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I'm Sheena. I write mostly angsty teen lesbian romantic dramedy, a few AUs, and sometimes porn.


Starlight succeeded in her plan for revenge against Twilight Sparkle. She prevented the pivotal sonic rainboom from ever happening, effectively destroying the timeline that lead Twilight on the path to befriending the rest of the Six. Which also kills the three of them. Because Starlight is an idiot blinded by a quest for vengeance. But before Twilight fades away, she tells a slightly younger Princess Celestia and Sunset Shimmer several things they will need to know to have any hopes of keeping Equestria safe from the many countless terrors that await it in the near future.

The story of Celestia and Sunset picking up the pieces of a mirror yet to shatter. Destinies will change. Fates will intertwine. Hearts will break. And forbidden knowledge will eventually come back to bite the Princess in the... Plot adaptation prequel of the original series.


Death: Spike (sad), Starlight (violent), Twilight (eh sorta) but their story counterparts are still alive
Profanity: nothing you won't see on tv
Violence: one particularly brutal scene near the beginning but everything else is pretty mild

AU: takes place in universe with with no sonic rainboom
Drama: focus is on the dramatic dynamics of Celestia and Sunset
Sad: melancholic themes concerning main characters throughout
Tragedy: major canon character deaths at the beginning ONLY
Romance: possibly a romantic subplot or two that isn't the main focus

Primary: Celestia and Sunset
Secondary: Luna and Twilight/Spike
Tertiary: Rainbow Dash and Starlight Glimmer
Supporting Cast: Pinkie/Rarity/Fluttershy, Wind Rider, The Oranges, Maud Pie, Stormy Flare, Firelight/Stellar Flare/Sunburst

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Love to see where this goes

“Twilight? I...” he gulped. “I don't feel so good.”

You had to.:rainbowlaugh:

Whoa mama. That was an intense prologue. The exchanges, action, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places. And, yeah, I DO really feel for Twi and Spike (Spike moreso, but Twi definitely). At least Twi thought to try to create some ray of hope in the absence of her friends before her death. And, for the record I think Twilight's counterpart probably got into the school anyway; maybe not as Celestia's personal student, but still a "regular gifted unicorn". After all, she probably aced the written part and did well up until the dragon egg part. And the dragon egg was probably meant to test the applicant's CHARACTER rather than their ABILITY (otherwise, there would either be far fewer students or far more dragons). After all, dragons have such a naturally high resistance to magic that it would take multiple fully trained adult mages working together to just to hatch ONE dragon egg.

Okay. Sorry about that. Got carried away with my thoughts (sheepish grin), but I will still be looking forward to more of this.

By the end of this, when Starlight is eventually stopped, will Twilight and Spike be alive?

When are we getting an update? I can't wait to read more.

....Holy shit that got intense and foreboding!

cant wait for the next chapter

I really hope Twilight attempts the hatching again and we get Spikey back

It will be interesting seeing this AU play out. Keep up the good work, quality over quantity after all.

The only complaint I have is that it took so long to wait. I literally forgot about this story. Other than that good story

Excellent job on getting this next chapter up. It might have taken a while, but was well worth the wait. The exchanges, characterizations, future chapter set-ups and alterations to canon events (i.e. Rainbow and Fluttershy's meeting Wind Rider, Applejack's chat with her aunt and uncle, Rarity and Pinkie meeting each other, Celestia's chat with Night Light and Velvet, Sunset and filly Twilight's first meeting and Stormy's coming to look for Starlight and finding a still-innocent filly (who they still have a chance to rehabilitate BEFORE she does anything bad in the first place) were all well done in all the right places.

So, yes, I WILL most assuredly be looking forward to more of this and I hope you and family and friends have had Happy Holidays.

Excellent start, and hello kindred spirit! Like you my best work is what comes from making it up as I go. I don’t know the extent of the trouble you have trying to plan out your writing, but for me my mind is too active for planning to work. There are so many thoughts swirling in my head at any one time that I can never straighten them out enough for any structured work.

Interesting dynamic you have here with how the characters are meeting each other. Also, Black Ops Wind Rider? Does that mean he won’t be a 2-bit jackass for the sake of a plot that didn’t need to happen?

i was hoping to hear something more about the glitchy Alpha And Omega voice

Too bad Twilight never mentioned Fizzlepop...


I’m wondering if Teilight is going to affect Sunset’s attitude of becoming an allicorn and if Starlight will get help before she turns evil.

To be fair, this is basically an extended alternate ending to "the Cutie Re-Mark", which was the Season Five finale. The movie wasn't until AFTER the end of Season SEVEN.

9384521 well... spike does play a part in the story. that's all I'll say on the matter.

9384523 thank you; I put out what I can in between work and sleep

9384563 yeah, I'm notorious for slow updates 😅 but thank you regardless

9384583 thank you ^.^ I wanted each segment to lead somewhere, but I'm glad to know they did something on their own. as for your well wishes, my own were well enough despite some turbulent family drama; I hope yours were good as well.

