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This story is a sequel to Dark Sunset

How is Fluttershy holding up after Sunset's death?

Made the Popular Stories list on 11/18/17.

Rewrite completed on 5/31/19.

Not required but recommended that original be read first.

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Comments ( 33 )

8558461 If I can come up with something, I'll make this a trilogy. But right now, I got nothing.

I am bursting w/ tears😭😢...well atleast there were tid bits of Sunshyne & SunLight.

8558731 Thanks. :twilightsmile: I actually found another error while looking for the one you mentioned.

"Dark Sunset" has made me come up with 23 different methods of scientific and arcane methods of revival.

I have also been thinking about this a lot more then i should.

Is that normal?

8559061 Kind of. I like trying to draw out the emotions of my readers that were drawn out when I write the stories.

8559048 I'm not entirely sure. But when I start over thinking things I tend to start putting stories together. :pinkiecrazy:

8559905 Oh. I don't know if I can be much help in that department. :twilightsheepish:

It's a good thing she didn't die or you would've broken my heart even more. I can't take anymore heartbreak dang it. This already relates to me all to well as it is... Here's a like&favorite.

As sad as this was(was about to cry) I cant help but feel I ruined it thanks to listening to Sonic music the entire time... kinda gave an even balance. But It is very good, and I cant wait to read part 3

8563074 Thanks. I'm trying to time part three for release on Thanksgiving

I must say, that it was so sad and sentimental; it came to my heart :fluttercry: Congratulations pabrony83 👍

Adorable, but again...

1. Why did Fluttershy not walk Sunset home? Did she think she'd be fine? Or did she have something else going on?
2. Why "Twiset" Memorial Library? Maybe this is just me, but "Sunlight" sounds like a much better fit for both the Library and the new band name.
3. Why was Fluttershy's counciling not expanded upon? That could have been a great framing device for this story.
4. While the focus on Fluttershy is important, as she found Sunset dead, why are we not shown the other girls coping? It doesn't have to be as well thought out as Fluttershy's, but at least show that it's happening.
5. Since Sunset committed suicide, this had to have been covered on the news, right? And since Sunset has a human counterpart running around, does that mean that people think SHE committed suicide??? How is Human Sunset reacting to all this??

While I still love this story's emotional beats, there are still some holes in the plot. While it doesn't take away the experience, which was still good, addressing these aspects of the story would have made it better.

9062268 Question number two's answer is in the story: Pinkie Pie.

"I...I don't know why… *sniff* ...or, or even how these… *sniff* ...feelings developed. I-I feel as though… *sniff* ...I betrayed you and… *sniff* ...Twilight. Sunset, it just hurts so… *sniff* ...so much when I think a-about it. I am… *sniff* ...truly sorry for that, Sunset."


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