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It's hard being an orphan growing up, even if were all but adopted by the sun princess.

Sunset Shimmer feels she deserves something more from Celestia... respect, trust, wisdom, but maybe more than that? Well, what if she found out she had family before her final fight with Celestia? How would things change? How would they stay the same?


A Sunset / Twilight are related fanfic

Chapters (2)
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Hard to say about movies, but in comics, he does have a family. In "Holiday Special" she mentioned her family offhand and said that they weren't close.

Well, what if they're not close because she decided not to meet them?

Is she truly an orphan then I having a hard time to believe that she chose to not meet her family. All of the orphans that I know really want to know from where they came from, who are their parents and so on. So I find the idea that Orphan!Sunset knew her family but choose not to approach them kinda unbelievable.
My own theory that Sunset has a rather toxic family life. Which in my opinion could explain why she doesn't care about her family and her pre-Friendship Laser personality.

The comics are canon only if the individual reading them believes them to be canon, unless a fic is based upon one of the ideas in the comics.

I hope that the next chapter comes soon.

So... It's been written and re-written half a dozen times. The problem is that it's in Sunset's perspective and she keeps sounding... how do I put this... way crazier than I want her to. I actually have a goal for myself to do one last pass this weekend and either go with whatever I've got by the end, or scrap it and just keep writing from Velvet's perspective, since I've got that roughed up a bit.

Quality is better than quantity so take all the time you need.:twilightsmile:

For her being so “kind” and “gracious”, her chessmaster tendencies do have a tendency to hurt everyone close to her, regardless of the damage being direct or indirect. To take an orphan foal and then to just leave her for someone with a better life? Celestia disgusts me.

Yeah this version of Celestia is either extremely dense or unconsciously terrible.

I wrote this from Sunset's perspective as an imperfect narrator. I actually tried to incorporate the IDW comic "The Fall of Sunset Shimmer' in this chapter. To be honest, Sunset has some very deep self confidence issues that tint her interpretation of actions by Celestia.

On the flipside, Celestia IS dense/unconsciously terrible in canon. Twilight freaks out from the smallest possible things about her, after being her student for years! Even if she suffers from anxiety, her reaction to possibly letting Celestia down is excessive compared to her usual behavior. This makes me believe that Celestia at bet did nothing to help her as a filly, and at worse promoted this somehow. We only really see her try to curb it once Twilight is a princess.

True. Though it is possible Twilight suffers from actual panic attacks. In which case Celestia would not be at fault for them, but would be at fault for not considering her actions that might set them off.

I'm intrigued by this and wish to see more.

I doubt that she can help Twilight with something that she herself could barely control. "Celestial Advice" show that Celestia herself pretty much prone to a same panic attacks if a bit more controlled.
And as far as I remember Cadance taught Twilight how to handle it. But for some reasons Twilight completely discard her teaching till their meeting in Crystal Empire.

I was more thinking about how she takes actions almost guaranteed to set Twilight off as opposed to helping her deal with it. I would assume she knows Cadance tried to help her at one point and thus might be mistaken about how much Twilight is capable of dealing with but it is still kinda staggering how little she considers the stresses she piles on her at times.

I politely disagree with you. Celestia actions pretty much allow Twilight to make friends and make her a princess. I hundred percent sure that without Celestia guidance and helpful kicks she never able to achieve it by herself.
And Twilight also have a family. It's them, not Celestia, supposed to do something with her panic attacks. And they obviously don't do anything.

So I'm curious what happened today that had a spike of folks finding this story? Seeing y'all favorite this story is inspiring my creativity, but I really would like to know?

Again, mostly saying she should do less to trigger Twilight. Not questioning the end results, but the means of reaching them. While she has a good end in mind her approach is often thoughtless, like making her choose between friends for the gala, or framing a life or death situation as a test with Sombra. And yes Twilight’s entire family is pretty messed up in regards to their relations with each other.

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