• Published 10th Jan 2020
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Struggles - Echo Breeze

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"Principal Celestia," Sunset said in surprise as she opened the door. "I didn't expect you to arrive so quickly."

"Oh, Sunset. After all that happened to you today, you had to come home to the aftermath of a break-in. How are you holding up." Celestia said with genuine concern in her eyes.

'Just great. I don't need this. I can handle it on my own.' Sunset thought sadly to herself. "I'm fine." She lied, not wanting to get Celestia fully involved in the situation.

"Okay, if you say so." Celestia said, not quite believing Sunset. Just then, Enigma walked up to the pair.

"Celestia, am I correct?" She asked.

"Yes, you must be detective Enigma. Pleased to meet you." Celestia replied, extending her hand to Enigma. Enigma politely shook her hand.

"Initial investigation tells of forced entry through the front door of the apartment. We are in the process of dusting for prints in all the areas where stuff was taken as well as the door." Enigma reported to Celestia. "All we need is Sunset's fingerprints so that we can get a match to hers that were already on the door." She turned to Sunset, "If that's okay with you, of course?"

"By all means. Do you wanna do it here or at the station?" Sunset asked.

"If you'll join us later at the station later, we can get the prints and a statement from you." Enigma replied.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the late update and short chapter. I don't know whether I should continue with the 'investigation' or not. I'll leave that up to you to decide. Should I continue with it or should I just skip to the end of Sunset's suspension. Leave a comment below and don't forget to like.