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A story of how Sunset comes to terms with what she did in the past.

Continuity: Struggles

Rated T for discussions and scenes of profanity, violence and suicide/self harm.

While it is not important to read my OC's story, Violet Times, I highly recommend that you do as there are a few spoilers in this story.

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Can't wait to read more of this :) :unsuresweetie:

Iā€™m liking this so far. Cant wait to see what happens next!

Sorry it is taking so long to update. Between work and studying, I don't get a lot of time to write. Will update as soon as I can. Thanx for reading

The writing in this is pretty good, if not a little stiff in a few places. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Thanks for the feedback. It is a bit slow going at the moment as I have work and studying in between my writing. I am looking forward to writing more for you all

Thanks. I do have an idea of where to go with the story from here.

Wait, this is finishing soon? I wished there was more to this story :( i really enjoyed it.

ok so short story format , I can dig it, haven't seen one of these in a second. I enjoyed this and look forward to the epilogue. :D

I appreciate the feedback and will post the epilogue A.S.A.P. I am also working on a sequel at the moment, so stay tuned for that as well.

Good to know it's not over since it's ending was quite a shock

I do agree that it went by too quick. I will make the sequel a bit longer. I also have other stories planned for this arc, as well as the completion of Tales of a Teenage Romance, which may be the end of this arc, but it may not be:scootangel:

At the beginning when Celestia and Luna are talking they don't need to say each other's names every time they say something to the other. For example,

"I'm going to check on her, I'll see you tomorrow for brunch Tia." Luna said as she stood up.

"See you then Lulu." Celestia said as Luna walked out.

Could easily become...

"I'm going to check on her, I'll see you tomorrow for brunch." Luna said as she stood up.

"See you then," Celestia said as Luna walked out.


I feel your pain what difference is through every high School I've been in or any school in general I've been the school's punching bag for every single bully that I've come across especially the fact that I can't throw a punch worth a damn

I can throw a punch, but I don't believe in violence. I'd rather try talk it out before I resort to violence.

Thing is I've always been a bit of a hothead so what the bullies would do was literally push my buttons until I explode them just sit back and laugh in my face as they watched me lose my temper and make an idiot out of myself

Comment posted by sarajama96 deleted Jan 5th, 2021

Sunset was speechless. Someone actually cared about her, despite all the things she had done to them. She decided to check her voicemail. The first one was from Rarity.

Welcome to friendship

'That's weird. Wounds from dreams aren't meant to follow to the waking world. But my abdomen isn't bleeding. It's just sore. What the fuck is happening to me.' Sunset thought darkly to herself

Ummm princess Luna there is a slight no definite problem

If Sunset wasn't there we all know normal humans could do worse than name call and blackmail.

'I knew I never really belonged. They didn't even notice me.'

This gets through to me. When you become friends with a group of people that have been close friends for a long time, you tend to get ignored because they like their long time friends more.

By the way, this is a great story, keep up the good work. šŸ‘

"I know, but I can't help but worry. This is her home too." Twilight said, stopping her pacing to gaze forlornly out the castle window.

and she should check on her period.....

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