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and in the fire i saw the truth


Sunset Shimmer has been fighting against the current for so long. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to stop fighting.

This story was originally an entry to the Against the Current writeoff.

Cover art by Mousse

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 6 )

All's not well but it'll all be quite nice
I'll be drowned in boots like the mafia
But my feet will still float like Christ's
And I'll be damned, they were right--
I'm drowning upside down.


Suicide by drowning in the tub... interesting. Not my first choice for sure (I don't have a bathtub :trollestia:).

Pretty good one-shot, the only thing such stories lack is the aftermath :ajsleepy:.

Will you ever write a sequel?

Maybe if I ever have an idea. I highly recommend Passed On by Scampy, though, if you want a great story with a realistic portrayal of the aftermath of a suicide.

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