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Anon Y Mousse

Catch me at trotcon

Fics I’m Working On

-Freezerburn ( )
-Straw Palpatations ( )
-The Evil Enchantress ( )

Box Inspired by Moonshot ;)

“I didn’t think you were of that... persuasion” -Alex Griffin

“you're not going to break my fucking kneecaps again, mou(s)se” -Aragón

“I’d suck your dick, mousse.” -Lightninginthedark, proclaimed straight man

“I don’t understand how you two are your most civilized when talking about milfs” -Moony

ejaculates into an inkwell and begins furiously dipping a quill pen in it” -Posh

“Jesus has a multitude of extra holes” -Regi

“die” -wishcometrue

“Mousse what the fuck” -Zontan


Publish my first story (:yay:)
Make a multi-chapter story ( )

✨ Only best ponies may pass! ✨

Read my shit I guess

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You’re pretty good! 👉👉

Hey you.

I like your stuff. You should write some more.

Man, I would have sworn you had more than one story! Guess I can read your entire collection pretty quickly then!

Well hi! Thank you for the follow.

  • Viewing 26 - 35 of 35
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