• Published 13th Jan 2018
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Hell is for children - dragenfire68

Anon-a-miss runs rampant, and her evil spreads quickly, soon the consequences will catch up, and they shall forever be chilling

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Gospel of dismay

Sunset stared at Twilight, not comprehending what she was looking at, because the eyes looking at her, they were not the kind and caring eyes she knew, they were ancient and seemed to see through her, the eerie way they focused on her made her want to bolt, but the mystery was too great too run.

"Twilight, is that you, what happened? Why do you look at me as if we're strangers?" Sunset asked stepping toward Twilight, that is until Twilight rushed her and embraced her in a warm hug, the gem glowing fiercely.

You'll see her soon, my student, I promise. a voice said, gentle, comforting, almost motherly, in her mind.


No, but we've met before, think back, you were lost, but Twilight found you and directed you too me.

Sunset tried too think back but came up blank until a sudden memory came forward in her mind, Fall Formal, the blast of light, but in brief moment, she remembered the embrace, and a voice promising that the pain will pass, that its only physical.

"I remember you, you're the one in the harmony blast, I know you in everything but name."

My child, call me anything you wish

Sunset looked into the ancient being's eyes, and the feeling of comfort, safety, and serenity and she settled on a name.

"I name you Hope."

She knew you would do that, she gave the same answer

"What now?"

The ones who turned my sisters into a force of fear and pain will be judged, they think themselves absolved simply because they self loath, no, they must be shown consequence, only then shall they move on.

Suddenly it dawned on Sunset, the star gem that glowed fiercely, the mystic way this being held itself, it was A personified element, and it was here and not happy.

"I figured it out, but what brought you here, I mean how are you alive?"

Ah yes, well me and my sisters have been watching over equestria long before the tree, before the unification of the tribes, we were mortal once, 'were' being the key word, however, so strong was our bonds, that equestria itself felt we would be needed time and time again, so we ascended, Tirek's return did not surprise us, we beat him once before, a long time ago, at castle midnight.

"I think I've finally got it, how you manage on these things, I'll never understand." Luna spoke up, having finally, but shakily standing on her feet.

"I almost forgot you were here, sorry." Sunset said defensively

"I can't hold it against you, considering that the element of magic is now is sentient, and your best friend."

"why did you come anyways? I thought you would be ruling equestria."

"Well, we're here to make sure nothing rash happens, also my night court is canceled for the next few days, equestria was fine without me for 1000 years, it'll be fine for a few days."

As Luna was talking Sunset saw Twilight take from a pack on her belt, enchanted to be bigger on the inside then the outside, something almost akin to a inhaler, but when she put it up too her lips, she exhaled, filling the glass orbs in it, she kept until they were solid and glossy, she pulled back the device as she coughed, a small amount of rainbow colored vapor vanishing into thin air.

"Twilight, what was that?"

Twilight looked dazed, looking into space, then she fell to the side, Luna catching her, she shook her head as she opened her eyes, now back to the eyes of a young princess, not A millennium old being.

"huh, oh Sunset, it wasn't a dream and your okay.... what am i wearing?!" Twilight cried as she looked down at her body, the twisting her head looking down at her back.

"I don't know, all I know is that your element is sentient, and HEY dont dodge the question!!"

"Not just mine, they all are and they are not happy, they believe that Anon-a-miss has unleashed more then she realizes, and with out the unity, well..... there is something coming, and as for the device.... I'll tell you later."

"How do they know who that is?" Sunset asked, deciding to take Twilight's word at it, sure that she'll get an explanation later.

"Well believe it or not... but your an element too."

"but there are only six, how can i be one, your already the element of magic."

While legends say there is only six, never did they say that only six can exist, as equestria grows and changes, so do the elements, as friendship grows and changes, so do the elements. Hope said in both their minds.

"well what do we do now?"

"Hope knows a way to find them, I'll let her take control, for now."

Twilight closed her eyes as Luna walked next to Sunset, as Twilight extended her hand and soon golden fire like runes appeared, flickering between equis, English, and more, but soon the runes burned brightly, then dissipated.

there, the magic in them is marked, we need only find them in the dream realm, hence why i requested Luna to be here, we will need her expertise.

"so now what?"

"yes, tell us what now, we cant stand here all day."

"well maybe we should go back to my house, so Sunset may fill me in, I've seen horrors that would make any man cry until his ducts ran out, but this is weird." Tirek said, finally stepping forward, making himself known.

Hello Tirek, we've been watching you. Tirek heard in his head, while this girl whose name was Twilight, gave him a weird look.

"Ah, well lets go, Sunset, can you show your friends to the car." Tirek said, not sure how to speak to them.

"sure da... I mean Tirek, I'll show PRINCESS Twilight and PRINCESS Luna too the car." Sunset said while smiling on the outside, cursing herself on the inside for almost calling him dad.

"My the child seems fond of you, Tiss a shame what happened too her, she used to be head strong and determined, but now.... she's only a shell, I hope you know what your doing, because I'm not sure that she is capable of bouncing back again." Luna said, before Sunset wave her over, Twilight following her.

You're not the only one whose noticed, always pulled into herself, externally, she's fine, but internally... she's confused, getting through the day without feeling anything.

A little ways away, had one looked hard, they would have seen a shimmer against the air, as a girl materialized out of nothing, but they saw nothing as she headed for Gilda's group, sure that something bad was about to happen, she didn't know why, but she knew that she had to follow her, maybe it was just her monstrous side flaring up, but she had to be sure.


