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Anon-A-Miss strikes, leaving Sunset completely alone. Thinking of ending it all, she encounters a friend turned enemy, and together they try to find out just who Anon-A-Miss really is. Will Sunset be saved, or will she Fall from Grace.

Tagged AU because it is not canon with my Struggles Timeline.

Rated T for Suicide/self harm, profanity and violence in later chapters.

Contains SweetieBloom and SunsetDash ships in later chapters. Happy Pride Month everypony.

If y'all are interested, check out this playlist. It helped me out while writing this story.

Proofread and edited by my good friends JimmyHook19 and Mr-Astounding.

Cover art by BiggerNate91.

Written for Prompted Works group by Omega Wolf LT5. Prompt topic was Forgiveness.

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I think this is maybe only the second Anon-a-miss fic I've seen where Dash actually acts as an element of loyalty. Anyway, you've caught my attention and I hope this works out well for you.

I rather Sunset never forgive the Rainbooms, I know Rainbow saved Sunset, assuming she did, but I'm sick of forgiveness!

A little forgiveness every now and then is okay, if nothing else but to save you from monotony.


You know, if Sunset never forgave the Rainbooms of what they did, then she would be a real hypocrite.

Remember when Sunset was laying bruised and battered at the bottom of a crater, her villainous ways finally brought to light, and Twilight told the Rainbooms to help her? They could have just turned right around and let her suffer after Twilight left. But they didn't. They took her in, taught her about friendship, and made her into a better person.

They forgave her of everything she did as a bully. They gave her a second chance. Why can't Sunset do the same for what they did during Anon-a-Miss?

A valid point. I will cover that in later chapters. Just be patient for now and I will upload the new chapters soon.

And don't worry. I'm not gonna turn her into a hypocrite. :raritywink:

It's good that you'll do that. Although I was making a point to someone else.


They forgave her of everything she did as a bully. They gave her a second chance.

These statements are actually false. If they'd given her the second chance she thought she was getting then they wouldn't/shouldn't have reacted the way they did during Anon-A-Miss.

She isn't being hypocritical and has every right to not forgive them. She opened her heart to them thinking they'd forgiven her when in fact they were just waiting for the other shoe to drop. And as soon as they believed it had, they cast her out.

I'm actually glad you brought it up. I prefer Sunset no to be omnipotent.
I agree that this may only be the second, and I do plan on taking it far. Thank you for reading. :twilightsmile: :raritywink:

I agree that she has every right not to forgive them, but, she had reformed herself. The old Sunset Shimmer would have been unforgiving. The one who truly have her a second chance was Princess Twilight.

True enough. I honestly feel forgiveness is essential for everyone especially when the lack thereof could potentially result in a demonic transformation. Friendship on the other hand is a whole other story. Forgiving them doesn't mean being friends with them.

Not only can it result in a demon transformation, but it can lead to a whole mass of other negativity. I've been in a similar situation to what Sunset goes through in this story (read: WILL go through), and it ain't pretty.

I'll admit I think it would be hypocritical, but honestly, did Sunset ever drive everyone to commit suicide like what the rainbooms did her?

Also, they helped Sunset try to redeem herself...only to leave her there, for something she never did, spreading secrets. They overreacted over just some silly photos and secrets. Did they TRULY believe that she could ever change?

First off, Sunset never attempted suicide in the actual comic.

And second, the Rainbooms are just really gullible for this sort of thing anyway. When Sunset was a bully and framed them with text messages and emails to ruin school events, they all assumed the worst from each other and broke their friendship, instead of talking it over and resolving small, simple matters.

While I will admit now that it isn't really hypocritical and Sunset has every right not to forgive the Rainbooms for abandoning her, at the end of the day, all she wanted during this whole thing was to get her friends back. The way I see it, she forgave them because she was willing to not necessarily give them a second chance, but to start over entirely. To work through the tension and the trust issues, and to try being friends for real.

First, I know she didn't commit suicide in the MLP comics, and I know this is FiMfiction, pretty sure everyone is aware.

Secondly even if she did forgive them, would she be friends with them after what they drove her to do?

Thirdy...at the rest of your last comment to me, if you say so.


So, I gonna take a guess that this is the first one, right?

Seconding that it's nice to see another thing where Rainbow is the first to come around.

On that topic...
If you wanted 942 words of Rainbow standing by Sunset, I could (in a comment or something) share a scene I wrote two months ago, but that's not enough to to publish as a story, and I kind of have too many incomplete stories sitting at one or two chapters anyway. (Which is part of why I didn't check the wordcount until right now.)

I did end up publishing it, it can be found here:

TLoyalty and Empathy
When others turn on Sunset, Rainbow Dash remains by her side, even though it means losing the rest of her friends.
chris the cynic · 1.2k words  ·  208  7 · 5.2k views

It's only just occurring to me now that you were taking about this story, where Sunset DOES attempt suicide, rather than the original comic. My bad and my apologies.

If you want, I can take a look at it and maybe work it into this story. I can PM you my email for it. :raritywink:


Also worth mentioning....
As it have been showed on EQG, up till 'Battle of the Bands' was concluded, they constantly harassed (and bullied) her with all of the ''no offense'' responses.
Doesn't exactly scream friendship when someone constantly reminds you of how bad you were.

