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Diamond Sword

(Ships: AppleJack x Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash x FlutterShy


The Rainbooms have just thrown out Sunset after accusing her of being Anon-A-Miss.

After all, the evidence pointed to her. No one else could have done it, right?


After Rainbow Dash attempts to harm Sunset Shimmer, The spirits representing the Elements of Harmony intervene and open their eyes. And it's not just about Anon-A-Miss.....

(This story is slightly inspired by Clouded Guardian’s What Have You Done. I highly recommend that you check that story out. It’s pretty dang amazing! :)

I'd also love to thank KRChrome for helping me out with developing the Spirits of Harmony and the story itself! I suggest that you should follow them for their stories as well!)

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Consider this story being followed

Comment posted by RNBW deleted Jun 20th, 2018
Comment posted by RNBW deleted Jun 20th, 2018

if you dont mid where does it say that officially.

Comment posted by RNBW deleted Jun 20th, 2018

Watch this scene

Please tell me a similar scene will happen in the story. I really want one, if not all, of the spirits of the Elements of Harmony to tell the Human 5 girls they are not worthy of not only their power but of the vert trait they represent. How they not only didn't trust their friend but the elements themselves, since they accepted Sunset.

8993922 :facehoof:Okay, for the umpteenth damn time, the folks that run the show have said that the comics are canon in the MLP universe.
And this includes the Equestria Girls ones.

I just wish people would get this, accept it, and move the buck on!



Why another Anon-a-miss fic?

Because if they're done well, they're just as welcome as any other MLP story.

Also, I don't think I've ever read one where the Tree of Harmony itself gets involved in things where Anon-a-Miss is concerned, and I plan on following this one closely.

yes well until they bring it up in the show itself its not canon to me.

Something similar, but I can't tell you guys a whole lot of it.

But as you guys can tell, the Tree of Harmony will be involved. I'll try to leave it at that.

I'm currently working on Chapter Two, though.

Comment posted by RNBW deleted Jun 20th, 2018

Dude as much as you may hate or at least get annoyed by Anon a Miss stories i doubt they are going away anytime soon. I hate stories were characters are screw over/betrayed/abandoned by their supposed loved ones especially ones where it came out of nowhere and was just added to drive the main character away from their current home or create drama/conflict.

I see that in stories about Sailor Moon, DBZ (case in point Gohan's 2nd Chance), Pokemon (There's one on this site I think) and Naruto (god lord there is a ton of Naruto fanfiction that have him being betrayed, it's like it's an addiction of some kind)

Note the other thing bugs me along with the betrayal stories are the ones where a character, again a lot of them seem to be about Naruto, being send to another world with seemingly no way of returning and accepting it. I swear to god you can browse through the Naruto crossover section on FF.net and within less then 15 minutes you would come across at least a few dozen stories that involve Naruto being betrayed or sent to another world.

I cringe everytime I come across one, new or updated, but I know they are not going to stop anytime soon. However they do make other fresher and more creative stories stand out more.

Plus if you want to blame someone for all the Anon a Miss stories then blame the writer. He gave fans a reason to bash the Rainbooms more then their treatment of Sunset and how they acted during Rainbow Rocks.

Dude all I want is for a scene like this playing out:

Spirit of Loyalty: Rainbow you're supposed to be the loyal friend, the one who will stick by her friends no matter what, help them when they are in trouble and stop them when they are causing it! If Sunset really is returning to the darkness then you should have given her your hand to pull her out, not turn your back on her and let her suffer alone in it! Rainbow your suppose to be loyal enough to help save a friend from themselves, even if you think they hurt you first, if you aren't willing to do that then you have no right to call yourself loyal at all! YOU ARE THE TRAITOR HERE NOT SUNSET!!

Rainbow: SHUT UP!!!

Something like that.

It will.

Although, the spirits will have the “I’m not mad, just extremely disappointed, like, how did you even manage to do this?” attitude.

I think they might even bring up The Canterlot Wedding event.

Complaining about anon-a-miss fics isn't going to prevent any writer from posting them.
Stop bashing in the comments, ignore them and move on

*holds up Infinity Gauntlet in a snap position*Fall silent, fool!

8994297 Um, okay.
Look, when I answered you yesterday, my reply was short and to the point, and as far as I was concerned, our conversation on this subject was over.

But it seems it wasn't on your end, so okay.

Let me say this: writers write what they like and want to write (I know that I do), readers like what they like (same with me), and that's all there is to it.
You're NOT going to change their minds on that, I'm afraid.
And if they like to read and write Anon-a-Miss fics?
Well, you're not going to change their minds on that either.

