• Published 13th Jan 2018
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Hell is for children - dragenfire68

Anon-a-miss runs rampant, and her evil spreads quickly, soon the consequences will catch up, and they shall forever be chilling

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Hollowed be thy name Part 1

It was a sunny morning at canterlot, but the mood was far from warm or even inviting, there had been numerous posts made that morning, and most of the students were looking at the doors, hoping that the Fiery haired teenager would come through the doors ALONE but their hopes were dashed when she came in, and following her was the massive giant from the day before, in fact, the air that the two gave off was ice cold.

"I'll be at your back, no one is going to touch you," Tirek said, his hand on her shoulder

"Thank you," Sunset said, a little less tense, but still defensive as she walked up to her locker, which was surprisingly vacant of any mocking drawings, which surprised her.

Sunset got her things quickly, as the school filled up, nobody daring to go near Sunset or her towering bodyguard, but not just because of her bodyguard, to call the air cold before, was an understatement, the cold when she walked in was pale in comparison to now, anyone who got close found the very heat sucked out of them, Sunset for her part seemed to have not noticed as she walked to her first class, if anyone had been paying attention, they would have noticed that the cold seemed to be following her.

Sunset got to her class with no trouble, the students making way for her like the red sea, but not without whispers and glares at their backs, but were silenced when a freezing gust of air came and made all the students without their coats run for warmth as a deep chill settled in their clothes.

"Oh, hey sunset I didn't know you were coming in today." Fluttershy said meekly, not sure if Sunset was in a talking mood.

"Hm, oh hi," Sunset said not icily, but it lacked any of the warmth or friendliness that Sunset had before all this mess started.

"Are you alright, none of the students gave you any trouble?" Fluttershy said a bit more loudly, glad that they were on speaking terms.

"Does it look like I had any trouble, is anyone here stupid enough to try anything with my da- Fa- I mean Tirek around?" Sunset said coldly, before stumbling over words that sounded to both Tirek and Fluttershy as "dad" and "father"

"Well ah, I guess not, I'll just be over here, If you need any help, if you're okay with that..." Fluttershy said, before her words trailed off as Sunset put a full two desks between her and herself, she looked at Tirek, who regarded her with a mixture of both pity and bemusement.

"At least she isn't mad at you anymore, but still try to take things slow, trust isn't something you can rebuild overnight," Tirek said sagely, Fluttershy knew he was right, but she thought it wouldn't hurt to try.

"I'll try, too take it slow, but I miss how close we used to be, I miss not feeling guilty."

"You should have thought of that when you decided to abandon her, but that's all water under the bridge, but its up too Sunset to decide when she fully forgives you."

The teacher entered, he looked at Tirek before Sunset came up to him and showed him her phone screen, before he nodded and treated Tirek like he wasn't even there, Fluttershy was the only girl to be in this class, which Sunset was grateful for, she secretly couldn't stand to stomach the presence of more than one of the girls, luckily for her, she only had 2 classes with 1 girl each, however unluckily there was one exception, gym and it held both rainbow dash and Applejack, and Sunset was in no mood to deal with Applejack at the moment, or Rainbow Dash for that matter.

"this is gonna be a long day, why do i gotta be stuck with those two!!!!" Sunset huffed quietly too herself

Time moved quickly for Sunset, no one yet had the gall too approach her or even whisper while Tirek sat in the back, his presence putting off any thoughts of getting at her, the cold chill also helped, students that had not passed her were now shivering something fierce, the very metal in their desks almost freezing to the touch, the teach however seemed fine, as did Sunset, the class passed in an instant, Fluttershy mumbled a goodbye as she packed up, Sunset did so slowly, she didn't want to be caught out in the halls.

Sunset made it to the locker room just fine, and was able to change quickly, she wanted to make it out before too many others that is until she ran into the one person that could literally ruin her day, Gilda, she rammed into her both tumbling back as Gilda shouted a few choice cuss words.

"FUCK, I SWEAR I'LL BEAT YOUR GODDAMN FACE IN!!!" Gilda shouted before looking down at Sunset, who was holding her hands in front of her face, hoping that she was in a good mood, Sunset simply tensed, waiting for Gilda to get to the beat down, but instead Gilda held out a hand, Sunset lowered her hands, looking up at Gilda who had a neutral expression, she took her hand as Gilda helped her up.

"Next time, look where your going dweeb," Gilda said without the usual intent too hurt, seemed more out of reflex, She seemed to pause as if to say something, but thought better of it as she walked away.

"huh, that was weird, also seemed like she wanted to say something, but what stopped her, must have been my imagination, I've got to get too class, I'll see about it later." Sunset thought as she walked out into the gym, doing a few brief stretches, warming up her muscles, trying to sort out what happened with Gilda back there.

Rainbow dash was secretly dreading this moment since she got to school, she saw Sunset was already in the gym and changed, but what she wasn't expecting in the locker room was a certain Teenager who was well known for her short fuse, but what shocked dash was the fact that Gilda seemed to be waiting for her.

