Hell is for children

by dragenfire68

Welcome to the masquerade

"TIA, I HAVE FOUND THE CULPRIT!!!", Luna shouted bursting into the room, putting the moment to an abrupt end, but it didn't matter because the hope that this anon-a-miss incident could finally be over, and the school could finally return to mostly normal.

"well, who is it?" Celestia asked, before Luna strode over to rarity, holding a phone in her hands, with the account page of anon-a-miss open towards her face.

"V.P. Luna, I dont know why you are showing me the account page." Rarity said confused

"Look closer Rarity, notice something about the out side cover?" Luna asked, turning the phone over


"yes it is, we were called when her teacher caught he texting her friends, only too see this, i was called too his room, so i confiscated miss sweetie belle's phone, but you girls must know that it isn't just her, i know that her friends are in on it too, but we cant confront them since sweetie belle knows i have her phone, she must have warned the others, so now if we called them they would delete the page and we would lose our leverage."

"you aren't just gonna let them ruin anyone else's lives, you cant just let them off!!!" Tirek said, who was hiding in the corner, enjoying the moment before Luna came in

"I'm not, I'm gonna take pictures of her phone screen with the account page, then give the phone back, im gonna make sure to text that we know, we're are gonna try and force them to come forward, since i can only assume they will delete it the moment they think they can get away with it" Luna said

"Luna, thats black-mail!!!" Celestia cried out

"Tia, they almost cost a fellow student her life, they have perpetuated malicious secrets and have chosen to stand by and watch the fireworks, they have lost the right to be brought down by the book, we cannot afford to play nice, its one thing to make up rumors that are untrue, but its entirely different to release personal life crushing secrets that were secret on purpose."

"what about the people that sent in the secrets?"

"oh, they'll get punished too, but only if we can get the little ones to come forwards peacefully, if not then I'm sorry, but they will get off Scott free and Sunset will eternally be hated and scorned, and we would be forced to make sweetie belle shoulder the punishment of all three, no matter what the other's said, meaning we have to trap them."

Celestia knew Luna was right, that there wouldn't be a way to track down the ones who sent stuff in and they would be forced to use the full extent of the discipline system on sweetie belle alone, and if they delete the page, they will be doing so with the knowledge that they ruined many lives and tried to walk away unscathed, as if the rules didn't apply to them, she hated the fact that she had to stoop so low, but it had to be done.

"excuse me, but what about us?" rarity questioned, getting nods from fluttershy and Rainbowdash

"you girls will keep an extra watch on your charges, you will watch them in case they try to delete it, if they manage then Sunset will be in even greater danger then she is now, most students are chomping at the bit to see her 'get' justice, there is no telling what will happen if the account goes down and we're unable too pin this on all of them." V.P. Luna said

"Fine, but I ask that i can escort miss shimmer between all her classes, I refuse to leave her at the mercy of the school body, i saw their faces when i came in, they are waiting for an opportunity to put her in her place, she's not safe on her own." Tirek said, with Sunset about to object before thinking better of it

"I'll allow that, I wont let an innocent girl get hurt or seriously injured over this stupid account." Celestia said earning a nod from Luna

"Thank you Tirek, Thank you for putting your neck out for me, when no one else would." Sunset said with a drop of venom in her voice, causing rarity, fluttershy and rainbow dash to look down at their feet, but they didn't have long for a ding from Sweetie belles phone cause them all to gather round, and the photo caused Rainbow dash to gasp.

"oh thats not good, thats not good at all..." Fluttershy whispered, the photo featuring Gilda and someone they couldn't make out caught in what looked to be a very embarrassing position with another, Fluttershy knew of Gilda's fury and she feared what the girl was going to do once the school found out and started giving her trouble.

"if Sunset wasn't in danger before, she definitely now has a target on her back, Gilda has serious rage problems, and she's a time bomb waiting to go off, and it looks like the fuse just got shorter." rainbow stated, everyone in the room looking at each other

"Looks like we did what we set out to do here, lets go Sunset, as for you three, you can't let the girls know your onto them because if we lose that leverage, then Sunset is permanently screwed, and it will be all your fault, dont mess this up." Tirek ominously warned, leaving the noose with Celestia and Luna since they would need it later, three of the main 5 wouldn't be enough.

"Well it looks like you girls can go home, you'll need time to think this all over, and try to talk too the others, they will need to hear this too, Since Applejack is closest to Applebloom, she has the best chance at getting her to come forward, by the way take this with you, you'll need it." Luna said, holding the noose out, the girls regarded the rope with sorrow, knowing their hands figuratively played the part in its creation, but eventually Fluttershy took it, putting it in her backpack, but not before everyone took a picture of it.

"What will you be doing?" Fluttershy asked

"I'll speak too Sweetie Belle Tomorrow, I need to find a way to convince her that she has too come forward, I need time to prepare, I dont know what a girl of her age will do when cornered."

Fluttershy merely nodded, everything she learned today finally crashing into her, the Finality of what could have happened sunk in, the fact that Sunset nearly died, but now instead of celebrating a holiday with her friends, the life of Sunset was now held in her fragile hands, the weight almost being too much for her, but she told herself she could bear it, she owed that much too Sunset.

Rainbow dash, who was usually energetic and loud, merely walked along side Fluttershy, a thousand yard stare plastered on her face, though Sunset said she forgave her, Rainbow doubted it, she doubted herself, she doubted she could do this, Sunsets life held in the hands of the betrayer, now Rainbow dash wasn't religious, but the one name that rung for her was Judas.

Rarity was looking down at her hands, hands she used to create beauty, hands that could fashion something for nothing, but right now, her hands were things that could only bring ruin, hands that now held on to the glimmer of a terrible illusion, something beautiful and bright, now tinged with the ugly scars of betrayal, wicked scars she herself had inflicted with out thinking, something she so generously gave.

"she forgave us, but it hurts, the weight of everything I know, it hurts." Fluttershy said to no one

"I struck her, I believed I was the best, i believed that i could never go wrong, but here i stand, her life held in my hands, the hands of a betrayer." Rainbow answered

"these hands were meant for beauty, and i scarred the most beautiful thing in the world, I scarred hope, I took hope and gave back something ugly." rarity added

the three teens stopped and looked at each other, a chill settling around them, as they looked into each others eyes, seeing nothing but the same regret and sorrow reflected, but soon Fluttershy's eyes reflected a different emotion, her eyes went from stewing in sorrow to grim determination.

"girls, we're all to blame, and we did something terrible, but we wont help Sunset by feeling sorry for ourselves, we have to keep to the plan, if we let it slip that the girls are being watched, one of them may delete the account, and we'll lose the lead." Fluttershy said, verbally laying down the stakes,so the three girls nodded before separating.