again. . . it wouldn't hurt for them to get to know each other a bit. "Well, since we're friends again Fluttershy, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt."

Fluttershy responded with "Ohhh I'm so excited, I wonder if she likes animals, maybe she would like to help out at the shelter or maybe. . .!" Then Sunset interrupted her as she stood next to front door wearing her winter clothes, "C'mon Fluttershy!, we don't have all night."

Fluttershy's face turned red in embarrassment for her little outburst off excitement, and then later got on her winter coat and later walked out the door with Sunset and the two headed towards the Canterlot Orphanage to visit Snowdrop.

As the they walked for hours along the way, they talk over on how Snowdrop will react until they had finally reached the orphanage. And then Sunset spotted Snowdrop siting on the bench where they met and as they walked closer to the girl, they halted when they heard her humming then started singing, Sunset and Fluttershy remained quiet as they listened Snowdrop sang.

The two teens listened as Snowdrop sang beautifully and it wasn't long before Sunset walked towards Snowdrop startled her a bit when she sat down next to her and sang along.

As Sunset sang along, Snowdrop smiled at her and also Fluttershy started to walk towards the two as they continued.

Fluttershy watched the two sing in perfect harmony, she believed that these two had a special connection, but now witnessing this herself. . . she couldn't help but feel like these two are meant to be together. Sunset and Snowdrop gave each other hugs and turned their heads towards the night stars and watched as a shooting star shot thought the sky.

Couldn't barely hold in the joyfulness in her heart, Fluttershy sat right next to the two and began to sing along with them.

As they finished singing, the three sat on the bench and watched the stars shine throughout the night, believing that everything was starting to become perfect after all.

Chapter 6: Sunset's Decision

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~One Day Later~

Since after the day she and Fluttershy made up, Sunset's future became brighter than ever. Since last night after she introduced her to Snowdrop, the two later gotten use to one another and became good friends. Ever since the Anon-a-Miss fiasco started, Sunset was miserable and broken after her world crumble around her, but now she became the most joyful girl in the whole world, and not to mention. . . Caring.

As time goes by ever since they met, Sunset and Snowdrop's bond grew stronger and stronger each day, making them inseparable and more united. And also Sunset grew more closely towards Snowdrop than everyone had thought, in fact one time she yelled at Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon after they bullied Snowdrop in the hallway, after that the two later left her alone for a long while. Sunset didn't realize how much she was becoming more protective over Snowdrop, just like a big sister would over her sibling.

Most of the time at her apartment, she would think over about what gift should she give to Snowdrop for the holidays and as always for 2 hours, she couldn't think of a gift. So for the next 4 hours, Sunset kept pacing and pacing around her apartment, while having a small conversation with herself: Oh, come on Sunset!...there must be something you can give to Snowdrop.
But what if I can't!...what if I can never find a gift for her!...what will she think of me!
No!'re a good person and Snowdrop knows can do this!
Oh...But what if I can't!
You can!'ve just got to get it together!
Says the girl whose talking to herself.

Then she kept thinking and thinking, but she still had thought of nothing. Sunset really wanted to thank Snowdrop for everything she did for her, but how is she going to do that if she can't even find a way to do that. The one thing she did think of was that she cared for Snowdrop more than anyone in her life and all she could ever wanted now was to be a part of her life, "Wait a minute..." Sunset said as she continue to process her thinking. She began to think over of how much she cared for Snowdrop, she even thought over of how protective she was when it came to her and how much they both became an impact on each other's lives, as like they were...

Then Sunset thought of an idea, a 'beautiful' idea. Sunset Shimmer had a wonderful, beautiful idea. But to make sure it's the right one, she needed to talk it over with the people she knew she could count on.

She then pulled out her phone, check the time to see it at 6:59pm and began to contact the two people that believed of her innocence: Flash Sentry and Fluttershy and gave them both a text message:

Meet me at Sugarcube Corner Cafe at 7:15,
I need to talk something over with you...
it's very urgent.

After she send messages to them, Sunset later grabbed her journal from her bag and began to write to another person or pony for that matter, that she trusted:

Dear Princess Twilight

I don't mean to bother you at whatever it is you're doing, but I want to ask you you have any spare time know...come visit. I really need to talk to you with something.

Then after she wrote, Sunset waited and waited til the journal started to glow and a new message appeared on the page, that possibly came from Twilight.

Of course I have spare time, I was about to head to the portal anyway to check on you, what is it you want to talk about?

When she read Twilight's message, Sunset wrote down in her journal to reply back:

It'll be easier to explain once we talk about it face-to-face, I'll see you at the portal.

Okay, see you soon Sunset.