In regards of how Sunset attacked them while being a demon... the show never clearly stated whether she was in control or not.
This mostly gives fanfiction authors the ability to set the precedent whether Sunset have any high-ground in Anon-a-Miss fics, when she doesn't forgive.

I agree with what you said in the second paragraph here. They never say whether she was in control or not, so she truly does have the moral high ground when it comes to forgiving them after the Anon-A-Miss thing.

Well then...
Did the CMC post anything while Sunset was unconscious?

I couldn’t believe my ears. After a week, Sunset was finally awake. But there was something wrong. Her eyes no longer held any joy, or any emotion at all. All there was, was a dead expression. A void look in her eyes devoid of life. I couldn’t help but cry as she embraced me back, hesitantly at first.

"A void devoid...." use one or the other, both together sounds wrong and redundant.
Alternatively.... "A void holding a lack/lacking a spark of life

Now comes the hard part Rainbow.... to bring hope to someone who have lost it, when they took the leap into the abyss.

Seems like here, in your story, that she had no control over what she did while she wore the crown. Right?
Maybe this could be something that is mentioned during Sunset's rehabilitation?

How can I show kindness toward animals when the one person who needed it, got nothing but meanness instead?

You might want to change ‘meanness’ to ‘cruelty’. Trust me, meanness doesn’t begin to cover what Sunset endured since it resulted in a suicide attempt.

You have a point but you also have to take into consideration Fluttershy's delicate way of speaking.

Thanks for the feedback. But I have to agree with Dr Mysterious Shade.


Fluttershy does have a delicate way of speaking, and I wanted to capture that.


I will change that one now. As for the whole not in control of herself while wearing the crown, that is a safe assumption and will be covered later on.

The journal that shared a connection with the one that Sunset had in the other world was vibrating when I got back after the recent Princess Summit. I opened it and read the latest entry, expecting the problems Sunset had had recently been solved, but was surprised at what I saw instead. I hastily grabbed a quill in my raspberry aura and scribbled out a hasty, panic filled reply.

...........LITTLE LATE TWILIGHT....sghs sorry had to get that out, but yeah a little late,

Part of me thinks she just assumed things work out and she need not do much or anything at all..then again she learned from the master of that.

She did learn from the master, but, she was also extremely busy in Canterlot with a princess summit. She simply forgot the journal.

You can come back to Equestria.

Hmmm... an actual invite to return home... to Equestria... to escape from all of this madness... I dunno about you Sunset, but I'd take it. They may be trying, but at the current point you're at... they can try through the journal.

I know what you mean, but that is not going to be the general direction of this story. Just stay tuned, all will be revealed. :raritywink:

Where the hell is all this sappy stuff coming from?

If she's saying this:

“Stupid. Stupid Dash. You almost let it slip.”

to herself, out loud no less, I think she knows where the sap is originating.

While that is true, we all no that Dash is hopeless at romance and 'sappy stuff. She knows that she has feelings for Sunset, but cannot believe that she is coming up with all the sappy stuff.

Huh wasn't epxtogm there to be only 2 chapters left but can't wait

Not two chapters left. Two more added. The story ain't over by a long shot. Sorry for making you think that.

Comment posted by BiggerNate91 deleted Sep 2nd, 2020

Contains SweetieBloom

What about Scootaloo? Who will get paired up with her?

The whole thing about forgiveness is that it's a choice. The person who was wronged can give it or withhold it as the please. It's up to them --not you or me or society or some objective metric of worthiness-- whether or not to forgive. The power is placed wholly and completely in the hands of the victim.

When it isn't a choice, it loses its meaning. It's as empty and pointless as an insincere apology given only to satisfy the order, "Say you're sorry."

The fact it's a choice also, importantly, inverts the original wrong. Sunset was powerless in the face of the Rainbooms abandoning her. She got a few words in edgewise, but none of them mattered because the Rainbooms had already decided she was guilty before she even knew there was an accusation. At that point, they had all the power and she suffered for it. When it comes to forgiving, or not, Sunset has all the power and they have to live with her choice.

tl;dr: It doesn't really matter what happened, if Sunset chooses to forgive them, they're forgiven, and that's the end of it.

Stay tuned to find out. Will possibly happen in a sequel, if I feel up to writing one.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Well, didn't see that coming.

Oh for pete's sake this better not ending with Sunset up and forgives Celestia!! There no god dam excuse for what she did, she betrayed and senmt Sunset away as she nothing but a COWARD!

Never thought I'd see celestia like this





Don't worry guys. It's all part of my master plan.

Well guess this story might have a Sunset and Rainbow Dash ship in it

Idk if it was answered earlier in the story, but where did Sunset get her money from?
Forty thousand up front... for an 17/18 year old.... that is a lot.
Especially for Sunset that started acquiring EQG-verse money... what, 3 years ago?

Did she pawn her gold bits or some gems?

I haven't quite covered it yet, so thank you for pointing it out. I'm just gonna say it because going back to add it in is gonna be a major pain in the ass. She pawned off quite a bit of her gold bits.

Yep. Just a bit of harmless fluff for the time being.:raritywink:

We are gonna get a bit where they have a talk with Celestia, yes?

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