Luna sat in the front while Twilight sat in the back next to Sunset, who was busy filling both of them in on with what she knows and whats been going on, even the parts where the girls apologized, but what she didn't say and didn't need too is that she wasn't ready too fully forgive them yet, well, not all of them.

"Pinkie is the reason I'm here, the night Tirek brought me home, she tried to stop me, she ran for what she was worth, but living on the streets, it gave me the skills to out run her, however... she fast, i dont know how but she seemed to be right on my tale, no pun intended." Sunset explained to Luna and Twilight.

"she truly is an enigma, she variably defies the laws of physics." Luna said

As they passed the bridge, Sunset looked at where the remains of the rope should have been, but it wasn't there, that made Sunset feel strange, so she had Tirek pull over.

"this is strange, no one but Tirek goes by here and i know there wasn't much rope, wait here it is, but why is it frozen?"

"I know this kind of ice, this is cursed ice, it flash freezes the target, but leaves their soul captured in the ice, destined to suffer until the wendigo dies or Celetsia purifies it with her radiant light."

"but why is the rope flash frozen, it has no soul."

They looked at each other, until Sunset remembered something said while she was at school, something that at the time she thought was simply a minor concern.

"Twilight, has there been a draft or any cold in your castle or any sort of frost?"

"No, why?"

"because, while I was at school, people complain of a frost following me around, those that seemed fool enough to cause me trouble, they got a harsher cold wind."

"strange, but didn't you feel it?"

"Only if i walked through a crowd, then i felt only a small amount of cold."

"So, what your saying is that you have had a friendly wendigo following you around, protecting you from the other students, that's what I'm hearing." Luna said with a skeptical look on her face.

"maybe, but we wont know for sure."

They went back to the car, filling Tirek in on what they discussed, he looked skeptical too, but only for a brief moment, for they soon arrived at his house.

"Welcome to the neighborhood or well lack thereof." Tirek welcomed them, opening the door into his living room.

"I suppose its time to fill you in on who we are and where we came from."

"that would be nice, its not often that you see a portal open up."

So Twilight explained the mirror in her world, its design, making sure not to get into the technicalities.

"So your both goddesses, in your world, one of you moves the moon, and one is the goddess of friendship..... Sunset what have you gotten me into?" Tirek asked with playful resignation.

"You took me in, I'm your problem, besides I did say that I was trouble." Sunset replied.


Time passed in silence as they reflected, but it wasn't for long because soon, they pulled into the driveway and filed into the house.

"So you girls want anything?" Tirek asked.

"No thanks, I need to think." Sunset said.

"I shall get the dream ready." Luna answered.

"I'll..... reflect." Twilight said as she put the inhalator to her mouth and breathed, filling the orbs up its sides with the multicolored smoke, before she detached the orbs carefully, putting the orbs inside the pack, she looked up too see sunset watching her.

"Actually, I want to know what that is, I know enough about magic too know that thing your using is some Kind of magical storage."

Twilight looked surprised that Sunset had not forgotten about it, but she sighed as she took out multiple jars, each one clear, except for small winged girls inside, that bear a resemblance to Twilight.

"Well, introduce yourselves, I've been found out." Twilight said, as the girls in the jars found themselves in the light.

"Thanks, I couldn't of figured that out, bitch." The Twilight said with red eyes, her irises green


"I don't fucking care, anyways, you can call me wrath." Wrath said as she looked at Sunset.

"you're her anger, then the rest of you must be her other negative emotions.... Twilight, what have you been doing to yourself."

"Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Sombra..... I've had my mind played with, I've been tricked, I faced down Nightmares that no living pony should ever look at, I close my eyes and I see them everywhere, I'm afraid all the time, I must keep telling myself that Their gone, and that's the trauma from just dealing with them, the other trauma I cant even get into."

"Yes, Tell her of when you were alone, that your 'friends' abandoned you during your brothers wedding, how they took chrysalises side over yours, how they choose fame and fortune over your friendship." The green-eyed Twilight said.

"or how dark the cave was, how unending the mines were, how alone we were down there, in the dark and the cold." the yellow-eyed twilight intoned.

"or the heartbreak when our teacher glared down on us, or the cruel way our own flesh and blood threw us out of his wedding, mind controlled or not." a blue-eyed twilight whispered, he back turned, looking over her shoulder.

wrath said nothing, she let her sisters talk, but she simple glared up at Twilight as she picked them up and put them back into her pack.

"I created them by mixing my blood with water from the mirror pool, and the inhaler from petrified wood, enchanted with advanced emotion spells, the glass orbs I synthesis from magic."

Sunset had her mouth open, she kept doing this until she shook her head, and moved to hug twilight, surprising her.

"I had no idea you suffered so much, but those orbs, if you keep giving them those, they will break free be careful."

Twilight nodded, to drained from dealing with her personified emotions, she simply laid down, falling asleep within a few minutes, leaving her alone with Tirek whose face was painted with concern.

"That's a lot for a young girl, even if she is immortal and a princess." Tirek said

Sunset nodded, suddenly feeling tired, her body heavy as she climbed onto the couch, she was out as soon as her head hit the pillow, provided by Tirek, who put a pillow down on the couch for her, following her example, he put the chair back and fell fast asleep.

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