Anybody could tell you that a high school worth of students would never be enough to conquer a whole world right? A part of Sunset wanted to die the night of the Fall Formal. In a way she succeeded.

The magic did its best to put her back together again, but there's a reason everybody notes that Sunset is like a new person after the Fall Formal don't they?

It's almost like a new Sunset was born that night... and she needs help in becoming a real person again.

Trigger warning - At some point in the story, characters may discuss heavy topics, such as suicide, cutting, violence, teen pregnancy, homelessness, among others. This is the story I will be channeling my darker side.

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Sorry, adding it now! Thought the suicide and violence warnings covered that, my bad!

I like it. Explains why sunset tried use mind control to take over the school. Looking forwards to more.

This seems an interesting start to things. I hope we get to see where this is going. Too many stories on this site have good starts, but are never continued.


Well, that was...unsettling. Is the new Sunset really in a better place than old one?


Geez. She's a mess. I'm not sure the magic exactly did a good thing to her.

Not really. In canon, Sunset goes through massive changes between the Fall Formal and the Rainbow Rocks movie. When someone talks to her about her past, it's to tell her how much she has CHANGED, or how DIFFERENT she is, or that she's NOT THAT PERSON anymore...

people don't use that kind of language unless someone's personality changes radically. This is showing that the magic did exactly that to Sunset...

Pardon, typed on my phone

The magic did not really do a good thing to her, particularly the first time, where the element of magic wasn't tempered by the others. The rainbow blast actually did repair as much as could be done, but power without kindness, joy, generosity, loyalty, or honesty can be... jagged.

She is basically the mental equivalent of Humpty Dumpty after the fall. The girls will have to try to put her back together again.


But all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again! How can they?

With the magic of friendship, dun-dun-duuuunnn. :pinkiecrazy:

It looks like this story knows where it’s going, and that’s always good to see. Looking forward to the next chapter

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