• Published 3rd Jun 2020
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Cadere a Gratia (Fall from Grace) - Echo Breeze

Anon-A-Miss strikes, leaving Sunset completely alone. Thinking of ending it all, will she be saved, or will she Fall from Grace.

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Despite all my instincts screaming at me to yell at them, or to hit them, or something, I just embraced them. I could hear a chorus of gasps around me, but I paid them no mind, focusing instead on the three sets of stares in front of me. Orange, green and purple stared into my teal with a mix of sadness and shock, tears forming in them as they saw mine.

“Why?” I asked, no emotion to be heard in my voice.

“We were jealous of the amount of time our sisters were spending with you.” Applebloom started

“We did it to get them back.” Scootaloo said, looking away. Whether it was in anger or sadness, I would never know.

“W-we never m-meant for you to get hurt.” Sweetie Belle said, squeezing Applebloom’s hand.

“Never meant to hurt her, huh?” Dash piped up from where she was standing, moving closer to us with a threatening glare. “Do you even know what you caused her to…?”

I gripped her hand and she stopped dead in her tracks. She looked down at me and I shook my head again, telling her that I could handle it. She sighed and stood by my side as I prepared to tell the CMC about what had happened.

“You all know how much of a shit storm your little stunt caused at the school? Well, because of it, I was shoved around a lot. People cornered me and beat me on a regular basis. I got hateful letters in my locker everyday telling me to kill myself. That’s why I stopped coming to school for the last week of the semester. After the last time I tried to prove my innocence to your sisters and the rest of my friends, I became a total shut in. By this point, I was already cutting myself as an escape from the emotional pain I had suffered,” I said, lifting my shirt and sleeves to expose my cut torso and arms, to which another round of gasps assaulted my hearing. “After that failed meeting, it only got worse. It got to the point where I started to think of any way to escape the hell I found myself in.”

I began to break down and cry again. Dash placed a comforting hand on my shoulder, the gentle squeeze she gave asking if I was able to continue. I nodded and took a deep breath to try to calm down.

“It eventually got to the point where I was cutting myself just to feel anything, but it wasn’t enough.” I said, nodding toward Dash, to which she nodded and proceeded to take out her phone. She showed the CMC the message I had sent her and the rest. The CMC gasped once again as they pieced it together. “What you are seeing is true. I sent that to all of them and after that, I jumped off the bridge nearest my apartment. If it weren’t for Dash, I wouldn’t be here now.”

“Ah… Ah had no idea, Sunset. Ah don’t expect you to forgive us, but Ah was the one who created the blog. Ah roped the others in on it. Don’t be mad at them.” Applebloom said, moving to block Sweetie Belle from me.

“I’m not mad, Applebloom. Hurt, yes, but not mad. I’m just glad you had the sense to come clean” I said, a genuine smile on my face. “But I’m not sure if your sisters feel the same way. I’m not gonna punish you, I’ll leave that up to them and your families.”

“You’re not even a little unforgiving towards us, or our sisters?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Nope. Just taking a page from their book. They forgave me after three years of bullying and the Fall Formal Fiasco, so I’m willing to do the same.” I said, nodding to Twilight. “And I’m glad you said I can go back to Equestria, but my home is here now.”

Twilight nodded, turning to address all present.

“Welp, now that everything is sorted, I’m gonna head home.” she said. Turning to me, she added, “Keep me updated on everything. The second it becomes too much, I’ll be here.”

I nodded as we all walked out of the shop. We got outside when Dash spoke, getting Twilight’s attention.

“Hey Twilight. Why don’t Sunset and I take you to the portal? It’s on our way, and it’s too cold to walk in this snow.”

“Sure Rainbow Dash. I appreciate that.” Twilight replied. After saying goodbye to the others, we proceeded to Dash’s dad’s Mustang.