• Published 13th Jan 2018
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Hell is for children - dragenfire68

Anon-a-miss runs rampant, and her evil spreads quickly, soon the consequences will catch up, and they shall forever be chilling

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hollowed be thy name Part 2

Author's Note:

sorry for the shitty quality, I wanted it to be better, but something happened mid way, and i knew that if i didn't write this, you guys wouldn't see another chapter for maybe a month, and i was already half way through the chapter anyways.

Also, the things that happen between Sweetie Belle and Sunset are chronologically different, so "Hallowed be Thy name Prt 3" will be told from Sunsets perspective again.

Sweetie Belle was running late for class, but she didn't care, her mind was currently on other things, it was her phone and her plan, but she needed ignition for it to explode, a powder keg per say, but for now she needed to focus on her science class.

"where were you?" Apple Bloom whispered too sweetie belle, Scootaloo nodding with her, the three girls sitting at the furthest back corner of the class.

"Oh, ya know, crowded hallways, since Sunset and her body guard showed up, plus this weird cold that seems to follow her, bet it is her demon powers at work." sweetie belle lied, hissing mid-sentence, annoyed about how Sunset got someone like that wrapped around her finger.

"ah, its high time we strike with another post, who's on the chopping block this time?"

"I know, let's use this one, this is juicy!!!" Sweetie Belle cried, pointing to the picture on Apple Bloom's phone, said picture, however, was Gilda in extremely revealing garments, almost like there high-end lingerie, but the measurements seemed off to sweetie belle, she, however, was too excited to think about it before typing a lewd phrase at the bottom, something that would surely get the hot-headed girl pissed beyond all belief, before Apple Bloom took her phone back.

"are you sure this is a good idea, Gilda isn't exactly known for being forgiving, she may take this further then we intended."

"its fine Bloom, besides Gilda will stop before she kills her won't she?"

"sure.....?" Apple Bloom said uncertainly, while inside she knew it was time for an out, whatever Sweetie Belle was up to, Apple Bloom was sure was crossing a line somewhere, however looking back, she knew deep down she crossed a line that should never have been crossed, and it felt like acid in her system.


Gilda looked down at her phone as the photo went up, she smiled widely, her bait had been taken, she had used the school computer to quickly snatch a photo of supposedly embarrassing pictures, then used Photoshop to stick her head on it, living on the streets taught her a thing or two about setting up a trap, one being that having a bad rap made her an easy target for violence, someone too dole justice on the victim, and two that she should be paid a visit after school by "anon-a-miss" because who wouldn't be pissed at a picture like this.

However during passing time, Gilda went to a Total of four lockers, leaving notes in the cracks, each one addressed from someone whose code name was The Griffon.


The day passed quickly, for Sweetie Belle who paid absolutely no attention to the classes going on around her, before she knew it the day was over and she was making her way too Vice-Principle Luna, with her friends in tow, she told them she lost her phone, but Apple Bloom knew better, The teachers normally simply take the phone until class was over, meaning that something had gotten the attention of the Vice-Principle.

"You girls wait here while I get my phone back." Sweetie Belle said, walking into Luna's darkly lit office

"Hello Sweetie Belle, you're here for your phone," Luna said calmly, in a nonchalant tone

"May I have it back?" Sweetie said, cutting straight to the chase

"sure, but do you know why I took it?"

"because I was on the internet during class?"

"Indeed, you know you're not supposed to be on there during class time."

"I won't do it again VP Luna, may I go now?"

"....yes, but before you three leave, can you send Scootaloo and Apple Bloom in?"

"May I ask why?"

"it's about their phones as well, the teachers noticed they have been ignoring classes in favor of them, and they wanted me to give them a small talk."


Sweetie Belle exited quickly, passing on Luna's message, before making her way too the back of the school, leaving Apple Bloom and Scootaloo alone and confused as too what has Sweetie belle's attention, as well as the uncertain looks exchanged before they pulled out their respective phones, looked at each other and nodded, before entering Luna's dark office.


Luna looked up, a photo on her desk as the two entered her office, their hands glowing as they marched right up to her desk and thrust their phones under her nose, both were on the administrator page of the damned Anon-a-miss, and the expression they expected to get wasn't the look amusement that was lingering on Luna's lips.

"What's amusing VP?" Scootaloo said, as Luna took their phones

"The fact that after everything, you girls simply offer yourselves up as the perpetrators of this dratted account, the fact that i was thinking I would have to play a complicated game of cat and mouse, but here you girls are."

"Well, too be honest with ya, I want out, regardless of the consequences."

"what caused this change of mind?"

"Sweetie Belle actually, ever since Sunset's break down in the hallway, she still doesn't seem satisfied, she wants more and more, and frankly, we're tired of it, also it makes us sick to our stomach, looking back now."

"Alright girls, come to Celestia's office tomorrow, there we will talk more."

They nodded, feeling lighter then have in a long, long time, but they worried about what Sweetie Belle is gonna do when she finds out that they have fessed up, that they admitted to being "anon-a-miss", but it was for the greater good, it was time to come clean, before they got too deep and caused someone to do something that they would deeply regret.


Sweetie Belle went out the back door, to a place near the cafeteria dumpsters that most knew was the canterlot underbelly before Sunset shimmer took over, she figures that some of the older students would be there, she also figured that Gilda still inhabited it since before Sunset, Gilda ran the school.

She wasn't wrong, because there stood Gilda, plus the three known as the diamond dogs and a girl that had almost black chitin like skin, with translucent green hair, plus another girl that looks kinda like pinkie but with straight pink hair, but fuzzier, they seemed to be waiting for someone, but her curiosity was crushed when Gilda saw her, then motioned for the others too surround her.

"Well, well, well what do we have here, this looks like a certain fashionista's little sister, what is the sister of a goody two shoes doing in the underbelly of canterlot high?"

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