• Published 13th Jan 2018
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Hell is for children - dragenfire68

Anon-a-miss runs rampant, and her evil spreads quickly, soon the consequences will catch up, and they shall forever be chilling

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Saving me

Gym finished with a game of dodge ball, with dash, Gilda, and Sunset on one team with Applejack on the other, Gilda proved too be extremely good at dodge ball, catching basically anything thrown at her, Dash was almost as good, but she dodged instead of catching, Sunset however simply dodged everything, as she ducked, sidestepped and sometimes jumped.

"This is strikingly similar to something.....!" Sunset thought as she caught a ball and rolled bringing it up before a ball hit her in the face.

Spitfire called the game to a close as Gilda knocked Applejack out of the game with a ball to the stomach, knocking the wind outta her, they each made their way into the locker rooms, each got changed back into their school clothing, Gilda was the first to leave, but not before "accidentally" running into Sunset, causing her to reach into her pocket feeling a small piece of paper.

"Weird, but I'll have to check it later, away from prying eyes, but first I think I've got something to say to RD." Sunset thought as she walked over too RD's locker and waited for the rainbow teen.

"Oh..... a.... H-hey Sunset, what are you here for." Rainbow said, fumbling with her words.

"First off, I'm here for my phone that you got from Gilda, and second.... I wanted to say thank you, for what you did earlier, with Applejack." Sunset said as she looked down as if in pensive thought.

"What I back there, I should have done that on the first day, not this day, not afterward, but right then and there, you have worked so hard to repair your reputation, too get respect and redemption, in my opinion, you're redeemed, you don't need to ask for it, nor earn it, so its time for my redemption, to make up for turning your world on its head."

Sunset was taken aback, she knew that Rainbow could be humble, but too state that she needed a major character reformation, that was immense, even for rainbow dash, but Sunset gave a small smile as she held out her fist, too which Rainbow looked down then back up before giving Sunset a small fist bump.

"I guess this is step one, then step two and so on will be the hardest challenge you accomplish, now step two is giving me my phone."

Dash gave her phone back, the shattered screen facing up too her, before she could think too hard, Dash gave her a questioning look.

"Hey, have you seen Pinkie Pie around?"

"No, in fact i haven't seen her all day, though I think she's in my art class next, this is gonna be interesting, since she was the one who saved me, not that father didn't do anything, but had she not given chase..... it would have been a lot worst."

Rainbow wanted to press, but she figured she had used up her luck with Sunset for today and ran to make it to her next class, while Sunset looked down at her phone, an unreadable expression plastered too it for only a moment before Sunset put on her neutral expression and left.

"I heard everything, so it seems your almost ready to forgive the Rainbow girl," Tirek said as he trailed behind her.

"almost, but in my mind somewhere, it wants to hold on, and never let go," Sunset replied.

"I understand, and well do what you will, however, my advice is don't hold on too long because soon you'll forget why."

Sunset doesn't reply, instead she chews on Tireks words as they make it too the art classroom, where Sunset would usually avoid, do to the amount of times since the Incident, paint and other stuff has been "dropped" on her by "accident" and so forth, so she would show up very briefly, only for a lecture and then be gone, but this time is different, not only because those who already have been in classes with her already know that Tirek is watching over her and his massive frame is enough to dissuade even the most foolish classmates, the silence of the class was kept by Pinkie Pie, who's flat hair and dulled expression almost made those who knew her to swear she was simply Maud Pie taking her place, but upon closer look, it wasn't.

"Hey, Pinkie... how are you?" Sunset asked hesitantly, unsure of how to approach the girl that gave Tirek enough time to catch up and stop the act in progress.

For a moment Sunset wasn't sure if she heard her, but it didn't last long, because as Sunset was about to turn away Pinkie flung herself at her, encasing her in a near bone-crushing hug, like in a moment Sunset would disappear and pinkie would wake up, nothing was said because soon the front of her shirt was drenched, this surprised many of the students who passed confused looks, while others who knew what this act meant, simply walked up to Sunset and Lowered their heads in a silent apology, they knew that no words could ever express what they wanted to convey, this is all they could do until they found a suitable time to undo their mistakes.

"I know that... you made a mistake, that you said things that you can't take back, and in my failing, I simply pushed all my grief and anger, sadness and rage, onto you... because my final sin wouldn't make it go away, it would simply move to the next victim."

"No sunny, you should have never have had to should that burden, I should not have fallen to the pressure, even as I said what I couldn't take back, I never believed it, but I was afraid of being wrong, afraid of being alone again...." Pinkie simply shook her head, a memory causing her to shudder all over.

"Would talking about it makes you feel better, that memory?"

"I'll paint it for you, And then I'll talk to you about it later."

Sunset figured that it was the best she'll get out of Pinkie, for now, because she planned on asking her for more of her story, but for now she'll settle on having Pinkie simply paint it out, she looked at Tirek for silent advice, but he simply gave her a look that said, simply wait, pushing will only cause her to shrink in.

Soon, the class got underway and in the enigma that is Pinkie, she seemed to predict in her own way the teacher's assignment, assigning partners and together they would make a painting that had the combined personality of both, symbolizing an internal struggle, naturally Pinkie and Sunset were put together.

"I know what we're gonna paint, Pinkie are you ready?"

"As ready as I will ever be."

With Sunset guiding her hand, Pinkie painted a three frame almost comic board, one featuring a man, holding a burning stick of Dynamite, the next showed small child grabbing his pant leg, a look of sadness on her features understanding too much for a small child, the final board showed a reflected explosion in her eyes.

Sunset gazed at the finished product, the implication not lost on her, but she'll wait on pinkie to open up and talk, it was time to start on her own she turned to the other side, she reflecting on the past, unsurprisingly she zoned out and made a three-tiered panel, starting with a mural-like painting her in between the wings of Celestia, but below her, was her demon,next came her walking a path, towards a cliff, finally came her held in skeletal fingers, closing around, not to crush her, but more of a barrier.

The bell rang as Sunset and Pinkie pie put the finishing touches on the painting, many left that class with different thoughts, some with experience enough to read between the lines, some who weren't as good but still had a proper understanding on social cues, and finally those who simply followed the lead.

This was the last class to hold anyone Sunset knew, so the day simply passed by Sunset, her mind bouncing, and restless, unable to focus on anything, her system burned with a weird feeling, like adrenaline, but instead of being active, it simply waited, like a loyal dog, waiting to be called on, finally the final bell rang, releasing the students but Sunset went slower, the day and events settling in her mind, until finally the hallways were empty and the front law vacant of any students.

"so what do you want to do today?" Tirek asked as they stepped into the cold.

"I don't know, sleep, rest, learn... TWILIGHT... LUNA?!" Sunset tapered off, as she saw the portal shimmer, ripple then vibrate until it stretched out like a bubble, until a purple hand came out, then the rest followed, but the person was entirely different gone was the uniform, in its place was what looked like leather armor, that ended in a skirt, but what caught her eye was the shining star Jewel on her abdomen, and following her was Princess Luna, the portal transporting her through with significantly less ripples and stretching, but she stumbled and fell, swearing most colorfully, before Twilight turned and helped her up balancing her, before turning to Sunset.

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