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Hell is for children - dragenfire68

Anon-a-miss runs rampant, and her evil spreads quickly, soon the consequences will catch up, and they shall forever be chilling

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Shouldn't have to pay for love with you bones and your flesh [proof read and edited]

// Shouldn’t have to pay for love, with your bones and your flesh
// Story: Hell is for children
// by dragenfire68

Chapter: 2

Tirek sighed, as he opened the book, to what he would guess, was the beginning of the hardest diary, he had ever read. He shook those thoughts off, as he began to catalog the days, in which he suspected these entries were written.


Day 1

‘Dear Twilight,

I'm so alone, they don't believe me, they refuse to even listen to me, and I don't know how to get them to see, that I was set up to take the fall. I have a few suspects, but I have no proof, that it was them and I have no idea how to show, that I’m not the one who is doing this.

Sunset Shimmer’

‘Dear Sunset,

I know this must be hard, but you are strong.

You must remember who you are and find your family.

I promise that you'll make it through this.

Twilight Sparkle’

Day 2

‘Dear Twilight

I don't know who my family is, but it isn't them, it isn't them.
They didn't believe me, in fact, Applejack slapped me when I accused her sister of being Anon-A-Miss. It made so much sense, who else could possibly know, what her nickname was and I never would dare tell.
I tried to reason with Rainbow, but she didn't listen to me. She smacked me too, same cheek no less when I said that Scootaloo was Apple Bloom's accomplice.
They accused me of being a secret stealer and a backstabber, they even threw me out, saying I‘m not welcome at Sugar Cube Corner. I’m not welcome here in this world, I know it Twilight, please let me back through.
Even though I failed you

Sunset Shimmer’


Tirek sat stunned, as he flipped through a few more pages, each telling him more about how no matter what she did, these girls would do anything to shut her up; even going so far, as to get physical with her and it made his blood boil. It wasn’t enough, that these girls isolated her, but to attack her for telling her side… It made him want to put down the book, find those girls and rip them a new one, about what family meant. Sunset Shimmer’s mental and physical health, however, was more important right now, so he picked the book back up and kept reading.


Day 4

‘Twilight, why can't I get through.... did I disappoint you by giving up too soon?
Did you seal it, so that I could learn how to overcome this? Why won’t you answer me?

Day 7

‘You're right, I have to figure this out alone. I have to overcome this on my own.
I've found a homeless shelter willing to take me in, for a few days, but I still don't have a way to buy food... is this your test? To figure out, how to survive alone, without my old tricks?
Or have you forsaken me because I failed to learn the Magic of Friendship?’

Day 10

‘A fellow homeless girl saw me. She tried to try to kill me, but I escaped with only my money, this book and my backpack, the rest was smashed to pieces. I think her name is Gilda.
who knew?
Well, now I know why she's so angry all the time, but now I’m truly homeless. I'll try harder, I'll prove im worthy to come home, someday....’

Day 12

‘I-i’m cold, hungry, and beginning to think there's no hope. I've only survived this long, by picking out of Canterlot’s after lunch garbage. I’ve also been making sure, to shower at the local pool, when I thought I could get away with it, but that just like old Sunset isn't it and I failed you haven't I?’

Final day

‘I can't do this anymore. I can't stand the constant pain in my gut, the constant fear that I'll be found and arrested, the fear that I may die, in a way I'm not comfortable with, the guilt that I failed you, the guilt that I failed Celestia.
If by some miracle, this is simply a case of you not being there because of some duties, then I'll understand, but I can't keep this up.
I can't be strong like you when you faced discord, I can't face my fears like you did, when you faced Sombra, I can't believe in the family like you did, when you fought Chrysalis.
This is the last message of someone, who is going to die tonight’


Tirek looks down at the last message before Twilight's urgent, panic-stricken responses started, but he didn't read them. Instead, he set the book aside and stared at a spot between his feet, as three emotions battled for control.

Rage, for those who hurt her, those who she called family; those who dared believe, that they had any right, to strike down someone, who had done nothing, but try to make up for any past deeds she might have done; that they deserved the love, they thought was merely a ploy to supposedly upend, their perfect little lives; who took this girls heart and shattered it many times over.

Sadness, for the girl, who tried to weather the sea of cruelty, on a sinking ship. He wanted to weep for the girl, who apparently had someone who cared, but fate conspired to keep her from helping. Sadness for the one, who was the emotional punching bag of a system, that chewed up her spirit and stole her soul.

The last, but weakest emotion, was the tiny flame of hope. A dim flame, struggling to hold its spark, against the storm of emotions, that raged inside him; one side calling out for retribution, against the vile creature that took, what he held dear to his heart and strangled the life out of it. However, the other gentle but unmoved, called out for healing, to save Sunset Shimmer, to pick up the pieces and put them back together.

Hope no matter how weak, was like a fire and as discarded ideas between the two, fell down onto it, hope refused to die. Instead, it took the kindling offered and added hope. It started as a small fire but it became an inferno and soon hope devoured the sadness and rage.

Tirek made a decision. He would help heal this girl’s broken heart, but as she was mending, he would take it upon himself, to figure out who was behind this and bring them to justice. He would not stop, until the creature that hurt her, was brought to justice.

He didn't know, where this new found fire of hope came from, but he refuses to ignore the determination burning in his chest. Before this was gonna happen, however, he had a few business calls to make. After all, he had a lot of vacation time, that he was gonna cash in, and he knew that they wouldn't refuse him.

But at the back of his mind, a tiny voice spoke, one so tiny, that most ignore it. For him, however, it was as loud as any other and it was a hard one to ignore.

"What if you fail?"

Author's Note:

criticism appreciated, constructive though!!!

also shorter chapter due to having to lend until late.

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