• Published 13th Jan 2018
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Hell is for children - dragenfire68

Anon-a-miss runs rampant, and her evil spreads quickly, soon the consequences will catch up, and they shall forever be chilling

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Someone who cares

Death pushed open the doors, Revealing a large Library, thousands of books on both sides, an almost claustrophobic array, they all looked around, even though they were as old as time itself, A mortals mind still confused the gods.

"wow, I haven't seen a mortals mind this confusing since, well the last time I was invited." Death said, looking around.

"Well, do you know the way?" Applejack asked.

"No, I don't intrude on a mortal's innermost thoughts, it is not my business till they die."

They continued down the endless corridor, books upon books with no turns, but a feeling of being watched ate at the girls, they looked around, trying to find it, but look as they might, they could not locate the pair of bright green eyes that flitted between books.

"Okay, am I the only one who feels like their being watched?" rainbow dash said, as she turned 180, trying to look between the books.

"It is giving me quite the fright." Rarity said, back to back with Fluttershy, the creep factor causing them to stop moving.

Tirek Looked around, years as a marine had honed his senses, but as he looked around, he caught sight of a pair of bright, green eyes, staring at him, before disappearing into the darkness behind the books, he looked around him again, No longer was the endless books ominous, but rather felt like a playground.

"Hmm, If I were a small one, Where would I be," Tirek said too himself, pretending not to notice the pair of eyes that were focused on him.

Death too had seen eyes, but not the playful green, but a deathly red, glaring down on them from high above the shelves, they seemed to follow their every move, they circle them like a vulture.

"Rawr, I am monster," a tiny voice shouted, revealing a small child, with a strike of blond between her red locks, leaping at Tirek who caught her in his arms with a swift motion, feigning shock.

"Oh no, It's the tiny monster, help ahhhh," Tirek said, continuing to act surprised which got chuckles out of Life and Death, even the girls offered smiles.

"Aww, she is so cute," Life squeed.

She came up to Little sunset, who looked at her, with curious eyes filled with wonder, she reached out and touched a lock of hair that fell in front of her face.

"Hi, pretty lady," Little sunset said, causing Life giggle, until Little Sunset saw death, instead of being sad or scared she fidgeted until Tirek put her down, she walked up to death and held her arms up, a longing stare on her face.

"Alright little one, have up," Death reached down and picked her up, a hold her close, and in his arms, she glowed like a star, before pointing down a narrow path.

"that is our path," Little sunset said tiredly.

The group continued down the hallway, the longer death held her, the more tired she became, and the harder it became for her to guide them.

"Th.. *yawn* is our path," She said Tiredly, before finally nodding off, because they finally found where they were meant to be, the center except on opposite sides were two sunsets, a unicorn on one side and a human on the other.

"they are here." The human said cooly, no emotion.

"thanks, I noticed." the other said, with an edge to her voice.

there was silence as they sat at the table, waiting for who knows what, but soon the Sunset that Death held started to whimper, fidget, and squirm like a nightmare was set upon her

"someone had better comfort her." The human said.

"be my guest, I'm no good with humans." the unicorn said back

Finally, the Human spun on her unicorn counterpart.


This got the other to do a one-eighty and shout back.




they were glaring daggers at each other across the table as the tiny Sunset continued to whimper, everyone was at a loss until life nudged Death and tilted her head at Tirek, Death understood as he walked over to Tirek and gently handed the small girl over, whereas Tirek started to sing and rock the girl, his gentle voice soothing her, until the two started glowing, no longer at odds, instead they embraced, and became gold dust, forming a door, the way out.

"I'm sorry, But I'm not allowed out there yet, Maybe when I'm no longer sick." Little sunset said, after climbing out of Tireks arms, opening the door for them, Tirek on his way out bent down and hugged her.

"see you soon."

They walked through the Door with it softly shutting behind them, in front of them, a table with eight alicorns on one side and seats for the others across from them.

They sat across from the alicorns, who were busy talking to Twilight and Luna, which for some reason were immediately familiar to Tirek even as ponies, as they waited Silently.

"I see you made it, now we can begin." The lead alicorn said, she looked exactly like Twilight, except bigger.

"Begin what?" Applejack said.

"Well, we have to take back what we invested."


"We gave you the power to release miss shimmer from the dark magic that she manifested by putting on the crown, we also lent you the power needed to help defeat the sirens, but afterward, at the drop of a hat, you threw her to the side, you hit her, but most of all, you didn't even try to find the truth."

"How could we not assume it was her, all the evidence pointed to it being her."

"You had the power of my element, you could have easily known it wasn't her, but you never were actually a friend were you," The orange one piped up, glaring at the farm girl.

"Three years, she had us under her thumb for three years, It is kinda hard to forgive that, and I did, it took a whole lot, but I did," Applejack defends herself until the blue alicorn laughed, and she laughed hard.

"PFFT, no you didn't, Friend, its such a small word to you humans, you throw it around until it's a meaningless phrase, its like insurance for you, it ensures another's loyalty." the Blue alicorn said.

This reoccurring thing where the divines were talking down on her was really starting to piss her off, she no longer cared what they were, she would not let them talk down to her.

"How dare you talk down to us, you don't know anything about humanity, you sit here on your high thrones and watch us like-" Applejack blustered until a yellow hand clamped over her mouth, turning she saw a very annoyed Fluttershy.

"Applejack, Will you shut the hell up, you're gonna put us in the grave at this rate, I know that your proud of your family and your sister, but for our sakes, just shut up and let the rest of us do the talking." Fluttershy laid into her, surprising everyone there.

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