• Published 24th Feb 2018
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The Winter Stars of Christmas - TheShadowKnight

Abandoned by her friends, hated by the school, Sunset Shimmer felt that no one believed and cared for her, but luckily she met someone that was also like her.

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Chapter 1: The Day of Reckoning

Author's Note:

Before you start reading, I'd like to point out that My Little Pony and Equestria Girls doesn't belong to me, but to the good people of Hasbro and that Snowdrop is a OC that was a main part of a animation video on youtube that rightfully belongs to SFS Animation. I witnessed how Sunset was treated during the MLP Equestria Girls IDW Holiday Special and I also saw in the animation video were Snowdrop was teased for her blindness, I felt bad for them:applecry:, So I decided to bring them together. :pinkiesmile:

I hope you enjoy!

As the snow fell gently outside of her apartment, Sunset Shimmer slept peacefully in her bed dreaming pleasant dreams. She dreamt herself and her friends hanging out and laughing together at a party were everyone was happy as they can be. Telling stories and traditions, drinking hot coco and eggnog, also giving presents to one another. It was something she didn't want to end. Until.


Sunset groaned as she was awoken and annoyed by the loud noise of an alarm going off in her phone. She reached out towards it, silenced the alarm and checked what was the time and the clock on her phone said that it was 7:00 AM. 'Well better get ready for CHS, it'd be nice to see the girls there after our amazing time at Rarity's house', Sunset thought to herself. She could still remember how much fun she had with the girls at their slumber parties at their houses, not her apartment. It’s not that she doesn't want them over, it's just she doesn't know how to host her own slumber party.

After she got dressed and walked to the front door of the apartment, she grabbed her school bag that was still carrying the journal she uses to contact her friend Princess Twilight Sparkle in Equestria. Sunset sometimes writes in the journal to report to Twilight about what she learned about friendship, even about her friend's slumber parties. When she had everything needed for today, she went out the door and began walking towards CHS.


It was a long walk, but it provided Sunset time to think over how far she's come. At first she was a tyrant who was ruthless and alone, but after that, she became a changed person who sought redemption for her crimes and was desperate for everyone's forgiveness. After the Fall Formal, Sunset worked so hard in order to prove to the whole school that she is trying to become a whole new person. But earning their trust and forgiveness wasn't gonna be easy. Luckily she had five good friends who stood by her side and had her back; Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie. With their help she finally had managed to prove herself to the school and earned their trust back.

And she couldn't even stop feeling happy when she is with the girls. They made her feel loved and supported so much, it made Sunset believe that everything had finally gone her way. Until the day a cyberbully on MyStable mysteriously showed up, so soon after the Battle of the Bands and weeks before winter break, calling itself Anon-a-Miss.

No one knew who he or she is, not even Sunset and her friends too, but they do know one thing, that this Anon-a-Miss did not respect anyone's privacy, cause for some mysterious reason she somehow found out about Applejack's nickname and posted it online for the whole school to see. And then instantly all the students teased AJ and made oinking sounds at her. When Sunset asked her if she was alright, Applejack simply replied to her that she'll be fine and that she can handle a little teasing.

But Sunset and the others knew that this will one day go way to far.

But that didn't stop them from having the sleepover at Rarity's and they had a blast, even Applejack forgot about the online post and the teasing. And also Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy had their little private music concert until Pinkie tried to do a stage dive that ended up breaking a door for the twelfth time! Then later they took selfies while wearing the clothes they found in Rarity's Closet of Shame. Then later that night Sunset wrote to Twilight of how much she felt love and accepted by the girls and also that she felt like she's finally a part of a family.

Sunset Shimmer loved these new memories she's made and was glad that she has earned friends like the girls, she felt like she couldn't want anything in the world but them.

A few minutes later, Sunset has finally reached CHS and as she entered, she began wondering why was everyone staring at her whenever she walked past them. She began to get suspicious, but later cleared the thought from her mind when she spotted her friends in the hallway, "Hey girls!, what's going. . ." Sunset called out to them but when they were in her sight, she saw them glaring at her. "On?" She then finished, but was more confused about what's going on.