9384648 my dude I have autism and probably adult onset adhd so I'm no stranger to the whole "hey brain I wanna try to put out a chapter so can you please stop imagining the Hobbits from Lord of the Rings singing Bohemian Rhapsody" and brain being like "no fack u I do what I want", lmao. and as for mister rider, well, he does develop differently from canon considering celestia will manage her affairs in a new direction. he still has a dark side but my plan is that he'll grow as a character as rainbow's watchdog to be more than just a "two bit jackass" :P

9384888 that's an aspect of a different fic that I haven't put that much thought into yet because it won't be coming out until after dusk's dawn, the dragonbourne identity, my equestria girls behemoth of an arc, and the butterfly effect are all done since it's in relation to all of them. and honestly the text effect is straight from the zalgo text generator, yay for resurrecting memes long dead!

9384914 the storm king @ celestia: insert that gif of the old lady saying "honey you've got a storm comin"

9384974 you're correct in one of those counts but I won't tell you which one 😈

i don't follow... what do u mean?


Oh your more evil than both Sunset and Starlight combined then. :rainbowlaugh:

This look like it will work well.

I once started an alternate personalities fic.

Twilight Sparkle - Princess Celestia's student and very hooves on practical mage. Particularly interested in self enhancement and wants to be the most powerful mage ever. Smart and can do the theory, but gets bored unless it's aimed towards a purpose.

Rainbow Dash - Ponyville weather master and expert in pegasus magic theory. Her goal is to be the first pegasus to become an archmage. Loves nothing better than curling up on a cloud with a good book. Average in raw power, but expert in getting the most out of it.

Applejack - Operator of Sweet Apple Acres and refined, classy southern belle straight out of 'Gone with the Wind'. Wears a bonnet. Learned business from her aunt and uncle Orange, and cooking from her Granny Smith. Came back to Ponyville to help her family when it looked like they'd lose the farm due to poor sales. Leaves the farming to her brother, but makes amazing food from the results. Her goal is to become a renowned cook, and have Sweet Apple Acres products sold across Equestria, so her family will never want for money ever again.

Rarity - Down to earth gem prospecter and jeweller. Wears a hard hat. The only thing she loves more than getting down and dirty in gem mine is crafting jewellery with the gold and gems she mines, smelting metal and and cutting and polishing the gems. Her precision telekinesis and gem finding spell help. Plain spoken. dislikes putting on airs.

Fluttershy - Brash, fun loving animal wrangler. Basically a pegasus version of Hagrid. Wrestles bears for fun. Cryptozooologist who explores the Everfree forest 'to see what she can find'. Always ready with a joke.

Pinkamina Pie - Shy, retiring baker. Expert at setting up parties from behind the scenes, a baking, party-making ninja who warps reality on a regular basis.

9386409 I don't know what specifically you're asking about so I'll just explain my whole comment. the glitchy text effect is not going to be a part of the Supernova storyline. The glitchy text effect is part of another storyline that takes place after all of my four major interlinked projects, and is not important to the enjoyment of this story. The text effect is called Zalgo, and it's a meme from years long past that I unironically continue to like.

9386718 you gotta read to find out, buddy, no free rides here :P

9387014 I mean those are fairly interesting in their own rights but I personally am not going to radically alter aspects of the characters themselves, merely the circumstances surrounding them and the way that they evolve. but you do you if that's what you wanna write about.

....Time travel makes everything a great pain in the ass. Oh lord, Rainbow is going to be Twilight’s freaking Black Ops guard cause of Wind Rider. EPIC.

Would love to see this continue and I hope Spikey comes back


Dammit, Thanos! Er, Starlight!

Applejack is in Fillydelphia

No, Manehattan.


Well, this looks like an interesting divergence. Though should someone who's black ops advertise they're in black ops?

And Kevin's publicly outed himself? Pretty sure he shouldn't have invisible wings, they shapeshift, not use illusions.

And I'm worried about Sunset.

Hmm that gives me an idea ;)

Oh, trust me, Spike takes part in the extended continuity. You'll just have to wait and see how ;)

Okay lore time. Equestrian Black Ops at this point in time is more like the FBI, and S.M.I.L.E. is the true Black Ops. EBO gets publicly deactivated after Night Mare Moon's return but still continues, but as a tool used by Luna. This point in time, EBO is publicly known. It gets explained in the next few chapters but I figure I'll give you a brief explanation now.
Ah, Kevin. Yeah, he's just a regular Ponyville citizen even back then. And as for the changeling deal, being shapeshifters rather than illusionists... I know the discourse but I much prefer them to be illusionists. It's a theme that stays in all of my fics. Can't please everyone.
And OH HONEY, IF YOURE WORRIED ABOUT HER NOW... there's a big storm comin'.

I hope the idea was good then:-). Glad to help!



And OH HONEY, IF YOURE WORRIED ABOUT HER NOW... there's a big storm comin'.

Did she take NOTHING from the prophecy?

