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The Winter Stars of Christmas - TheShadowKnight

Abandoned by her friends, hated by the school, Sunset Shimmer felt that no one believed and cared for her, but luckily she met someone that was also like her.

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Chapter 6: Sunset's Decision

~One Day Later~

Since after the day she and Fluttershy made up, Sunset's future became brighter than ever. Since last night after she introduced her to Snowdrop, the two later gotten use to one another and became good friends. Ever since the Anon-a-Miss fiasco started, Sunset was miserable and broken after her world crumble around her, but now she became the most joyful girl in the whole world, and not to mention. . . Caring.

As time goes by ever since they met, Sunset and Snowdrop's bond grew stronger and stronger each day, making them inseparable and more united. And also Sunset grew more closely towards Snowdrop than everyone had thought, in fact one time she yelled at Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon after they bullied Snowdrop in the hallway, after that the two later left her alone for a long while. Sunset didn't realize how much she was becoming more protective over Snowdrop, just like a big sister would over her sibling.

Most of the time at her apartment, she would think over about what gift should she give to Snowdrop for the holidays and as always for 2 hours, she couldn't think of a gift. So for the next 4 hours, Sunset kept pacing and pacing around her apartment, while having a small conversation with herself: Oh, come on Sunset!...there must be something you can give to Snowdrop.
But what if I can't!...what if I can never find a gift for her!...what will she think of me!
No!...No...you're a good person and Snowdrop knows that...you can do this!
Oh...But what if I can't!
You can!...you've just got to get it together!
Says the girl whose talking to herself.

Then she kept thinking and thinking, but she still had thought of nothing. Sunset really wanted to thank Snowdrop for everything she did for her, but how is she going to do that if she can't even find a way to do that. The one thing she did think of was that she cared for Snowdrop more than anyone in her life and all she could ever wanted now was to be a part of her life, "Wait a minute..." Sunset said as she continue to process her thinking. She began to think over of how much she cared for Snowdrop, she even thought over of how protective she was when it came to her and how much they both became an impact on each other's lives, as like they were...

Then Sunset thought of an idea, a 'beautiful' idea. Sunset Shimmer had a wonderful, beautiful idea. But to make sure it's the right one, she needed to talk it over with the people she knew she could count on.

She then pulled out her phone, check the time to see it at 6:59pm and began to contact the two people that believed of her innocence: Flash Sentry and Fluttershy and gave them both a text message:

Meet me at Sugarcube Corner Cafe at 7:15,
I need to talk something over with you...
it's very urgent.

After she send messages to them, Sunset later grabbed her journal from her bag and began to write to another person or pony for that matter, that she trusted:

Dear Princess Twilight

I don't mean to bother you at whatever it is you're doing, but I want to ask you something...do you have any spare time to...you know...come visit. I really need to talk to you with something.

Then after she wrote, Sunset waited and waited til the journal started to glow and a new message appeared on the page, that possibly came from Twilight.

Of course I have spare time, I was about to head to the portal anyway to check on you, what is it you want to talk about?

When she read Twilight's message, Sunset wrote down in her journal to reply back:

It'll be easier to explain once we talk about it face-to-face, I'll see you at the portal.

Okay, see you soon Sunset.

You too, Twilight.

After she had wrote her final reply, Sunset placed her journal back into her bag and later put on her winter coat and later started walking towards CHS.

After a 4 hours of walking, Sunset waits by the statue at CHS, hoping that Twilight might come over. She got her wish, as light came from the base of the statue, and what emerged from it...was Twilight Sparkle. As the two made eye contact, Sunset gave a welcoming hug to Twilight and she return the hug back.

"Sunset...I'm glad to see you again." Twilight said, then the two let go of each other, still bearing the smiles on their faces when after Twilight came through the portal

"It's good to see you too, Twilight." Sunset replied.

"So what is it you want to talk about," Twilight said, then she had a concerned, yet hopeful look on her face, "Did the girls finally believe you're not Anon-a-Miss."

"Well... not quite actually," Sunset responded while trying not to disappoint the princess, "Fluttershy was the first to discover my innocence."