Also, what gives you, or anyone else, for that matter, the right to tell authors (like Diamond Sword) what they can write, and HOW they can write it?
We write what we like, the way we like.

And before I close this, I have I wonder, if you DON'T like stories like this... WHY did you read it, let alone comment on it?
Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

UNLESS it's to just gripe at the author and their story, or whatever.

Okay, comment done, have a nice day.

Intriguing start and looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Why do I get the feeling that when the elements get involved, they'll pull a classic Christmas Carol and appear before the Rainbooms while sleeping like Jacob and the spirits did to Ebenezer?

Comment posted by compathorn8987 deleted Jun 20th, 2018

8996060 Ah.
Indeed it was.

Still wouldn't wanna be in human Dash's boots when the Element of Loyalty reads her the riot act, though..........

Comment posted by compathorn8987 deleted Jun 20th, 2018

Alright, everyone.

If you happen to notice that Son Elec’s comments are missing, that is because I deleted them for them.

They sent me a private message apologizing for their behavior and gave me their full permission to delete the comments.

Just wanted to let you all know.

Sounds good but I prefer if the spirits showed some anger as well when they bring up the Human 5's lack of faith in Sunset and in each other as well, when Sunset broke them up, and in the elements themselves.

But especially when they tell the girls they don't deserve them and the traits they represent and failed themselves when they turned their back in Sunset. A part of being a friend is sticking by them when things get tough, especially when you may think they are causing trouble or are about to, as her friends the Rainbooms should have gone out of their way to stop her and keep her from falling back into the darkness.

BTW: Anon a Miss always makes me think about Naruto and Sasuke.

uh can you show a link, forgive me if I don't believe you

I'll try to add some anger in their dialogue.

Although, I might not go as far as to revoke their powers.

8997047 I'll have to find it again, but I just thought of an example of the connection between Equestria and Canterlot High:

The Sirens in the Season 7 finale.

Okay, we all know by now that Star Swirl banished them from Equestria for all the trouble that they caused (I think they themselves admitted that in Rainbow Rocks), and during the Season 7 finale, it showed Star Swirl and the Pillars (including Stygian) working together to defend that pony village from them.
And at ONE point, Star Swirl opened a portal and sent the three of them through it.... and we all know where they ended up.
NOT in Limbo, like the Pillars and the Pony of Shadows all eventually did... but in the world of Canterlot High.

Also, if you were getting and reading the MLP Legends of Magic comic series, the wording in the description of each issue (as well as the Special that wrapped the series up) said that the comics "were a direct tie-in to the MLP series Season 7 finale".
Here's one of them, from Issue 7:

You've met the most legendary ponies in Equestria's history... now find out how they first came together to battle an unstoppable evil! Bullet points: * Ties into the finale of MLP Season 7!

(Bolding is mine.)
Oh, and here's the cover for that issue:
The Dazzlings, front and center, big as life.

THAT'S conformation right there, as far as I'm concerned.

I'm still going to dig up that link for you, too, though.

I'm not asking you to revoke their powers, I just want for something similar to what Ling said to Greed, how he angrily told the embodiment of the sin of Greed that he was unworthy of the name and trait if he didn't want to keep everything including his past and friends.

I want for the spirits of Loyalty and Honestly to chew out Rainbow and AJ especially as they take pride in being loyal and honest but in the end they failed to live up to it when they abandoned Sunset.

Sorry to bug you on this it's just that when I think about the What-If the elements talked to the Human 5 about their actions during Anon a Miss I can't help but see they reacting like Ling did with Greed, or the boy in KR Chrome's The Boy at Our Table.

8997766 Okay, fine, I give up.

They're not.

Happy, everyone?

I surrender.

I know what I've read and heard, but obviously I'm just too damn stupid to understand it.

End of subject.
I'm done.

Oh, and while I will continue to follow this story ('cause I really like it), and I will be commenting on it from time to time, I will not answering anyone else who makes a comment to me.

This stupid old mare has had enough.

What a dude you are awesome the book is cannon it’s just not really mentioned

8997946 Try telling that to some of the others around here.

I’ll do some quick research to prove the book is actually cannon

If you go to tvtrops.org it states in the destructive fanfic area “this fix dos away with the estoric happy ending of the canon comic

All done the websites there and everything

Comment posted by Charli13 deleted Jun 21st, 2018

Hey no problem always gotta be ready to help a dude in need

Yeah, let's see where this goes. :twilightsmile:

I look forward to reading more, i do like this story and love the idea of the Tree taking care of things. Hope to see the newest update soon.

9011584 Me, too, and that makes two of us!

looking forward to the next chapter and nice work.

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