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Huh. I'm assuming, based on that first line, that things went south.

Yes. Yes they did.

I know this is a one-shot but I wouldn't mind seeing the aftermath from this

*Heath Ledger's Joker blows up CHS before Sunset even arrives*

The Batman (2004-2008) this joker was very acrobatic and actually had some fighting skill.

Though seriously, I get that Heath Ledger's Joker was crazy, but why of all things did he have a carrot peeler? Also, the Brachiosaurus is a magical creature from another land.

Wait after this is sunset gonna get beat up or is it actually rainbow

The first line of the story says it all.

Minor suggestion, but the images laced throughout the story are rather unneeded and tend to distract from the text.

Any plans for a follow-up up on what actually happened to Sunset, if she even still alive as even with the first line it doesn't necessarily mean she's dead, just unconscious and unable to cancel it. As well as the aftermath of that video getting out and everyone's reaction to it.

Not right now because I am going through my unpublished stuff and tossing some up and throwing away others, but if you want to take a shot at it be my guest.

With that she reached out and turned of the camera.

I think you mean "With that she reached out and turned off the camera."

Don't mail things to the U.N.

Interesting... Sunset's corpse found branded, beaten and mutilated... With a video of the deceased pointing a finger at Rainbow Dash.

aw i remember watching that show. it's really cool to see like different takes on classic batman villains. Also the season 5 theme kicks ass

but it has now excellated to physically attacking me

I feel attacked.

The UN can't do anything about the United States doing something stupid.

They can if they are the only ones holding the only means of communications. The portal only opens on it's own for a few days every few years and remains naturally inert the rest of the time. They would need Twilight to open the portal and she slept in a library the first time she was in the human world. I doubt a bibliophile like her could resist reading our history while there and learned about the Trail of tears, the Holocaust, how World War 2 ended, and plenty of other thing we humans have done. In the end her and the other Princesses would keep the portal closed until contacted by the U.N. and had peacefully negotiated to reopen the portal. The U.N. for it's part would have a large enough carrot and stick to force the U.S. to listen and work with the U.N. since access to Equestria is in America, but it is useless if the Equestrians refuse to open it because the U.N. Secretary General warned them not to. The U.S. would agree since the video would go viral and since someone like Trump is a show man at heart and would jump whole heartedly on this in a heartbeat since it distracts from everything else. In the end the U.S. would use someone a bit left of center, like Principle Celestia, and the U.N. to their advantage once they realize how much trade would pass through the portal with an actual magical kingdom.

The big problem here is that the United States of America is a veto-holding member of the UN, and can pretty much hold the portal hostage using the same technique suggested for the journal. Any action the UN tried to take as a body would just get vetoed until the US got considerably more favored terms.

I like this... not because of the implications, or the Anon-a-miss thing getting violent beyond a bit of shoving and maybe a punch or two which always seems a step too far for high school drama to me. But because of the forethought put forth by Sunset for the sake of the worst case scenario, it's always nice to see some of her former self obviously surviving her ordeal and ill advised rebellion and her scheming, planing side being put to good use is a perfect example.

That said... that ending seems to be in pretty big contrast to that. Just heading off to the school in the dead of night on the word of a text alone? Feels like the idiot ball just dropped into her hands. Really should have asked for more details, even call her to make sure that really is Rainbow Dash sending her messages and if she's in her right mind, especially if Sunset's fearing for her life right now.

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