"Really, uh figures...How did she found out?" Twilight asked, honestly she kinda expected Fluttershy to be the first one believe of Sunset's innocence...after all she does represent the Element of Kindness. She was proud that Fluttershy still holds on to her kind spirit, even under these circumstances.

"From what Fluttershy told me, It was because of my relationship with Snowdrop," Sunset answered, "She witnessed how much Snowdrop impacted my life and how much I impacted her's...Fluttershy realized that if Snowdrop saw me as a good person, she realized that I would never harm her, so that's why she found out about my innocence in all this."

Twilight took in everything that Sunset said into her mind, she even smirked when she witnessed the Sunset warm expression when she mentioned Snowdrop.

"This Snowdrop, she sounds like a very special person to you...isn't she." Twilight responded to Sunset.

Sunset blushed at Twilight's reply and felt warmth in her heart once again. "She is, Twilight...and speaking of that," Sunset replied "That's the reason for your visit...," Sunset then checked her phone, to see that the time was 7:16, "CRAP!...uh...I'll explain later, right now we need to head for Sugarcube Cafe...Fluttershy and Flash are probably waiting for us as we speak."

"Wait...Flash is there!" Twilight squealed while playing with her hair a little.

Sunset rolled her eyes to Twilight's excitement, back in the days of the Fall Formal...the princess and her ex had a little crush on each other, it would've upset her when she was the 'Queen Bee of CHS', but today...it had never bothered her, she was kind of a bully to everyone back then and Flash did broke up with her because of it...so yeah that proves it.

"C'mon Juliet, we don't want to keep the others waiting." Sunset called out to Twilight, which snapped the princess out of her 'fantasyland'.

"Eh...Eh...Sorry, Sunset," Twilight responded in embarrassment and tried her best to change the the subject, "so...uh...shall we carry on then."

Then they both chuckled to Twilight's embarrassment and soon the two began their walk to the cafe, but their conversation didn't go unnoticed as three girls came out of hiding in the bushes and suddenly had worried looks on their faces.

A few minutes later, Sunset and Twilight had finally reached Sugarcube Corner. As Sunset open the cafe doors, the two entered inside, to see the two people that were waiting for them, for the last 10 minutes.

"Hey Sunset," said Fluttershy and Flash, and then they both got a glimpse of the person next to Sunset when she entered.

"Twilight?...what are you doing here?" Flash said, then Twilight blushed a little when she saw him.

"Oh...uh...Hi Flash," Twilight responded, "...and hello Fluttershy, its good to see you two again."

Fluttershy and Flash both smiled to Twilight's response, then Fluttershy said "Hey Twilight, its good to see you too." "You too, Fluttershy." said Twilight.

After they all did a little catching up, Sunset and Twilight sat down with the others, Sunset sat right next to Fluttershy and Twilight sat right next to Flash, and they then begin their conversation.

"So Sunset," said Flash, "What's the reason for us meeting here?"

"Yes, we all want to know." said Twilight, who was a bit confused just like the others.

Sunset took a deep breath, relaxed her mind and then responded: "Well...the reason I called all you three here...is because I just had an idea for a gift I like to give to Snowdrop and I need your opinions about it."

Fluttershy then had excitement in her eyes, "You've finally found a gift for Snowdrop!" she said.

Sunset nodded her head, then Flash replied "Well I knew you would think of something...so what is it?"

Sunset responded with: "Well...Its hard to explain it..." until she was interrupted by Twilight, "C'mon Sunset...you know you trust us with anything."

Sunset smiled towards Twilight's statement, "Thank you, Twilight..." Sunset replied and then she took a deep breath yet again...and finally begin to speak about her decision: "I had made a decision that, for Christmas I've decided to..." She paused for a bit then later continued on.

"...I've decided to adopt Snowdrop...as my little sister."

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i was thinking that it would be either be a relationship or an adoption for sunset & snowdrop, and it looks like it's the latter.

You betcha, didn't see that coming did ya

By the way, do you like the chapter. :pinkiesad2:

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*Squeal* Yes! Yes! Yes! I love this decision!

Whoa Whoa Whoa, calm down...didn't know you like it that much.

Well becides wanting to slap AJ, RD, and Rarity in their faces this is the greatest thing that could happen in this story.

You too...man if this keeps up I'm gonna have riot on my hands...