All of them looked at her strangely, as if they were upset towards her. Sunset then repeated her question fully but in her head: What's going on?. Sunset didn't know what to do or what to say, she was speechless.

She was hoping for an answer, but instead she received a question:

"Sunset, do you. . ." Applejack responded at first, then later revised to: "Have you lost your phone recently?"

Sunset was confused, why would Applejack ask her if she lost her phone. "Um no?" Sunset replied then later reached into her pockets and pulled out her phone, "It's right here, why?"

Then all of a sudden, Applejack gave Sunset a look that shows she was clearly upset after she gave her answer, then AJ shoved her own phone towards her, and said with a furious tone: "Then you need ta explain this."

Sunset took AJ's phone to see what was she talking about, and there it's shown opened to the Anon-a-Miss' page, and it showed it's latest post that updated two days ago, and to Sunset's surprise, it had the pictures she took from Rarity's sleepover and above them, there was a message: OMG. . . what a bunch of dorks! Hahaha.

Sunset was shocked 'How is this possible?!' she thought in her mind.

"WHAT?!?" Sunset shouted, still unsure of how did this happened. "How. . . how did she get our pictures?"

"They're not our pictures, Sunset." Applejack said, while still furious.

"They're yours." said Rainbow Dash

"All those pictures were taken by you." Applejack finished after Rainbow spoke.

Sunset couldn't believe what was happening and how did Anon-a-Miss got her hands on these pictures, and also why would her friends be angry at her. This didn't make any sense.

"Wait, but--" Sunset replied "I. . .I've had my phone all this time! How did she--"

AJ then took her own phone back from Sunset's hand, interrupting what she had to say, and said "Yeah how did she?" then later she lunged forward halfway towards Sunset's face and shouted "How did she know about my nickname? How did she get the pictures from your phone?" Then AJ lifted her arm up, jabbed her finger into Sunset's sternum and continued "It was you all along! You're Anon-a-Miss!"

"We trusted you, Sunset!" Rainbow Dash also shouted "We thought you were our friend!"

After Rainbow, Rarity also spoke up, but in a disappointing tone; "How could you do this? After all we've been through together?"

Sunset couldn't believe what she was hearing, after everything she did for them, they're just gonna assume she's back to her old ways, how could they just turn their backs on her when clearly someone was trying to frame her, but no matter what she tried to say. . . no matter how much she begged, they'd never listen one bit.

"No, wait, you guys--" Sunset tried to explain "I didn't do this! I could never hurt any of you."

"But you did!" Pinkie Pie shouted "You've must've just been pretending to be our friend, when all along you were just after our secrets! You--You secret-stealer!"

After everything they've been through, after she helped them defeat the Sirens, they'd just. . . accuse her of wanting to steal their secrets, that's absurd!

"No! No! I don't know how she got this stuff but it wasn't me," Sunset shouted "I'm not this person!"

Then Fluttershy, the timid and shy one of the group, shouted back at her, with tears like waterfalls in eyes, "No, you're not! You're not the person we thought you were! You're not our friend!"

Sunset was beginning to have tears in her eyes and her voice was cracking, for every word they said, broke her heart, "No I. . . I am. I promise."

This is it, Sunset." Applejack said, "You're not going to take advantage of us any more."

That's when Sunset collapsed on her knees, believing her heart couldn't take much of the pain.

"I'm sorry, but you did this to us." Applejack replied again, "Tell whatever secrets you want. . ."

Couldn't hold the pain in anymore, Sunset Shimmer started crying and didn't had the strength to look at the girls.

". . . but we don't have to listen," as Applejack finished, Sunset could hear her friends. . . her former friends walk away, leaving her to suffer the pain she felt. Sunset couldn't believe the perfect life she was given, had now shattered.

While crying her pain, she spoke silently to whoever was watching over her "P. . . P-Please," Sunset whispered " Please. . . l-let there be someone out there. . . someone who can believe me."

After whispering, she continued crying in the hallway, hoping that someone with a good heart would care to help her.

But there was nothing, no students or no teachers were walking by, nothing but silence.