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When Wallflower Blush tries to take her own life, Sunset does the only thing she can think of to save her. By witnessing the entirety of Wallflower’s memories all at once, she hopes that part of her friend may live on within herself.

However, possessing the memories of two lives leaves Sunset doubting her own identity. Now that she's inherited all the same memories and traumas that led to Wallflower's suicide, is she even the same person anymore?

Drawing used in cover is by avirextin.

Based on an idea by shortskirtsandexplosions.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 18 )

I love the concept and I especially love the execution. And being able to convey so much emotion and context through exclusively dialogue is just aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Really heckin' impressive. Trackin' the heck outta this.

Sheee-yit. Good start.


You've done it.

Oof. That whole memory sequence was brutal.

Everything about this is so fucked up
Can I have more

Scampy, your Wallflower stuff is pure art.

Five words.

Holy shit this is good.

Based on an idea by shortskirtsandexplosions.

What was said idea?


Wow-za! What a ride. You've done it again, Scampy.

Love your incarnation of Wallflower Blush, and looking to seeing more (in a way? kinda? channeled through Sunset?) of her in the next chapters. Sign me up for everything about this.

(Is that phoenix Philomena? Did Sunset take care of Philomena like Twilight did Spike... but leave Philomena behind when she fled to the human world...?)

Not bad for a start. Hopefully not just a one-shot.

I think you really could break this up into multiple chapters; you've already got it broken up into chunks. On another note, just my two cents, that whole block of one dialogue statement per line without much names or context really isn't the greatest story presentation. I get that stitching a conversation together with scenery can get dull, but it leaves out a lot of context.

Here's hoping this goes a bit further than Sunset + Wallflower's memories, because that would make the story only really about Sunset. And also, magic.

Ow god that is a question to ask

Gotta say. You are talented at this,
But I am starting to get bit worried with ammount of incomplete stories. It is nowhere near compared to some authors I have read from who have good ideas that they never finish. It is painfull to have your curiosity caugh by something that you wait for next few years with no continuation, so I am really hoping you wont end up like that.
But on less depressing matters... At this point I consider you most talented writer when it comes to describing mind that I have encountered so far.

God almighty, that dialogue-only section's stellar, and skilfully done. Powerful and hard-hitting stuff. Bonny start.

I have come to this story after a week onlyreading self harm/suicide stories and when I started I was expecting nothing because of how repetitive those become but this one was so well written and it stuck out as one of the best story I have read in more than 4 years.
That cliffhanger is exceptional and left my mind in turmoil.

Thank you! You just gave me something to agonize for the next few days and I love it.

I agree with you, the amount of incomplete/dead stories in this site is crazy but this on could stay as a one shot and I would be more than happy with it.
Don't takr me wrong, I still want a continuation, bit read this again thinking it is a one shot and tell me how it changed the experience for you.

Wasn't tht the point though? For it to be confusing and require the reader to actually think about what they are reading?
It is also a good way to give the reader an insight on ho woul be to have all the memories of another person inserted on your brain in a second/few seconds. Like watching the bee movie but everytime they say "bee" it grts faster. It takes 5 minutes, it is confusing as hell if you don't know the movie but it leaves a superficial understanding of what happens in it.

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