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Feel free to ask for feedback everyone! Also Luna, Sunset , Vinyl and Flutter shy are the best.


Anon-A-Miss, tears the school apart. We see what happened to Sunset and the one she loves. Will she give up? That remains to be seen.

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I'm actually curious on how the CMC are in all of this. They were Anon-a-miss after all and wouldn't the guilt and shame of Sunsets death be too much for them?

Kinda wish we saw what Applebloom and Sweetie's reaction to this. Still good

A sequel is needed.

Could use the death tab sunset does die in the while school gas explosion

Please tell me that dust and her cohorts ere later caught and punished






Apple Bloom sat in her room with a look of complete disbelief frozen on her pale face. She had just heard about what had happened at the school and was in complete shock.

Sunset Shimmer was dead.

Apple Bloom was convinced that Sunset had not changed and would’ve just hurt her sister and their friends the first chance they got. So she made the Anon-A-Miss profile and worked together with Sweetie Belle to frame her and show everyone what she knew was true. It seemed to have worked as Sunset had become a pariah. The Rainbooms had turned their backs on her and Sunset became a target for everyone’s hatred.

But Sunset Shimmer had died. Not only that, she had died because she had gone to sve Fluttershy and Scootaloo’s lives.

Sunset, the girl she was convinced was a snake, was the one who had saved one of her best friends. And she had died at the same time she had put up the last post on Anon-A-Miss.

Nobody would believed Sunset was Anon-A-Miss now. They would only remember Sunset Shimmer as a hero for saving Fluttershy and Scootaloo.

Apple Bloom felt a disgusting feeling of overwhelming guilt. She felt sick. It was horrible. She hated it but she could not escape it. Scootaloo had been right but she was just too pigheaded to accept the truth that Sunset had changed. She just wanted Sunset Shimmer out of her sister’s life. She did not want her dead, but she had gotten her wish, in the worst way possible.

Apple Bloom had deleted her entire Internet history and took down Anon-A-Miss as soon as she got the news and made Sweetie Bloom do the same. Nobody must ever know that they were responsible for Anon-A-Miss. Applejack, Rarity and the girls would hate them forever.

Anon-A-Miss would die along with Sunset Shimmer.

A bit too lightly and I still want dust to face her comeuppance


Rainbow has to be punished for assault too.

I admit, I’m really sickened that Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle got off scot free without any punishment. They just deleted the page, and are most likely never going to admit the truth. They still have their sisters, the schools respect and their friendship with Scootaloo, one of the two Sunset ended up saving at the cost of her life.

Heck, the Rainbooms got the most punishment: They have to live with what they did for the rest of their lives and lost the friendships of Fluttershy (who they actively tried to keep away from Sunset) and Twilight in the process. Heck, Rainbow has to live that she had beaten up someone that saw her as a friend all out of her bruised ego.

Eh, yeah, major problems, and they aren't just in the story's characters. First off... the grammar, my god. I... I can't even. I would have suggested getting a proofreader or running this through Grammery before posting this.

Secondly, the pacing. Everything felt like it just jumped from place to place, no real sense of time.

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I do like your point of view for creating an Anon-A-Miss story. It could be tweaked out better but I do like how you went out with a bang.

I almost cryed when they read the letter good job buy the way

No problem

the only thing i dont like is the fact anon a miss was never exposed. sure sunset was innocent but they need to be caught and taught a lesson.
but good story ether way

I wrote it that like because in most cases the perpetrator(s) is either never caught or punished. On this site however it is an almost sure thing. Some people who have read this are "sickened" that they go free, I hope they are as that is what often happens

Yeah I'm with them that's too upsetting they need to be punished XD

If there ever where to be an epilog/sequel, where Applebloom and Sweetie Belle were be exposed as anon a miss.
I think the best way would be with them seeing how their sisters breaking down with guilt and thus admit to being anon a miss trying to alleviate their pain.

Turning around, facing the bakery, she saw five girls sitting down around a table. One, was a farmer, Applejack. Another an athlete, Rainbow Dash. There was a fashionista and a party planner, whose names were Rarity and Pinkamena Diane Pie, or Pinkie Pie for short. Then there was Fluttershy.

Unfortunately, this set the tone for the rest of the story. We don't need these sorts of descriptors. We know who the characters are. Our narrator also knows who they are.

Well that was depressing

isekai delivery ~
now, welcome to demon school, sunset-kun!

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