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This story is a sequel to Scars

It was a normal day for me until Ms. Cheerilee caught me taking a note from Pinkie Pie. What happened afterwards left me red for the remainder of class and changed the relationship of me and some of my friends.

Part of the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles

Contains: mild cursing and sexual innuendos, no actual sex.

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1st person Sunset Shimmer style. Nice.

And having Pinkie Pie talk a lot in one sentence like Sugarcoat is soooooo Pinkie Pie because she's the comic relief in all this and ***runs out of breath***

If I was Sunset, I would have tore that note up and ate it.:pinkiesick:

Nice. :3 I quite like how you captured Sci-Twi here, that kiss was equal parts adorkable and cute.

I just imagine that when Sunset got done reading the note out loud, she slowly turned to Cheerilee with the face:

talk about being put on blast...damn Twilight, point to you for deviousness.

8355983 Thanks. This was actually written before the first 3.

8356045 Yeah I was about 3/4 of the way through Book 2 and decided to tie them together with Books 4-6.

This has gonne from depresaibg self-harm to almosyt suicide to comedic romance... not sure if I am impressed or confuse ~.~

Ooh! I like this rewrite! Though I gotta wonder why the class would laugh at the same person they know could easily start ruining their lives again if she wanted to. But gotta keep those clichés going for the sake of the story, I guess. :derpytongue2:

9085696 Thanks. The class laughed at her in the original too.

So this is a Sci-Twi x Sunset ship fic? yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :yay:

9085959 It's actually part of an entire series, SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles.

I like it. Nothing wrong with the original, but I like the improvements you gave it.

in most cases that... would have gotten cheerilee fired.

...why? That was a very common thing for teachers to do when they caught a student passing notes in class when I was in high school.

yes and when my dad went to high school it was common place for him to get the strap because he spit his gum out in the class garbage can then in the hall. not all the old ways are the best and forcing someone to read private information aloud... hasn't worked out well for teachers in recent times.

I don't think I've ever laughed like a 4 year old on Christmas Day before, you just got me to. Congratulations

My hands began shaking violently and I started hyperventilating as I made the walk of shame to the front of the class. My true feelings toward Twilight were about to become public and not in the way I was wanting to do it. I opened the note and read it as quickly and quietly as possible. As I returned to my seat I heard, “What was that? I'm going to ask you to repeat what you read.”

God, I hate it when teachers do that in fiction!

That ending!

Huh. You know, I think that's the first time I've seen a Twilight's elaborate romantic machinations actually work as intended. Go figure.

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