Twilight now had the strength of the earth ponies, after all.

Literally, figuratively, or in the heat of the moment, just out of curiosity? Did her time in Ponyville give her muscular training?

I'm working on a story now where the portal in the sand from "EQG: Spring Breakdown" leads to Nazi-occupied Ukraine and history accidentally gets altered, so the three must do whatever it takes to restore the timeline. It was actually inspired by an idea for a sci-fi story I had after watching "The Cutie Re-Mark".

How does that sound?

Not like she’d ever have to share it with anypony else.

The irony of this statement, all things considered :rainbowlaugh:

“Of course it was us, you ignorant tunnel minded fool!” Twilight glared at her with the anger of a thousand suns. “Like Fluttershy did with Discord. Like I did with Sunset Shimmer. I thought you weren’t evil to the same degree that Queen Chrysalis and the Sirens and Lord Tirek are.” Twilight trembled with pure unbridled fury. “But I guess I was wrong.”

While its not very much like the normal Twilight, the Starlight of then deserved every bit of that anger and more. :duck:

“Twilight? I...” he gulped. “I don't feel so good.”


This is happening, is it?

And then he was gone.

Well. It was the movie to the word.

Oh God, Spike, Twilight... I'm so sorry for you.

“Spike, please. Please come back.”


Twilight violently yanked on her hooves, breaking Starlight’s neck in the process.




So Twilight's not really dead yet! I look forward to seeing where this goes.

“No, it's not a rock...” Twilight brushed a lock of hair behind her ear. “I probed it with a simple heat signature test, and to double check I ran it through an X ray field. And in case I did those wrong, to triple check I moved it around with my hoof. It was filled with fluid at a similar viscosity to amniotic fluid. And besides, what little we as ponies know about dragons is filled with enough inconsistency that relying on any commonly held conceptions would be insincere science. That's why I didn't consider the color to be of importance during my ascertainment. But it doesn't matter, I didn't hatch it.”

Don't mind me here, I'm just trying not to stare.

Not like she’d ever have to share it with anypony else.

Yeah, throughout the little snips inside Sunset's head I had to keep reminding myself that this is before her reformation, and she's gonna sound like a total ***** in the meanwhile.

I just really hope she doesn't have filly Twilight, 'cause she's gonna have a reckoning if she does.

A degenerate muscular issue? I don’t know much about those types of things, but that sounds bad and not fun at all. I’m sorry man.

This is definitely an interesting concept. Most stories I’ve read are centered more around the Mane 6’s new paths. It never even occurred to me that Sunset could make a difference in this new future, even though it probably should’ve.

I might be wrong here if this story’s headcanon is different, but I’m guessing that since Twilight’s an alicorn, she has access to all three of the tribes’ magics. That includes the strength and durability of earth ponies.

Interesting so far, hope there will be more of this story in the future.

“Twilight? I...” he gulped. “I don't feel so good.”

Oh no...........oh god no, he about to be Thanosed soon.... I laughed at that part despite being sad.

This looks like an interesting AU, hope it will be continued at some point.

Why must you make me cry.:raritydespair:

Then and only then would she resume her conquest.

After all, once she eventually became an alicorn, she would have all the time in the world to ascend the throne.

Not like she’d ever have to share it with anypony else.

Sounds like sunset’s biding her time. So now it’s a matter of when “just waiting for the right moment” becomes an excuse

Almost everything about this was fantastic. But that Eldritch horror part kinda removesthe impact of the beginning and the deaths.

Starlights death was good. Spikes death was a good callback.

Why didn't twilight just teleport to celestia?

I've read several time travel stories but this is definitely the most promising as far as My Little Pony goes!

Hohohohoho! So many twists and turns and unexpected reversals! I am GREATLY enjoying this story! So many fun possibilities for the future!

Okay, now onto...


No, no, no, NO! NO! NOOO! Please tell me you didn't! You DIDN'T stop writing, lose interest, and abandoned this story!!!



In case you haven't already guessed, I really like this story and want to see it continue post-haste!!! So, PLEASE (I'm begging you!!) Come back and continue writing!

Jan 2019? This story is long overdue for the next chapter.

yeah, agree with you there. This story needs another chapter!!

Excellent job on this latest chapter. Took a while, but was well worth the wait. Definitely understood the precautions Celestia is taking here, passing needed info onto those best qualified to act on it. Also have to respect Sunset for knowing Celestia well enough to get her with that emotional story. And, hey, if Starlight gets reformed before she even becomes a threat in the first place AND Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six get to become friends years sooner than in canon, all the better. Also kind of liked the ironic foreshadowing dialogue between Rainbow and Wind Rider.

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

So we have a plotting Sunset, an inverted Fluttershy, and a failed Twilight meaning no Spike. That’s not a good combination.

At least Rainbow seems unchanged

Dammit, Sunset!! I wish I could say I was surprised, but I'm really not.

Oh well, at least you're continuing the story!! Thank you so much!!!

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