"It's been a long time dash," Gilda said as if she was talking about the weather, that in itself was weird, but the fact that Gilda was even speaking to her was even stranger.

"It has, but what do i owe this pleasure, I thought that we weren't on speaking terms." Rainbow said, cautiously asking, not wanting to set Gilda off.

"Well, I had a lot of time to think, and let's just say knowing something about a person gives you a whole new perspective on life besides that, I wanted to give you this," Gilda said as she handed Rainbow a shattered phone, the screen wrecked beyond repair, but none of that mattered as she recognized the phone, the initials on the back saying it belonged to a certain S.S.

"where did you get that, and how did it get broken?"

"I may have lost my temper, and broke a few of Sunsets things, because I thought she was coming to the homeless shelter to dig up embarrassing secrets, but after I broke her phone, I noticed that anon-a-miss had still sent secrets while I broke her stuff, it then dawned on me why she was there, and I followed her, I saw her drift from place to place."

"Why though, I always took you as the loner type, not one too help or care for anyone."

"I tried not to, but my curiosity won out, I had to be sure that Sunset wasn't anon-a-miss and I wasn't letting her slip by, but it turns out that while Sunset was 'setting up' anon-a-miss continued to post stuff, confirming that Sunset isn't her, I may not have the best grades, but I am not an idiot, I know when someone is being played."

"So, why not give Sunset her phone back yourself?"

"Because you need her forgiveness more then i do because I didn't throw her under the bus when she needed a friend the most, you didn't hear this from me, but you guys actually make a difference, you dethroned Sunset, and then after, she helped defeat the sirens, and let me tell you, being forced to obey against your will is not a fun experience."

"Alright G, I'll give this back to Sunset," Dash said, before taking the phone from Gilda and placing it in her locker, after changing into her gym clothes, Gilda who turned away from Rainbow actually let herself a small smile, a thing that she made damn sure no one caught.

Sunset, Gilda and rainbow were the first ones in the gym practicing their warm-ups, since they arrived 5 minutes early, when Applejack showed up, she glared at Sunset all the way to the locker rooms until a big arm blocked her way, she looked up ready to demand who was blocking the door, until she met the cold gaze of Tirek, who had been waiting outside the locker room doors.

"wrong door miss, be on your way," Tirek said coldly, pointing at the males only sign, Applejack simply huffed both in embarrassment and indignation that she was rudely corrected.

Applejack got changed, her mood was sour because she got too her locker and it had been scribbled and marked with the same thing she's seen since the secret got out "Piggly Wiggly" and she wanted to talk to Rainbow about something she'd overheard while coming into class, something that worried her, but when she left, she saw Rainbow talking to Sunset, they looked like they were discussing something important, before they nodded, separating from Rainbow turning to face the suspicious face of Applejack.

"And just what that all about?" Applejack asked fiercely, looking down at Rainbow, and because it was dead silent, it got everyone's attention, looking at the two, who usually argue in good nature, but this sounded way past good nature.

"I was simply telling Sunset that I got her broken phone back in my locker." Rainbow Dash said, looking directly at Sunset, who simply gave her a cold stare in return, before returning to her exercises.

"and just how did her phone get broken, ah bet she broke it just to cover her tracks." Applejack said accusingly, throwing a glare at Sunsets back.

"Applejack, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard you say," Rainbow said incredulously

"excuse me?"

"I'm calling your idea stupid A.j., phones aren't cheap, why the hell would she break her own phone?"

"Don't you dare call me stupid, you know how she was, ah can see her doing it, why can't you?"


"ah- ah, a bet that was just some made up sob story, you know she wouldn't dare, she has too much to lo- *SMACK*" Rainbow Dash interrupted her with a full fingered slap that would make rarity proud, Applejack who was not expecting a full force slap from Rainbow dash had her head ringing, her vision swimming.

"don't you fucking dare suggest that what she went through was fake, if you really want to blame her, go ask Fluttershy what Sunset went through, but until you re-learn what honesty is, don't come near me, don't even speak to me," Rainbow said, spinning on her heel, heading a spot near Sunset, but not too close.

Applejack, who's head now wasn't swimming looked at Rainbow's back as her words echoed in her head, before she felt sick to her stomach, not because Rainbow had hit her, no she deserved that, but because the weight of what she had said caught up with her, and it made her feel disgusted with her self, the sheer shame of what she had suggested now weighed heavy on her heart.

Class started with Spitfire calling out names, she was about to make Tirek go until she took a good look at him, she instead saluted at him, before turning back to the class, giving them each their physical test.

Tirek watch from afar, he was gonna have some choice words for the young orange girl later, normally as long as Sunset's physical health wasn't in jeopardy, he would let her handle the more talking side of things herself, but what the orange one had suggested rubbed him the wrong way, and it made his eye tick, but he was here to protect Sunset, he would handle personal business later.

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