• Published 10th Jan 2020
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Struggles - Echo Breeze

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Epilogue: Three Months Later

It has been a couple of months since Sunset had a major meltdown in front of the girls, and things have been looking up for her. Most of the school ignored her now, apart from the few that had been causes of said meltdown a few months ago, though everyone looks at her in annoyance or rage everytime someone mentions the Fall Formal. The only people who didn't look at her like she would spontaneously combust under their stares were the girls.

'What did I do to deserve such good friends. I've been nothing but a total bitch to everyone.' Sunset thought to herself. Suddenly, she got a text alert on her phone.

From: RD
To: Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer.

Meet in the band room before school.

Sunset sat staring at her phone. This was the first time she was ever invited to anything, no thanks in part to her being a shut-in back in Equestria and her bullying streak prior to her transformation into the raging she-demon. Sunset looked over to her beat up old Ibanez electric guitar.

'I should probably wait until she's restored before I take her anywhere.' Sunset thought as she got up. She went and grabbed her helmet and keys and left for school.


Sunset arrived at school. It had been a few weeks since Principal Celestia had announced the first annual Musical Showcase to be held a few weeks before winter break, and Rainbow Dash had decided to start a band for it. All e others were asked directly if they wanted to join, and Sunset wasn't even an afterthought.

She met the girls in the band room, and instantly regretted it. They were all having fun, jamming to a new song that Rainbow had written over the weekend.

"Ah yeah. My band is sounding awesome. I think I've come up with a name for it, used the name to enter and everything." Rainbow said as they finished the song.

"What is it Rainbow?" Fluttershy asked.

"The Rainbooms." Rainbow Dash replied in glee. "It's totally an awesome name for such an awesome group."

Sunset didn't stay to hear the end of the conversation.

'I knew I never really belonged. They didn't even notice me.'

Her phone suddenly went off with a notification sound.

'Hey Sunny, where'd you go. I saw you walk in and then walk out again with tears in your eyes. Are you alright?


'Oh, so the only one who actually cares is the one who has all the reasons to hate me the most.' Sunset thought darkly to herself. She was on her way to the third floor bathroom again, with the familiar kiss of cold steel in the palm of her hand, which was inside her coat pocket...

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