You too, Twilight.

After she had wrote her final reply, Sunset placed her journal back into her bag and later put on her winter coat and later started walking towards CHS.

After a 4 hours of walking, Sunset waits by the statue at CHS, hoping that Twilight might come over. She got her wish, as light came from the base of the statue, and what emerged from it...was Twilight Sparkle. As the two made eye contact, Sunset gave a welcoming hug to Twilight and she return the hug back.

"Sunset...I'm glad to see you again." Twilight said, then the two let go of each other, still bearing the smiles on their faces when after Twilight came through the portal

"It's good to see you too, Twilight." Sunset replied.

"So what is it you want to talk about," Twilight said, then she had a concerned, yet hopeful look on her face, "Did the girls finally believe you're not Anon-a-Miss."

"Well... not quite actually," Sunset responded while trying not to disappoint the princess, "Fluttershy was the first to discover my innocence."

"Really, uh figures...How did she found out?" Twilight asked, honestly she kinda expected Fluttershy to be the first one believe of Sunset's innocence...after all she does represent the Element of Kindness. She was proud that Fluttershy still holds on to her kind spirit, even under these circumstances.

"From what Fluttershy told me, It was because of my relationship with Snowdrop," Sunset answered, "She witnessed how much Snowdrop impacted my life and how much I impacted her's...Fluttershy realized that if Snowdrop saw me as a good person, she realized that I would never harm her, so that's why she found out about my innocence in all this."

Twilight took in everything that Sunset said into her mind, she even smirked when she witnessed the Sunset warm expression when she mentioned Snowdrop.

"This Snowdrop, she sounds like a very special person to you...isn't she." Twilight responded to Sunset.

Sunset blushed at Twilight's reply and felt warmth in her heart once again. "She is, Twilight...and speaking of that," Sunset replied "That's the reason for your visit...," Sunset then checked her phone, to see that the time was 7:16, "CRAP!...uh...I'll explain later, right now we need to head for Sugarcube Cafe...Fluttershy and Flash are probably waiting for us as we speak."

"Wait...Flash is there!" Twilight squealed while playing with her hair a little.

Sunset rolled her eyes to Twilight's excitement, back in the days of the Fall Formal...the princess and her ex had a little crush on each other, it would've upset her when she was the 'Queen Bee of CHS', but had never bothered her, she was kind of a bully to everyone back then and Flash did broke up with her because of yeah that proves it.

"C'mon Juliet, we don't want to keep the others waiting." Sunset called out to Twilight, which snapped the princess out of her 'fantasyland'.

"Eh...Eh...Sorry, Sunset," Twilight responded in embarrassment and tried her best to change the the subject, "so...uh...shall we carry on then."

Then they both chuckled to Twilight's embarrassment and soon the two began their walk to the cafe, but their conversation didn't go unnoticed as three girls came out of hiding in the bushes and suddenly had worried looks on their faces.

A few minutes later, Sunset and Twilight had finally reached Sugarcube Corner. As Sunset open the cafe doors, the two entered inside, to see the two people that were waiting for them, for the last 10 minutes.

"Hey Sunset," said Fluttershy and Flash, and then they both got a glimpse of the person next to Sunset when she entered.

"Twilight?...what are you doing here?" Flash said, then Twilight blushed a little when she saw him.

"Oh...uh...Hi Flash," Twilight responded, "...and hello Fluttershy, its good to see you two again."

Fluttershy and Flash both smiled to Twilight's response, then Fluttershy said "Hey Twilight, its good to see you too." "You too, Fluttershy." said Twilight.

After they all did a little catching up, Sunset and Twilight sat down with the others, Sunset sat right next to Fluttershy and Twilight sat right next to Flash, and they then begin their conversation.

"So Sunset," said Flash, "What's the reason for us meeting here?"

"Yes, we all want to know." said Twilight, who was a bit confused just like the others.

Sunset took a deep breath, relaxed her mind and then responded: "Well...the reason I called all you three because I just had an idea for a gift I like to give to Snowdrop and I need your opinions about it."

Fluttershy then had excitement in her eyes, "You've finally found a gift for Snowdrop!" she said.

Sunset nodded her head, then Flash replied "Well I knew you would think of what is it?"

Sunset responded with: "Well...Its hard to explain it..." until she was interrupted by Twilight, "C'mon know you trust us with anything."

Sunset smiled towards Twilight's statement, "Thank you, Twilight..." Sunset replied and then she took a deep breath yet again...and finally begin to speak about her decision: "I had made a decision that, for Christmas I've decided to..." She paused for a bit then later continued on.

"...I've decided to adopt my little sister."