So do you like it :raritystarry:

Well thank you,

Plus between you and me, I wish for that too.


I can not wait for the next chapter. This one was very good by the way

Thanks :pinkiehappy:...and yeah you really need to turn the caps lock off.


Oh you magnificent ba- person, you beautiful person.

Almost had a none piece moment there

Its okay bro...let it all out. :pinkiesad2:

This is a message to my sworn enemy: evilkord, if you try to give me another excuse that my story is s***, well here's my answer and this also goes to AJ, RD and Rarity:

im... gonna save that for a few people



Sorry :pinkiesad2:...it's just that the guy makes my blood boil :twilightangry2:

Idk, i lost it at the end

If you mean Snowdrop...cause if it is...then hate to break to you, but she's not my OC, Snowdrop belongs to SFS Animation on Youtube

I know somewhere deep down that Sunset and Snowdrop are meant to be adopted sisters. This is the strongest bond that Sunset has ever made in her entire life, period. And if the CMC, the rest of Humane 5 or any student or staff of CHS has the ever-loving gall to break it and shatter all of Sunset's and Snowdrop's happiness.

Well...Just give all of you an idea.

Reread my comment, you'll get your answer! :pinkiehappy::raritywink:

DAMN boy, you just crack me up :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by TheShadowKnight deleted Aug 1st, 2018

the story so far yes.

Okay you know what...’screw the the hiatus’ I’ll keep on continuing the story.:rainbowdetermined2:

woah, this chapter went faster than i thought.

The ending wasn't much of a surprise, but 'tis good.

Ok, I’ve read through the latest chapter, and now feel comfortable make my opinion plain. Let me apologize in advance if anything I say comes across as rude or insulting; that isn’t my intent. I merely wish to share my opinion, and, if possible, get more out of the story than I already have.

There is a good story in here, but the actual writing leaves much to be desired. So far, what we’ve got here is a strong outline of ideas that could become one of the best fics this site has to offer, but to get there they really need to be expanded on, reorganized, and combed through by a decent editor. I can’t honestly say dislike what I’ve already gotten from it, but at the same time I can’t honestly say I wouldn’t prefere if it were rewritten to a higher standard.

Overall, I can appreciate this story for doing something with the source material that I’ve not seen done before. I will be looking forward to future updates with great anticipation.

1. Dude I’m a newbie here

And secondly...higher standard!...MOTHERFUCKER that is the best I can do, so I don't give a SHIT about what you say...I tried my FUCKING best and several people enjoyed it.

So if you got something to fucking SAY!, then c'mon I dare ya...cause you just asked for a war motherfucka.

Kind of just...............flipped there, don't you think?

Sorry it’s just people don’t understand what amount of pressure I had to carry in order to write another update for the story.

Best advice (that I've got):
Make a blog about it, take some deep breaths and then rest for a while.

Oooohhh I can't wait to see what snowdrops reaction is going to be:pinkiehappy:

Im ashamed of myself for barely finding this fic xD where did it hide??

https://www.fimfiction.net/group/97/looking-for-editors If you wish to get an editor you could try here, but overall, its YOUR decision. And I personally dont think you're in great need of an editor as the story is sooo good

Well I was planning on editing the story weeks ago but forgot about. If you want me to, you could private message me about what are the things that I need to edit.

Glad you liked the story

Ok, if you decide to make this a story where Sunset goes back to Equestria with Snowdrop by her side, it causes the balance to tip out of control. Realizing that the cause is coming from the Rainbooms, the CMC, and all of Canterlot High, Godzilla (2014) awakens to punish them by destroying the one thing that held them all together - Canterlot High. Now, Godzilla's comrades, Kong (2017), Mothra (2019), and Rodan (also 2019) must hold him back before he unleashes his version of restoring the balance.

What? I haven't the movie in a long time.

It is a good story. I can't wait to see Applejack and Rarity's reaction when they learn that Sunset adopted Snowdrop as a little sister. This would cause major havoc in their minds. And it would also confuse pinkie big time. Maybe when pinkie finds out you could have Pinkamina appeared for a bit or you could do the opposite switch and have an emotionalless pinkie who swears of any emotions be her own emotions were wrong.

Woe to the school and her former friends if they attempt to screw that up.

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