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anon-a-miss fic, but with a few twists

since the fall formal, sunset shimmer has always felt a heavy sense of guilt for the crimes she's committed against Celestia when she ran off, but also the high school that took her in even after she became queen bee, then into the demon.

since the battle of the bands, she thought that she could maybe finally take the weight off her shoulders, but fate is a cruel master, and anon-a-miss was born, but the universe has other plans, plans that will help sunset shed the guilt that plagued her since the fall formal.

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OK LOVE IT ALREADY! Father Tirek savved Sunset, and Sunset may not turn into a demon of veagence at least I hope. But can't wait to see what happens!

An interesting concept so far. Gonna have it in the read later folder for now but will give a like.
I'm wondering if this will go as i think it will

Tirek, as not just the hero, but as a priest and ex-marine? I've encountered the priest idea, but not the ex-marine. You have intrigued me.

The Story name and the chapter name is a reference of Pat Benatar: Hell is for Children. Album: Crimes of Passion

And i want to add as soon i saw it, I played the song as well

I hope my other stories satisfy you as well, thanks for your support though.


I like the concept. Father Tirek, ex-marine to the rescue.
Though I think, you should get yourself an editor.
That chapter needs some cleaning up, on matters of punctuation, run-on sentences and capitalisation.

Nice spotting in the reference, lets see if you can spot more :rainbowdetermined2:

great start. cant wait to read more! :D

I can try to help if ya want. I got some time on my hands and a reasonable grasp of the english language.

I can send it to ya if you truly believe you got the time.

I promise it won't be

Solar eclipse, that much i can give you for now

Good start, and interesting direction to to go with Tirek, I can't wait for it to continue. That said, as others have said, it could use some proofreading. While I don't do that much any more, I'd be happy to help out. Also, if English isn't your first language (and even if it is, heck, I flunked senior English), I can help with that too as I'm giving away writer's aids at 75ยข and postage.

Lol was just about to ask that tho more for the sunset is dead ending bit of that story

Another good chapter just a little rushed needs some grammar checks here and there

This chapter makes me want to break the rainboom's and Twilight's kneecaps, with a wrench.

Yeah, im gonna actually edit this chapter later, since I wrote this right after work, and my brain needs a recharge between chapters of the same story

You may want to with hold wrenching twilight, cause with out her knees she can't redeem herself, because your gonna like what she does.

can we wrench rainbow at least? i mean i really want to ruin her sports career right now, a wrench to both kneecaps and elbows, fate worse then death for her.

You can wrench rainbow and applejack.
The other four deserve less painful punishments.

Funny you say that, because you will love what's about to happen


I feel you could improve the syntax quite substantial, reading it feels clunky at times.

Can we get to the real point already? Instead of these damn fillers?

While it might still be a bit short, I didn't really notice any grammatical or spelling mistakes that stood out, so the chances for dissapointing me are currently rather low. :twilightsmile:

And yes, I am indeed tracking this one. Don't want to miss any updates.

Wait is the description ment to say the plan end happy or don't end happy

I do wonder is the cover art a can expect to happen or just a cool image with little relation to story

Welp. Nothing shuts people up like a 7-foot ex-marine standing behind you with a scowl on his face. Well, other than said ex-marine holding the noose you tried to hang yourself with.


now, concerning Sunset Forgiving Rarity, Fluttershy and Rarity.

Pretty sure this is self explanatory.

I've read quite a few Anon-a-miss stories, and I've seen quite a few people want either eternal damnation or blood

Still say apple bloom and her friends need some sort of large punishment even from purely legal standing they did push if not directly any way push a girl to attempt suicide. They made anon-a-miss to harm sunset and while they did not want her death pretty sure they cpuld still be charged with involuntary manslaughter at the least

oh i have something big planned for those little brats, but no death or permanent injury is gonna happen

Oh nothing like that the punishment is still fully legal like some have just expelled or stuff like that

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